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    FAQ/Walkthrough by kliqIMB

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 07/31/11 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                _________        .__  .__            _____ 
                \_   ___ \_____  |  | |  |     _____/ ____\
                /    \  \/\__  \ |  | |  |    /  _ \   __\ 
                \     \____/ __ \|  |_|  |__ (  <_> )  |   
                 \______  (____  /____/____/  \____/|__|   
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                                 |    |__ _______ _______   ____ ________
                                 |    |  |  \__  \\_  __ \_/ __ \\___   /
                             /\__|    |  |  // __ \|  | \/\  ___/ /    / 
                             \________|____/(____  /__|    \___  >_____ \
                                                 \/            \/      \/
         ___________.__             _________                __         .__   
         \__    ___/|  |__   ____   \_   ___ \_____ ________/  |_  ____ |  |  
           |    |   |  |  \_/ __ \  /    \  \/\__  \\_  __ \   __\/ __ \|  |  
           |    |   |   Y  \  ___/  \     \____/ __ \|  | \/|  | \  ___/|  |__
           |____|   |___|  /\___  >  \______  (____  /__|   |__|  \___  >____/
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    	  	              Preface (PRF)
    A kliqIMB Guide |  | Version 1.0 - Complete!
    Contatct: kliqIMBGameFAQs@hotmail.com
    This guide was written explicitly for use on GameFAQs. If you are interested
    in having it hosted on your website, please contact me via the message board
    PM system or through telekenetic powers, whichever is more applicable to you.
                             Table of Contents (TOC)
    0a) Preface............................................................(PRF)
    0b) Table of Contents..................................................(TOC)
    1a) Introduction.......................................................(INT)
    1b) Controls...........................................................(CNT)
    1c) Main Characters....................................................(MCT)
    2a) Chatper 1..........................................................(C01)
    2a) Chatper 2..........................................................(C02)
    2a) Chatper 3..........................................................(C03)
    2a) Chatper 4..........................................................(C04)
    2a) Chatper 5..........................................................(C05)
    2a) Chatper 6..........................................................(C06)
    2a) Chatper 7..........................................................(C07)
    2a) Chatper 8..........................................................(C08)
    2a) Chatper 9..........................................................(C09)
    2a) Chatper 10.........................................................(C10)
    2a) Chatper 11.........................................................(C11)
    2a) Chatper 12.........................................................(C12)
    2a) Chatper 13.........................................................(C13)
    2a) Chatper 14.........................................................(C14)
    2a) Chatper 15.........................................................(C15)
                                Introduction (INT)
    Hello and welcome to kliqIMB's guide for the newest installment in the Call of
    Juarez series: The Cartel. The following is taken directly from the game
    When a Mexican drug cartel bombs a US law enforcement agency, the US govern-
    ment puts together a special task force to bring them down. As you fight to
    dismantle the Cartel and unravel the mystery of the bombing, you'll embark on
    an epic, bloody road trip from Los Angeles to Cuidad Juarez. Protect your
    witness and put an end to the Cartel by any means necessary in this modern day
    Western shooter.
                                  Controls (CNT)
    (Taken from game manual)
    L2 - Throw grenade
    L1 - Fire left (zoom)
    D-Pad - Zoom in/out, Concentration mode
    Left Stick - Move character
    Select - Player menu
    Start - In-game menu
    R2 - Change weapon
    R1 - Fire right
    Right Stick - Move camera
    X - Jump
    Circle - Crouch
    Triangle - Reload
    Square - Action
                                Main Characters (MCT)
    (Taken from game manual)
    Ben McCall
    Agency: LAPD
    Age: 57
    Weapons of Choice: Revolvers, pistols, heavy machine guns
    Bio: A 30-year veteran. Two-time winner of the Medal of Valor. Ben McCall is
    a tough, hard-nosed detective who isn't intinmidated by anyone. He has a score
    to settle with the Mendoza Cartel and wouldn't mind an opportunity to exact
    some sweet revenge. McCall's intention is to uphold the law... but he doesn't
    mind crossing a moral boundary or two in the name of justice.
    Kim Evans
    Agency: FBI
    Age: 25
    Weapons of Choice: Rifles, sniper rifles
    Bio: Kim Evans is no stranger to violence. After growing up in the ghettos of,
    South Central LA and experiencing the gang-related deaths of her two older
    brothers, she worked her way out of poverty; first earning a full-ride
    scholarship to college and then landing a coveted spot in a new training
    program with the FBI. She in an intelligent, street-savvy agent who knows how
    to get the job done. Ruthless with a rifle, she demands respect from her
    partners, and will stop at nothing to bring the Cartel leaders to their knees.
    Eddie Guerra
    Agency: DEA
    Age: 37
    Weapons of Choice: Submachine guns, rifles, shotguns
    Bio: After growing up on the streets of East LA and serving his country in
    Iraq, Eddie Guerra has established himself as one of the top DEA agents in the
    country. A smooth-talking ladies' man and renowned gambler, Guerra is a risk
    taker in all aspects of life. He has no qualms about taking out bad guys and
    lives by the motto "the end justifies the means".
                                  Prologue (PRL)
    As you begin the game you'll be speeding down a highway with a classy, "Jesus
    Christ! FucK! Fuck, fuck, fuck!" for the opening dialog. Lean out the window
    and fire at the cars pursuing you, after about of minute of driving and shoot-
    ing you'll go up a ramp and go into a cut scene introducing all the characters
    and the story. After it ends, you'll get to choose which of the three
    characters you'll be using for the remainder of the game. (I'll say this now,
    with as bad as the voice acting and cutscenes look in this game; I skipped the
    rest of them. The story isn't very engaging and all the characters as annoying
    as all fuck. It doesn't matter why you're doing this, just shoot shit.)
                                  Chapter 1 (C01)
    At the start of each mission you'll get this newcast type announcement thing
    and then be deposited into a "lobby" where you can grab different weapons and
    customize loadouts before getting in the car and starting the main mission.
    Follow the small white waypoint markers to your first pot field destination
    and eventually you come across a conveniently placed tree that makes you get
    out and walk. Three armed pot farmers will be in front of at this point. Use
    this time to get used to the controls as it's pretty hard for them to kill
    you. Fire your different weapons, sprint, jump, etc. etc. When you've got the
    hang of everything make quick work of them and follow your waypoint a little
    ways to find the first pot field.
    Several more enemies will bar your path, but like the first batch their super
    easy to deal with. Fire away and keep heading along the path until you reach
    the tents. Here you'll find a few more enemies encamped. Use the tent as a
    cover point and lay waste to them. Once you've disposed of the few enemies,
    blow up the tents and spray the place with gang signs.
    Now you'll need to head back to your car to head to the second field. Follow
    the waypoint markers along the path and you'll come upon a few more clusters
    of enemies whom have apparently found you out. Again, nothing troublesome here
    at all. Wreck their shit and keep moving. At this point you've probably gotten
    enough accuracy to activate "concentration mode". Basically, if you're a brain
    dead moron and think this game is difficult, you can slow it down every so
    often and make the enemies much easier to target. The catch? You have to
    listen to your character, in my case Bill, spout off some retard metaphysical
    bullshit EVERY SINGLE TIME you use it, and yes, I mean EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.
    Once you've gotten to you car get in a follow your waypoints to the next loca-
    tion. In case you're wondering, my you do seem to be saying, "follow your way-
    point" a lot; the reason is that since people can't be assed to make a
    challenging game anymore, they feel it necessary to put in little markers or
    what have you so the player can't possibly lose their way. So, why not utilize
    them in the guide if their a part of the game? Anyway, ranting aside, as you
    drive to the next field, you'll be assaulted by some gang members in cars.
    Don't try anything fancy, just keep driving and they'll end up wrecking them-
    selves into trees or your partners will deal with them. After crossing a
    bridge, which unfortunately didn't blow up, you take a right and come to a
    stop in front of yet another conveniently placed tree.
    Here you'll hike down the river bed (as Eddie tells you no less than 10 times)
    and when you come up on dry land, four enemies will appear on the hill above
    you. Take them out. As you continue up the hill, don't run too far ahead or
    you'll suddenly be in the middle of a group of enemies. Not really sure how
    spawning works in this game, but I constantly find myself sprinting into
    enemies who should've seen me coming ages before I got there. These enemies
    aren't any trouble either, but you will see them use a grenade! It is totally
    ineffective though. You'll crest the hill and as you head back down you'll
    hear some "gangsters" talking. Ready your weapon and as you round the corner
    fire away at the several gangsters standing there waiting to be slaughtered.
    A few will manage to fire back at you, but they're easy prey. Oh, and I'm
    pretty sure it goes without say, but I'll say it anyway, walk over the enemies
    and pick up ammo. They drop an absurd amount of it, so you'll never actually
    run out.
    Crest another hill and you'll come upon some enemies at the first tent. Make
    quick work of them and follow the path a little ways to find another enemy
    "hidden" amongst the rocks and the next two tens with a few enemies in them
    a piece. After wasting them, get wasted yourself by blowing up the pot tents
    and spraying more gang signs on the rocks. Now you'll be tasked with going
    to the final area and tearing up the place. However, as you head through down
    the path a ways you'll get a phone calling telling you that the DEA is looking
    into Eddie and to keep an eye on him. I turned around to see what Eddie was
    doing and both he and the chick were also on their phones, leading me to
    believe this game is all herp derp pit the heroes against each other because
    the main person on the inside is Dickerson or whatever and so we're all
    investigating each other on some bullshit claims. Transparent Script Writing
    Keep following your waypoint marker down the wooded paths. There will be a few
    groups of enemies barring your way, but you'll always know when they're about
    to spawn when one of your teammates yells out, "OH SHIT ENEMIES". You'll know
    you're close to your destination when you come over a hill and hit a check-
    point where you can see a structure in the distance. Use the rocks as cover
    as you make the your way down the hill and take out the enemies encamped
    there. Now do some stereotypical FPS impossible stunts by grabbing on the zip-
    line and riding it for half a mile before jumping off from 50 feet in the air
    and landing on some crates... in the middle of an enemy base.
    Use the various structures inside the gate to provide cover for dealing with
    the first few enemies and then head out of the gate and finish off the rest.
    Follow your waypoint up the hill and you'll reach the houses you've been
    looking for. This is biggest group of enemies you've faced yet, and some of
    them have some armor, but none are any more difficult than what you're used
    to. The best cover place is the stack of wooden beams right as soon as you
    enter the compound, so take care of them from there and you'll be good to go.
    With all the enemies killed you can head inside one of the houses and get some
    "secret intel" or whatever bullshit they call it. But, don't let Eddy see you
    or it won't count towards whatever asinine leveling system is in this game.
    Basically, if you see a little "eye" icon pop up somewhere that means there's
    "secret intel" near there so head toward it if you want. (This of course just
    further proves my, pitting everyone against each other plot. Stupid 
    developers.) Anyway, set up all the bombs and let them explode, then head up
    the hill to the house where the drug stashes are. No, silly the OTHER drug
    stashes, you know, the ones we HAVEN'T already destroyed.
    Here you'll learn about this intuitive new system CoJ has invented, partner
    covering fire. OH WAIT! That's right, that's in every shooting game ever,
    except those didn't feel it necessary to give you EXACT instructions on when
    to run and where to run. So yeah, head up three times, and the unload on the
    enemies on the porch. Head into the house and you'll see more CoJ innovation
    at it's finest: breaching doors. Derp. Kill off the enemies inside and then
    that chopper you saw earlier will appear. Here's a few tips for finishing this
    bad boy off without dying. First, grab the Law and make sure it loads a
    rocket, then switch to a side arm and blast out the windows. When it passes by
    the first time go to the far right side of the room, aim out of the window,
    and fire a little to the right. Now, back up and when it passes the second
    time, don't do anything except hide. If you get too close, the entire front of
    the building collapses and you die. When the chopper comes back for a third
    time you should be able to just aim and fire with the Law and take it out.
    This will end the first mission.
                                  Chapter 2 (C02)
    After gearing up enter the car to leave the lobby and begin the mission
    proper. As you depart from your vehicle, you'll get a phone call about some
    plot point that doesn't matter and is probably character specific. Walk a
    little ways and you'll get yet another call from another plot point, this time
    talking about your "secret objective" for this mission. (In case you haven't
    noticed, this game is rather garbage and the script is utter trite.) Follow
    your waypoint and receive yet another phone call right before you get to the
    Enter the hideout and start ruffing up the hoodrats proper gentleman style
    with some fisticuffs. Once you've disposed of the first few, run around the
    lower level of the house and grab the cash without being seen to complete your
    secret agenda bullshit. Head upstairs and to the back room to grab a purse
    full of money and then spray your tags across the rooms. Once you've finishd,
    some more thugs will pull up whom are ridiculously well armed for a normal
    LA gang. Kim is all, "THIS IS WRONG I CAN'T KILL THEM" so you follow your
    waypoint to flee the premises. Of course, this doesn't work at all and you run
    right into a ton of enemies as you flee. They're typical gang-banger variety
    street criminals so they don't pose any threat whatsoever. Eventually you will
    make your way into another house where you'll defend against the gang members
    for a while. First, they'll rush you from the front they'll be over to left
    near a car. Now they'll come from the back where you just came from. Then
    they'll do that pattern... again. After that you'll make a break for it using
    the cover fire mechanic. Sprint up the right side of the road and waste the
    four thugs standing next to the car. Now follow your waypoint into the alley-
    way on your left and fight the gangsters that spawn along the way.
    You'll eventually be led into a battleground with quite a few brochiefs. Hide
    behind one of the several cars and pop out to take care of them easily. 
    However, the battle is far from over. More enemies will spawn to the left,
    then behind you, then back from the left again. I actually managed to get
    severly injured running around during this shoot out, so I suggest using cover
    wisely and retreating into the building if you need to regain health. Once
    you've dealth with the contingent of thugs, follow your waypoint into the 
    nearby parking lot. There's several gang members here, but just wait until
    they expose themselves and put a few rounds in them. Head a little ways and
    you'll be back at your car.
    Yay! Another terribly controlled driving section. Follow your waypoint through
    the streets and after you cross some railroad tracks you'll hop on the freeway
    and the mission will be over.
                                  Chapter 3 (C03)
    For this chapter you'll start out in a room of some sort. Grab your weapons
    from the luggage bag (you should've unlocked some new ones) and exit the door
    to start the mission.
    Get out of your car and head toward the waypoint marker. On the way you'll get
    some phone calls giving you more secret agenda nonsense, continue to the front
    of the club and have some whore chick let you in. Follow her and stare at the
    atrociously animated tits if you so choose, she'll lead you to a table where
    you split up and talk to random strippers for information. You'll find that
    Tina is upstairs; however, before you head up there, you'll be prompted to
    do whatever secret agenda task your character should be doing. For Bill it was
    talking to Dolores without being seen. After that is finished, head up stairs
    for a rather "odd" conversation with some bouncers and then interrogate the
    hookers until you're prompted to head upstairs. At this juncture, you will
    begin brawling with the bouncers with bar your path. Once you've dealth with
    all of the enforcers, follow the waypoint marker to the room with Tina.
    After the conversation, head upstairs and begin your trek to Javier's office.
    Turns out your trek is very short as it is at the top of the stair case.
    Perform another CoD-esque breach on the doors and lay waste to the fools
    inside. Your main target escapes, of course, so begin pursuing him. Once
    you're back inside the the club a slew of enemies will begin attacking you as
    you try to make your way to Javier. Take out your big guns and just lay into
    them. None of them have much health and are easy to take out, but if you do
    find yourself in trouble, duck behind one of the couches or hide in a room.
    Eventually you'll find yourself on the bottom floor of the club again, with a
    few other bouncers flooding in to your right. Duck behind cover and pop out to
    make quick work of them as well.
    Head up the stairs where you're partners are waiting and head down the hallway
    for another breach section. Once you've dealt with the enemies in this section
    continue to follow your waypoint down the alley. This alleyway will be the
    first real time you've put civilians in danger (not that characters seem to 
    give a shit if you kill them), so I tried to be conscienscious. Take cover and
    take out the few gang members firing at you before heading into another park-
    ing lot type area where you'll need to wait for your partners cover to
    continue. Following the cover prompts, after the third one, peak your head up
    over the car and blow away the remaining thugs. Head across the street and
    follow your waypoint into a building structures where Javier has fled. Make
    your way through the first building and into the loading area to find a small
    group of enemies. Hide behind the cars and/or trash cans to make quick work of
    them. Follow the waypoint marker through the next building into another area
    with enemies. This time I'll actually point out something not apparent at
    first glance: there's an enemy on the roof that will fuck you up quick if you
    aren't careful. Take him out first, then deal with the rest of the enemies
    before continuing into another building. Exit it and you'll start the short
    chase sequence to get Javier. Don't shoot him or anything, just sprint after
    him and you'll catch him near the overpass. You'll enter into a little inter-
    rogation scene where you have to press Square a few times to beat his face in.
    This ends chapter 3.
                                  Chapter 4 (C04)
    Grab your weapons from the trunk and get in the car to start the mission. Your
    first objective is to drive to the docks. Follow your waypoint marker in the
    car and you'll break through a gate running over a few thugs in the process.
    At this point, they pretty much know you're here. Keep driving until you reach
    a gate you can't smash through, then hop out of the car and starting blasting
    away at the enemies stationed here. You'll probably get tore up when you hop
    out, but just duck behind something a wait for your health to auto-regen. Once
    you've dealt with the enemies, go into the guard house and open the big gate.
    After the cutscene, you'll be magically back in your vehicle with your new ob-
    jective of following the police cars. So follow them for a little bit until
    you reach the police blockade. Jump out of the vehicles and your characters
    will decide to go play hero by taking on all the enemies by themselves. Head
    around the cars and forward to find a small group of enemies and some police-
    men in a fire-fight. Here you'll utilize the team cover mechanic again. Run
    up the required three times and blow away the four enemies standing behind the
    car. There's also a SECRET INTEL ITEM OMG on the forklift you can grab. Follow
    your waypoint marker up a little bit and another contingent of enemies will
    drive up in a couple of SUVs. Take cover behind one of the several crates and
    you can flank them pretty easily, making quick work of them. I will note that
    here is where I started finding the enemies taking more than 1-2 bullets to
    kill. I filled one guy full of 6 revolver shots and he was still firing at me.
    Now head to your left and melee some randomly placed boards to progress to
    your next fighting ground. You'll see several explosive canisters here that
    will help you greatly in killing off the enemies. Head into the warehouse and
    head up the stairs in the back to begin searching for the girls. At the top of
    the stairs two gunmen await you, so don't rush up there too quickly or you'll
    get killed. Head through the next door toward your waypoint and there will be
    several more guys with shotguns in this room as well. Once you're done with
    them, head down the hallway and back outside on to a fire escape. From here
    you have a great view of the enemies below, so just stand and fire with your
    long range weapon before heading down. (If you get to beat up standing there,
    simply duck back into the building to regain health.) With the enemies on the
    ground defeated head down and across the shipping yard to hit another check-
    point. Which is a great place to put a check point because of the stupidity
    of the next battle. As you move forward, you'll probably notice a red light
    training on you... that's a mother fucking rocket launcher that no one warns
    you about. So make sure you don't hit by it. Oh, did I mention it can kill you
    behind cover? Great job developers. The rpg shooter (not the genre, the guy
    shooting the rpg) is standing on top of a crate in the far back right of the
    battlefield, so snipe him with your long range weapon as soon as you can.
    Also, notice all the shit falling around you because the ship on your left is
    somehow collapsing on top of everything, make sure you don't get hit by any
    debris. Stay behind cover and pop out to kill of the remaining gangsters. Once
    you've eliminated all of them follow your waypoint marker to the next area.
    After your partners have caught up to you, since they arbitrarily decide to
    run slow sometimes, you'll be faced with a sniper on one of the cranes and
    some enemies spawning around you. To be honest, it's not even that bad. Just
    get on the right hand side of the dock and sprint up to the crane. Hide behind
    the crate nearest it, and then pop out and fire at the sniper standing out in
    open on top of the steps. I was under the impression we needed to go up the
    crane and onto the ship, but that was not the case. Your waypoint marker will
    direct you further to left on the docks, where I saw at least 10 enemies spawn
    and make a beeline for me. However, something shiny caught their attention and
    they suddenly forgot all about me. So I stood on the top of the crane stairs
    and sniped them all from afar. With those goons out of the way, sprint toward
    your waypoint marker at the entrance to the warehouse. So more fools will
    spawn in the docking area, but they can't do much damage to you as you make
    your way into the warehouse.
    Once inside you'll find yourself in the middle of a hornet's nest. There's
    enemies in front of you, if you spint too far in like I did, enemies behind
    you; there's even guys on the top of the rafters. So, take this area nice and
    slow. Get behind cover and wait till the enemies real themselves, then start
    blasting away. Once you've defeated all the enmies in this room, head up the
    staircase and into the adjoining cargo area. You'll cross this and open a door
    leading to another cargo room. Here, two enemies will be in the rafters of the
    ceiling. Take them out quickly and proceed through the door to your left into
    you'll be outside again. Go down the fire escape, and head toward your new
    waypoint marker. You'll find a ton of enemies in front of you, but a chain-
    link fence will be barring your path. Don't aim for the enemies, instead blow
    up all of the barrels around them for a massive destruction of ships over to
    the right that takes out a good many enemies. Some of them will survive, but
    head through the newly opened hole in the fence to your right and post up
    behind the forklift to take out the remaining few thugs.
    Sprint toward your waypoint marker through the destruction and eventually you
    will find yourself at another battleground where you must use your partners
    covering fire. By now this shouldn't even need to be explained. Head up three
    times, fire at the enemies who are now confused as to how they've been so
    easily flanked. This time they're even all in a little building they can't
    escape from. That mindless slaughter finished, follow your waypoint to the
    next warehouse and into another battle zone. There's only a few enemies here
    and they don't pose much of a threat. Take them out quickly and talk to the
    girls next to your waypoint marker to find out the others are "in the ware-
    house" (no shit, they've only been saying that ALL DAMN MISSION). A breach
    scene will appear in the doors right behind you, so initiate it and destroy
    the idiots inside. On your left there'll be a room with more intel shit, so
    grab that if you want. Go to the door where your partners are waiting to enter
    another section of the warehouse with more enemies.
    Here the enemies are chilling both on the ground and up on the second floor,
    so make sure to look up if you seem to be getting shot from somewhere and you
    don't really know where from. There's ample cover in this room as well, so if
    you feel like you're getting hit too much; fall back a little bit and hide
    behind some of the crates. Honestly, at this point in the game I wasn't the
    least bit worried about caution so I ran in guns blazing and barely even got
    damaged. Once you've killed off the remaining enemies, the door in the back
    left corner will be able to be opened and you'll find the remaining girls. All
    of whom look EXACTLY THE SAME.
                                  Chapter 5 (C05)
    This missions begins with you chasing down a gangsters car. Floor the accel-
    erator and follow the moving waypoint marker to get to the vehicle before time
    runs out. After a cutscene, you'll be pressed to intercept the money. Sprint
    to the nearest car and take cover as enemies will run out to face you. Pop out
    from behind cover and blast away at the many enemies hiding behind the car,
    and proceed to make your way through the parking lot. Once you've dealt with
    the first group, the van you're pursuing will flee, but turn around for some
    reason. Turn left and aim at the red SUV and enemies will flow out of it. Deal
    with them like a true boss, then head to the car next to your waypoint marker
    and get into to prepare for a car chase scene. Basically, just hold down R2
    and drive. You can run into walls, you can hit cars, you'll get shot up, but
    no matter what happens you'll pretty much always be a little bit behind the
    car. In the end, it wrecks into an 18-wheeler and a cut scene initiates.
    Apparently, you wrecked too, as your vehicle is smoking and banged up, plus
    you're no longer in it. There's a small group of enemies hiding behind the
    cars that have wrecked. Run to the right of all the cars and you can essen-
    tially flank them. Now here comes to hard part. One of the characters goes
    and looks for Alvarez, but you and the other are stuck moving the money by
    hand into a conveniently placed van. Grab the money as quickly as possible and
    head to the van. If you're lucky you can drop off the first bag before the
    group of enemies that drive up can kill you. Now, hide behind one of the cars
    and let loose on them. Be quick though, you only have 90 in game seconds to
    move both bags of money to the van. 
    Once you've gotten them to the van a cut scene will trigger and you'll some-
    how end up wrecking that vehicle as well and it's on fire. Now you've got to
    head back down the street you were just on, through flaming wreckage and a lot
    of enemies. So what's the plan? Carry the money past the oil tanker and drop
    it behind a car. Take out your weapons and annhilate the enemies, make sure
    they're all dead though because some randomly spawn. Go back and grab the
    money for an easy walk to the car. Now you'll need to drive into the city to
    escape the gang following you. After a few seconds on the highway, one of your
    partners will yell about getting off the road. There's a dirt road over to the
    right that you'll need to get on and follow until you make the gang crash for
    some inexplicable. Once they've crashed, drive toward the waypoint marker to
    end the chapter.
                                  Chapter 6 (C06)
    Suit up and head out the door to start the mission proper. Go down the stairs
    and wait for Jessica to enter the car, then get in yourself. You'll be driven
    for a bit until you're about to stop at a red light and you realize... IT'S A
    TRAP! You'll drive around for a while trying to evade your pursuers, but it
    turns out they're everywhere. 
    You have two options for a majority of the first section of this mission. You
    can either stay in your car and let the bullets hit you, you won't die as even
    when I had 5 cars on me they couldn't kill me, this is the un-fun option. Or
    while you're driving away, stick your head out of the car and annihilate all
    the enemies following you, this is the fun option. You'll never run out of
    ammo for your guns, so don't bother switching to pistols if your main gets low
    or if you think there's too many enemies. Focus on the people inside the cars,
    and the exterior hoods to explode the cars killing them off faster. The only
    part you actually HAVE to shoot a car, is right before the end where there's
    another rocket shooter. The car section will end when Dempsey gets blasted and
    a semi-truck conveniently runs into you.
    Now out of the car, your new job is to protect the Jessica and try to find a
    location to hide her at. Run down the alleyway toward your waypoint marker and
    turn around quickly to see a few enemies chasing after you. Make quick work of
    them and head (stupidly enough) back from where you just came and enter a
    building on your right. Head through it and into another alleyway to begin a
    "two-minute" long protection scene. Basically, as soon as you get into the
    alley turn left and look through the chain-link fence. Several enemies will
    spawn in this area. Use the garbage bin as cover and strafe from side to side
    to quickly deal with this threat, thus eliminating the time limit. Your part-
    ner should come back with the car shortly after killing the last thug, so get
    in and get moving to end the chapter.
                                  Chapter 7 (C07)
    Grab your weapons from the luggage and head out the door to start the mission.
    Follow your waypoint marker to the location of the meet, as one of your part-
    ners heads to the roof to cover you with sniper fire. Head into the building
    (which seems counter productive for sniper cover) and go down the hallway to
    find two bouncers. Beat their face in with your fists, and go through the door
    and up the stairs (as you head up you'll get a phone call for more SECRET
    AGENGA stuff). Head through the door and across the club floor to find an out-
    side dancing place. Here you'll be stationed in a small area where you "blend
    in" (derp) and wait for the contact to make contact with Jessica. After a bit,
    you'll hit a checkpoint and the guy will get shot.
    Now you're tasked with chasing after Jessica and the man pursuing her. First,
    you can stop over to the left of the club area and complete your SECRET AGENDA
    if you want. Then head through the door and shoot the two thugs firing at you.
    Head through the next door and up the stairs, following your waypoint marker.
    At the top of the stairs, you'll exit a door and be on another roof with a few
    armed thugs. Take them out from the fire escape you're standing on, then use
    the stairs to go down to the next area. Here you'll apparently meet up with
    your other partner. There's only two thugs hiding behind an air conditioning
    vent, so just flank around them on the right and make quick work of them.
    Follow your waypoint into the next building and up several more flights of
    stairs to be exited onto yet another rooftop. In this first area, there will
    be three enemies hiding behind various vents. Don't wait for them to pop out,
    just sprint and you can get in behind them before they realize it. As you head
    up the small set of stairs, there will be guys immediately on your left and
    right. I just melee killed both of them and waited for a second for my health
    to regen. As you round the corner, there will be a few enemies on your left.
    Some posted on the rooftop above you, and others coming up from the stairs
    directly in front of you. Use the vents as cover, and deal with them care-
    fully. Head up the pipes to the upper roof area once you're done, and go
    through the door to head to another fire escape leading to a parking lot. 
    Here there will be an enemy to your left and several enemies to your right.
    Notice the fact there's only one to your left and kill him first. Then hop
    back inside the door, wait for your health to regen, then sprint out and take
    cover behind one of the cars. Now with you having a defenisble position, take
    out the remaining gangsters with ease. Follow your waypoint marker to yet an-
    other garage / parking lot-deck type area with several enemies. Again, take
    cover behind a car, peak out and kill a few, go back into cover. Wash, rinse,
    repeat. If they're too far away, move up a few cars. After you've finished off
    those goons, head out of the door and around the edge of the roof. Look down
    and waste the unsuspecting gang-bangers below. With them dead you can easily
    head down the fire escape and to your waypoint marker.
    Hilariously enough, your other parter shows up yet again from nowhere and is
    required to open the gate to continue the mission. You'll now be deposited in
    yet another alleyway. The first group of enemies all spawned in literally the
    same two feet of space for me so I just wasted them quickly with my power
    weapon. Next, you'll be in another team cover operation. You know the drill by
    now. Head through the warehouse on your right and into... another warehouse.
    One of your partners comments that the room is "dark as cow guts" (well that's
    what the subs say, the actual voice says "darks as hell" derp) so I guess the
    devs wanted you to manually turn down your contrast because it's no darker
    than the room you just came from. However, the are quite a few enemies that
    will spawn all around you here. So take cover behind one of the many crates
    and just chill for a few seconds to try and see where everyone is shooting
    from. Then take aim and fire. With that contingent cleared, you'll open the
    doors to the warehouse that Jessica apparently escaped from. Head to your way-
    point marker and end the chapter.
                                  Chapter 8 (C08)
    This mission begins on the street (literally) with your objective being to
    "infiltrate" a person's apartment. I dunno, about you guys, but generally the
    word "infiltrate" implies some sort of secrecy. Not to these devs though, you
    walk right up to the front door and break it down. After the cutscene, you go
    back to your car... for another cutscene. (ProTip: No one wants to run to a
    door and run back to a car. JUST FUCKING MAKE IT ALL A CUTSCENE!)
    The next section you must follow behind the the targets car. Keep your dist-
    ance, but don't fall too far behind or you'll fail the mission. (You know ty-
    pical "tailing" bullshit that isn't fun). Oh, and guess what, someone calls
    you while you're driving and the whole screen goes green obscuring the small
    ass side streets that the guy drives down, making this section yet another
    stupidly designed portion of the game. Thankfully, the tailing section doesn't
    last for very long... IN THE CAR. Now you must tail the suspect on foot. Oh
    As you begin your tail, you will come upon two thugs who you will fight with
    your fists. Beat them, and continue on to find two more gangsters guarding a
    door. Beat the shit out of them as well. Enter the building and follow your
    waypoint marker to another set of double doors leading into a dance club. You
    should take a minute to watch some of the absolutely stupidly hilarious dances
    in this room before following your waypoint marker up the stairs. Once up the
    stairs, you'll find another goon to fight in front of a door with hanging
    beads. Go through them to find one more fightable thug and head down the hall-
    way to trigger a cut scene.
    Upon leaving the cut scene, you will be in a firefight with various gangsters.
    There will be two of them on the bottom floor behind cover, take them out
    quickly and head up the stairs. Upstairs, there will be several more enemies.
    They are opposite of you, so heading around to the sides, to flank them is a
    good strategy. Follow your waypoint through a few rooms and to some doors
    where you'll perform a CoD like breach. Fire at everyone when you breach as it
    is not entirely clear the differences between gun wielding gangbanger and in-
    nocent stripperbanger. After you've dealt with them, be ready for another Team
    Cover section, which then segues into ANOTHER BREACH SECTION. (Isn't this game
    awesome?!) Here you'll actually be able to see the three gangsters you need to
    kill as they are kind of highlighted. Immediately turn right after finishing
    them, and sprint over to the bar to grab some SECRET INTEL and kill two en-
    Follow your waypoint marker outside onto a rooftop area. Here there will be
    several enemies stationed on top of the glowing sign. Take cover behind the
    air vents, as they will probably kill you if you run out there. After killing
    them, you'll be led to a fire escape where there will be several enemies on
    the street below. You can snipe them from up here for a bit, but just take
    cover as a helicopter comes down and rains hell on them. Now with the chopper
    providing cover fire (though they aren't really "helping" you per se) charge
    the remaining enemies and waste them. Head toward your waypoint in the parking
    lot, but hang a little bit back as the chopper will crash here. There will be
    several enemies still in the parking lot hiding behind cars, but you should be
    able to deal with them quickly enough. Once you've dispatched them head toward
    your waypoint marker and into another Team Cover scene. With that finished,
    you'll enter a car and begin a chase scene. Like most others, unless you wreck
    and get to far behind it's not really possible to fail it. Once you've appre-
    hended your suspect, the chapter will be over.
                                  Chapter 9 (C09)
    The beginning of this chapter is a type of shooting gallery mini-game type
    thing, just follow the instructions from the old crazy dude (not Ben the other
    one) and it's pretty straight forward.
    With that finished, you'll now be tasked with killing all the enemies in the
    area. Follow your waypoint marker till you're grouped with all your partners,
    then follow the fleeing "vato" until he holes up in a shed. Drop him, and con-
    tinue to follow the waypoints through some buildings and across a scafffolding
    type thing. You will get a phone call as you cross this for more SECRET AGENDA
    stuff. Head into the building where the waypoint is located and open the doors
    to start the new objective and your HIDDEN OBJECTIVE. Also, there's a SECRET
    ITEM in the building so grab that if you want.
    Once outside there will be two enemies holed up in a building directly in
    front of you. Take them out from long range and continue along the path the
    waypoints are setting. Eventually you will find yourself walking down a long
    stretch of road with various enemies on either side of you. Instead of hiding
    around like a pansy though, be a boss like me and just keep your sites aimed
    on either side. Walk down the street and kill the enemies as they run out from
    the various buildings. They tend to alternate sides every one or two enemies
    so it's definitely a good idea to pivot. Once you've crossed the gorge on the
    wooden bridge, make sure to check the top floors of the two buildings beside
    you, as there is an enemy on each. Continuing down the road, you'll see a road
    block and some enemies will spawn beside it. Take them down quickly but do not
    proceed just yet.
    The next area is a battleground with a few enemies on the actual ground and
    several enemies stationed in the building directly in front of you. They're
    all over the building so be methodical about taking them all. One thing to
    look out for is the guy shooting rockets at you. Make sure you take sufficient
    cover and that he's not already firing before you make a move. Once you've
    managed to deal with all those enemies, head into the saloon to make a defen-
    sive position and defend against a few waves of enemies. They will spawn out
    in the front area of the saloon, as well as in the various buildings surround-
    ing it. However, you don't actually have to kill any of them, it's a set event
    and when the side of the saloon blows up, you flee. Follow the waypoint marker
    to the car and end the level.
                                  Chapter 10 (C10)
    You start this mission entering a motel for the night, only to be awoken by a
    hail of bullets swiss-cheesing your room... and then a wrecking ball destroy-
    ing the entire motel itself. (Such a realistic game). Anyway, you have like 40
    in game seconds to get the hell out of the motel, so follow the waypoints and
    you should make it no problem. Once outside, you'll be tasked with killing all
    the enemies around one of your partners rooms. There's several enemies sur-
    rounding the building, so take cover behind anything and take them out with a
    precision weapon. (Or just run in guns blazing, I was so tired of this damn
    game by this point I pretty much just run and gunned the entire rest of the
    way through the game and it was a much more enjoyable experience). If you're
    still wanting to do things the "boring" way, the enemies are stationed as fol-
    lows. Two behind the building directly in front of you, around 5-6 on ground
    level hiding behind parking curbs and cars, and three up on the second floor
    of your partners building.
    Once you've dealt with those thugs, follow your waypoint marker to another
    section of the parking lot. Here several enemies will appear from the various
    rooms to your left and right, so make sure as you head down the lot, to check
    both sides and make sure the gangsters are dead before continuing. Follow your
    waypoint marker down a dirt road, killing the two enemies before you, and into
    the partially finished houses. After exiting the first house, you'll be faced
    with a few more thugs. Here just simply shoot the explosive barrels behind
    them to take them out easily. However, make sure you don't run out of the
    building too quickly, as there is a slight chance a guy with a shotgun will
    spawn late and be right behind you. Continue to follow your waypoint marker in
    to the next house and take out the three enemies posted behind cement bags.
    Exit that house and go through another to find yourself with yet one more Team
    Cover scene. After wasting the few enemies on the first floor, make sure to go
    up to the second floor and kill the other two as they can sometimes come in
    behind you and take you out. At the houses rear exit, you'll find another CoD
    breach sequence as well as a SECRET ITEM. When breaching if you're lucky you
    can just tap the barrels once and take out all four enemies. If not, simply
    shoot all four as they give you plenty of time to do so. Follow the waypoint
    markers until you're at another door breach section where your prisoner is
    trying to escape. We certainly can't have that happening, so breach the door
    and light up his body guards; then be magically transported to a car for an-
    other driving section. Like all driving portions of this game simply follow
    the waypoint markers and don't wreck too often. They can't kill you inside the
    car, so if you just floor it the whole time and drive straight; it's not pro-
    After you wreck yet another of your cars in a firey explosion (did the devs
    just copy/paste half this script?) you'll need to chase after your prisoner.
    Head toward your waypoint marker and kill the enemies along the way. There's
    plenty of cover from all the roadwork and debris, but the enemies seemed to
    be extraordinarily stupid here and I blazed right through them with my pistol.
    However, once you hit the last waypoint marker you'll have several enemies
    posted up that are a bit difficult to kill in the allotted time if you try to
    stick back and play defensively. Instead, simply rush in, use concentration
    mode (and listen to his bullshit) and kill them all quickly. The run toward
    the train to end the chapter.
                                  Chapter 11 (C11)
    As soon as this mission starts you'll be thrown into the pure punk rock chaos
    of an old western firefight... or you'll just be on the ground with a ton of
    gangsters shooting at you; I can't remember. :D Anyway, once you gain control
    of your character, grab the two SECRET ITEMS outside the trailer and then make
    shelter inside it. Go to the far right side of the trailer and crouch, here's
    where you'll be chilling for the next 7-10 minutes. Take out your big guns and
    fire away. The waves of enemies will seem endless, but just keep wasting them
    away and any time you get injured just duck and regen your health. After sev-
    eral minutes, a chopper will fly overhead and shoot a rocket at the trailer,
    but don't worry it just rips the top off; you don't get hit. Eventually, you
    will finally kill all the enemies off (the ammo is infinite, so have fun
    spraing the entire area) and your new objective will be to destroy that chop-
    So this is probably the single most annoying part of the entire game. I hon-
    estly don't have a good strategy for this section. Basically, pick up the
    heavy machine gun on top of the ammo cache and pray. Pray to God that you by
    some miracle don't die >9000 times and have to here your dumbass partner say,
    "Motherfuckers" over and over and OVER AND OVER! The "best" idea I came up
    with was, "Run! To the trailer!" >.> Or rather, take the heavy machine gun and
    try to blow up the two SUVs that spawn on the right side. Then, when the heli-
    copter is flying straight at you, use concentration mode to slow it down and
    unload an entire clip into it. This definitely won't work every time, but I
    didn't really see any other options while I was playing. When you've finally
    managed to bring it down, head out to the injured Jessica to end this short,
    but VERY annoying chapter.
                                  Chapter 12 (C12)
    This mission starts off with another driving sequence. Follow the waypoint
    markers to the farm house and get out of the vehicle to initiate a conversa-
    tion at the gate. After it goes south, shoot the lock to gain entrance, and
    get ready to kill the mexicans inside. Sprint to your first layer of cover,
    and take out the two gangsters closest to you. Then make note of any enemies
    on the ground near explosive barrels. If they are, go ahead and shoot those to
    get quick kills; if not, kill the two enemies atop the water tower. Once you
    have finished with them, head around the right hand side of the building and
    aim toward the barn. There should be three thugs in the doorway and one in the
    loft up top. Kill them all, and head into the barn.
    Here you'll do another breach sequence; however, this was beyond stupidly pro-
    grammed, so instead of the normal just pistol every one in the area. Pistol
    the first few that you can, and then back the hell out of the room and switch
    to your power weapon. With that equipped you can head in and take out the 7 or
    so enemies you couldn't kill in the 2.5 seconds the breach lasted. The one foe
    you should be most wary of is the guy standing up top. Make sure to take him
    out first and the rest should be a breeze. After killing all of the enemies,
    some random brochief will set fire to the barn, so shoot off another lock and
    head out to a new area to do a Team Cover scene. 
    For this Team Cover scene, you're going to actually need to do stuff though.
    You'll post at the first area for a bit before heading to the second cover
    area as there will be several enemies in your way. After this first hurdle
    though it works just like the other Team Cover scenes. Once you've hit the
    last cover section, turn left and shoot the enemy standing in the window. Then
    proceed to head into the house. There will be two enemies standing directly in
    front of you, and three thugs up top. Deal with these how you see fit as they
    (like all the other enemies in this game) aren't very tough to deal with. When
    all the enemies are cleared from the top of the house, you'll be able to vent-
    ture to the basement.
    Another breach sequence awaits you at the bottom of the stairs, this one is
    much more like the ones you've come to know and love. (Read: You can kill all
    the enemies in the sequence.) Follow your waypoint marker through a few rooms
    and you'll reach a supposed dead end. At the left hand side of the room, there
    are two metal shelves that can be moved to reveal the tunnel. Follow the way-
    point markers through the tunnel and you will eventually happen upon some ene-
    mies. The first group will just be a few in the hallway, which are easy enough
    to dispatch. The next will be a small group that has the high ground and have
    shored up behind some crates and rocks. Good thing we've got yet another Team
    Cover scene. After dealing with those enemies, head through the door and head
    through the tunnels, following your waypoint and killing the odd enemy along
    the way.
    You will eventually come upon another enclosed area with several enemies hid-
    ing behind rocks. Use the wall or the first layer of rocks as cover and you
    can take them out easily. Head toward your waypoint and suddenly a random guy
    will yell out that he's blowing up the tunnel. Run like hell straight forward
    and you'll eventually be caught be a rock slide and be separated from your
    partners. Follow your waypoint marker through a long, long corridor of debris
    before finding yourself with your teammates once more. Immediately after find-
    ing them you will come into a slightly opened room with three enemies. Spray
    and pray to take them out easily. Again, continue to follow your waypoint mar-
    ker and you'll find yourself out of the tunnels and in a building. Exit out of
    the only door in the room and go up stairs to begin the trek up to the sur-
    After journeying through several room and up several flights of stairs, you'll
    find yourself at another set of breach doors. Here the quickest way to take
    out the enemies on the ground is by shooting the two exploding barrels and
    then double tapping the remaining few. You should be able to get them during
    the breach itself. After that, there should be a few up on the second floor
    still that should be easy to lure out and kill. Also, in this area is your
    SECRET AGENDA nonsense, so don't get seen doing it. Follow your waypoint up
    the stairs and out the double doors to find yourself on a balcony overlooking
    an area with a group of several enemies.
    You'll be prompted to run down and around the building by following waypoints
    in order to avoid the machine gun fire. This is a good thing because it allows
    you to flank around most of the enemies. For the first section, stay the right
    of the barriers and shoot the enemies directly in front of you. Once they've
    been dealt with, you can turn toward the main battleground. Your biggest pro-
    blem in this next area is going to be that your main cover is cars... which
    explode... often. They generally don't kill you, but the fire that eminates
    from them after words does continuous damage to you. There's several enemies
    on the ground here, and some on the outer edge of upper area of the barn. You
    should focus on a few enemies at a time, so you don't get overwhelmed. Use
    concentration mode if you have it. Also, be very careful of the few armored
    enemies that appear during this section as they will take A LOT of bullets to
    kill, unlike every enemy up till now. Eventually, after hunting down the last
    few straglers that spawn, you'll hit a checkpoint and another convoy of ene-
    mies will appear.
    Three trucks will blast in through the gates, so post up behind some crates,
    and prepare to throw some nades. After you've dwindled their forces a little
    with the explosives, they'll start spreading out; meaning you'll need to start
    attacking normally. These enemies won't take nearly as long as the last group
    and the only troublesome ones are the armed guys posted in the bed of the
    trucks. Once you've dealt with all of them, group up and end this chapter.
                                  Chapter 13 (C13)
    This mission begins with you walking down a street in search of someone when
    suddenly you realize YOU NEED TO KILL THIS OTHER GUY. So sprint off into the
    wild blue yonder (aka the Cemetery) and get ready to fight your way through.
    There's two different groups fighting each other here, so use that to your
    advantage by taking out the ones not paying attention to you first. When you
    first start seeing enemies, don't go up the little staircase, instead use this
    wall as a defensible position. First, take out the few enemies on your left,
    and then take out the larger cluster of enemies in front of you. For the rest
    of your way through the graveyard you have two options: 1) You can do it the
    easy way and just post behind the gravestones killing the group of enemies in
    each major area (around 7 areas total), or 2) You can be a boss and try to
    get through the whole thing in less than 3 minutes. Either way works, but I
    personally just hauled major ass through the entire thing, only taking a few
    seconds to heal and reload. Honestly, this is one of the only areas in the
    game where there's not really a straight-forward, do this do that scenario.
    It's definitely a section of the game determinent upon your play style. I will
    say that you should aim your shots well though if you try and blaze through it
    as any mistimed reloads will cost you dearly.
    Once you've made it through the cemetery, you'll be in a market type looking
    area and will have another Team Cover scene. In the tent at the end will be a
    SECRET ITEM if you'd like to pick it up. After dealing with them, head toward
    your waypoint marker and begin the battle into the church. Initially I thought
    this area was going to be tougher than it really was, but we can use the ene-
    mies stupidity against them. Simply hang back at the lower areas out in the
    open and let the enemies start firing so you know where they are. Now hop back
    into cover and they'll sit there and fire at you. Pop back out to waste all of
    them without letting them have the advantage of the high ground; move up when
    necessary. Once you've defeated all of the enemies here, you'll be able to
    enter the church proper through a breach sequence. This is another of the
    friendly breaches where we can kill everybody with a nicely lined up headshot.
    Afterward, you'll begin to defend the church against waves of enemies, but
    they're all pretty easy. Simply shift between the left and right sides of the
    wall beside the gate and you can take them out as they blindly rush up the
    steps. When it's gets tricky is when Mr. Helicopter comes back to pay a visit.
    As soon as you hear the whirring of his blades, run into the church and grab
    the heavy machine gun from the back. Now you'll play a little waiting game.
    Basically the only good time to shoot him, is when he's in the front of the
    church. So, wait until he's hovering over it and then lay into him until he
    shoots you up too bad; then just hid in the church and regen your health until
    he's made his way back around. It'll take around 7-8 passes, but once you've
    shot him down that's the end of the mission.
                                  Chapter 14 (C14)
    I think this is the only chapter that literally starts off EXACTLY where the
    previous one ended. Still in the church you for some reason breach the doors
    to the outside and take care of a few guys. Then there's a cut scene, followed
    be a car chase scene. I know I've said this several times before and it sounds
    like I'm coping out, but literally all you have to do for the chase scenes are
    follow the people and don't wreck too often. You cannot die. In this one, I
    actually turned around, drove backwards, ran over some people at the blockade,
    and drove back and the car I was chasing was just sitting there. So yeah, it's
    just follow the leader on these.
    Eventually, you'll end up in the center of a town where the person you're pur-
    suing has laid a trap. Hop out of the car and take out the two enemies in
    front of you and head into the building where your waypoint marker is leading
    you. As you unter you'll get a call informing you of your SECRET AGENDA for
    this particular mission. Go through the building and once outside, you'll see
    a few enemies posted on some steps. Finish them off and head up those same
    steps to find an alleyway with several enemies. Take cover behind the first
    stack of boxes and kill them from that position. As you thin out some of the
    ones closest to you, begin to press forward to keep a few from spawning.
    You can use the hallway thing to your right as a nice flanking area, as well
    as a good place to regen health behind the pillars if you need it.
    Follow your waypoint marker around the side of the building and into another
    courtyard with a stairwell. Immediately in front of you, behind some crates,
    are a few more enemies. Takem the out quickly and efficiently. Continue to
    follow the waypoint and you'll see Mendoza fleeing with several enemies around
    him. Shoot the enemies from the walkway above and then head down the ramp to
    the street level. As you reach the waypoint, run to either side of the street
    and into a doorway to avoid being run over by an SUV. Get out of the cover
    quickly though, so you can kill the three enemies getting out of the other SUV
    on ahead. Turn left and head down an alleyway where three enemies will be
    stationed. After taking them out, post at the door for another breach.
    This breach is another of the ones where you can't really tell who's an enemy
    and who's a civilian, so just shoot everyone. Several enemies will rush in
    after the breach and there's a few up on the little second floor over the bar.
    Simply take cover behind any of the pillars to make quick work of this room.
    Follow your waypoint marker until you reach an markety area. Here the enemies
    spawn somewhat randomly from behind the various booths and vendors, so just
    always be on your guard and expect people with machine guns to pop up from be-
    hind the counters. Follow the waypoint marker through the marketplace and you
    will eventually come to a Team Cover operation. Once you've finished with that
    follow the waypoint to the right, but be wary of the enemy that spawns on the
    roof behind you. Turn the corner and shoot the black car to blow it up and the
    enemies around it, then get in the SUV to follow Alvarez. Drive like a madman
    and eventually you'll follow him to the entrance of some fort to end the pen-
    ultimate chapter.
                                  Chapter 15 (C15)
    Okay guys, this is it; you've plodded through this entire train wreck of a
    game for this one reason. The final battle where all your questions (if you
    actually paid attention to the story) will be answered, or you'll just be able
    to say you're the biggest masochist you know for playing through the entire
    game. Either way, suit up with your best guns (you should've hit Level 21 by
    now) and let's get going!
    Like all good final chapters of shooting games, this one begins with another
    breach sequence! So, bust open the doors and blast the first few enemies. This
    little courtyard section is simply a duck and cover routine. Shoot the enemies
    and hide behind the statues as you progress up the field. Once you're about
    half up the rows, a car will emerge from the now opened gate. Fire at the
    driver and passenger and then pretty much just spray the entire car with bul-
    lets as a shit ton of enemies spawn right around there. Moving forward into
    the next section of the courtyard, there's even more enemies here as well. A
    good strategy for the beginning is just stand in the middle and aim as they
    all file in and switch sides. Then after some thugs start coming in from
    either side, strafe across the yard, using the columns as cover. After you've
    dispatched several enemies, go right and head up a set of stairs to find a few
    more enemies on higher ground and use this place as a nice flanking point.
    Once you've cleared the enemies out from this second area, there will be an-
    other breach scene, one that actually makes sense this time as it's going into
    his house. This is another simple one though and you should be able to get
    most, if not all, of the enemies before time expires. Now, head up the stairs
    and open the double doors at the top. Once you open them, head immediately to
    the room on your left and melee the guy trying to leave. Then cross over to
    the room on your right and aim down into the next room to kill two goons. Head
    into that room to appear behind the three guys barricaded with crates. Kill
    them and get a checkpoint.
    Head through the room and down a hallway, (you'll get a phone call detailing
    the last of the SECRET AGENDAS you have to do) follow your waypoint marker
    into another courtyard area. Here there will be a large group of enemies
    stationed toward the back of the yard. Post up next to the right pillar and
    use it as cover as you methodically take out the gangsters. Head into the next
    building and immediately turn left and fire at the three thugs that are about
    to pop out. Head into the room on your right, and then look out of the door
    and into the room opposite of you to take out two unsuspecting goons with
    shotguns. Continue to follow your waypoint marker to a large double door.
    Yay! Another breach sequence. This one is another of the few where it's impos-
    sible to actually kill all the enemies in the sequence. So, once you've left
    the slo-mo, hide behind the first column that you see and systematically kill
    the thugs hanging out around the garden. This is probably the single longest
    battle in the game. There's a ton of enemies that spawn in the area slightly
    below you, there's several standing in the gazebo type thing in the back, and
    they spawn a few from both sides of the area. Basically, your best bet here is
    to just pop out of cover every so often and shoot at the ones currently expos-
    ing themselves. Other than that just don't be too aggressive here.
    Having defeated all the enemies you'll trigger a checkpoint and yet another of
    this games's famous chopper fights. The best strategy here is as follows: grab
    the light machine gun and wait for the chopper to make his appearance. Then
    spring over to the right side of the area where there's an elevated area with
    columns. Here you can see all the enemies that spawn on the second floor. Take
    them out first and then hide behind the columns. When you see the chopper fly-
    ing back toward where you grabbed the light machine gun (where you're partners
    are) step out from behind cover and let loose. Keeping shooting it until it
    fires both it's rockets at you. They'll knock you to the ground but you won't
    die. Once you've gotten back up, hide again, and wash, rinse, repeat. Once the
    chopper is down, take out any remaining enemies and head toward the open door
    where your waypoint marker is to trigger a cutscene.
    Magically transported out of said doorway, head right back up to it as there
    is now a government issue attack drone attacking you. Sprint through the next
    several waypoint markers in the various gazebos to avoid dying at the hands of
    the attack drone. Eventually you'll find yourself in another building and Al-
    varez is fleeing. Two enemies will spawn, but take them out quickly to avoid
    getting worked by the drone. Head down the stairs and into the garage to find
    several enemies stationed there. Simply blow up one of the cars to start a
    chain reaction and kill them all. Turn left and head out into another small
    courtyard. Run across it and head down into cellar area where you'll have a
    convenient three way split. It doesn't matter which door you choose because
    you end up right back with your partners within like 2 seconds of splitting
    up, you do however get a call from Dickson who was the mastermind of this and
    the cartel's inside man this entire time (SHOCKER!). You'll have a waypoint
    marker at a door a little ways into the cellar, so open it and get ready for
    the most important decision (and the only one) in the game. Basically you can
    either kill your teammates for being lying sons of bitches (oh wow, what's
    this, you've been pitted against each other? called that in chapter 1) or try
    not to fight. I wanted to kill these douchebags since the first second they
    opened their mouth so I went into another shooting scene, I don't know if
    choosing the other option will allow you to not fight and end the game or not,
    but it's basically the choice of saving yourself the effort of having to play
    this atrocious game for any longer or getting the satisfaction of killing your
    dumbass partners. Regardless of your choice once you've killed your partners
    or you work things out that's the end of the game!
                               Closing Comments (CLC)
    Congratulations, after you watch the very unsatisfactory ending to this com-
    plete abomination of a game you never have to play it again! Hopefully my
    guide helped you through any parts you were having trouble with or helped you
    out in some other way. I'm sorry to say that I don't have much to say for the
    end of this particular game as I was so thankful to be done with it, I'm legit
    going to trade this in at GameStop as soon as I finish typing these closing
    words. Which is right this second.
    Till next time ~kliqIMB

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