Control Device Password 2 Anomally?

  1. The third stage of this Anomally is driving me crazy. I can't seem to get passed it. It's the one you have to Resolve in order to obtain Control Device Password 2. The one with the crystals that seem to move and you have to get all of them in order to advance to the next stage. I can't get passed stage 3. Help?

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    laurenNicole244 - 5 years ago

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  1. Here is the approach that I used to solve the "moving light" puzzle in my game.

    Use pencil and paper or, chalk and blackboard, to draw the layout of the "floor" squares as you first see them.

    Once you have the layout down, move forward to the "edge" of the tiled area to watch the action of the lights without trying to solve the puzzle. There will be fixed lights (that do not relocate as you move through the maze) and moving lights. (that will move between two positions throughout the puzzle solving process). Initially you may not be able to see all positions assumed by all lights.

    Add the fixed light locations to your diagram and make note of the seen locations at which the moving lights appear and disappear on your diagram. There may be more than one light that "relocates" at the same instant so allow for that.

    Each moving light will continue to move between two different locations as you move through the maze until you "capture" it. As you step on tiles and they disqappear, the two locations used by any individual moving light may change. Make note of any changes seen.

    To expand your view of the light positions and figure out where the moving lights go, move into the maze and stop on one of the grey tiles. For complete information do this with and without "capturing" one of the moving lights. You can linger on a grey tile for as long as you wish as there is no timer that will stop the action.

    Make note of the positions and any changes in positioning and repositioning of the moving lights for each path you can take to get to the grey tile where you stop. Reverify that the "fixed" lights remained "fixed".

    Now sit down and map out the various paths to get the chosen grey tile, any resulting changes in moving light positions, and the positions of all of the (remaining) fixed and moving lights involved. Choose what seems to be the most advantageous path and move to the chosen grey tile.

    Once on the grey tile, map out the possible paths to the exit using the remaing set of tiles. Watch the timing of the two positions assumed by the moving lights to see if some path you see will cover the positions assumed by all of those lights or if moving over one of the tiles may cause a moving light to change one of its destinations to your advantage. If a "successful" path seems to exist, try it. Note any changes in the moving light positions as you do so.

    If you chosen path gets you to the exit with all lights being eliminated, congratulations. If not, try another successful path candidate if one exists.

    If all candidate successful paths using the chosen grey tile have been eliminated, try another path to the chosen grey tile and/or consider using an alternate grey tile as the starting point for the successful path search.

    Keep trying. Go back through the process just described using a different path to the chosen grey tile until a successful path is found or until you determine that no successful paths using the grey tile you have chosen as the first stopping point exist. If all paths to a particular grey tile used as a candidate starting point have been atempted without success, choose a different grey tile as the starting point.

    Keep a record of the paths eliminated as "unsuccessful" and the two locations assumed by each moving light as you eliminate grey tiles.

    With time you will find the correct path!

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  1. I finished that part a long time ago, and I got through it, but I don't remember how I did it, or even the pattern, but there's a dude on Youtube who posts videos on how to pass the stages. One of the video's that shows you how to get though it is called "Final Fantasy XIII-2 Platinum Trophy Walkthrough (078-US) The two". Hope this helps!

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