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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Iheartpancreas

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    Dead Space Extraction Wii FAQ/ Walkthrough.
    Guide written by iheartpancreas.
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    Introduction [INTRO]
    Walkthrough: [WALKO]
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    Cheats and bonus stuff [CHEATZ]
    WALKTHROUGH             [WALKO]
    Alright, the beginning. You can test to see the aiming sensitivity of the Wii
    remote. You'll be moved through the cinematic tutorial segment, so pay
    attention, but still play around with the controls, to your liking.
    You can pick up some ammunition as you listen to the chatter of your friends.
    Pull back the boxes, and throw them to break them and reveal their contents.
    You'll move along without much action, but will learn the basics of the firing
    and alternative firing modes. As well as interacting with objects.
    Eventually, as you can expect from a horror game, or movie, things aren't
    going exactly as planned. Move along, well...that part's already done for you-
    and open the door. Activate the console, and head into the next door. Grab the
    items you can in the scene, and things will brighten up a little when you find
    the glow worm.
    As your character prompts, look around and grab the supplies in the ample
    window of time that you're given. You can pick up and read or skip the
    personal log in the next view. Don't forget to charge the glow worm when
    things start to get a little dark
    Open up the next door, activate the console, and you'll be able to breathe
    sweet air in once again. Head through the next door to tend to the screaming,
    and witness the norm of the game from here on in. When the crazed person comes
    at you, pop him in the head quickly, or at least land a few shots to his neck
    to see him go down.
    Pick the item off of him, and watch on. Take the rock saw. Two more guys will
    come at you. Aim for their heads if you can. Take out the stragglers, and
    collect the items when you can, or when prompted. There's a journal in the
    locker, but as your comrade states, and use the rock saw. Melee through the
    gates as you pass by, and keep an eye out for goodies.
    Watch the...um....somewhat....'happy' scene involving a guy and a knife...and
    head through the door when you can. Pick up the plasma cutter, and read how it
    can effectively be used. When your buddy loses his rivet gun, prepare to shake
    the Wii remote when you turn, as a crazed will jump onto you on sight.
    When he falls, you can then shoot him, and aim for the head or the limbs. You
    can melee him if he's stunned, but if he's coming at you, you'll want to take
    his head off. Take the next batch of enemies out from a distance, and know
    that they move from side to side to avoid your fire if you stay aiming for too
    long. Unfortunately, you know what to do next. Take your buddy Eagan out,
    first push him off you, and then take him out.
    Take out the next guy, and the other; don't fall for their innocent
    shenanigans. Pick up the goodies as you go along, and you'll eventually come
    across the handy little tool- stasis. Hold the two wires together as they get
    close, and then solder the currents following the on screen prompt.
    Activate the console, and then head right back out the door. Stasis can also
    be used in combat, as you can slow down the fast running enemies, to line up
    better shots. There will be a few of them coming your way, so take them out,
    and use stasis if things become overwhelming. After the little scene, you'll
    get an idea of what you're about to do next.
    There will be some more enemies, but more importantly, grab the crates and
    goodies you find. There's a log in the area, when you finish with it, move
    along, and whenever there isn't any action, always try to scavenge from
    In the next area, you'll delve into anti-gravity. Follow the instructions, and
    then solder the wires. The systems will now be online. Head out and watch the
    next scene as you advance. Prepare to shake the Wii remote. There's health to
    the left in the next area, but there's also another crazy. The crazies will be
    coming in more and more, and in large numbers, but shouldn't be much of a
    problem. Soon, you'll be done with this level.
    You'll now be in control of a different character. As you move through when
    you're done being introduced to the other members, you can grab items from the
    lockers you 'll come across, and obtain the plasma cutter. You'll move through
    slowly, but surely, you'll come across a crazed crew member. Shake the remote
    when he gets on you, and shoot him off. There's ammo all over the place, so
    keep an eye out.
    A handful of guys will come your way. You should have more than enough time to
    take them out, though. Eventually you come into a hostage situation. You get
    hit, but it could have been worse. ELIMINATE HIM. Huh? Hm, seems the hostages
    want in on the acion too. You know what to do.
    There's a log in the area. Take the oncoming crazies out. The come one by one,
    so it shouldn't be difficult. Move through grabbing the goods, and watch out
    for 'debris'. There's a log waiting as you open the next door. But that's not
    the only thing waiting for you.
    Don't bother shooting yet when you approach the mayhem room; wait till you
    come to a stop. Whatever's getting to the people is getting into your comrades
    as well. You have no choice. It's either you or them. When the tow of you
    barricade the door, immediately switch to your rivet gun and fire at the small
    circles on screen. Hurry, but don't get too nervous for fear of losing all
    your ammo.
    Head through the immediate doors, and pay attention to the insightful advice
    over the intercom: AIM FOR THE LIMBS. Close the door and get ready. You'll get
    to meet your first necromorph, and remember, aim for the limbs. These guys are
    tougher than the humans you've been dealing with.
    Time your shots. Take the limbs out, starting with the legs if they're fitting
    to run at you, or the arms if you have a clear shot. You'll want to do your
    best saving ammo. Scavenge the corpses for ammo if you can, and remember to
    constantly search the area for goodies. When you move down the stairs and deal
    with the necromorph, quickly search the lockers.
    There's a log in one of the lockers that you can read while the events are
    unfolding. You can get it as you move up the stairs if you missed it the first
    time. It's towards the left. You're now going to go back the way you came. Use
    your rivet gun's alternate fire to take the rivets out of the barricade you
    made earlier.
    You'll have a single necromorph to take out in the main area, as the three of
    you make your way to the shuttle. However, when you get to the next barricade,
    a bunch of necromorphs will come at you. Since there's a lot of them, it's
    best to shoot them in their legs to slow them down. They can be overwhelming
    if you're not a good shot, but aim for their legs and their joints, and you
    should be fine, don't worry if you take a couple of hits. Remember to take the
    ammo off of them.
    As you pick up and toss the debris when prompted, you should view some
    necromorphs in the distance. Take opportunity to keep them from getting close
    to you. Quickly fix the solder for the elevator console before the necromorphs
    get too close. Just like with aiming, make haste, but don't be careless and
    screw up.
    Take out the baddies that pop out through the fan after you meet the hiding
    man. Seal up the board with your rivet gun. The guys will bring more planks to
    reinforce it, so keep aiming. There's a log near the railing, where the plant
    is overhanging.  Take the ammo in the next scene after that, and keep an eye
    out for more. Melee the horizontal structures impeding your path to keep
    After the little talk session where you guys question your sanity, be
    prepared. The necromorphs on the floor are indeed alive, and will spring up
    when you get into close proximity to them. Necromorphs will crawl on the
    bridge, so stay alert. The plasma cutter works well for close combat. Pick up
    the ammo from the small lockers on the ground when you get to the opening.
    You'll be at a branching path. Select one, and you can choose the other later
    to see the outcome. For now I recommend taking the left. Melee through the
    path, and then take out the necromorph that comes your way. Solder the wires
    in the computer console, but be careful. Wait till the sparks finish flashing
    before you move the path left. Then move it down, and wait for the flipper to
    drop before moving the wires up.
    Now move through the door, take the log, and the supplies as well. Turn around
    and head back to regroup. Head down the stairs...yeah you've got nice arms,
    slash through the organic matter impeding your path and take out the
    necromorphs. They'll be close to you, so you'll have to be quick. You'll be
    getting a new weapon soon, a pulse rifle.
    Quickly shoot the life form grabbing Lexine to get her down. They'll come back
    so prepare. Cut through. There's an abundance of ammo to the left. Uh-
    oh...that's not a good sign...There are enemies in the distance, and they'll
    spew vomit at you. Shoot them quickly, preferably the legs first.
    They'll eventually crawl up and greet you personally. Fire at them as they
    approach, and take out the ones closest to you first. There'll be more as you
    move along. You aim should be improving, so you should be able to take them
    out without them making much movement. But the ones that follow, they might do
    some damage to you.
    Always aim for the more lethal enemies first, the one's who aren't stunned
    enough, and are liable to charge at you. 'The hell with clearance' is right,
    move along and melee to get through. You'll now pick up the flamethrower.
    SWEEEET! I recommend putting the flamethrower over the PSEC pistol.
    Again, be careful as you solder, but hurry, same as before. When the console's
    up and running, the door will open. With the stuff that's going on there, you
    don't need an invitation, do you? After you melee the structures, you can pick
    up an audio log to the right.
    Again, in this rift, I recommend taking the left first. Move through and slash
    quickly. Flamethrower the incoming guys, and quickly grab the flamethrower
    rounds you'll see to the left. Burn the next batch, and remember, you can slow
    them down with stasis if they prove too swift.
    Keep moving, and you'll eventually exit the vents. No more putrid smell, eh?
    Grab the goodies and the log in the room, and then move along until you see
    some more baddies. Your flamethrower worked well, but feel free to switch to
    your regular weapons and save it for when there are other close encounters.
    I'd quickly switch to my pulse rifle, as the necromorphs come in large numbers
    here, and pretty quick. Again, with the hacking, you'll have to be quick,
    since the necromorphs won't wait for you, but don't make too many if any
    mistakes, since it'll take a toll on your health. Keep moving, and you'll be
    done soon.
    Alright, now we're talking. You get to man some heavy artillery, so get to
    shooting. You want to aim for the glowing rocks that come your way and take
    them out before they get too close. It's best to take them out from a
    distance, so keep your eyes peeled. When some time passes, your targets will
    switch to cannon fire. Take them out before they do so to you. You can
    recognize them by their four-circle glow.
    Pick up the stray ammo as you exit the man cannon, and proceed to put on the
    suit. You're aiming to abandon ship. As you hop around in zero gravity, grab
    and toss the debris to avoid damage. Take your time overriding the console-no
    baddies here.
    Quickly pull Lexine back to safety, and when you head through the door, you
    can find an audio log to the left. Pick up the goodies, and then head through
    to the next door. You'll be coming across a lot of ammo, so don't miss out. A
    baddy will pop out from the glass. He's alone, so take him out quick. Quickly
    take the goodies when you open the door and meet the single survivor.
    You'll come across a bunch of enemies, but you'll be pretty distanced from
    them. You should be able to take them out without getting hit. Time your shots
    and reloads. Diffusing the trap shouldn't be a problem, pick up the goodies
    laying around and in the lockers. Shake the Wii remote when the necromorph
    jumps on you and finish him off.
    There's a text log laying all by it's lonesome. Keep it company, and keep
    moving. More guys will pop up waiting for you, but with your aim right now, it
    shouldn't be very tasking. When they're one, though, more will start to come
    from different directions, as well as the ceiling. Focus your aim, and hurry,
    as you'll be moving.
    When the fire play dies down, you'll have a chance at some ammo laying around.
    There are also flamethrower rounds, which are always fun. There's a video log
    to the left, and more ammo. In the next branching path, heading straight to
    the elevator is a viable option. Activate the lift, and see what's lying
    ahead, waiting for you.
    A cluster of enemies will be rushing at you. Some will come from the top
    right. There are a lot, but shouldn't be a problem if you cripple them from
    afar. Head on through the door and you should obtain the line gun. Select
    which gun to place it over. Though the flamethrower's fun and all, it's not
    the most used thing, so I'd recommend that.
    Whatever you choose, things will eventually get dark and you'll have to rely
    on the glow worm. There will be a lot of necromorphs, so get to shooting.
    There's a text log through the door. When you regroup, don't bother shooting
    the enemies that scurry away, because they'll do just that: scurry away.
    When you get to the elevator, take out the immediate necromorphs, and then
    quickly line the wires till about half way, and then take the next enemies out
    before finishing up. Move through. Lexine will feel nauseous, but you have
    enemies to worry about. There will be ammo laying around.
    Shoot the oncoming enemies, but when you see your allies hopping down, you can
    hold your fire and join them. You can continue when you're firmly planted on
    the ground. You'll see a new kind of enemy, a bat of sorts. No time to marvel
    at it, take it out along with the dropping enemies.
    EYES BACK IN YOUR HEAD! Look around for the ammo lying around during the
    conversation scene. Suit up, and prepare to leave through the vent. When
    you're through the vent, one of those bat like necromorphs will come out at
    you, so be prepared. More will come towards you as you progress. The Wii
    remote's in for a shaking.
    When you take out the handful of them, keep an eye out to the right, there's a
    log there. The enemies will come out at you once in a while, so shoot them
    quick when you see them afar, and shake the remote when they get too close.
    There's an ammo supply area coming up soon.
    Head out through the door when you're done, and into zero gravity. As you
    jump, you can still pick up ammo, but floating enemies will follow you, so
    they'll need to be dispensed on them. They'll eventually start crawling to you
    as well, and they can come quick, so don't waste anytime. Activate the console
    and leave zero gravity. Head through the door, and watch your step, space is a
    Pick up some ammo from the lockers you come by, and there's also a log on the
    Ishimura waiting for you. Hakc the console- take you time while doing so, and
    you will be able to either accept or reject a flamethrower being added to your
    inventory. If you've been doing fairly well without it, you don't have to, but
    if you find yourself out of ammo a lot, you could, since you've been coming
    across a lot of flamethrower rounds.
    Some enemies will come at you shortly after that. After you slide down the
    oxygen tunnel, take out the quick running enemies. Take the right path this
    time around, and you'll be climbing to safety. But then again, how safe can
    you be in space? Take the enemies out as you move along, and make note of the
    one's you can shoot and the one's you need to dismember rather than rapid
    The next section has a bunch of the dismember-ables. Take their legs off
    first, since there's a lot and they are pretty close to you. Pick up the
    crates and the ammo. Though you may be losing your senses, don't lose your
    sense of aim. Shake the wii remote and shoot the remaining enemies. Your
    allies will regroup with you soon, so don't worry.
    Move through the morgue doors, and grab and throw the crates you can. Ooh,
    that's a...that's not nice. Take the necromorph out before he does the same to
    you. His posse is with him, so take aim. They aren't in close proximity to
    you, though. The same goes for the next batch of enemies as you push through,
    so there shouldn't be much strife. Try picking up as much ammo as possible.
    There's a multitude of crates in this area. There's a new kind of enemy you
    shouldn't hesitate to eliminate. He spits out smaller lifeforms, and that
    ain't cool. The enemies get a little more rambunctious this time around,
    there's a lot of them, and so you should use the ammo you've been hording to
    take them out.
    Use kinesis to take the power cell out of the door. Immediately pop the leg
    off the dropping necromorph as it comes down, and take it out. Use the rivet
    gun on the barricade. Take the glowing enemies out before they explode. Though
    it's dark, you should still be able to see them in the distance.
    Shoot the long necked foe a you move through the freezing tunnel. Take the
    other enemies out, and I recommend taking the left. More necked enemies will
    come for you, along with the regular assortment. There's a whole lot of them
    soaking up the water, and having a good time. Well, we can't have that, so
    take them out quickly.
    In the next area, the enemies are far away, but they compensate for that by
    spitting projectiles at you. They can overwhelm you, so constantly switching
    weapons for a better on when the ammo clip's out is recommended. You can, when
    everyone's taken out, pick up a welder gun from the left. Place it over your
    least used gun, or the pulse rifle and move on. Pick the crates and ammo up
    that you come by. Throw a crate that's in the water at one of the foes to get
    their attention, and then take them out the traditional way. They are a little
    more sturdy than the others, but can still be taken out with minimal effort if
    they're far away. The flying bat types will join you too.
    You should have ample time to pick up the collectibles as you pass the human
    corpse. Yeah, she's gone, boo hoo, but you have not time for that. Take the
    ammo, and the other enemies out. The line gun works well on the next enemies
    that follow you to the dead end. After you start coughing, you'll be near a
    force gun. Yeah, you want this baby.
    Your best bet is to put it over the welder gun. Hack the console and pick up
    the audio log on the ground. Ignore the whispers, and take out the enemies
    you'll encounter after you look to your men. Melee the structures impeding
    your path. Keep moving and you'll find another item, the contact beam. You can
    either keep the force gun or switch with the contact beam, either choice is
    Take out the enemies near the pipe, and as you proceed, watch left and pick up
    the text log. You'll come across a lot of crates, so stock up as you get to
    the opening. DA DA DAAAAAA! You'll have to quickly shoot the glowing parts of
    the tentacles before they slam into you, so make haste. Use stasis on the fan
    and enter to get the tentacles to.....slash themselves.
    Grab and throw the canisters, when you're latched to deal some damage. Aim for
    the middle core, or the tentacles when you aren't latched. Finish him off when
    he drops with some quick shots.
    Life and Death
    You'll now be in control of another character. Get your bearings, and get
    ready. Take out the first two enemies with the new weapons and new character.
    Once they've seen that you can take them out just as good as the last guy,
    some more will pop up, but shouldn't be too much of a threat. Keep them at bay
    with the saw. There's ammo laying around, and a log in one of the lockers.
    Check the other ones and head out to the area with a lot of necromorph
    growths. A bunch of them will rush at you, so be prepared
    The saw works well, but they are still in large numbers, so be careful. Melee
    if you have to, to get some breathing room. They come in large numbers,
    seemingly endless. Move through the door, and head into the lift. Pick up and
    equip the pulse rifle. Pick up the large number of supplies and the new gun
    and head out with Lexine.
    You're now up against a titan of an enemy. He's gonna take a lot of fire power
    to take this guy down. You should be able to stun him by aiming from the less
    shielded areas of his body. When moving, use stasis to slow him down, and then
    aim for the glowing spot on his back.
    That's the method of this bout, using stasis before you turn, aim for the spot
    and fire. This may take a while, and it might seem like he'll go down, but
    he's very persistent. The glow on his back/ the shoulder joint can be shot
    from different spots while moving, so keep an eye out. Know that he can spit
    projectiles at you, and so shoot them before they touch you.
    You can also grab and throw them if you're quick enough. After you take the
    brute down, head through the door and take the items, and the log. You can
    also pick up the arc welding gun, as well as the line gun. Decide what to put
    it over, based on what was least effective for you in the last section. More
    enemies will pop up after you decide which guns you want to keep.
    You can throw the canisters at the coming enemies to blow them up. The have a
    tendency to rush you and attack you, and in that case, you'll have to shake
    the Wii remote. When the view changes, and the enemies come from the top,
    shoot the can to make it explode. There will be more of them as you move from
    different views.
    There will be more bad guys coming, most the crawling type, but some of the
    flying bat guys too. Keep an eye out for the explosive canisters. Head down
    the lift with Lexine when you take the guys out, and more will come. Remember
    that you can use stasis to slow down the enemies when things get a little
    hectic. Chances are you'll need to, since most of them are the crawling
    runners, and they come from the ground as well as the top.
    Pick up the audio log and move along, taking out who comes your way, and
    you'll soon regroup with your allies.
    Take the incoming necromorphs out as they come your way, and you'll split up
    with everyone. You're playing as another person, as you can see, and will be
    partnering up with the betrayer. Pick up the log as you move through, yeah
    yeah, I know you're tempted to shoot that sonnuva gun, but still, keep it
    moving, and attack only the enemies.
    Pick the force gun up as you move, and the arc wielding gun. Guess what?
    There's also a flamethrower in the vicinity. There will be enemies to coincide
    with the weapon discovery. Select what you want to put the ripper over once
    you find it. There's a log nearby to pick up, and move to the solitary
    soldier. Take nice timed shots at the necromorphs that come by you.
    You'll maneuver away from them, but the distance will be fairly the same
    throughout. After you take the remaining enemies out, and witness why it was
    actually good for the soldier not to comply with your request, take the other
    enemies out that are in the room. Head down the cargo lift, and take out the
    consoles in zero gravity.
    With the taking out of the consoles, you'll be followed by enemies. When the
    last of the four consoles is gone, you'll head by the cargo lift out of zero
    gravity. After the bastard gets what he deserves, quickly grab the gun and
    take the necromorph out.
    A bunch of the freaks will jump on you, from the bug bellied necromorph. There
    will be more Wii remote shaking if you aren't quick when it comes to taking
    the little critters out. There will be projectiles coming out at you later on.
    Pick up the ammo scraps, and head through the door. You'll come across a pulse
    rifle, and short lockers with ammo.
    Keep it moving, and decide whether or not you want the flamethrower. When the
    combating begins, take out the glowing enemy to get him to explode, as well as
    the rest of them. Also, watch out for the projectiles that will be making way
    to your face.
    Don't think that because the enemies are done...that the enemies are done. A
    whole horde will come running at you. Retrieve the log and though the mother
    goose atmosphere of twinkle twinkle little star seems soothing, there's people
    dying all over you.
    Melee through the unmentionables, and take out the little critters. Chances
    are they'll get to you, and you'll have to shake the Wii remote, since your
    speed was not sufficient. No worries, keep moving, and you'll eventually make
    a drop to a fan. Slow the fans down with stasis, and pick up all the goodies
    you come across on the way there.
    Enemies will pop out from all manner of space from within the tunnels. They
    shouldn't be much of a problem, so keep moving, collecting collectibles and
    melee through the structures impeding your path. There's a log to the left to
    watch for, and remember to use stasis when the enemies are a little quicker
    than you anticipate.
    Throw the crates at the trip wires that you come to, and move on. You'll
    eventually come across a tram, so head on and follow the on screen prompt to
    get it going. To the right by the glowing blue light are canisters you can
    grab and toss at the laser trip wires you'll pass by.
    Scared you? Anyway, move through the door, and pick up the log. Collect the
    stray items, and proceed on. The flying enemies will try and ambush you, but
    should keep their distance, and so shouldn't be a problem. As the other
    enemies follow, make use of the explosive canisters. You will also come across
    the enemy that leaves the little critters in his wake.
    Shaking the Wii remote is inevitable, when he's taken care of, notice and pick
    up the crates of ammo. More necromorphs will come at you, they vary in type,
    but make sure you take the closest one out, and pop the glowing one to get it
    to explode. More of them will come at you, but should be fairly distanced.
    Again watch for projectiles.
    They'll still approach as you turn the corner, so have your guns loaded. Head
    down the loft, and through the door. Hack the console there's a lot going on,
    but take your time and you'll get through it normally. On your way back, you
    can find a force gun. You can keep it if you want, but if you've been fairing
    well enough without it, it won't add anything drastic to your arsenal.
    As you make your way through the lift, the little critters will come at you
    again. A little rapid fire should take care of them, and keep an eye out for
    the oncoming log. There are some necromorphs waiting for you through the door.
    Take them out, and don't worry, that's not really her. Suit up, and prepare.
    A chubby baddy will be behind you, but he's alone. Move along. You'll come
    into contact with a hefty amount of ammo. You'll also be entering zero
    gravity. Grab the stray goodies, and take out the persistent threats. The
    enemies will come at you, but not too rapidly, considering you're in space.
    When you're out of zero gravity, hack the console, and the cannon should stop.
    Head back out into zero gravity. Someone's cranky! Though you won't face any
    necromorphs on the way back, the trip isn't a carefree one. YOU'LL BE FACING
    First things first, shoot the glowing parts of the boss. Something with rapid
    fire, like the pulse rifle is recommended for this section. It'll stun the
    enemy long enough to prevent you from getting hit, and then give you time to
    attack again. You dealing more damage than the enemy deals to you is something
    you can live with.
    When the enemy tries to consume you, fight back by shooting the glowing spots
    again. It'll then spit out some orange-red things that you have to quickly
    shoot to explode. Take out the stray enemies just waiting to say hi. Follow
    the same process again when the boss gets his bearings.
    The process will repeat itself, but just be sure to hit any glowing spots as
    they appear. When you take the last of the objects out, the boss will
    retreat....for now...Pick up any stray ammo, and then ....UGH....melee your
    off hand off after it's impaled to break it off. Eww.
    You'll take control of Weller again. Take on the oncoming horde, and take the
    log as well. Move on, and collect ammo as you pass. Enemies aren't too far
    away, and so keep an eye out an take them out from a distance before they
    become a real problem.
    There's a fair lot of enemies, but only a few are runners. Take them out
    quickly, and switch targets to the runners if they're getting too close. If
    you've kept the flamethrower I suggest you use it now. Take out the incoming
    guys, they shouldn't be as much as before, but they'll still come.
    The critters can get meddlesome, but shouldn't do much damage. Take the other
    enemies out, and proceed. Pick up any ammo and crates you come by, and keep an
    eye out for explosives. Eventually, some floating enemies will join the fray.
    The enemies will take the opportunity to rush you, as you're down. Keep at
    them, and if you haven't taken out the explosive tank, grab it and toss it at
    a cluster of the enemies.
    Remember to use stasis if things are getting too hectic, and hold your ground.
    You can pick up the contact gun as you head into the shuttle if you deem it
    necessary. Put it over what you use least if you want it, and get back out for
    some more combat. The hordes will keep coming for a little while, and Lexine
    will eventually join in.
    Guess who decided to show up! Finally......a moment's reprieve. Watch the
    ending....you've earned it!
    Higher difficulties
    -Beat the final chapter of the game for the Expert
    and impossible unlockable difficulties.
    Unlock Challenge mode levels
    -To unlock challenge mode levels, at the title screen,
    press this sequence with the D pad: Down, Up, Left
    Right, Right, Left. You'll hear a noise if you do it right.
    This is the list of the special mention, and contributing
    factors/people who made this guide possible:
    Gamefaqs, CNET, Brady Games, Visceral games, Thomas Faye,

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