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    FAQ/Walkthrough by redapocalypse04

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    |                                Battlefield 3                                |
    |                       Walkthrough By: redapocalypse04                       |
    |                       Contact: pbreedlove89@yahoo.com                       |
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                               ||  Table of Contents  ||
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    I. Important Information__________________________________________________[II0]
    II. Walkthrough___________________________________________________________[W00]
        Semper Fidelis________________________________________________________[W01]
        Operation Swordbreaker________________________________________________[W02]
        Going Hunting_________________________________________________________[W04]
        Operation Guillotine__________________________________________________[W05]
        Thunder Run___________________________________________________________[W07]
        Fear No Evil__________________________________________________________[W08]
        Night Shift___________________________________________________________[W09]
        Rock and a Hard Place_________________________________________________[W10]
        The Great Destroyer___________________________________________________[W12]
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                             ||  Important Information  ||                    [II0]
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    You can also find this guide at: 
    If you have any questions about the guide or the game, feel free to contact me
    at: pbreedlove89@yahoo.com
    Do not use this guide without permission.
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                                  ||  Walkthrough  ||                         [W00]
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    ==============================/                \===============================
                                    Semper Fidelis                            [W01]
    ==============================\ ______________ /===============================
    The introductory cinematic has you jumping onto a moving train. When you 
    enter the train, you'll pick up a pistol. Use the Right Trigger to fire and 
    the Left Trigger to aim down sights. Use X to reload and click in the 
    Right Thumbstick once to crouch.
    In the first car there are two enemies to kill. One immediately turns to shoot 
    you, the other runs to the back and takes cover. Crouch behind the seats if 
    you need to, but remember that most cover in this game is destructible.
    As soon as you enter the second train car, there will be an enemy that turns 
    towards you. There are two more enemies occupying the rest of the car. At the 
    end, remove the M1014 blocking the door.
    A soldier ambushes you. Press the appropriate button when prompted to send him 
    flying out of the window. He takes your shotgun, but you take his SMG. Move to 
    the end of the train car and climb out of the window. After the man shoots at 
    you through the window, you'll need to press the appropriate button repeatedly 
    to get on top of the train.
    On top of the train, crouch and start moving forward. A guy will come up the 
    side of the train to your left. After putting him down, a hole gets blown in 
    the train. Move towards it and fall back inside.
    Once you drop down, a few enemies will enter the train car you're in. Take 
    them all down as they're filing into the room.
    Enemies are scattered around the next few train cars. Open the door when you 
    reach it and move forward to end the mission.
    ==========================/                        \===========================
                                Operation Swordbreaker                        [W02]
    ==========================\ ______________________ /===========================
    You'll do a lot of walking until you enter a garage with another squadmate. 
    When you go to leave, that squadmate is shot by a sniper, and all hell breaks 
    loose in the parking lot. Drag the downed soldier back into the garage. Most 
    of the enemies are by the wall on the other side of the parking lot from the 
    garage. Some are scattered amongst the cars. Don't be afraid to use grenades 
    when necessary. There is an ammo box in the garage, near the large bay door.
    After clearing the area once, exit the garage, but stay close to it. Two 
    enemies with RPGs pop up in a nearby building. Take them out quickly. You 
    will have to shoot through the wall to eliminate the right-most foe. The area 
    will soon start to flood with enemies again. They come from the same wall as 
    before, on the other side of the parking lot, except further ahead this time.
    When you have to go back into the garage, stock up on ammo and follow your 
    squad upstairs. When they kick open the door, you will have to run down a 
    hallway. When you reach the end, turn right and three enemies come out of the 
    door. Either gun them down or throw a grenade.
    When you reach the roof you'll have to follow your squad from cover to cover. 
    When you reach the end, one of your squadmates hands you an AT Launcher. Stay 
    prone until they start putting suppressing fire on the target building. An 
    orange waypoint marks the sniper, and one rocket will take him down.
    Move to the waypoint and cover your allies on the street. Switch to your other 
    weapon now, which is a semi-automatic, scoped rifle. The first wave of enemies 
    attack from the street and the rooftop to the left of the building with the 
    red sign on it. The second wave attacks from the street. The third wave comes 
    from the street and occupies another building to the right of the red sign 
    shop. (Successfully protecting Chaffin will give you the "Not on my watch" 
    After jumping down from the rooftops you'll enter another building. You might 
    want to switch back to your other weapon. The long hallway has several enemies 
    in it.
    Once you're outside, you'll soon be asked to trace a wire. It's on the 
    ground coming from underneath the van and it takes you through a building and 
    a vent shaft. When you go to pull the plug on the wire, a guy ambushes you. 
    Hit the buttons when prompted to take him down.
    Back outside, you'll find enemies ahead, both on and under the bridge. Take 
    them out and get on the bridge, where you'll find an LMG. Use it to lay waste 
    to the horde of enemies coming down the street ahead of you. Once the vehicles 
    come in, a friendly chopper takes them out. Now go back the way you came and 
    get on the mounted MG. Use it to mow down enemies. Focus on the cars to take 
    out groups, and remember that the MG can overheat.
    =================================/          \==================================
                                       Uprising                               [W03]
    =================================\ ________ /==================================
    Get to the waypoint, and be sure to stay near the right wall. You will have to 
    go prone to pass through a pipe, and you'll have to fight off a rat in here.
    Inside the building, stab the nearest soldier and you'll take his weapon. The 
    other enemies are alerted. Quickly take out the two ahead of you, then deal 
    with several more in the area ahead. Don't forget to grab a secondary weapon. 
    The enemies usually drop several types, including an AK74 (SMG), a Saiga 
    (shotgun), and an RPK (LMG).
    Once outside, put down the three enemies ahead of you. Keep going forward 
    until you reach an ammo box. The area ahead is filled with bad guys. You can 
    take them out from here or go prone and head right. If you go right, you'll 
    have a better view of the enemies below, but they'll also have a better view 
    of you. Make sure you deal with the bad guys around the building you need to 
    enter, and the ones that spawn inside of that building. You can then save the 
    parking lot squad for last. (If you go right, you should also notice a car 
    near the edge. If you push it over and kill the enemies below, you'll get the 
    "Roadkill" achievement/trophy.)
    Inside the garage, use the ammo box and wait for someone to lift the red bay 
    door. That guy is temporarily invincible, but the two or three foes behind him 
    Enter the nearby bus and some enemies pop up on the other side. (There are 
    one or two enemies further down on the left side of the street. After leaving 
    the bus, quickly take them down, before they are crushed by the falling 
    debris, to get the "Involuntary Euthanasia" achievement/trophy. These guys 
    don't pop out from behind cover until after you leave the bus, but you can 
    try and hit them with a grenade if you know where they are.)
    Open the gate and two enemies will bust through a door ahead of you on the 
    right wall.
    You'll soon come across one of your squadmates. Follow him to the extraction 
    point and get on the Humvee's mounted MG. Enemies will pour into the area 
    ahead of you. After a while, an Osprey tries to land but nearly gets hit by an 
    RPG. At this point, look to the right. Some enemies will pop up over in this 
    area. After the Humvee is hit by an RPG, run to the extraction point to finish 
    the mission.
    ===============================/               \===============================
                                     Going Hunting                            [W04]
    ===============================\ _____________ /===============================
    The takeoff part requires you to simply push buttons when prompted. To check 
    the flaps and stabs, simply look at the wings.
    (In the next part, you'll be fighting off enemy jets. If you block all of 
    their missiles by using flares, and if you take down each jet with one missile 
    a piece, then you will unlock the "You can be my wingman anytime" 
    achievement/trophy. Using flares to block their missiles is easy, but to take 
    them out with one missile, you'll have to wait for them to dump all of their 
    flares. They usually don't do this more than two or three times.)
    After a while, an enemy jet will begin to tail you. You'll know when he's got 
    a missile lock thanks to all of the beeping. After he fires a missile at you, 
    dump some flares (Left Trigger). Do this twice and you'll wind up behind him. 
    Get a missile lock and shoot him down. He'll dump flares as well, so you may 
    have to try a few times. You'll have to deal with several more jets in the 
    same way.
    Shortly after switching to ground targeting, three orange waypoints show up. 
    Zoom in and fire missiles to take them out.
    You'll be asked to switch to infrared and find four parked planes. Two are on 
    a large paved area in the middle of this compound, and the other two are by 
    some hangars off to the side. Zoom in and keep the reticule on them after 
    Two or three planes will come out of bunkers to the Southeast of the large 
    paved area. They'll take off if you don't eliminate them quickly.
    Trucks and a helicopter will occupy the large paved area. The target area will 
    be marked with an orange point. You'll need to use two A-10 airstrikes to 
    clear the area completely.
    ===========================/                      \============================
                                 Operation Guillotine                         [W05]
    ===========================\ ____________________ /============================
    Run down the hill and plant the mortar, then climb over the wall. There will 
    be a few enemies on a bridge ahead of you. Take them out and head right, where 
    you'll find four or five more soldiers.
    When you go up the stairs, clear the marked MG nest. Someone will throw a 
    grenade into it to permanently destroy it. Do the same to the next marked MG.
    After it's been cleared, more enemies come from behind it. During this 
    encounter, stay close to the right wall. There are enemies around the building 
    to the right that can shoot down on you.
    When moving towards the building, stay close to the left wall. Some enemies 
    will drop over the wall, so be prepared to take them out.
    Inside the building, open a door and move to the end of a long hallway. Equip 
    your shotgun if you still have it and open the second door. An enemy on the 
    other side kicks it in first. Take him out immediately. There are two more 
    enemies right behind him.
    Get in the Humvee. After a while, you get out again and are ambushed. Follow 
    your squad onto the overpass, where you'll find a ton of enemies.
    After you climb up, the street ahead will fill with enemies. Stay up here for 
    a bit, until your squad moves forward. After the opposition is dead, move into 
    the makeshift trench. A tank will bust through a nearby wall. Follow the 
    trench to a building.
    After exiting the building and watching the tank get blown up, follow your 
    squad to some stairs. There are a few enemies at the top, including one in a 
    nearby shed-like building. Once they're down, pick up the Javelin and aim at 
    the tank (it will be marked). Wait until the square stops blinking, then fire 
    a missile to destroy the vehicle. You need to do this with two more tanks. 
    After destroying a tank, enter the nearby shed and wait for the orange marker 
    to pop up before leaving.
    You'll have to run up to the building to go around the back of it. When you 
    get close to the front, try to take out a few of the people in the windows, 
    then run for it.
    After climbing into the building and taking out the guy that ambushes you, 
    keep your knife out and use it on the next guy you see. If you don't have the 
    knife equipped, simply press the Right Bumper. The area ahead is filled with 
    enemies. The first room has unbreakable glass in it, but bullets can still 
    pass through it. After you clear the area a bit and move out of the room, look 
    for enemies on the floor above you as well.
    When you reach the stairs, some enemies will be pushed back into the building 
    by the main allied force outside. Make sure you don't hit any friendlies.
    After you rappel down the elevator shaft and toss the flashbang, spray the 
    enemies ahead of you to take them down. There are two entrances into the room 
    ahead, which is filled with enemies. Use grenades to help thin them out and 
    don't stray from cover for too long.
    =================================/          \==================================
                                       Comrades                               [W06]
    =================================\ ________ /==================================
    After cutting the lines and passing through the gate, you'll enter the parking 
    garage. Your allies point out two soldiers facing away from you. Just shoot 
    them. The garage is filled with too many enemies to sneak up to them 
    unnoticed. In fact, your best bet is staying against the left wall and 
    flanking everyone else.
    After going downstairs, a few enemies shoot at you from some cars that have 
    been parked together to form a sort of nest. After you take them out and go 
    down a ramp, there will be several more enemies to deal with in this larger 
    area. Don't forget to use your secondary weapon, which is more suited for 
    long range encounters.
    When you kick in the next door, you'll be in a small room with enemies. 
    Quickly take them out and press the button when prompted to put on your gas 
    mask before you succumb to the effects of the poisonous fumes.
    At the top of the next set of stairs, you'll be ambushed by somebody. Push the 
    appropriate button to send him over the railing.
    The first room after that is empty, but the next few rooms are filled with 
    enemies. Stay with the right wall and you can flank them. Watch for enemies 
    hiding around the desks though, and don't use the gray walls as cover. They 
    are easily blown apart. Stick to pillars and filing cabinets. When you reach 
    the large room, clear it, and watch the upper floors for enemies.
    After you go upstairs and your ally opens the door, move through it and look 
    to the left for an ammo box. This upstairs area is filled with enemies, 
    though they like to bunch up, so taking them out shouldn't be hard. Just make 
    sure you sweep the entire area, or they'll come up behind you.
    After you go back downstairs and kick in the next doors, you'll be in a room 
    with several enemies. These guys are scattered around, but most of them are in 
    the back of the room, and none of them are on the upper floor.
    After you check the signal jammer, move forward a bit and a guy ambushes you 
    from an elevator. Shortly after this, you encounter some more enemies, though 
    most of them run outside and get gunned down by the police.
    (The next portion of this level has you moving through the streets and 
    eliminating police. If you can make it to the end (the cutscene where the guy 
    you're pursuing shoots an RPG at you) in less than two and a half minutes, you 
    will get "The Professional" achievement/trophy. This is actually pretty easy. 
    Don't try to rush through it or you'll spend more time in cover trying to 
    heal and less time actually moving forward.)
    Move towards your teammates and you'll take off the gas mask. As soon as the 
    Capture waypoint reappears, run outside and eliminate the cops and anyone else 
    hanging around.
    Turn the corner and a few more cops show up ahead of the bus. When you reach 
    the bus, you'll find several enemies on the other side of it. Use grenades to 
    thin them out.
    Keep moving up the street and a van drops off some heavily armored officers. 
    They don't actually take much more damage to put down, though, and they're 
    sitting ducks when they exit the van, so mow them down.
    After the helicopter crash, stick to the left side of the road. A guy with a 
    machine gun is hiding behind a car up ahead, and you can flank him by using 
    the left path. Just after this you see the guy you've been chasing. Follow him 
    to trigger a cutscene.
    From now on, ignore any gunfire and just chase the target. When you reach the 
    train tracks, you're ambushed. Push the appropriate buttons to put this guy 
    down for good.
    ================================/             \================================
                                      Thunder Run                             [W07]
    ================================\ ___________ /================================
    When you finally get around to driving the tank, keep your eyes open on the 
    right side. After a while, several tanks come in from that area. Zoom in and 
    take them down. Stop if you have to. Moving doesn't really help you avoid 
    their rounds, but it can mess up your aim. (If you take down six of these 
    tanks yourself, you'll get the "Scrap Metal" achievement/trophy.)
    Shortly after the first batch of tanks is gone, two more show up directly 
    ahead of you. They're covered by smoke/sand, so switch to thermal imaging to 
    take them down.
    After the UAV/MAV sequence that only requires you to press a single button, 
    drive twoards the base. Go as fast as possible (use boost) and avoid the 
    rockets. When you get close, an airstrike clears the front line out.
    Inch through the base, and use thermal imaging to better spot enemies. Use the 
    machine gun to quickly mow down infantry. There will be a tank in here as 
    well. Once you reach the rocket battery, shoot one of them to blow them all to 
    While driving through the desert you'll spot two tanks. They run, so catch up 
    to them. Several more tanks show up to your left. Take out the two tanks 
    you're chasing first, then deal with the rest.
    You'll quickly run into more tanks, along with some infantry by a collection 
    of vehicles in the desert.
    After driving for a while, you'll have to get out of the tank and retrieve a 
    detonator. Stay on the right side and just run for it. Most of the enemies are 
    on the left side of the road, and you can just ignore them. Once you grab it, 
    run back and use it.
    When you get back inside the tank, you'll be manning the .50 caliber MG. The 
    tank moves forward a bit and stops. Take out anyone nearby. When it starts 
    going again, you'll need to deal with some enemies to your left.
    After a bit, you'll need to take out a car on the right side that's driving 
    away (orange marker). There will now be a ton of enemies on the right side of 
    the road. Just keep laying into them whenever you see them. Sometimes the 
    soldiers will be next to explosive materials. When an enemy tank becomes 
    marked, wait until you can see the gas station it's in, then start shooting 
    the gas pumps to blow it away.
    Before you reach the next overpass, a car approaches from the right and 
    drives into a friendly tank. Your tank formation stops here and you'll have to 
    hold off other cars and mow down enemies on the overpass. The first two cars 
    come from ahead, and the last two come from the right. After the last car is 
    destroyed, an RPG team appears on the left side of the overpass.
    ===============================/              \================================
                                     Fear No Evil                             [W08]
    ===============================\ ____________ /================================
    You'll soon gain control of the tank again. After the tank ahead of you gets 
    blown up, drive through the building to your right, the one that the troops 
    are moving through. There are a few tanks on the other side. The stationary 
    ones also have RPG soldiers nearby.
    When you get to the front of the building, your tank is disabled. You'll now 
    be on the .50 cal. A helicopter comes in to extract your allies. You need to 
    hold off the enemies while this is happening. Once they're gone, keep taking 
    down hostiles. Eventually, they become invincible and overrun you.
    ================================/             \================================
                                      Night Shift                             [W09]
    ================================\ ___________ /================================
    Your first task is shooting out the four lights below. (If you take out each 
    light with one bullet, you'll get the "Army of Darkness" achievement/trophy. 
    Click in the Left Thumbstick and hold it to hold your breath. Aim for the tops 
    of the lights.)
    When your guys are dropped off, look at them and you should notice a strobe. 
    This indicates that they're friendly. Now follow your partner to the other 
    part of the rooftop. An enemy comes out onto a balcony near your allies.
    After rappeling down the side of the building, you'll need to follow your 
    partner for a while. You will have to snipe one enemy, on a balcony. He's got 
    an orange marker on him.
    On the next roof, look down the street ahead of you. When prompted, take out 
    two guys on the right sidewalk that are standing close together. (You can take 
    both of these guys out with one bullet, which gets you the "Twofor" 
    achievement/trophy. Just aim low.)
    To get off of the roof, walk towards the ladder and you'll start to climb 
    down it. Shortly after entering the next building, you'll have to knife an 
    unsuspecting enemy. After you do that, run into the sewers.
    After exiting the sewers you'll have to take down several enemies ahead of 
    you. They're all using flashlights, so they should be easy to spot.
    You'll soon enter the execution room. Enemies will flood into the next room, 
    but the doors don't open, so take them out from the windows.
    After using the next ladder, you'll need to cover your allies again. There's 
    only one enemy to deal with before they get to the apartments. Once they clear 
    the first room in the apartment building, however, you'll have to deal with 
    several enemies. They come from the right side mostly, though they also occupy 
    the second floor of the building. Some will appear dead ahead, close to your 
    own building.
    After they clear the second room, enemies will show up everywhere. Pay 
    attention to what your squad and partner is saying. An RPG team will occupy 
    the roof of a shed on the right side, then a vehicle will dump some soldiers 
    off on the left that come towards your building. After this, you'll need to 
    deal with an MG mounted onto a vehicle that shows up on the right side. 
    Finally, an RPG team appears on the roof of the apartment building.
    Once Bashir's car leaves the apartment garage, follow your partner across the 
    rooftops. Lay into the car as it passes by to make it crash. Your partner will 
    then grab Bashir and carry him across the road. Just let him go and take 
    cover. When you can, follow your partner. You're ordered to stay at the gate 
    and prevent anyone from coming through, so clear the road of enemies and 
    enter the building when prompted.
    Look just outside of the room where your partner and Bashir are hold up for an 
    ammo box. You'll now be given some claymores. Place them anywhere you want, 
    although most of the traffic will be along the right path. The first wave of 
    enemies comes from the ground floor. They won't rush you however. The second 
    wave comes from a side door on the second floor, on the right side. These guys 
    will rush you. Once they're down, all three of you move to another store. The 
    third wave will come from the third floor and use the escalators to get down 
    to you. Finally, when Campo goes to take Bashir outside, more enemies attack 
    from the second floor. Campo can run right through their bullets, but you 
    aren't so lucky. Thin out the crowd before following him.
    Once outside, hold off the enemies for a bit, then get on the evac chopper 
    when prompted.
    ===========================/                       \===========================
                                 Rock and a Hard Place                        [W10]
    ===========================\ _____________________ /===========================
    After you get out of the vehicle, you'll need to deal with several enemies. 
    Most of them are on the right side of the road. (If you can, thin out the 
    crowd, then make your way up the left side and get behind one of the enemies. 
    If you knife him in the back, you'll get the "What the hell *are* you?" 
    achievement/trophy. This can be tricky, since the enemies have a great 
    awareness, especially on harder difficulties.)
    Move up the road a bit and several more enemies show up. Go prone if you have 
    to and inch your way up the road, taking out enemies as you go.
    After linking back up with the main force, you'll run down a hill. The 
    encampment ahead is filled with enemies.
    Follow your squad and they'll take cover behind the next set of sandbags. 
    Russians will take up position behind the sandbags on the other side of the 
    open field. After that, an allied jeep and an enemy jeep start circling each 
    other in the field, but your allied jeep is taken out by a tank. First, 
    eliminate the gunner on the enemy jeep, then use the rocket launcher to 
    destroy the tank. Around this time, enemies will start going prone in the 
    Follow your squad until you reach another encampment filled with enemies. 
    After a bit, a guy with an RPG shows up on the right side of the camp.
    Your team moves up to more sandbags, where you'll have to hold off another 
    squad of Russians as they enter the field. Once they're down, move forward a 
    bit and clear the encampment on the other side of the road. Two tanks come out 
    and settle on either side of you, but luckily they don't seem very focused on 
    you. Once the tanks are down, move forward and clear the road of several 
    After the jet flies by, stay very close to your squad. You'll all need to move 
    from cover to cover to avoid the jet's machine gun as it makes passes over the 
    area. At the end, grab the Stinger and aim it at the jet. When it's locked on, 
    fire it. (If you take the jet down in one hit, you should get the "Butterfly" 
    =================================/          \==================================
                                       Kaffarov                               [W11]
    =================================\ ________ /==================================
    After you land on the ground, move forward and wait for your squadmate to give 
    you the go ahead, then take out the four enemies around the tube. There are a 
    few more enemies in the area. Use the tube to gain access to better weapons.
    Enter the SUV and use it to enter the building. Shoot the guy when prompted 
    and use the switch to open the doors. There is a guy at the top of the stairs. 
    The area ahead is also filled with enemies. Stay away from the first car on 
    the left. There is an RPG team on the rocks above you, ahead and to the right. 
    They like to hide until you've taken out most of the ground forces, though.
    If you can't take out the RPG team from your position, just run up the hill 
    and take them out from behind. Use the low white wall as cover from the 
    enemies that come towards you. There is a pipe to the left of the wall that 
    goes underneath the ramp leading up to the building. You can crawl through the 
    pipe and use it to flank the enemies ahead.
    Use the side door inside the building and you'll ambush a guy on the other 
    side and take his sniper rifle. Go up top and start laying waste to the 
    enemies around the next building. They eventually start occupying the second 
    floor of the building and the roof.
    When you approach the next building, several enemies pop up inside of it. Go 
    around the left side and flank the enemies you see, then enter the building 
    through one of the windows and work your around, back to the front door.
    You'll be told to go upstairs. Do so and an enemy comes through the door 
    ahead. Move outside onto the balcony. There's another enemy hiding in the next 
    room you enter. There's also an ammo box in this room. Keep moving through the 
    house and you'll be able to shoot down on the enemies. Go downstairs and clear 
    the area.
    Your two squadmates will move to the next door and engage in a firefight. You 
    can enter the room to the right and flank the enemies. There are a few in the 
    Once all three of you go upstairs, you'll need to take down three enemies 
    hiding behind a counter. One of them has a rocket launcher. The next room has 
    a few more enemies.
    You'll split off and head upstairs again, where you'll immediately find an 
    enemy. The room ahead also fills up with baddies, on both floors. You can get 
    almost directly on top of the ground floor enemies, however, and shoot down on 
    them. After clearing this room, you'll enter another one that has various 
    weapons and an ammo box in it.
    At the bottom of the stairs, you'll find a long room that fills with enemies. 
    They're all using flashlights.
    (The next area you enter is a target range, complete with generic pop-up 
    targets. If you headshot all 13 targets, you'll get the "Practice makes 
    perfect" achievement/trophy. This is really simply, just make sure you don't 
    accidentally hit a target while shooting at an enemy.)
    After clearing the last area, you'll need to split off again and go 
    downstairs. You'll enter a firing range type area. There are enemies in here 
    scattered amongst the pop-up targets. You'll know you're looking at one 
    because they all wield shotguns with laser sights, and the lasers blind you. 
    There might be one or two enemies at the end of the range, and there are 
    usually three in the room upstairs.
    When your guy kicks in the next door, an enemy appears at the top of the 
    stairs ahead.
    After running through the burning hallway, two enemies appear at the top of 
    the next stairs. Run outside after taking them down and get on the helicopter.
    When you gain control of Blackburn, enter the Villa and have a conversation. 
    When your squadmate enters the room, shoot him and let Dima go.
    ============================/                     \============================
                                  The Great Destroyer                         [W12]
    ============================\ ___________________ /============================
    The first part of this is just pushing buttons. After you jump out of the 
    window, run towards the waypoint and jump on the train.
    You'll enter the train via a window and pick up the pistol on the floor. 
    Eliminate the enemies and pick up one of their weapons.
    The next car has a few enemies in it. Move to the end and remove the M1014 
    from the door. An enemy ambushes you shortly after. Once he's been tossed out 
    of the window, move to the end of the next car and jump out yourself.
    When you get on top of the train, crouch down and move forward. A few enemies 
    pop up on the left side of the train.
    When you reach the hole that has been blown in the train, kill the enemies 
    inside, then drop down. A couple more enemies will come your way.
    The next few train cars are filled with opposition. After opening a door, 
    you'll need to press the appropriate buttons to fight off Solomon and derail 
    the train.
    When you get up, immediately put down the enemy in front of you. Move to the 
    hole and shoot the two guys below. When you drop down, there will be a few 
    more foes to eliminate. The sewers area is short, but you'll still face 
    moderate opposition. Most of them have shotguns with laser sights.
    When you get in the car, you'll pull a gun out. You can shoot at Solomon's 
    car if you want, but your partner will run into him to stop his vehicle. At 
    this point, you'll have to press a series of buttons to put Solomon down for 
    good and end the game. (If you press all of the buttons flawlessly, you'll 
    get the "Between a rock and a hard place" achievement/trophy. This is easy.)

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