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"A entertaining Beat em up with some flaws."

I have some time to kill, so I decided to do my first game review :P I will say now that I know nothing of the 360 version, so anything I mention will be for the PS3 version only.

Story (6) - Starting with the story, since to be honest, it's the weakest thing about this game. It's the standard 2 sides of the same coin story, with both main characters teaming up, and going against each other at certain points, and having their own goals and reasons. Each side is about 6 hours each, and they connect into each other, so if you don't want trophies, you'll really just have to play through the story once.

The White side follows Leo, a young man (or pretty boy if you prefer) searching for his mentor, Max, with fellow Bureau's Strike One unit members, Shasha and Nikolai, though there seems to be more to the search than he expected.

The Black side follows Jack, a Mercenary who is sent to rescue his clients father, Max

Honestly, I would have given the story a lower score, if I didn't oddly enjoy it a bit.

Characters (8) - The characters have some personality, and can fit into archetypes, but they really don't get fleshed out do to the mediocre story. There's a grizzled, dual chainsaw wielding mercenary, a young man with a heavy sense of justice, and loyalty towards his master, a standard "policeman" that got a promotion and focuses only on his job, a mechanical bull man, Asian twins, a woman with a Russian accent, and a pimp, and more.

Due to some of the quirky characters, I decided to give it a slightly higher score than I would have if they didn't exist

Music (10) - Okay, I'll first say that I'm not a fan of the music genre that this game uses, but it fit perfectly, and was actually very catchy. It's some common rap (I think it's rap? Maybe extreme pop?) that oddly blends into the environment, and pumps you up...because of that, I'm giving the music a perfect score.

Graphics (8)- The graphics aren't the best thing in the world, and there's not much color, but they are still pretty good, and manage to keep the game running at around 45 fps (might be 60 even) during multiplayer games. There's very terrible lip sync as well, resulting in it looking awkward when they show they use mugshots to talk quite a bit. The facial expressions, and character model detail aren't bad though.

The environments are what shine in this game, even if they are just grey, the environments look exactly like I thought they would.

Voice Acting (9)- The voice cast is really good, and even contains some well known VAs, such as Steve Blum, Yuri Lowenthal, and Stephanie Sheh. There's some slight annoyances some of the directing, but nothing major, for the most part, all voices fit their characters.

Gameplay (9)- The gameplay is where it shines, the combos are easy to pull off, while still having a sense of you needing to master your characters. The camera is a bit odd, and you can only lock on to enemies that are in the view of the camera, stopping gameplay from getting a 10. The story mode difficulty is pretty insane, if you play on Hard, expect to be juggled to death if you're not careful.

Multiplayer (8) - This game has some great multiplayer. There's Team Deathmatch and Battle Royale , as well as a Survival and 2 v 2 mode. You get some extra modes if you pre-ordered, but I'll keep those out of my review, since they are DLC. Multiplayer loses a point because certain people got a DLC code to increase their character's power, as well as the fact that the characters are unbalanced.

Overall, the game is fun, and I totally recommend it if you're up for a mainly multiplayer brawler. It doesn't suffer from some of the issues that Bayonetta seems to have caused some people, and it's combat and music make it an enjoyable experience. I highly recommend it.

Overall Score - 8/10

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 01/09/13

Game Release: Anarchy Reigns (US, 01/08/13)

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