Where is Navidon?

  1. Navidon, which is stated to be found in the steppes, seems to be unfindable, I have over 180 hours in the game and he is the only enemy I cannot find to get the Fragment for fighting all monsters. Does anyone know of another location, or at least which weather system to have up to find him?...Please message me here or find me on XBOX live at FiyaBurna228.....ty?

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    FiyaBurna228 - 5 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. Navidon is only found in the Clearwater Marsh area of the Archlyte Steppe.

    Go to the extreme western edge of the Clearwater Marsh area and a little into the water from the cliff edge you will find there. If the geography of the area is "mature" there will be five places where the water flows over the cliff from the large central "pond" in the Clearwater Marsh. Search in the water around and about the easternmost point of the second largest "island" (the second island from the right as you face the cliff) that sits between two of the oveflow points to find Navidon.

    I just ran a quick check to find Navidon present in Sunny Weather, in Windy Weather and in Rainy Weather. Apparently Navidon does not appear in Stormy Weather.

    To lessen the pain of your crystal collection experience, just run away from non-Navidon fiend groups that appear in the search area. That way you will only have to fight Navidon and can avoid unnecessary contact with the others.

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    AZorro007 (Expert) - 5 years ago 0 0

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