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    Omega Weapon Guide by brianratman

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    Final Fantasy XIII-2 DLC Tips: Colleseum; Omega Weapon (1.0)
    Contents: [1] Introduction
              [2] Stats
              [3] Method
              [4] Good Upgrade Options
              [5] Credits
    [1] Introduction
    All the following steps are things that worked for me.
    There is no third party info on this guide so there may be a better
    strategy out there. All the stats/strategys are for the UK
    Playstation3 version of the game (BLES 01269)
    [2] Stats
    HP                  : 882500
    Strength            : 
    Magic               : 
    Chain Resistance    :
    Stagger Point       :
    Vunerabilities      : Fire      ; Normal
                          Ice       ; Normal
                          Lightning ; Weakness
                          Wind      ; Normal
                          Physical  ; Halved
                          Magic     ; Halved
    Status Immunities   : Deprotect
    Drop Common         : Power Generator
    Drop Rare           : Kaiser Knucles
    [3] Method
    Only two monsters are needed in your Paradigm Deck a good sentinel
    and synergyst but they need to have some specific abilities
    A High HP Sentinel with Mediguard;
    I chose a level 30 Bunkerbeast that had already been infused with a
    Level 12 Pulsework knight to give the mediguard ability. although a
    well leveled silver chocobo will work just as well.
    and a reasonably high HP Synergyst that had the all important 
    EnThunder ability;
    I used a level 40 Luminous Puma. 
    (although subsequent battles, a level 45 Sazh was a better option
    as he has the full range of buffs available. As Sazh is only
    available on a separate DLC pack, not everyone will have him in
    their set)
    Noel Serah Monster
    SEN   SEN   SEN    Tortoise
    MED   SAB   SEN    Attrition
    SEN   SYN   SYN    Prudent Planning
    COM   RAV   SEN    Delta Attack
    COM   COM   SEN    Offensive Screen
    MED   MED   SEN    Combat Clinic
    If it's your first fight with Omega, use a librascope immediately
    for the AI to find his elemental weaknesses.
    Start in Prudent Planning during the first attacks until some buffs
    and the all important EnThunder is established on all three characters
    meanwhile, noel will tank the damage from Omega's attacks but switch
    to Attrition now and then if his health goes too low for his mediguard
    to cope with. The wounding damage to Omega is just a little bonus.
    Once you all three have EnThunder Switch to Delta Attack and use
    Attrition for healing only but keep an eye on Omega, he will begin
    charging his Wave Cannon attack. When it reads 120% switch immediately
    to Tortoise. After the Wave Cannon hits use Combat Clinic to heal
    Oh look! using the Wave Cannon has caused Omega to Overheat and
    Stagger himself. The Stagger depletes quickly so Offensive Screen
    as soon as you are healthy, he will still attack while Staggered but
    using Mediguard, your Sentinal will hardly notice. Once his Stagger
    Ends switch back to Prudent Planning and rebuff.
    The battle will cycle this way until Omega loses most of his HP, he
    will then glow red and start to run around the arena. Stick with Delta
    Attack and he will soon be done for, even if Noel misses a strike
    Hopefully you have now obtained the Omega Crystal. I have no idea how
    rare it is that he will be captured, I managed it on my second go,
    might be good luck or might be capture rate = 50%.
    [4] Good Upgrade Options
    Well now that you have Omega, What do you do with him?
    Omega would be the best leveled Commando in the game, if it wasn't for
    some very unfortunate Red-Locked Passive Abilities
    LadenStrike: His ATB charge rate is 70% below normal.
    Not many turns per battle, great for pre-emptive quick battles
    (farming etc) but not so good for a drawn out confrontation.
    The best way I have found to circumvent that is to Infuse another
    Passive Ability; Attack:ATB Charge. Easily Infused from a level 1
    Yeoman (found in Academia 500AF on the long central platform)
    Feral Fatigue is irritaing because it will bestow Omega with Negative
    Statuses after every use of his Feral Link Ability.
    However this shouldn't be a problem if you don't use the Feral Link.
    His third Ability is Feral Surge, this means that when his Feral Link
    gauge is filly charged, Omega's Strength and magic attributes are
    increased. Even more reason to refrain from using Wave Cannon.
    A good idea for an Infusion is a level 18 Dragoon (Augusta Tower
    200AF) as this will give Omega the Feral Speed II Passive Ability and
    also the Role Auto Ability, Adrenaline, which is a skill that he will
    not learn during the course of his development.
    Also it is a good idea, as with any high level COM monster, to Give
    Omega the Jepordize ability, by Infusing him with 5x Level 20
    Apotemkin (A Dying World 700AF) each one will use up 66 orbs, but you
    should gain that many by capturing them all as they have quite a low
    capture rate.
    Omega will take a lot of farming materials in order to get him to
    level 99, he will learn the handy Strength+25% and Auto-Bravery
    abilities though his progression. he is mechanical in nature so it is
    Potent Engines, Boosters and Generators.
    The table below Should be helpful
    Material  Number   
    Level     Needed   Dropped By  Area
    ***        31      Munchkin    Bresha Ruins 300AF
    ****       46      Yeoman      Academia 500AF
    *****     268 !    Vampire     Archylte Steppe (Stormy)
    Omega Stats
    Level  Strength  Magic  HP
      1       601     479   3277
     99      1159     733   7642
    Luckily as part of a good Cerberus Paradigm, the monsters you are
    farming for will be helpless as Omega Progresses.
    It is a shame that a well Infused, High level Omega, doesn't learn
    the Armour Breaker Skill and since it can't be Infused, it has left
    him with a taste of imperfection as a Commando. Still wouldn't be
    worth playing the game if it gave you everything.
    [5] Credits
    Only crediting Myself with this one. BrianRatman.
    This Guide will Only be submitted to GameFAQ's. If you find it
    anywhere else, I didnt put it there and would be pleased if
    someone could take it down.
    Feel free to Print, Save, Copy this guide for free for your friends.
    DO NOT feel free to plagiarise this guide or to repost any or all of
    it as your own work. that would be very bad form.
    Hope you Enjoyed my Guide. Hope it was helpful. Thank You for reading
    even if neither of those things are true.

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