Find the three fallen stars? - Yaschas Massif 01xAF Side Quest

  1. When finding the three fallen stars in Yaschas Massif 01XAF is there a way to check if you have any of the three Onyx, Emerald Crystals already? I may have picked them up before I spoke to the guy who gives me the quest which is what I think I've done but can't see them in my inventory?

    User Info: Lakitu586

    Lakitu586 - 5 years ago

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  1. If you have them, they will be in your Key Item inventory. All three are found in Treasure Cubes.

    They are:

    (1) Emerald Crystal - From a Treasure Cube in the large open area

    (2) Ivory Crystal - From a Treasure Cube in the southern section.

    (3) Onyx Crystal - From a "out-of-phase" Treasure Cube in a niche at the side of the southeast path segment.

    User Info: AZorro007

    AZorro007 (Expert) - 5 years ago 2 0

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