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    Wild Artefact/Crystal Gate FAQ by SunsThirdStone

    Version: 1.0.1 | Updated: 05/03/12 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Version 1.0.1 (5/2/2012)
    By Nick Zitzmann
    E-Mail: ten.tsacmoc@uyries (spell that backwards for an E-Mail address)
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    This FAQ is for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions of Final Fantasy XII-2.
    Copyright 2012 Nick Zitzmann.
    The authors and contributors are solely responsible for the content of this
    FAQ. Square Enix was not involved in any way, shape, or form.
    Permission is granted to copy, distribute and/or modify this document under the
    terms of the GNU Free Documentation License, Version 1.2 or any later version
    published by the Free Software Foundation; with no Invariant Sections, no
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    To summarize the above paragraph, I don't particularly care if you want to
    re-publish this FAQ elsewhere, or create your own derivative of this FAQ (e.g.
    a localized version). However, I **do** care if you plagiarize this FAQ, or
    re-publish it under a different license. Also, there are no warranties at all
    on the information in this FAQ.
    The entire license is available online at the following URL:
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    1.0 (3/5/2012):
    - First release.
    1.0.1 (5/2/2012):
    - Minor corrections.
    As you probably know, artefacts unlock gates that are necessary to move forward
    in the game's main quest. Wild artefacts unlock crystal gates, two of which are
    used in the main quest, and the rest are bonus areas.
    There are exactly 10 wild artefacts and 10 crystal gates. There are two gates
    that you must open in order to obtain items that are necessary to finish the
    main quest. Although the other gates unlock bonus areas, it would behoove you
    to visit all of these bonus areas, since they will grant you more side quests,
    more monsters, more fragments, and more CP.
    You can unlock the gates in any order. Although there are two wild artefacts
    that are located behind crystal gates, you will never get into the situation
    where there are two or more wild artefacts behind a single crystal gate. Such a
    design flaw, if it was present, would permanently lock you out of exploring
    other areas. (I remember running into this problem once in the Turtle Rock
    dungeon in Zelda: Link's Awakening, where there were two keys behind one locked
    door. I was not happy.)
    Oh, and in case anyone found this FAQ via Google and is wondering why the word
    "artifact" is misspelled as "artefact" in this FAQ: I'm using the game's
    spelling of the word, which I am aware is not the "correct" spelling of the
    word in American English. Some of the Final Fantasy games, including FF XIII-2,
    use intentionally misspelled words, such as FF XII's "technicks" instead of
    All plot details below have been obscured for the benefit of those of you who
    have not yet finished the main quest.
    To reach specific places in this FAQ, please use your browser's Find feature
    (Command-F on Mac OS X, Ctrl-F on Windows and GNU/Linux) and enter one of the
    below three character codes to jump to a specific section.
    Wild artefact locations:
    A01: Bresha Ruins (005 AF)
    A02: Sunleth Waterscape (300 AF)
    A03: Oerba (200 AF)
    A04: Bresha Ruins (300 AF)
    A05: Serendipity
    A06: Augusta Tower (200 AF)
    A07: Yaschas Massif (100 AF)
    A08: Academia (4XX AF)
    A09: Archylte Steppe
    A10: A Dying World (700 AF)
    Crystal gate locations:
    G01: Bresha Ruins (005 AF)
    G02: Bresha Ruins (300 AF)
    G03: Yaschas Massif (01X AF)
    G04: Academia (400 AF)
    G05: Yaschas Massif (100 AF)
    G06: Augusta Tower (200 AF)
    G07: Oerba (300 AF)
    G08: Academia (4XX AF)
    G09: A Dying World (700 AF)
    G10: Archylte Steppe
    These artefacts are ordered by the approximate point you can acquire them while
    moving through the main quest, earliest to latest.
    A01: BRESHA RUINS (005 AF)
    Location:     Near the gate in the Echoes of the Past area
    Requirements: Moogle Hunt
    If you are missing any of the artefacts, it's most likely not this one.
    Although the item is out of phase and you need Mog to recover it, his phase
    correction skill, Moogle Hunt (R1/RB), is introduced at the same time it
    becomes possible to acquire this item.
    Location:     In the southern section during the monster ride
    Requirements: Moogle Throw
    When you first enter the southern section of this place, you'll be introduced
    to a friendly monster that will take you across a ravine on his back. During
    your first ride, you will learn how to throw Mog to collect distant objects.
    One of the distant objects during this ride is a wild artefact. It will appear
    on your right if you're moving north or your left if you're moving south. Keep
    looking for it, and when you see it, throw Mog at it to collect it.
    A03: OERBA (200 AF)
    Location:     On a ledge due northwest of the trees in the northern area
    Requirements: Moogle Throw
    After you get the ability to throw Mog, go back to Oerba and look for the set
    of trees in the northern part of town. Starting from the walkway to the south
    of the trees, move west. You will see some buildings on your right side.
    There's a wild artefact on an inaccessible ledge of one of those buildings; you
    will need to throw Mog at it to snag it.
    A04: BRESHA RUINS (300 AF)
    Location:     In the graveyard
    Requirements: Wild Artefact (to get here), Moogle Hunt
    This is one of the game's two wild artefacts that is located behind another
    wild artefact door. You get here by using a wild artefact in the Bresha Ruins
    (005 AF); see G01 to find out how to get here.
    To get the artefact, talk to a man named Lex in the Lamentable Rest area. He
    will send you on a quest to find his buddy, who is located in the underground
    part of Echoes of the Past. His buddy does not appear at all until you take the
    quest, and needs to be materialized with Moogle Hunt, so let Mog find him. Talk
    to him, then talk to Lex, and Lex will give you the artefact.
    Location:     At the prize redemption counter
    Requirements: 10,000 chips (7,500 with the Bargain Hunter skill)
    Even though you can get this one as soon as Serendipity opens up, I'd recommend
    saving it for later, since it is quite expensive to acquire. You'll need either
    100,000 gil (75,000 gil with the Bargain Hunter skill), or mad gambling skills,
    to acquire this one.
    The Bargain Hunter skill is acquired from the fragment lady located in the
    first building on the left side in Serendipity. She will award you the skill
    after you reach a certain point in the game's main quest, and I'm pretty sure
    that point is after Serah's dream sequence in Academia (4XX AF).
    A06: AUGUSTA TOWER (200 AF)
    Location:     On floor 50
    Requirements: None
    The wild artefact is in plain sight on the middle walkway, so if you're missing
    an artefact, it's probably not this one either.
    A07: YASCHAS MASSIF (100 AF)
    Location:     In a hidden space-time anomaly
    Requirements: Wild Artefact (to get here), solve 4 subquests in this area
    If you're missing a wild artefact, then it might be this one, because it is
    very well concealed. If you don't have the Book of Shambala fragment, then you
    definitely don't have this wild artefact, since you receive the fragment at the
    same time.
    When you first arrive here, you will encounter several "talking" spheres that
    will give you subquests when you talk to them. Carry out each of these
    subquests. As with all other subquests, at the beginning of the subquest the
    game will show you a photo of where you can find the item that is necessary to
    complete the quest. Find each item, and bring them back to the spheres. Then
    look around for all four of them. If you aren't seeing any other spheres, then
    leave the area and come back later, and some more spheres ought to arrive.
    Once you have solved four subquests for the spheres in this area, a space-time
    anomaly will appear in the middle of the camp. Return to camp and resolve the
    anomaly. You will get the Book of Shambala fragment and wild artefact once you
    resolve the anomaly.
    (NOTE: There is one other anomaly in this area that is blocking the area's
    crystal gate. That is a different anomaly, and while resolving it will grant
    you a fragment and access to the crystal gate, it's not the one that will give
    you the artefact.)
    A08: ACADEMIA (4XX AF)
    Location:     In the far southeast corner of the game map
    Requirements: Moogle Hunt
    This is another out-of-phase artefact that is cleverly hidden away. In the far
    southeast corner of Academia, in the Alley area, is a treasure chest. The
    fragment is just a meter or two north of the chest; you'll need to use Mog to
    bring it back into phase.
    Location:     At the far west end of the game map, on a concealed ledge
    Requirements: Moogle Throw, Anti-Grav Jump or Moogle Hunt
    There are two ways to reach the far west end of the Archylte Steppe:
    1. Jump across a crevasse running down the middle-western part of the map. The
       Anti-Grav Jump skill, which you will learn from the fragment lady in
       Serendipity late in the game's main quest, is necessary to complete the
       jump. She will give it to you after you finish Serah's dream sequence in
       Academia (4XX AF).
    2. The other way is to use the Gold Cactuar. Set both controls on the weather 
       machine in the nomad camp to their upright position to generate dusty
       weather. When the weather is dusty, look to the south of the nomad camp. 
       You'll see a small dust devil far to the south. Go there and examine it with
       Mog to unveil the Gold Cactuar. The Gold Cactuar will send you across the 
       chasm, and give you the Forest Crystal fragment.
    Once you've reached the far west end, it will look like you've encountered a
    cliff. But if you point the camera downwards across the edge of the cliff, you
    will see a small ledge below you. The artefact is on the ledge. You can't jump
    down to the ledge, but you can throw Mog at the artefact to secure it.
    A10: A DYING WORLD (700 AF)
    Location:     At the oracle drive
    Requirements: Moogle Hunt
    Run all the way back to the oracle drive that's inside the Farseers'
    Settlement. Use Moogle Hunt to bring it back into phase, then activate it.
    After the cutscene, choose to stand against Caius when prompted. You'll be
    rewarded with a wild artefact.
    If you screwed up and chose the wrong option, then just try again.
    These gates are ordered by the approximate point you can acquire them while
    moving through the main quest, earliest to latest.
    G01: BRESHA RUINS (005 AF)
    Location:     Behind the holding cell
    Requirements: Moogle Throw, Holding Cell Key
    Leads to:     Bresha Ruins (300 AF)
    Optional:     Yes
    To reach this gate, you need the Holding Cell Key. In the middle of the
    Excavation Site is a treasure chest; you probably saw it before, but you can't
    reach it without Moogle Throw. Once you get Moogle Throw a little later on in
    the main quest, come back here, and toss Mog at the chest to gain the Holding
    Cell Key. The gate is just beyond the holding cell.
    Since there is a wild artefact behind this gate (see A04 above), I recommend
    you open this one first.
    G02: BRESHA RUINS (300 AF)
    Location:     In plain sight
    Requirements: None
    Leads to:     Yaschas Massif (110 AF)
    Optional:     Yes
    Remember that spot northwest of where you fought Atlas 295 years earlier that
    you couldn't quite reach? Well, it's reachable now, and it has a gate.
    Location:     In plain sight
    Requirements: None
    Leads to:     Augusta Tower (300 AF)
    Optional:     No
    This gate is in the Pass of Padra, and there's nothing special you need to do
    to reach it. Which is a good thing, because this is one of the two gates that
    you must open in order to complete the main quest.
    G04: ACADEMIA (400 AF)
    Location:     In plain sight
    Requirements: None
    Leads to:     Yaschas Massif (100 AF)
    Optional:     No
    This gate is in New Town, close to where you find Chocolina's shop. You can't
    miss it, and you need to do nothing special to unlock it, which is a good
    thing, because this one is also mandatory.
    This gate, too, has a wild artefact behind it (see A07 above). That artefact
    takes some persistence to acquire, so you might as well start ASAP.
    G05: YASCHAS MASSIF (100 AF)
    Location:     Behind a space-time anomaly
    Requirements: Solve the anomaly
    Leads to:     Sunleth Waterscape (400 AF)
    Optional:     Yes
    Deep within the Pass of Padra is a space-time anomaly. Solve the anomaly, and
    you'll get a fragment and access to the gate. This is a different anomaly than
    the anomaly that appears inside the camp that grants you a wild artefact upon
    solving it (see A07 above).
    G06: AUGUSTA TOWER (200 AF)
    Location:     On floor 49
    Requirements: Come back later
    Leads to:     Oerba (300 AF)
    Optional:     Yes
    After you finish Augusta Tower, come back later, and the elevator will allow
    you to travel to floor 49. The gate is in plain sight on this floor.
    G07: OERBA (300 AF)
    Location:     In plain sight
    Requirements: Moogle Hunt, solve all space-time anomalies
    Leads to:     Oerba (400 AF)
    Optional:     Yes
    Scattered throughout the level are a number of space-time anomalies. All but
    one of them are in plain sight; there is one you will need to use Moogle Hunt
    to acquire. (Just look around town until Mog senses something. It is not
    visible at all.) When you've solved all of them, a new anomaly appears near the
    gate. Solve it, and the gate will become available for use.
    G08: ACADEMIA (4XX AF)
    Location:     In plain sight
    Requirements: None
    Leads to:     Vile Peaks (010 AF)
    Optional:     Yes
    The gate is on Grand Avenue right next to Chocolina; you can't miss it.
    G09: A DYING WORLD (700 AF)
    Location:     In plain sight
    Requirements: None
    Leads to:     Bresha Ruins (100 AF)
    Optional:     Yes
    The gate is in the southwest corner of the map.
    Location:     In plain sight
    Requirements: Moogle Hunt, Anti-Grav Jump, all three gigantuars must be
    Leads to:     Vile Peaks (200 AF)
    Optional:     Yes
    Of all the gates to uncover, this is the most difficult one of them all. It's
    to the south of the Nomad Camp, but in order to unlock it, you must defeat all
    of the gigantuars in the area. Gigantuars can be difficult for inexperienced
    characters to defeat, so I recommend saving this one for last.
    The three of them are located in the following areas:
    1. Stonestump Wastelands. Use the weather machine to change to sunny weather,
       then look for the gigantuar in a patch of cactii.
    2. Clearwater Marshes. You need to do an anti-grav jump or use the Gold Cactuar
       to cross the chasm and reach this section of the steppe (see A09 above).
       It's near a rock in the northeast part of the section, and only appears when
       the weather is sunny.
    3. Clearwater Marshes. This one is southwest of the second one, but it only
       appears when the weather is rainy, so you'll have to return to the Nomad
       Camp first to change the weather.
    Special thanks to:
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    - All other authors of Final Fantasy XIII-2 FAQ authors on GameFAQs

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