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"And the Battlefield 3 Boom comes to an end."

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The Gamefaqs rating system describes a 10 as "Perfect on any level, couldn't be any better". Why am I rating this a 10? Put it this way, I play Battlefield for the Multiplayer. I haven't even touched single player nor really ever intended to. This review puts single player aside and focuses on Multiplayer and will talk a bit about Co-Op too, however, we'll start with the cosmetics of Battlefield 3.

The Face of BF3 (10/10)
I've yet to play the PC version, but if it's as good as they say it is then a 10 simply doesn't justify. Battlefield 3 looks... Amazing. When I first jumped into the battle (which was about 30 minutes after it's midnight release) I was in awe over the graphics. The lighting effects from the sun to the sheer beauty of a kamikaze explosion, Battlefield 3 delivers in this game things I haven't enjoyed nearly as much before and graphics is one of them.

The Voice of BF3 (10/10)
Aside from glitches that are patch-capable, the sound in which BF3 delivers is astounding. I play on a Turtle Beach (5.1) and that just enhances the experience even more. Very rarely will you find yourself in a solace when playing BF3. In a way you can say it's the calm before the storm as things will go quiet, however it won't be peaceful. Once you get close to the action, it's easy to go into a panic in BF3 as everything that misses you (barely) sounds like it whizzes right over your shoulders causing you to scurry away from a tank, zig zag in the scope of a sniper, and flat out book it to the nearest available cover.

The Body of BF3 (10/10)
Far to often have I pre-ordered a game and far to often have I been disappointed by it. Battlefield 3 is the very first game that actually offered more than what I expected. Man there are just so many aspects of BF3's gameplay that I could tackle so this portion will be split into a few parts.

Vehicular Warfare
Joy oh joy are the vehicles fun! The best part about some of these is that there is an actual learning curve which makes using said vehicle so much more worthwhile. In the air is where that learning curve truly exists thanks to Jets and Helicopters. Many people see Jets as "worthless" or "1 less player on our 12 man team". Let me assure you, if you get the right pilot in there, the battle changes. Jets are best for disabling land vehicles and other air crafts. If you learn to pilot well, and learn how to attack with the Jet, you will most certainly re-write the opinions of those who think otherwise. Helicopters can pretty much also be said in the same category due to the learning curve of both vehicles. Though I prefer the Jet and decided to example it here. As far as land vehicles go, it's exactly what you'd expect. Fun, rewarding, challenging at times, whatever you taste, it wont disappoint.

Infantry Warfare
The new addition of "Prone" puts a new twist on the BF series. At first I didn't like it, but then realized how much opportunity and how much more realism it puts into the game. Sure people complain about prone a lot, but hey, you can do it too. Once again you wont be let down by BF3. With the amount of guns available, all sorts of resources are thrown into the game and as you play, depending on what you play, the environment will change indefinitely whether it be from a rocket or from the pod of a Jet. It's hard to explain the euphoria that BF3 gives me. You'll find that each class comes with specific items that toss in even more fun. For example the EOD Bot which can arm/disarm repair disrepair/kill enemies is just one of the few things to have fun with in BF3, and is something that ultimately can turn the game around for either team.

Unfortunately this is the only real thing I didn't care for. Don't get me wrong, co-op was fun, but it's very repetitive due to the fact you have to get so many points to use a specific weapon for multiplayer. I of course want to use them all so I'm stuck playing the same match over and over again trying to get all these points for these weapons. Other than that, co-op is a lot of fun and also requires team effort much like the multiplayer does.

The Movement of BF3 (10/10)
BF3 while it plays at 720p and 30FPS, it still plays quite smoothly and while many people say the controls are clunky, or that there's a delay in controller response I can say I've had no problems. The whole reason aiming will feel clunky, or "off" is because the aim assist in BF3 isn't very strong so it's difficult to aim on medium-long range targets quickly and accurately like it is in other games. In CQC situations, I face no problems what so ever and find it to be what I would say as perfect. I love the way BF3 handles in every aspect.

My last note will go to say that BF3 is the best FPS game I've played up to this point and I've played a lot of FPS games. Either way, in my eyes, BF3 is a truly perfect game in my eyes.

November 2011

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Begin Updated Review

September 2012

That was my original review in November of 2011. After having a lot of time to play Battlefield 3, many, many things have changed and so has my opinion on the game. Combined with my original, here is how I feel about the game now.

In my previous review I gave the Graphics/Sound/Gameplay/Feel all a 10/10. That was true at the time being. After playing for almost a year, my opinion has changed on 3 of the subjects. Sound, Gameplay, Feel. The Graphics are still standing at a 10/10 because this game is just absolutely amazing with it's visuals. Now then, let's get moving foward.

Sound. Sound, oh sound, ohhhh sound. Ugh who am I kidding, the bug in which your sound cuts out has been here since release. I had figured that they would soon patch that upon release. Guess what? A year later, and this bug STILL exists. Because of this bug, not only does it reduce the score I gave it originally, but severely hinders the game simply because it isn't always there. There are a few maps where I haven't experienced it, and many in which I have. So anyway with that being said, Sound goes from a 10/10, to a 6/10.

Gameplay. Don't get me wrong, the gameplay is still fun, but... Only if you're NOT playing the DLC. For some reason, every DLC we've received just doesn't bode well with Battlefield 3. Back To Karkand has 1 horribly laggy and unplayable map, plus other severely deserted ones when you play. Not to mention the sound cut out happens MOST while playing this particular DLC. The weapons that came from this DLC are great, the vehicles, not worth the time.

Close Quarters was pretty decent. It gave BF3 that CQC it needed and compensated with reasonable well rounded weapons to boot. CQ is likely the best DLC BF3 has to offer.

Armoured Kill... This DLC is absolutely amazing. On PC. This DLC is the best BF3 has to offer, but again only on PC. AK has no reason to even exist on consoles. We're still restricted to just 24 players, 12v12 when PC is getting 32vs32. Conquest is an absolute bore with nothing going on, and Rush is extremely one sided. If you're on the attacking side of Rush, you're GOING to win. It's guaranteed, and the AC130 is the reason for that. Not to mention the attacking team gets more vehicles than the defending team. AK is a joke.

B2K - 6/10
CQ - 9/10
AK - 3/10
Vanilla - 9/10
Gameplay overall - 6/10

Feel. Battlefield 3 once felt great, and still somewhat does. When you're in a vehicle, especially on B2K or AK, you have next to zero chances of actually doing much of anything Javelins everywhere, and every aircraft in the air is pinpointed on YOU. Even with IR Smoke and 2 Engineer's, I've still been taken out on several occasions. Vehicles don't feel as good as they used to. As far as being an Infantry unit goes, it's still the same.

I'm adding one more category, one that is probably the most important. DICE has NOT been attentive to BF3 in any way. Waiting an entire month to patch a serious problem (USAS with Frags) is ridiculous. Rent-a-Server has become a Joke as it's just 1 sided all the time with Admins banning anyone better than them, and on top of that a lot of Dice and EA servers disappeared. The way DICE handles this game is awful.

End result

Graphices - 10/10
Sound - 6/10
Gameplay - 6/10
Feel - 8/10
Updates (Content, effectiveness, & attentiveness) - 3/10

Overall Score (not including Updates) 7.5/10
Overall Score 6.5

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 11/30/11, Updated 09/20/12

Game Release: Battlefield 3 (US, 10/25/11)

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