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"CoD Killer: No, Holds Its Own: Yes"

While there has been much in the line of "smack talk" between EA/Dice and Activision and the rest of the boys over at the CoD franchise, it is hard to point fingers toward to conceived "winner". As the trailers have been rolling out and the games have been releasing one would obviously realize that these are two very different games and should be treated as such. While the CoD multiplayer aspects always tend to revolve more closely around 8v8 matches in smaller scale maps, Battlefield has always pitted players in very large maps (in certain game modes expanding even farther as objectives are completed) and tossing vehicles into the fray. With tanks, jeeps, APCs, both assault and transport choppers and yes as we all know, even fighter jets are now one of your choices you never feel like you are fighting the same battle twice. Even for someone like me who has been playing since the day of release and I still have a hard time keeping track of every map and tactic. Well, on to the good stuff.

I will keep the multiplayer and Single player scores separate as between the two modes it feels like a whole other game.

Solo: The gameplay here is solid, although you will be performing instant actions that pop up on the screen more often that you will be fighting. Seriously, there were far too many of these sequences in this game and it really just took away from the experience. Also, the entire premise of the game was a giant cliche. If Die Hard had some sort of a soldier edition this would basically be it. Also, the game is abound with random deaths (some ass with an RPG happens to fire a quarter mile from you and you still somehow get blown up.), and various other irritations such as character models not falling when dead and such. Its not THAT bad, but it can be a tad annoying.

Multi: Here is where the game shines. The multiplayer is insanely fun with hours upon hours of joy to be had. With an insanely high rank cap (100 is what I hear) and plenty of unlocks from weapons, to gadgets, to cammo and awards, this shooter will keep you busy for a while. On top of all that, you have several modes to pick from. Rush, which is as simple as rush the enemy, bomb the objectives, move forward and do it again. Then you have Conquest in which two teams fight to control mutliple zones. Team Deathmatch is also an option now as well as you have squad based Rush and Conquest in which you can form your own squads of friends and jump into the matches together. Now that is some tactical fun.

Does anyone care about sound? If you do than you will love BF3. The sounds for the guns and explosions are very well done. My only gun-gripe is with the turrets. They just sound...silly. Not really a threatening destructive sound. More of a "I dont want to hear that crap so I will avoid being around the turrets" kind of noise. The music is not very memorable. I find myself enjoying the intense bass/static noise it makes like in the commercials but thats about it.

Both modes have wonderful graphics, although the main story is a bit more polished. Multiplayer has rather good graphics still, although there is some slight texture popping. All in all tho everything looks great.

Apart from a few minor flaws, some bugs needing to be patched out and EA having server issues from time to time the game is solid on its own ground. Given its minor flaws I give it a 9/10 and with so much to do I would consider this a "Buy" rather than a "Rent" title.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 11/02/11

Game Release: Battlefield 3 (Limited Edition) (US, 10/25/11)

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