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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Krystal109

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    Table of Contents

    1. Final Fantasy XIII-2 - FAQ/Walkthrough
    2. Introduction
    3. Gameplay
      1. Controls
      2. Collectibles
      3. Combat Basics
      4. The Story So Far
      5. Characters
    4. Walkthrough
      1. Valhalla
      2. New Bodhum [003 AF]
      3. Bresha Ruins [005 AF]
      4. Optional Stuff 001
      5. Yaschas Massif [010 AF]
      6. Oerba [200 AF]
      7. Yaschas Massif [01X AF]
      8. The Void Beyond
      9. Sunleth Waterscape [300 AF]
      10. Optional Stuff 002
      11. Archylte Steppe
      12. Return to the Waterscape
      13. The Void Beyond (2)
      14. Serendipity
      15. Optional Stuff 03
      16. Academia [400 AF]
      17. Yaschas Massif [100 AF]
      18. Sunleth Waterscape [400 AF]
      19. Augusta Tower [300 AF]
      20. Augusta Tower [200 AF]
      21. Optional Stuff 04
      22. Academia [4XX AF]
      23. The Vile Peaks [200 AF]
      24. The Vile Peaks [010 AF]
      25. Return to Vile Peaks [200 AF]
      26. Oerba [300 AF]
      27. The Void Beyond (3)
      28. New Bodhum [-Year Unknown-]
      29. A Dying World [700 AF]
      30. New Bodhum [700 AF]
      31. Optional Stuff 05
      32. Serendipity (2)
      33. Academia [500 AF]
      34. Post-Story Check-in
      35. Paradox Endings
      36. The Final Steps to 100%
    5. Throphies/Achievements
    6. Unlockables
    7. Serendipity - (In-Depth)
      1. Chocobo Racing
      2. Slot Machines
      3. Fragment Skills
    8. Archylte Steppe - (In-Depth)
      1. Steppe Fragments
      2. Steppe Inhabitants
    9. Live Triggers
    10. Temporal Rift Puzzles
      1. Tile Trails
      2. Crystal Bonds
      3. The Hands of Time
    11. Inventory Checklist
      1. Weapons
      2. Accessories
      3. Key Items: Maps
      4. Key Items: Artefacts
      5. Key Items: Gate Seals
      6. Key Items: Other
      7. Items
      8. Specialty Items
      9. Components
    12. Fragments Checklist
      1. Gogmagog Fragment Alpha
    13. Tameable Monsters
      1. Monster Development
      2. Monster Abilities and Infusion
      3. Noteworthy Monsters
      4. Monster Crystal Checklist
      5. Monster Materials
      6. Adornments
    14. Crystarium
      1. Commando
      2. Ravager
      3. Sentinel
      4. Saboteur
      5. Synergist
      6. Medic
      7. Suggested Crystarium Builds
    15. Chocolina Shops
    16. Bestiary
      1. Rift Beasts
      2. Feral Creatures
      3. Militarized Units
      4. Ancient Automata
      5. Cie'th
      6. Special
    17. Contact
    18. Version History and Updates
    19. Copyright & Disclaimer

    Walkthrough (Continued)

    Return to the Waterscape

    Enemy DataArtefactsFragments
    [_]/[_] - Calautidon[_] Restoration Artefact[_] Mutantomato Fragment
    [_]/[_] - Sahagin Prince

    The stupid Royal Ripeness is gone and a new enemy is in it's place. Oh, well. Let's take it out.



    HP49,520Chain Res.85Physical Dmg.1/2
    Strength82Stagger Pt.250%Magic Dmg.1/2
    Magic81Keep85Fire Dmg.Absorb
    CP300LaunchResistantIce Dmg.-
    Gil0Libra500Lightning Dmg.-
    Wind Dmg.x2
    Common DropPotent Orb50%
    Rare DropMartyr's Badge100%

    This guy isn't much worse than Royal Ripeness except for the Poison effect and buffs.

    Use Delta Attack or Diversity to heal while you damage him. If you find he is close to stagger, use Tri-disaster and then switch to Cerberus (COM x3 if you added it) or Relentless Attack.

    Your reward is the Mutantomato Fragment and 3,500 CP.

    Head south and use Mog to grab the Mysterious Artefact. Continue south and use the artefact to get the Restoration Artefact and head to The Void Beyond.


    The Void Beyond (2)

    Key Items
    [_] 'Prediction' Gate Seal
    [_] 'The Calm' Gate Seal

    Watch the scenes and when you have control, head west and use Mog to get the 'Prediction' Gate Seal and 'The Calm' Gate Seal. When you're done looking around, head to the east spacetime distortion.



    Key ItemsItemsAdornmentsFragments
    [_] Map of Serendipity[_] Casino Ticket[_] Lightning Mask[_] Chocochick Down
    [_] 'The Fall' Gate Seal[_] Casino Ticket

    Serendipity is the Gold Saucer of the timeline. There is so much side stuff you can do there that it is hard to cover, but I will try. Firstly, Serendipity has it's own form of money in the version of coins.

    Grab the Casino Ticket right at the entrance and then talk to the girl at the entrance for the Map of Serendipity and another Casino Ticket. Left of the roulette table is a treasure box with 'The Fall' Gate Seal. In the southwest corner, if you have a FFXIII save, is a treasure with Lightning Mask.

    See my section on Slot Machines & Chocobo Racing for more information.

    Let's check out the chocobo's next by heading north into the building. Hug the west wall inside and you can examine a baby chocobo for Chocochick Down and 500 CP.

    Before you leave, make sure to visit the Mystic in the lower left building who will unlock Fragment Skills. This will automatically give you Mog's Manifestations, which is an improved Moogle Throw that can get you new items when you throw him in random places or miss a treasure. and Haggler, which increases the amount you can sell items for. You will need to manually turn these on the the new Fragment Skill menu inside you Main Menu.

    If you want to go get some items with this new ability read on. If not, scroll ahead.

    New Bodhum [003 AF]

    NORA House

    Roof of Serah's Room

    Beach Pier to ocean


    Winding Way

    Meteorite Impact Site


    Bresha Ruins [005 AF]

    Inside Atlas' Hand (This is what is in the big hole in the center of the Excavation Site)


    Oerba [200 AF]

    Roof of the western building (The one with the curved roof)


    Sunleth Waterscape [300 AF]

    Animal Trail (While riding the beast)



    The Archylte Steppe

    Nomad Camp

    Red flowers blooming in Stonestump Wastelands

    Plains of Eternity

    Cactuar-Shaped Rock in Stonestump Wasteland/Plains of Eternity border

    Clearwater Marshes

    Patch of land in the middle of the water in Clearwater Marshes

    • Nanochu


    Be aware you will not always get it on the first throw.


    Bresha Ruins [300 AF]

    Key ItemsItemsEnemy DataAdornmentsArtefactsFragments
    [_] 'Labyrinth' Gate Seal[_] Unicorn Horn[_]/[_] - Circuitron[_] Gold Anchor[_] Wild Artefact[_] Iridium Ring
    [_] My Buddy's Message[_]/[_] - Munchkin[_] Platinum Ring
    [_] Recording Device[_]/[_] - Munchkin Maestro[_] Mythril Ring
    [_] Commander's Report[_]/[_] - Purple Chocobo
    [_]/[_] - Tonberry

    Make sure you get the Gold Anchor Adornmnet by throwing Moogle around anywhere while you travel.

    You can throw Mog over the wall here to get the 'Labyrinth' Gate Seal. You know your way around here, so head down into the tunnels to where the second gate usually is. There is a guy named Brant down here who just can't be serious. Pick options to make him laugh until he gives you My Buddy's Message. Head east and talk to Thurston to accept the Fragment: Mythril Ring quest (if he's not appearing, try again after finishing the rest of this stuff.

    Now continue to where you fought Ghast and reveal the Recording Device. Head to the graveyard and turn in the message for the Iridium Ring, 400 CP, and a Wild Artefact. Head toward the nearby gate to get a Unicorn Horn. You can use this to open the nearby gate, but head back and toward the entrance to turn in the Recording Device to Jonah for the Platinum Ring and 400 CP. There should be a guy nearby called the Commander, this is who you are looking for. Talk to him for the Commander's Report and then head back to Thurston for Mythril Ring and 400 CP.


    Yaschas Massif [110 AF]

    Key ItemsEnemy DataFragments
    [_] Service Manual[_]/[_] - Chunerpeton[_] Gerhilde's Blossom
    [_] 'Maleficence' Gate Seal[_]/[_] - Green Chocobo[_] Waltraute's Flower
    [_] Wedding Jwelery[_]/[_] - Imp[_] Ortlinde's Bloom
    [_] Technician's Note[_]/[_] - Kanna Kamuy[_] Book of Avalon
    [_]/[_] - Mandrake
    [_]/[_] - Spiranthes

    Talk to the red orb to accept Fragment: Gerhilde's Blossom. If you head south to where Hope normally is, you can reveal a treasure with a Service Manual inside. In the northwest, on the way up to the fal'Cie, you can get the 'Maleficence' Gate Seal.

    Head south out into the danger zone and head toward the previous inaccessible portion of the map. You will see a red person walking by, use Mog to reveal Millie and talk to her. Get the Wedding Jewelry at the same time. Since we can only accept one Ruby of Grief quest at a time, head back to town and talk to the same orb to get the Gerhilde's Blossom and 500 CP.

    Chocolina has some new weapons if you haven't been looking.

    Accept the Fragment: Waltraute's Flower from the Ruby of Grief west of the gate and then head to the chocobo south of Chocolina. Use this guy to get up on the cliffside where you got everything else that you needed a chocobo for in the other timelines. Talk to the technician here and select The Manual to get the Technician's Note.

    Hop off south and hug the north side of the chasm. Here is a hidden treasure box with a Terrorists' Mark. Grab it and head north to look down into a huge chasm. Throw Mog and get the Outdoor Watch and back to town to turn in the quest for the Waltraute's Flower and 500 CP.

    You can now head south, up the ramps past where Hope normally is, and accept the Fragment: Ortlinde's Bloom. Luckily, we already got the item for this, so turn it in to get the Ortlinde's Bloom and 500 CP.

    Once you have done all of the above, a spacetime distortion will appear in the bottom left of the map, marked with a waypoint. Head there for a new kind of Temporal Rift Puzzles.

    These rifts are random each time, so there is no way to guide you through it.

    • You want to evenly take out the numbers so that hopefully one of the hands will drop on an existing number since there are no large gaps.
    • Always try and keep something next to a 1 or use a 1 if it only has 1 number next to it.
    • 5's will basically be 180% across the clock, so make sure you get these out of the way, especially if there is a 5 directly across from one.

    When you succeed you will get the Book of Avalon and 500 CP.


    Yaschas Massif [010 AF]

    [_] Innocence's Sacred Sphere

    You can now turn in the Outdoor Watch for the Innocence's Sacred Sphere and 300 CP.


    Academia [400 AF]

    Key ItemsItemsEnemy DataAdornmentsArtefactsFragments
    [_] Map of Academia[_] Casino Ticket x3[_] - Ghoul[_] Mark of the l'Cie[_] Tower Artefact[_] Zenobia Fragment
    [_] 'Farewells' Gate Seal[_] Power Orb x8[_]/[_] - Koboldroid Yin[_] Crystal Petal[_] Graviton Core Delta
    [_] Guardian Amulet[_] - Nelapsi
    [_] Watchman's Amulet[_] - Taxim
    [_] Auric Amulet[_] - Geiseric
    [_] Kaiser Knuckles[_]/[_] - Fencer
    [_] Power Engine x8[_] - Cocytus
    [_] Phoenix Down
    [_] Phoenix Blood
    [_] 2,000 gil

    Time to check on Hope's progess in the timeline. This place is crawling with Cie'th that you can't avoid, so just use the Preemptive Strike to get a move on.

    Head left and use the machine to change the ramps direction up and ride it. Head to the end of this area for Casino Ticket x3 Head back and go east this time and up another ramp and get a scene as well as a Map of Academia.

    Head east and go north asap toward Chocolina for the 'Farewells' Gate Seal. Head east and after fighting the Koboldroid Yin, go north and upstairs to Power Orb x8. Turn around and go west up the stairs and only turn when forced to get the Guardian Amulet. Head east and follow the path to the southeast corner of the map to get the Watchman's Amulet. Go north now, grabbing the Mark of the l'Cie and heading up the stairs for a scene.

    Head east down the stairs and then northeast to a small alley that leads to Chocolina and a special kind of treasure we can't get yet. Head back south and then west into a plaza. After the scene, take the northern staircase that leads up to a Auric Amulet.

    Continue west and down the ramp for a scene and then around the corner to get the Kaiser Knuckles. Head north and then west across the broken bridge. On the other side, use the machine so you can go up the ramp. Go west and then north for a big fight.

    The tip to this fight is that you need to use Delta Attack, but the guy is so slow that you can switch to Diversity and have the Medic monster heal itself in between each attack. What really kills is the wounds. Just keep switching back and forth and use a Phoenix Down if needed.

    Run west and grab the Power Engine x8 and then head south. You want to take the second right to get the machine that changed the ramp and a Phoenix Down. Now take the ramp and head left for a scene.



    HP203,920Chain Res.50Physical Dmg.1/2
    Strength148Stagger Pt.300%Magic Dmg.-
    Magic148Keep25Fire Dmg.-
    CP0LaunchImmuneIce Dmg.-
    Gil0Libra1,000Lightning Dmg.-
    Wind Dmg.-
    Common DropTear of Woe30%
    100% CinematicCrystal Petal-

    This guy immediately puts up a shield that makes him take 0 damage until you take out him Vaballathus.

    Start aggressive and take out his tentacles and stagger him. Dish out as much damage as you can while he is staggered, but when he is about to become unstaggered, switch to Delta Attack quickly.

    You will be hit hard with an onslaught of attacks by his new tentacles. Carefully take them out, using Potions to heal if needed. Once they are defeated, push for another stagger and kill him.

    You get the Tower Artefact, Zenobia Fragment and 6,000 CP after the battle.

    Head east and up the stairs for 1,050 Gil, but don't use the gate. Instead head back to Chocolina and go north of her. Go down the ramp (jump a lot and you will make it against the flow) and then use Mog to reveal the Graviton Core Delta. Head back up and then go down the other ramp. Use the second ramp down and head north. Right next to the ramp controls is a hidden Phoenix Blood. Head all the way south and use a Wild Artefact to unlock Yaschas Massif [100 AF].

    Head back to Academia and now go north and east. Before going up the ramp, look over the ledge to the south and throw Mog to get 2,000 Gil. Now head to the northern gate and use the artefact.


    Yaschas Massif [100 AF]

    Key ItemsItemsEnemy DataArtefactsFragments
    [_] Bulb of Hope[_] Blessed Blade[_]/[_] - Ahriman[_] Wild Artefact[_] Helmwige's Nightshade
    [_] Sealed Tablet[_]/[_] - Bunkerbeast[_] Siegrune's Spiritbloom
    [_] 'Reminiscence' Gate Seal[_]/[_] - Clematis[_] Graviton Core Epsilon
    [_] Comm Device[_]/[_] - Crawler[_] Schwertleite's Flower
    [_] Picture Frame[_]/[_] - Deathgaze[_] Book of Valhalla
    [_]/[_] - Pitterpatter[_] Roseweisse Skyblossom
    [_]/[_] - Green Chocobo[_] Book of Shambala
    [_] Graviton Core Epsilon

    Head to the communication center that Hope is usually at and grab the Bulb of Hope from inside. Now, talk to the Ruby of Grief in the middle of the northern area to accept Fragment: Helmwige's Nightshade. Head west and instead of going up the northern ramp, look through the crates and find the treasure box that contains the Sealed Tablet and throw Mog. Now head up the southern ramp, but before going all the way up, look to the right and throw Mog to get the 'Reminiscence' Gate Seal. Head past Chocolina and on some rocks on the right is a hidden Comm Device. Head all the way south and down the cliffs to get a hidden Picture Frame and then head back to town. Talk to the Ruby of Grief and get the Helmwige's Nightshade and 500 CP.

    Now head to the Ruby of Grief right next to that cliffside we jumped down and accept Fragment: Siegrune's Spiritbloom. You should be able to turn this in straight away for Siegrune's Spiritbloom and 500 CP.

    Now head to the darkened area of the map, the one with the chasms, and on the north side of the top chasm you can reveal a Graviton Core Epsilon and 500 CP.

    Head southeast to another Ruby of Grief and accept Fragment: Schwertleite's Flower and turn it in for Schwertleite's Flower and 300 CP. Now enter the spacetime distortion to take on a Hands of Time Temporal Rift Puzzles. When you finish, you will get the Book of Valhalla and 500 CP. Go ahead and use a Wild Artefact to open up Sunleth Waterscape [400 AF], but come back asap.

    Head northeast, grabbing the Blessed Blade on the way and then take a left to the last Ruby of Grief to accept the Fragment: Roseweisse Skyblossom which you will, again, turn in right away for Roseweisse Skyblossom and 500 CP.

    Now head back to town and a new rift will be there. Enter it for another Hands of Time puzzle. This baby is HARD. When you beat it, you will get the Book of Shambala, 500 CP and a Wild Artefact.


    Sunleth Waterscape [400 AF]

    Key ItemsEnemy DataFragments
    [_] 'Thunderstruck' Gate Seal[_]/[_] - Fachan[_] Lapis Lazuli
    [_]/[_] - Flandit[_] Cosmo Aura
    [_]/[_] - Illuyankas[_] Heliodor Ore
    [_]/[_] - Miniflan[_] Carnelian
    [_]/[_] - Seeping Brie[_] Celestine
    [_]/[_] - Unsaganashi[_] Miniflan Fragment
    [_] Graviton Core Eta

    Head around the bend and watch the Flan dance... kinda. You will automatically be enlisted to find the 5 colored Flan. The first flan is just north of where you get the quest. Use Mog to uncover the Lapis Lazuli and get 800 CP.

    Now take the southeast exit and head all the way down to where the white Flan are. The Cosmo Aura is here and another 800 CP. Head back the way you came and take the north vine. In this area is the Heliodor Ore and even more 800 CP. Continue north, past the Animal Trail, and in the left of the next area is the Carnelian and 800 CP. Head southeast past Chocolina and down the cliff to find the last Flan, Celestine and the last 800 CP. Now, head north to the waypoint for a fight with the troublemakers to get the Miniflan Fragment, 2,500 CP and the 'Thunderstruck' Gate Seal. Head back to the area where all the Flan were to reveal the Graviton Core Eta and 500 CP.


    Augusta Tower [300 AF]

    Key ItemsItemsEnemy DataAdornmentsFragments
    [_] Access Key 50[_] Mana Sliver x9[_]/[_] - Dragoon[_] Blue Chocobo Chick[_] Entropy Board
    [_] 800 gil[_]/[_] - Flanborg[_] Orange Bow Tie
    [_] Potion x2[_]/[_] - Flanitor[_] Red Beacon
    [_] Vitality Bolt x8[_]/[_] - Orion
    [_] Vitality Sliver x6[_]/[_] - Thexteron
    [_] Phoenix Down
    [_] Librascope

    Now is as good as any time to go to Augusta Tower, since it has some great monsters we can tame. For example, the minute you get the Flanitor you should upgrade it and put it in your party as the Medic. Make sure to use only Potent materials on this guy, as he is the best you will get for a while.

    You start out on the 12th floor. Make sure to throw Mog around on this floor to get the Blue Chocobo Chick. Flip the nearby switch to get more information and then head outside and south to flip another switch. Head through the room and then east to grab a treasure with Mana Sliver x9. Now head west and examine the switch and rotate it twice. Before getting on the elevator, head west and grab the treasure with 800 Gil. Now take the elevator up to the 14th floor.

    On the 14th floor, throw Mog to get the Red Beacon. Head south for a scene and then go counter clockwise around the center. You should see a treasure nearby that you need to throw Mog to get. It contains Potion x2. Continue around and then switch the terminal near Chocolina twice. Inside this room is Vitality Bolt x8. In the next room, examine the switch twice and go north. There is a hidden treasure here with Vitality Cliver x6. Now go back in the room and head east to go up to floor 15.

    Before going anywhere, turn around and toss Mog to the Phoenix Down. Now head west, and then north. Go around the area counter clockwise and at the far north is a Librascope you will need to throw Mog to. Head back to the terminal just south if the middle and turn the room three times to get access to the area west and rotate the nearby room twice to get inside. Inside you need to talk to one of the panels and enter the code. Just guess, since you can just try again. You will get the Entropy Board and 500 CP. After the scene, you get the Access Key 50. This is as far as you can go for now, so head to the Historia Crux.

    Make sure to throw Mog about on the 15th floor and get the Orange Bow Tie.

    I suggest you stay until you get the monster crystals.


    Augusta Tower [200 AF]

    Key ItemsItemsEnemy DataAdornmentsArtifactsFragments
    [_] Map of Augusta Tower[_] Remedy x2[_]/[_] - Flanitor[_] PSICOM Label Pin[_] Wild Artefact[_] Idea Circuit
    [_] Paradox Agent Type A[_] 1,500 gil[_]/[_] - Orion[_] Train Conductor Beret[_] Artefact of Rebirth[_] Proto fal'Cie Adam
    [_] 'Silence' Gate Seal[_] Twist Headband[_]/[_] - Vespid Soldier[_] Crystal Apple[_] Enigma Codex
    [_] Access Key 52[_] Librascope[_]/[_] - Zwerg Metrodroid[_] Sky Blue Newsboy Cap[_] Difference Engine
    [_] Top Floor Access Key[_] Bloodguard[_]/[_] - Dragoon[_] Light Bulb
    [_] Paradox Agent Type B[_] Sniper's Eye[_]/[_] - Greater Behemoth
    [_] Paradox Agent Type C[_] Phoenix Down[_]/[_] - Luminous Puma
    [_] Access Key 13[_] Platinum Casino Ticket[_]/[_] - Thermadon
    [_] Vitality Orb x8
    [_] 1,450 gil
    [_] Platinum Casino Ticket
    [_] Magistral Crest
    [_] Mana Engine x8
    [_] Vitality Engine x8
    [_] Potion x3

    Firstly, there is a PSICOM Label Pin for tossing Mog around on any floor, so make sure you get this.

    After the cutscene, examine the terminals until you get a scene. You can now leave the room, so leave and head north to get Remedy x2. Now head all the way south for the ''1,500 Gil before entering the nearby room. Once again, examine all the terminals until you get the passworded computer. Guess the answer and then get the Map of Augusta Tower. Head back to the first room and then north to the Wild Artefact on the other side. Now head south to access the terminal.

    Luckily, we already got the key card we need, so use it to gain access to the other areas. Walk east and talk to Alyssa. After the scene, head counter clockwise and grab the Train Conductor Beret before heading into the room where Chocolina is. Look up in this room and throw Mog for the Paradox Agent Type A and then head to the other side there is a Twist Headband. Run along the outside and then rotate the room. Before entering, grab the Librascope and then head inside where you can talk to the terminal to gain access to the Fragment: Idea Circuit quest. You should be able to turn this in right away for the Idea Circuit and 400 CP. You can now talk to the terminal next to where you first met Alyssa so you can get to the middle and continue the conversation.

    After all the fighting and enlightening information, head east and then south to a treasure with a Bloodguard inside. Before heading back to the inside of this area, look next to the building nearby for a treasure you can throw Mog to and get the 'Silence' Gate Seal. You need to rotate this room once by using the terminal in the center. Head counter clockwise to the next terminal and rotate it once. Now go into the room at the southeast and follow it to the west platform area. There are two floating treasure here that require Mog, a Sniper's Eye and a Phoenix Down. Now head back to the center and rotate that third room three times by using the third terminal from the right. Head through the rooms until you reach the end and interact with the terminal to get the Access Key 52. Instead of leaving, rotate the room three times to get access to another platform with a Platinum Casino Ticket. Go back into the room and rotate it once to get all the way back to the middle.

    Before interacting with any panels, head south and counter clockwise to a sphere with Vitality Orb x8. Keep going around and then take the room north when you can to get 1,450 gil. Now head all the way south through another room to the farthest south platform. There is a floating treasure out here with a Platinum Casino Ticket. Go back to the room you just walked through and rotate it once. Leave to the east and grab the Magistral Crest before heading west.

    Enter the next room and use the panel inside to rotate it twice to get to a treasure with Mana Engine x8 and flip the switch twice. Go back into the room and rotate it twice to get back to the main platform and head north. After heading through a room you should pop out right next to the Vitality Engine x8. Head around the area to get to the last room and get the Top Floor Access Key. Now head back to the middle and go up.

    On the top floor, grab the Potion x3 and chat with Chocolina if you want something and head up the stairs.


    Proto Fal'Cie Adam

    Proto Fal'Cie Adam

    HP74,250Chain Res.40
    Strength101Stagger Pt.200%
    Common DropPhoenix Down50%

    Left/Right Manipulator

    HP11,420Chain Res.50
    Strength64Stagger Pt.150%
    Common DropPhoenix Down50%

    Proto Fal'Cie Adam (2)

    HP212,160Chain Res.40
    Strength144Stagger Pt.200%
    Common DropGold Nugget50%
    100% CinematicCrystal Apple-

    Left/Right Manipulator (2)

    HP16,320Chain Res.50
    Strength92Stagger Pt.150%
    Common DropGold Nugget50%

    Proto Fal'Cie Adam (3) & Left/Right Manipulator (3) have the same stats as version 1.

    You want to take out his arms before you take on the main body. An aggressive attack with Relentless Assault is the best thing for this guy. Switch to Diversity if you need to heal, but otherwise just take him out.

    There are actually a minimum of three battles with this guy, just do the same each time and you will be okay. If you choose the wrong LT event you will have to fight him again. You may what to do this to get the funny answer of throwing Mog at him.

    After the fight you will get the Proto Fal'Cie Adam Fragment and 6,000 CP.

    Before interacting with the waypoint, grab the teasure box for either a Sky Blue Newsboy Cap or a Light Bulb. Now interact with the terminal to get the Artefact of Rebirth.

    Use the Artefact to open the gate to Academia [4XX AF] and then head back in here. We want to head to floor 49, which we haven't visited. Head back downstairs to the central elevator and use it to go to the 49th floor.

    Head southwest and use the terminal to rotate the room once and go around the side to go through it. Head west and you should eventually see a floating treasure box with the Paradox Agent Type B inside. Head around the east side now until you reach the end to use Moogle Hunt to reveal a treasure with a Gold Casino Ticket (you can also open the gate if you want. I suggest you do). Head back to the panel and rotate the room once to get to another platform. Run all the way east and when you get to the end, look all the way down to see a treasure with the Paradox Agent Type C. Now head back to the computer on the 50th floor and turn both the paradox agents in. You should get the Enigma Codex, the Difference Engine, 800 CP and the Access Key 13 for Augusta Tower [300 AF].


    Optional Stuff 04


    Augusta Tower [300 AF]

    [_] Red Commando Badge
    [_] Blue PSICOM Spaulders

    Head to the center elevator on the 15th floor and get access to level 13. Sadly, you can only get two of the three treasure here, since the last requires the Advance Moogle Hunt. You can throw Mog around though to get the Moogle Wing.


    Academia [4XX AF]

    [_] 1,200 Gil[_] Gold Gear[_] Wild Artefact
    [_] Gold Casino Ticket[_] Crystal Star[_] Vagabond Artefact
    [_] Platinum Casino Ticket


    After the fun cutscene, we can now look around all of Academia. There's not much to do in Academia if you already grabbed the treasure when it was infested with Cie'th, so let's just grab a few things and head to the academy. Head down the first ramp in front of you when you get control. Talk to the terminal next to Choclina to learn about The Thirteenth Ark and then head east to Grand Avenue if you hug the southern wall you can go into a shop and get 1,200 gil. Hugging the northern wall will get you to Chocolina, a gate and a treasure with Gold Gear. Go ahead and use your Wild Artefact to open The Vile Peaks [010 AF].

    Speaking of Wild Artefacts, head to the southeastern corner of the whole map and there is a hidden Wild Artefact there. Now head back to the first Chocolina and take the east or west ramps north to get closer to the academy. Before heading to the waypoint, grab the Gold Casino Ticket and continue on. Inside, grab the 'Facts' Gate Seal via Mog in the middle and then find Dr. M walking nearby to accept Fragment: Academic Rank: Monster Professor. Now head north to the next area.

    Before talking to Hope, head north and look down to the lower level to throw Mog and the the Platinum Casino Ticket. Now talk to Hope. Afterwards, talk to Alyssa twice to learn more about those Graviton Cores you have been finding. Now go and talk to Hope three times to get a LT event. No matter your answer, the treasure box with the Crystal Star will appear nearby.

    You should be able to turn in all five graviton cores and talk to Alyssa to get more information on the Chaos Crystal which will give you access to new weapons. Unfortunately, getting that will require lots of work. You can check the Serendipity - (In-Depth) information on Serendipity later to learn more. Although you can continue by using the gate that is now open and the Vagabond Artefact, I suggest you not do that yet.

    Before leaving, there are some things you may want to do in Academia still.

    • Throw Mog down below the projection of Cocoon on the small platform to get the Silver Chocobo monster crystal.
    • Throw Mog anywhere in the Research Facility for the Silver Padlock
    • Throw Mog near the eastern gate to get the Guardian Corps Badge.
    • Throw Mog in the Grand Avenue area for the Green PSICOM Spaulders.
    • Throw Mog in the Grand Avenue area for the Silver Brooch.
    • Throw Mog in the New Town area for the Blue Guitar.

    The last couple things you want to do is check out Brain Blast! and Captain Cryptic's Confounding Quiz.


    Brain Blast!

    This mini-game is a quiz-like game that you can access in terminals around town (marked in red on the map). There are 4 terminals at:

    EntranceStoic Virtue and 500 CP
    Grand Avenue SquareEpicurean Song and 500 CP
    New Town (Southwest)Lyceum Knowledge and 500 CP
    New Town (North)Academia Wisdom and 500 CP


    Aside from the fragments, you can also get the following Adornments:

    EntranceGadot's Red Emblem
    Yellow-Rimmed Glasses
    Orange Beacon
    Grand Avenue SquareFlower Pattern
    Sky Blue Silk Hat
    Carnival Mask
    New Town (Southwest)Snowy Fairy Wings
    Orange Pilot's Badge
    White Bushy Mustache
    New Town (North)Behemoth Crest
    Red PSICOM Spaulders
    Grudge Knife

    While most of the questions are FFXIII related, there are questions from other FF games, particulary FFVII. You can find a guide on this on GameFAQs.


    Captain Cryptic's Confounding Quiz

    Captain Crytic is located in the Entrance just south of the Brain Blast! terminal. You need to reveal him with Moogle Hunt. After answeing one question correctly he will disappear and come back to one of eleven possible locations.

    There are five fragments you can get from Captain Cryptic and they are as follow:

    Quiz Rank: Private and 400 CPGet one correct answer.
    Quiz Rank: Sergeant and 400 CPGet two consecutive answers correct.
    Quiz Rank: Lieutenant and 600 CPGet three consecutive answers correct.
    Quiz Rank: Colonel and 600 CPGet four consecutive answers correct.
    Quiz Rank: General and 1,000 CPGet five cinsecutive answers correct.

    There are a few ways to find Captain Crytic and here are some tips:

    • Sometimes people in Grand Avenue and New Town will give you tips to his location by saying 'East' (Grand Avenue or the Alley) or 'West' (New Town).
    • Most of his spawn locations are in the Grand Avenue, so start there. There is only 3 in New Town, and 1 in Entrance and Alley.
    • His location changes everytime you return from the Historia Crux.

    See http://segmentnext.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/01/dady.gif for a map of the locations.

    Remember, this guy is invisible and you will need to reveal him with Mog.


    The Vile Peaks [200 AF]

    If you haven't beaten the 3 Gigantuar's in The Archylte Steppe [-Yeaar Unknown-] to open up the souther gate and therefore access to The Vile Peaks [200 AF], I suggest you do so now.

    Key ItemsItemsEnemy DataAdornmentsFragments
    [_] Map of the Vile Peaks[_] Phoenix Down[_]/[_] - Garuda[_] Black Chocobo Chick[_] Torreno's Last Light
    [_] Vitality Bolt x8[_]/[_] - Koboldroid Yang[_] Falcon's Last Light
    [_]/[_] - Lancer[_] Thunder's Last Light
    [_]/[_] - Vespid[_] Falcon's Comapss
    [_]/[_] - Viking

    Just before the bridge that crosses the water in the Dismal Dunscape (the area with the gate), you Mog to reveal a downed soldier name Torreno. Talk to him to start the Fragment: The Honor of Blitz Squad. Accepting will also net you the Map of the Vile Peaks, Torreno's Last Light and 500 CP.

    Head west into Another Man's Treasure area and start throwing Mog around to get the Black Chocobo Chick. After running through the first tunnel, talk to Falcon and then follow him east. Talk to him to get the Falcon's Last Light and 500 CP.

    Continue all the way west and you will eventually get the Phoenix Down. Head toward the distortion and talk to Corporal Thunder to start the Fragment: Twilight Fragment Beta, get the Thunder's Last Light, and 500 CP. Now head northwest and get the hidden Vitality Bolt x8.

    Now head back to Falcon, who is now back at the gate. He will give you the Falcon's Compass and 500 CP.


    The Vile Peaks [010 AF]

    ItemsEnemy DataAdornmentsFragments
    [_] Royal Amulet[_]/[_] - Black Chocobo[_] Black Chocobo Figurine[_] Baxter's Last Light
    [_] Mana Orb x8[_]/[_] - Bomb[_] Tattoo[_] Ray's Last Light
    [_] Entite Ring[_]/[_] - Cryohedron[_] Brown Bushy Mustache[_] Twilight Fragment Alpha
    [_] Saint's Amulet[_]/[_] - Dreadnought
    [_] Hero's Amulet[_]/[_] - Haguma
    [_] Zealot's Amulet[_]/[_] - Shaguma
    [_] Platinum Casino Ticket[_]/[_] - Yaksha
    [_] Platinum Casino Ticket[_]/[_] - Yakshini


    As soon as you pop in throw Mog around to get the Black Chocobo Figurine. Head south a little and before the tunnel use Mog to reveal Baxter on the ground. He will let you start Fragment: Ray's Last Light, give you Baxter's Last Light and 800 CP.

    Head for the Dismal Dunescape and when you get there start throwing Mog around to get the Tattoo. Now talk to Ray who will talk to you if you have Falcon's Compass and give you Fragment" Twilight Fragment Alpha, Ray's Last Light, and 800 CP.

    Leave Dismal Dunescape to the north to reach Wrack and Ruin area. Here you should throw Mog around for Brown Bushy Mustache. The first treasure you come across is a Royal Amulet. When you reach the split, head north and grab the Mana Orb x8. Now examine the distortion for a fight.


    Twilight Odin

    HP706,000Chain Res.80Physical Dmg.1/2
    Strength435Stagger Pt.300%Magic Dmg.1/2
    Magic304Keep95Fire Dmg.-
    CP0LaunchImmuneIce Dmg.-
    Gil0Libra1,000Lightning Dmg.Absorb
    Wind Dmg.-
    Common DropMartyr's Badge100%
    Rare DropPhoenix Blood10%

    Beating Odin isn't that difficult, but getting a 5 star rating can be. The trick is to kill Odin in one stagger.

    Here are a few things you should take into account before you even attack him:

    • Odin is weak to Deprotect and Deshell so you will want to put a SAB into your Paradigm Shifts (one that you can manually control).
    • You want to be at full health, fully buffed (with Bravega and Faithga), and have him debuffed just before you stagger him.
    • You will want to push him into stagger quickly with Ravagers.
    • Cerberus (COM x3) is the best Paradigm to dish out max damage while he is staggered.


    Based on those criteria, here are some suggested Paradigms:

    Aggresion/Relentless AssaultCOM/COMCOM/RAVRAV/RAVThis is mostly just to sustain the Chain Gauge.
    Tri-Disaster/Smart BombRAV/SABRAV/RAVRAV/RAVUsed for pushing the Chain Gauge and up.
    DiscretionMEDMEDCOMOnly used to full heal before the stagger.
    DecimationCOMRAVSYNI suggest you use Yakshini for Bravega and Faithga.
    CerberusCOMCOMCOMMax damage paradogm for stagger.

    Odin is pretty tough until you stagger him. Start the battle by tapping him to get things started and to keep the gauge from dropping quickly when we switch to the magic attacks. Now switch to either Tri-disaster to push the Chain Gauge up or Smart Bomb to push it up while debuffing him. DO NOT STAGGER HIM YET.

    Watch the Chain Gauge carefully and when Odin's almost staggered, make sure to full heal (you want to spend the whole Stagger in attack mode).

    Switch to a any paradigm with a COM and tap Odin again to keep the Chain Gauge from dropping fast once we stagger him. Buff your party quickly with Decimation and then update Odin's debuffs so they don't run out and we can inflict maximum damage.

    If you haven't already staggered him, push Odin into stagger and let the Chain Gauge increase a little before switching to Cerberus and going all out.

    After the fight you will get the Twilight Fragment Alpha and 3,000 CP.

    Now continue west and grab the Entite Ring in the circular area and continue west. Along the path you will find a Saint's Amulet, a hidden Hero's Amulet, and a floating Zealot's Amulet. A little further and the a waypoint will mark Sergeant Blitz. Talk to him for Sarge's Last Light and 800 CP. Now contiinue west for another hidden treasure with a Platinum Casino Ticket and another Platinum Casino Ticket before dropping out of Wrack and Ruin back by the gate.


    Return to Vile Peaks [200 AF]

    Key ItemsFragments
    [_] 'Return' Gate Seal[_] Twilight Fragment Beta
    [_] 'Afterimage' Gate Seal[_] Father's Song
    [_] Blitz Squadron Mission Report
    [_] Words of Light

    Head to the distortion and examine it to take on your second Odin.


    Twilight Odin (2)

    HP706,000Chain Res.50Physical Dmg.-
    Strength304Stagger Pt.300%Magic Dmg.-
    Magic203Keep95Fire Dmg.-
    CP0LaunchImmuneIce Dmg.-
    Gil0Libra1,000Lightning Dmg.Absorb
    Wind Dmg.-
    Common DropMartyr's Badge100%

    You can use the same tactic for this version of Odin, but watch your life is he starts using his aoe attacks.

    After the fight you will get the Twilight Fragment Beta, 3,000 CP, 'Return' Gate Seal, and 'Afterimage' Gate Seal.

    After the cutscene, you can head back to Torreno. On the way you can reveal a familiar face will give you the Father's Song fragment and 500 CP. When you reach Torreno you'll get the Blitz Squadron Mission Report and 500 CP. Afterwards, head south and reveal another familiar face and watch the scene that follows. You will get the Words of Light and another 500 CP.


    Oerba [300 AF]

    Key ItemsEnemy DataAdornmentsFragments
    [_] 'Flight' Gate Seal[_]/[_] - Bloodfang Bass[_] Sahagin Hide Backpack[_] Sparkling Runestone
    [_] 'How Things Were' Gate Seal[_]/[_] - Breshan Bass[_] Dewy Bloodstone
    [_]/[_] - Pink Lily[_] Spinning Moonstone
    [_]/[_] - White Chocobo[_] Lovely Starstone
    [_] - Chonchon[_] Bubbly Stone
    [_] - Seeker[_] Astonishing Limestone
    [_] - Ghast[_] Thrilling Milestone
    [_] Scorching Firestone
    [_] Mossy Rosetta Stone

    Oerba is covered in a sandstorm that makes seeing annoying, but we don't really need to look hard for stuff. Our purpose here is realy only to solve Temporal Rift Puzzles, so head southeast and enter the first distortion that gives the Sparkling Runestone and 500 CP.

    Head south and around to the east and jump up to the street. Now head all the way north to another distortion that gives the Dewy Bloodstone and 500 CP.

    Head east down the ramp and turn around. Behind you on the right, floating in the air, is a treasure box with the 'How Things Were' Gate Seal. Now head west until you reach another distortion which nets you the Spinning Moonstone and 500 CP.

    Next, head down the stairs to the north and around the building. Before you head down the last set of stairs, look up to see a treasure box with the 'Flight' Gate Seal. Go next to the stairs here and use Mog to reveal another distortion that gets you the Lovely Starstone and 500 CP. This will open the distortion field in front of the western gate.

    If you head down to the beach and toss Mog into the Ashensand you can get the Sahagin Hide Backpack. There is also a distortion field just down the steps that you can reveal via Mog. This one will get you the Bubbly Stone and 500 CP.

    Now head south to the distortion behind you for the Astonishing Limestone and 500 CP.

    Head all the way south past the area with the gate and around the building. The distortion is south of Chocolina on the upper level and will get you the Thrilling Milestone and another 500 CP.

    Go west to the street again and head into the gate in front of the gate for a scene. Solving this one will get you the Scorching Firestone, 500 CP, and unseald the gate behind it.

    Now head all the way south past the chocobo to for the last distortion. You will get the final fragment Mossy Rosetta Stone and 500 CP.

    Now head to Academia [4XX AF] and take the gate to The Void Beyond.


    The Void Beyond (3)

    ItemsEnemy DataAdornmentsFragments
    [_] Librascope[_]/[_] - Chelicerata[_] Caius's Sword[_] Etro's Sorrow
    [_]/[_] - Clione[_] Serah's Mask[_] Pulse's Resolution
    [_]/[_] - Meonekton[_] Lindzei's Desire
    [_]/[_] - Nekton[_] Mwynn's Tenderness
    [_] Bhunivelze's Sleep

    You will not be able to go back to the normal and full Historia Crux for a while, so make sure you do everything you want before coming here.

    There's nothing you can do, so head onward and talk to Yeul and get Etro's Sorrow and 600 CP. Now continue onward and talk to the next Yeul for the Pulse's Resolution and another 600 CP. Now that you have finished both LT conversations a box with Caius's Sword will appear. On the steps is a treasure with Serah Mask (you need a FFXIII save for this to appear) and to the southeast is a Librascope. Now talk to the next Yeul to get Lindzei's Desire and another 600 CP. The next Yeul will grant you the Mwynn's Tenderness and even more 600 CP. Now head up the steps for more information and the Bhunivelze's Sleep and 600 CP again. After going up the first set of steps you can use Moogle Hunt to see Chocolina, but she doesn't have anything great. Talk to the last Yeul and enjoy the fight alone with your pet.


    Caius Ballad (The Void Beyond)

    HP12,000Chain Res.50Physical Dmg.1/2
    Strength90Stagger Pt.200%Magic Dmg.1/2
    Magic90Keep95Fire Dmg.-
    CP0LaunchImmuneIce Dmg.-
    Gil0Libra51Lightning Dmg.-
    Wind Dmg.-

    This guy is going to dish out some heavy damage on Serah.

    Here are some suggested Paradigms:

    War & PeaceCOMMEDIf you are high enough level to do this, as the MED can outheal Caius' damage.
    Yin & YangRAVMEDYou can switch back and forth between these 2 Paradigms to take out Caius quickly.
    MisdirectionCOMSENIf you aren't high enough, use this and use Potions to heal.

    If you are still having issues, try using a SEN in all of your Paradigm Shifts and have Serah do the healing as a MED.


    New Bodhum [-Year Unknown-]

    AdornmentsEnemy DataFragments
    [_] Afro[_] - Chonchon[_] Transcript: Fate and Freedom
    [_]/[_] - Pantopoda[_] Vanille's Fruit
    [_]/[_] - Pleuston[_] Fang's Crown
    [_] - Seeker
    [_] - Strigoi

    Talk to Lebreau on the Breachfront before heading west and talking to Yuj and Maqui on the beach. Make sure to talk to Gadot by NORA House before going inside and watching the scene. Afterwards, head southeast to the rock and grab the Afro from the LT events. You need to talk to Lightning on the pier to proceed.

    If you select 'Yes' you will see the Paradox Ending and get the Transcript: Fate and Freedom as well as 1,500 CP. Afterward the cinematic that follows ends, you will be back at the Historia Crux. Select Hollow Seclusion and say 'No' this time.

    We need to make our way to the Meteorite Impact Site now and talk to Vanille. Before heading into the distortion, go north and grab the treasure box with Vanille's Fruit. South in this area is Fang's Crown. Now you can head through the distortion.

    Note that if you leave New Bodhum, you will have to play all the way through The Void Beyond again to get here by closing the Academia [4XX] gate.


    A Dying World [700 AF]

    Key ItemsItemsEnemy DataAdornmentsArtifactsFragments
    [_] Map of A Dying World[_] Pain Dampener[_]/[_] - Apotamkin[_] Crystal Rose[_] Wild Artefact[_] Gogmagog Fragment Gamma
    [_] 'Promises' Gate Seal[_] 1,500 Gil[_]/[_] - Garganzola[_] Ultima Brand
    [_] White Cape[_]/[_] - Metallicactuar
    [_] Power Essence x8[_]/[_] - Pantopoda
    [_] Vitality Essence x10[_]/[_] - Pleuston
    [_] Obsidian Choker[_] - Chonchon
    [_] Golden Chocobo[_] - Seeker
    [_] - Strigoi

    Head west to find Noel and a huge beast. After the scene, follow Noel. After the scene, don't talk to Caius and instead head north behind the structure for a Pain Dampener. You can now talk to Caius for a scene. Head into town and when you can, use Moogle Hunt in the center of the settlement to get the Map of A Dying World. If you head all the way south you can reveal Noel just before the huge open area of the Farseers' Settlement and talk to Yeul. Follow him for another scene with Caius and a fight.


    Caius Ballad (A Dying World)

    HP5,000Chain Res.80Physical Dmg.1/2
    Strength62Stagger Pt.150%Magic Dmg.1/2
    Magic62Keep95Fire Dmg.-
    CP0LaunchImmuneIce Dmg.-
    Gil0Libra51Lightning Dmg.-
    Wind Dmg.-

    At this point in my Crystarium I was so powerful that he died in two attack turns. Nothing much to say here.

    If you go into the large area there is a treasue in the northeast corner with 1,500 gil inside. Head north as you hug the east wall and head up some steps for a White Cape. Continue north along the east wall and you should see a treasure box with the 'Promises' Gate Seal. Continue north until you can go up and around the wall to find the Power Essence x8 about halfway up the east wall near a smaller wall. You should now approach Yeul and Noel at the Oracle Drive.

    After the scene, follow Noel north until you spawn a second time. Head directly north and by a tree is a Vitality Essence x10. Now head west to the dead end in the northwest to get an Obsidian Choker. In the area just south of this is a hidden Golden Chocobo (if you end up running into Noel and get to the next part where you have to run after him you will not be able to get this yet, since 'Live' events don't allow you to use Mog). Find Noel in the northern area of the map to be teleported again.

    Head west for another scene with Noel and a fight.


    Gogmagog (3)

    HP148,400Chain Res.55
    Strength307Stagger Pt.200%
    Common DropPotent Orb100%

    Compared to the previous Gogmagog's this guy is a beast, but you have leveled too.

    You should be able to take him out in a few rounds of attacks with Relentless Assault.

    After the fight, you will get a scene with a LT event. No matter your answer, you will get the Gogmagog Fragment Gamma, 15,000 CP, and a Crystal Rose afterwards.

    Head back to town and near the well in the main part of town do a Moogle Hunt on the well. You will not be able to get this until you get Mog back, but keep it in mind. Now head for the waypoint marked on the map. After the scene, talk to Mog. Go back to the well and grab that treasure for the Ultima Brand and 600 CP before entering the distortion.