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    FAQ/Walkthrough by IceQueenZer0

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    -------------------------- [ CALL OF JUAREZ: THE CARTEL ] ---------------------
    ---------------------------------[by Ice Queen Zero]---------------------------
    ----------------------------- [ XBOX 360/Playstaion 3 ]------------------------
    I bet you were thinking I wasn't going to FAQ this game weren't you. To tell
    the truth I didn't think I would either but lets not forget, I FAQ'd WET. Now I
    know this game didn't live to the hype like the previous two games in the series
    but so what lets get this show on the road.
    Call of Juarez: The Cartel and its characters are trademarks of Ubisoft and all
    copyrights belong to them.
    This FAQ/Walkthrough is the sole copyright of Andrea "Azul Fria" Castillo aka
    Ice Queen Zero (or the Zophar Queen if you prefer) and cannot be put on other
    sites or posted without my given permission nor can it be reproduced w/o proper
    For more guides by myself visit this link:
    When a Mexican drug cartel bombs a US law enforcement agency, the US government
    put together a special task force to bring them down. As you fight to dismantle
    the Cartel and unravel the mystery of the bombing, you'll embark on an epic,
    bloody road trip from the streets of Los Angeles to Ciudad Juarez. Protect your
    witness and put an end to the Cartel by any means necessary in this modern day
    Western shooter.
         MEET THE CAST
    You play as one of three characters:
    Ben McCall
    Agency: Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD)
    Age: 57
    Weapons of Choice: Revolvers, pistols, heavy machine guns.
    A 30-year veteran. Two-time winner of the Medal of Valor. Ben McCall is a tough,
    hard-nosed detective who isn't intimidated by anyone. He has a score to settle
    with the Mendoza Cartel and wouldn't mind an opportunity to exact some sweet
    revenge. McCall's intention is to uphold the law...but he doesn't mind crossing
    a moral boundary or two in the name of justice.
    Kim Evans
    Agency: Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)
    Age: 25
    Weapons of Choice: Rifles, sniper rifles
    Kim Evans is no stranger to violence. After growing up in the streets of South
    Central LA and experiencing the gang-related deaths of her two older brothers,
    she worked her way out of poverty; first earning a full-ride scholarship to
    college and then landing a coveted spot in a new training program with the FBI.
    She is an intelligent, street-savvy agent who knows how to get the job done.
    Ruthless with a rifle, she demands respect from her partners, and will stop at
    nothing to bring the Cartel leaders to their knees.
    Eddie Guerra
    Agency: Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA)
    Age: 37
    Weapons of Choice: Submachine guns, rifles, shotguns
    After growing up on the streets of East LA and seving his country in Iraq, Eddie
    Guerra has established himself as one of the top DEA agents in the country. A
    smooth-talking ladies' man and renowned gambler, Guerra is a risk taker in all
    aspects of his life. He has no qualms about taking out bad guyys and lives by
    the motto "the end justifies the means."
    X|[] button = Action
    Y|/\ button = Reload/Car Light
    B|() button = Crouch
    A|>< button = Jump/Hand Brake
    RB|R1 button = Fire
    RT|R2 button = Change Weapon/Akimbo/Accelerate
    RS|R3 button = Melee
    LB|L1 button = Zoom/Horn/Fire left gun in dual pistol mode
    LT|L2 button = Grenade/Flash Bang/Brake
    LS|L3 button = Run
    Start button = Menu
    Select button = Player Menu
    Up: Zoom in
    Down: Zoom out
    Left: Concentration mode
    Left Analog
    Up/Down: Forward Backward
    Left/Right: Strafe/Steer Car
    Right Analog
    Up/Down: Look Up/Down
    Left/Right: Turn Left Right
    X|[] button = Action
    Y|/\ button = Reload/Car Light
    B|() button = Crouch
    A|>< button = Jump/Hand Brake
    RB|R1 button = Zoom/Horn/Fire right gun in dual pistol mode
    RT|R2 button = Grenade/Flash Bang/Brake
    RS|R3 button = Run
    LB|L1 button = Fire
    LT|L2 button = Change Weapon/Akimbo/Accelerate
    LS|L3 button = Melee
    Start button = Menu
    Select button = Player Menu
    Up: Zoom in
    Down: Zoom out
    Left: Concentration mode
    Left Analog
    Up/Down: Forward Backward
    Left/Right: Strafe/Steer Car
    Right Analog
    Up/Down: Look Up/Down
    Left/Right: Turn Left Right
    There are other ones too. Change the controls to your liking in options mode.
    First, adjust the gamma until the star is barely visible on the screen.
    New Game: Begin the game from the start.
    Contine: Load a previously saved game from the Campaign.
    Multiplayer: Play as a cop or as a gangster, pit against one another in gang
    Options: Customize your game options.
    Uplay: Ubisoft Entertainment's gaming univers. Discover extras, unlockables, and
    Credits: View the game's credits.
    Audio: Music, SFX, and Speech Volume, Subtitles ON/OFF, VoiceOver and Subtitles
           in English, French, or Spanish
    Gamma Adjustment aka Brightness
    Controls:ButtonsLayout (Default, Southpaw, Preset 2/3/4, Preset 2/3/4 Southpaw)
    Left and Right Stick Layout (Default, Southpaw, Legacy, Legacy
             Invert Y Axis (Off/On)
             Left and Right Stick Sensitivity
             Look Dead Zone
             Vibration (On/Off)
             Auto Aim (On/Off)
    Game: Easy, Medium, or Hard
    Damage: 14/20
    Rate: 10/20
    Accuracy: 14/20
    Range: 16/20
    Damage: 10/20
    Rate: 20/20
    Accuracy: 10/20
    Range: 12/20
    Damage: 10/20
    Rate: 18/20
    Accuracy: 8/20
    Range: 12/20
    Damage: 16/20
    Rate: 6/20
    Accuracy: 16/20
    Range: 18/20
    Damage: 19/20
    Rate: 6/20
    Accuracy: 8/20
    Range: 6/20
    Damage: 12/20
    Rate: 16/20
    Accuracy: 14/20
    Range: 16/20
    Damage: 18/20
    Rate: 8/20
    Accuracy: 7/20
    Range: 6/20
    Damage: 16/20
    Rate: 12/20
    Accuracy: 18/20
    Range: 16/20
    Damage: 14/20
    Rate: 16/20
    Accuracy: 14/20
    Range: 14/20
    Damage: 14/20
    Rate: 10/20
    Accuracy: 14/20
    Range: 16/20
    Damage: 14/20
    Rate: 16/20
    Accuracy: 10/20
    Range: 10/20
    Damage: 18/20
    Rate: 8/20
    Accuracy: 10/20
    Range: 8/20
    Damage: 20/20
    Rate: 6/20
    Accuracy: 20/20
    Range: 20/20
    Damage: 20/20
    Rate: 8/20
    Accuracy: 8/20
    Range: 6/20
    Damage: 14/20
    Rate: 14/20
    Accuracy: 12/20
    Range: 12/20
    Damage: 10/20
    Rate: 16/20
    Accuracy: 12/20
    Range: 12/20
    Model 29
    Damage: 16/20
    Rate: 10/20
    Accuracy: 16/20
    Range: 12/20
    Damage: 16/20
    Rate: 12/20
    Accuracy: 14/20
    Range: 14/20
    Damage: 16/20
    Rate: 13/20
    Accuracy: 14/20
    Range: 14/20
    Damage: 17/20
    Rate: 12/20
    Accuracy: 13/20
    Range: 13/20
    Damage: 14/20
    Rate: 14/20
    Accuracy: 15/20
    Range: 15/20
    Damage: 18/20
    Rate: 12/20
    Accuracy: 14/20
    Range: 10/20
    Damage: 18/20
    Rate: 10/20
    Accuracy: 14/20
    Range: 12/20
    Damage: 14/20
    Rate: 12/20
    Accuracy: 14/20
    Range: 10/20
    Damage: 14/20
    Rate: 12/20
    Accuracy: 16/20
    Range: 16/20
    Damage: 14/20
    Rate: 14/20
    Accuracy: 14/20
    Range: 14/20
    Damage: 10/20
    Rate: 16/20
    Accuracy: 16/20
    Range: 10/20
    Five Seven
    Damage: 10/20
    Rate: 16/20
    Accuracy: 14/20
    Range: 12/20
    Note: The walkthrough is based on me playing the first time around. I will list
    the secret items after each chapter as I replayed some chapters to get them.
    The character I use in this Walkthrough is Kim Evans. So all secret items apply
    only to her.
    The game starts with a car chase where you automatically play as Ben and you and
    your partners are in a car driven by Dempsey and taking fire from enemy cars.
    Shift the Left Analog to the left to lean out of the window and fire at the
    vehicle. You can't really die in this scene. It looks there is an accident at
    the end before it cuts out to a flashback happening three weeks earlier. It
    explains the formation of the trio and the point of the game. Ben, the suspect
    Tony Alvarez and the victim Patrick Stone all served in Vietnam together.
    Chapter 1 - Plantation (4 Secret Items)
    You replay the prologue again and go through the briefing again. The trio and
    the witness Jess Stone drive down the street and stop to see Patrick's funeral
    then drive off. DA General Joseph B Reynolds gives a briefing of the bombing in
    front of the news media and declairs war on the Mendoza Cartel.
    -Sequoia National Park-
    Go to the car and load your weapons. Enter the car to start the mission. Use the
    RT|R2 button to drive and the LT|L2 button to brake and reverse. Be sure not to
    take any hard hits in the car or the mission will fail. The mission will also
    fail if you drive too far off course. Follow the white dots to get to the area
    you need to go. Soon you'll come up on a dirt road which you will follow to the
    end point. You'll know you're close when Eddie mentions where says get ready to
    turn. Once you reach your destination, the three of you exit the car and come
    upon heavy fire. Hold R2 to into dual pistol mode. Take cover and shoot the bad
    guys or let your teammates do the work then follow the markings up the mountain.
    You come upon a shitload of marijuana that ya'll plan to torch. Your new plan is
    to reach the main marijuana spot but you got to shoot your way to it. You'll
    notice wearing a whack ass Obama mask Eddie is wearing. Once inside the tent,
    detonate the Semtex by walking up the shiny plate and plant the bomb then book
    it out before it blows up. Do the same for the next tent. Now tag the place with
    gang sign to make it look like a rival gang did the dirty deed. Eddie gets high
    off the burning weed. Ti ji ji~!! ^v^
    Use the markers to spot where the tag spots are and press X|[] button to spray
    paint the tags. There are 3 total. Head back to the car and shoot your way to
    the car. This is a good idea to get points to towards your Heat trophy. Blow up
    as many cars as you can then enter your own car and drive off. Concentrate on
    driving and staying alive. At one point, a big rid will eliminate a car that is
    purposely blocking your path. Drive off through the gate and run over an enemy
    to get points towards your driving lessons trophy. Once you get to a certain
    point, exit the vehicle. The gang is looking for you now. Head towards the 2nd
    marijuana base. Shoot anyone that comes towards you. Once they are all down,
    follow the points and you can hear gangsters talking. When you get close, they
    will see you and start attacking. Fight through the enemy fields. Blow up two
    more tents and spray three more tags. Now get to the foresters lodge. On the way
    to the lodge, watters will call and tell you to look out for Ben's behavior. You
    come across an enemy stronghold. Defeat everyone and continue towards the lodge.
    Don't fall off the cliff or you'll die. To get there, use the zipline to ride
    all the way across.
    Shoot your way through the fields then open one of the houses, then do a run and
    jump onto the platform and get a secret item from inside. Be careful not to let
    one of your buddies catch you stealing items or they'll question you about it.
    Whenever you see an eye icon pop up, that means a secret item is nearby. Follow
    the points to where the plant bomb areas are and blow up both areas. In all, you
    got two items to steal in this area then head to the next. Use the covers that
    are indicated to you then kill everyone on the porch and enter the house. Use
    the team entry and as the time expires, bust in to activate it and kill the two
    thugs inside then get ready to fight the chopper. Look for an M72 Law box and
    use it to shoot rockets and the chopper and whatever you do, don't shoot the
    ground or you'll blast yourself dead. A couple good and the chopper is destroyed
    and Chapter 1 is finished.
    Secret Items:
    1. Ride down the zipline and go left and walk in that direction.
    2. On the porch of one of the houses.
    3. Inside a house, where you can run and jump on the back porch and enter.
    4. Plant a bomb under one of the houses and it is nearby.
    Chapter 2 - Gang Bang (6 items)
    There is a news report on the Mysterious Fire in Sequoia. Walk over to the gang
    hideout. You get a call from watters to confiscate any guns and give it back to
    the FBI. Cross the streets and get the weapons before your partners do. Open the
    gate and cross the street to enter the alleyway, watters calls again and wants
    you to plant a bug in the Rolling 50s house (new secret agenda) without being
    seen by your partners. Walk up to the house and open the door and steal the gang
    money. Knock out three thugs. Run around the house and open one of the doors to
    lure your partners inside. Steal the item inside quickly as your partners will
    stay in that room while you run around stealing a couple more items and taking
    care of your secret agenda. You can earn the None of Your Business Trophy/AP by
    loading the next checkpoint and doing it again. Rejoin your partners and take
    the money. Tag three spots in the place and a gang will arrive. Now you got to
    shoot your way out to safety. You definitly earn more HEAT points and even earn
    the trophy in this level easily. After blowing up any cars you can, run inside
    and defend the hideout. After enough guys die, you are free to advance. Kill 40
    enemies for the bad guy trophy. You can get another item from one of the nearby
    houses. Whatever you do, don't shoot those who are running. They are unarmed and
    are deemed innocent hence the green recticle. When you get into the parking lot,
    shoot the cars to kill most of the enemies. This earns points towards "Chain
    Reaction" You'll come across a vehicle with flashing handles. Enter the van and
    drive off. Gangsters will start shooting at you. Run over as many of them as you
    can for Driving Lessons points and escape to the highway.
    Secret Items:
    1, 2, and 3. They are all in different rooms of the first house you enter.
    4. Next house you go to, it's in one of the rooms there.
    5. There is a building with a dumpster nearby, search for it in the building.
    6. Before you start the drive scene, it's somewhere along a wall.
    Chapter 3 - Candy Store (6 items)
    A news reports plays and says that the War on Drugs is a bust and Ron Lindsay
    is running for US Senate. He wants to decriminalize drugs and tax them.
    Choose your guns then open the door to exit lobby. Exit the vehicle and run to
    the Candystore, let Eddie talk everybody in and follow Dolores to the table. Go
    look around the place for the strippers and steal whatever you can. The one that
    Eddie speaks to will reveal the location of Tina. She is upstairs in the VIP
    section. Go upstairs and interrogate her. Two guards will allow you through and
    there is another secret item nearby. watters will call in and say there may be
    some weapons somewhere. That is your Hidden Agenda here. Open the door behind
    your partners and get the secret item off the couch then go in the room across
    the hall and interrogate the hooker whose name is Raven. Now go find Tina. Go
    inside the next room and interrogate the next hooker who says she is upstairs.
    The hooker calls out to Jorge. Knock him flat on his ass then go upstairs. Get
    ready to knock out some bouncers. Tina is in one of the rooms. Interrogate her
    and he'll reveal the owner Javier is upstairs and responsible for Nicole's
    disappearance. You can get the secret item after the cutscene as your partners
    won't bother you.
    Get into position and bust into the place. Shoot the three gang members inside
    and now you got to chase Javier. Run down through the outside and wait for the
    words "Chase him down" Then wait for your partners to approach then run back and
    fulfill you secret agenda. Shoot any enemies you can then use a grenade on the
    people on the stairs if you have one. Once downstairs, don't shoot the innocents
    as they are ducking for cover. Javier will send his men after you. Head through
    the exit and use the team cover after all men are dead. Shoot everyone in sight
    during the slow motion then finish everyone else off. Chase Javier down and
    watch out for civilians. Shoot the enemies then use the Team Cover motion. Kill
    the enemies and move on. Shooting the tanker won't blow it up so don't bother
    trying to do it. Follow the dots and cross the street. Enter the bunkers and gun
    down more gangsters that are inside of them. Soon you chase down Javier. Catch
    him within the alotted time. Don't kill Javier. He gets beat up badly by our
    trio and he confesses to where Nicole is. Use the action button to beat him down
    yourself. End Chapter 3.
    Secret Items:
    1. Look around downstairs at the beginning to find it.
    2. A room on the 2nd floor
    3. A room on the 3rd floor.
    4. By a green car in the parking lot.
    5 and 6. You may notice the eye pop up while exploring inside the Candy Store
             but they are out of reach as they are outside the club. One is on a
             bench in the garage the other other is to your right as you get out.
             I assume these are the two that you couldn't get from in the club.
    Chapter 4 - The Docks (6 items)
    Kimberly and watters have a phone chat and she is to moniter McCall. Drive up
    to the gate and smash through it. You come under heavy fire, drive forward and
    to the left and exit the car. Duck behind the crates and fire at any enemy in
    range. Once they are all dead, go inside the building  and open the gate. Now
    follow the cops to the next spot and exit the car. Use the cover techniques then
    follow your partner on foot to the next spot. Now I love the game cliche of "if
    it is read, it explodes when shot" so shoot any red barrels you see to blow up
    any bad guys nearby. When they're all dead, go through the red building and you
    get a new objective to find the girls. You'll see your partners taking cover so
    you run through the opening and notice its empty. Steal the item after the other
    two go inside then go up the stairs. Shoot the two guys there and kill the guys
    on the top floor. Proceed through the opening. It's all clear, but as you turn
    the corner, enemies attack from outside but they won't harm you. Steal the item
    in the next room. Go outside and make your way down the staircase and take cover
    as you kill some more bad guys. Now you must locate the warehouse where there
    are girls being held. Now this is bullshit. We got a guy with a fucking RPG
    that is real deadly and can kill you in one shot. Even cover won't save you. The
    trick is to let one of your partners take care of the guy then advance ahead to
    kill the others.
    watters calls in and says that there is a big drug shipment going down and no
    one not even Eddie is supposed to see you handle it. Meet up with your partners
    and a sniper will shoot at ya'll. Move back and forth to lure the shots while
    Ben takes him out. Once he is taken care of, duck off to the left and finish
    everyone else off in that area. Enter the warehouse. The secret agenda is in
    this area. Take care of it then sneak off upstairs while you kill any one up
    there and let your partners finish the rest. Follow them to the next spot to
    where Ben says they have to search the building. Steal the item before you go
    ahead. Your partners take cover. Open the door and blast anyone in sight. Shoot
    the guys on the roof from afar. Open the door and go upstairs, run across the
    balcony and everything is clear. Run to the gate and you will notice the fence
    that you must shoot the thugs from. You'll get the Alba Varden Trophy/AP as out
    of nowhere there are explosions. Run away from the explosions to stay alive.
    Fight your way to the warehouse by using the team cover. Kill the people inside
    of the station then proceed to the next warehouse. Kill the enemies here and go
    to the van where some girls are rescued. Use the Team Entry on the next area
    and use a grenade on those inside if you got one. Proceed ahead after you kill
    everyone off then open the door. One bad guy throws a grenade at you so back
    off quick. Kill everyone in this room then enter the next room and the hostages
    are saved.
    Secret Items:
    1. This one is a can't miss as your path leads to it.
    2. There is a generator in a room uptairs of the building the path leads to.
    3. Look for it on a crate on the other of a door that leads to the next area.
    4. You will see it in a room upstairs in the next area.
    5. Enter the garage after using Team Cover and its on a crate.
    6. After you save the girls, use Team Entry then its in a room on the right.
    Chapter 5 - Grab Bag (2 items)
    Jenna Collins gives a report of Sex and Drugs in Los Angeles. Chase after the
    car and try to catch up to it within 80 seconds. Concentrate on driving fast and
    not crashing into anyone. Deon will call in the middle of the drive and give you
    a secret agenda but don't let that distract you while driving. Once you see the
    car, the next cutscene will play. Alvarez is spotted. Run towards the gang and
    start blasting. Don't shoot the guy that is running. Keep shooting everyone till
    you get the signal to get in the car and chase down the money trail vehicle.
    Stay on the vehicles tail until the next cutsene. There will be an overturend
    fuel truck. Kill the enemies here. Chase after Alverez and watters will call and
    tell Kim to let Alvarez go as he is the informant inside the FBI. Kim wasn't
    supposed to know that. Alvarez gets away and Kim saves Eddie and Ben.
    There are blown up cars everywhere. Shoot your way to a car that is in good
    condition. Kill off enough enemies then take the sack of cash and bring it to
    the SUV. Drive away from the area down the area down the dirt road and once you
    make it back to the highway, this level is over.
    Secret Items:
    1. It's on the staircase before you turn the corner.
    2. As you chase Alvarez, look for it on a crate.
    Chapter 6 - Convoy (2 items)
    Kim and Jessica have a small conversation about her father and the situation
    that him, Ben, and Alvarez were in. Kim discusses moving Jessica to somewhere
    Run downstairs and get in the car. Dempsey will be driving so you can some gun
    firing yourself. Long story short, you will be replaying the prologue level when
    you get on the highway only this time you can die and you can see the aftermath
    of the Prologue which is basically surviving until you get off the highway and
    earn the Rubber Duck Trophy/AP and then you crash. Dempsey dies in the crash.
    Now you got to get Jess to the hideout, run with your partners then kill the
    enemies coming from behind. Run in the building then back out the other side.
    Protect Jessica until Eddie brings in a car. He will drive everyone off. The
    level ends.
    Secret Items:
    1. Once you finish driving, look for it near a doorway outside.
    2. Exit the first building and look for it near a dumpster.
    Chapter 7 - Jess Hideout LA (6 items)
    While Jessica, Ben, and Eddie go in one direction, you go in the opposite and
    run up the building to the roof. Knock out the two thugs there. After they are
    knocked out, continue to the top. watters will call you and inform you about the
    incident that Donleavy was charged with but cleared. watters wants you to keep
    Donleavy on a short leash. At the end of the balcony, Kim keeps watch on the
    other three. watters calls in and says Donleavy is working for the cartel and is
    going to kill Jessica. Shoot Donleavy before that happens. He is the guy with
    the circle that marks him. The others think that Alvarez killed Donleavy and now
    Jessica is on the run. watters calls in again and says to keep your partners in
    the dark about shooting him. Get into position and protect Jessica with your
    sniper rifle. Shoot the thugs until they are all dead then head to the next spot
    on the map and use the board to hop to the next building and do it again. You'll
    see Jess run by eventually. Get down and chase after her. You might run past or
    shoot a few enemies but only deal with the ones who are a danger. Rejoin your
    partners then kill anyone who gets in your way.
    Use your team cover then kill as many people as you can to add to your Trophy/AP
    for Move Moving. Enter the building behind your last cover spot. Join up with
    your partners and get ready for another fight. There is another secret item that
    is nearby. Get it when your partners aren't looking then rejoin the fight. These
    guys are relentless here. They attack from everywhere. Clear them out as much as
    you can break to the waypoint. Jess is not there so run and open the exit then
    go right to end the level.
    Secret Items:
    1. Before you enter the building, look for it on a garbage bin to the right.
    2. While chasing Jessica, hop two roofs and look for it afterwards.
    3. Come down the staircase, and look for it by a garbage bin to the left.
    4. Proceed down the path and you will find it behind a van on a garbage can.
    5. When you are fighting, you'll see a forklift and a ramp. You'll see the eye
       icon pop up. Follow it to the item.
    6. Inside the warehouse, near where you meet up with your partners.
    Chapter 8 - Disco (6 items)
    Kim's brother tells her about a guy named Jesus to look for. The team set out to
    find him. Run un up the stairs and get in the building and run up the stairs. Go
    into position and the trio busts in and makes Flaco's date run off. They force
    him to make a call then they leave. Run back to the car and the trio listens in
    on a conversation then a car pulls up. After Jorge and Flaco talk, Jorge will
    kill Flaco. Drive off and follow the green car but keep a distance. Kim's bro
    will call again. Boy did he pick a bad time. You got to avoid running over the
    civilians. Follow the car until you exit the vehicle and chase after the thugs
    on foot. Knock out the two bouncers then run down the alleyway then knock out
    the bouncers in the back. Get the secret item then go inside the nightclub and
    find Jesus. Meet up with your partners and open the red door. Try to get Ben
    and Eddie into the Disco area before stealing the secret item. Make your way to
    the VIP area upstairs and knock out the bouncer outside then knock out the one
    inside then watch the dancer for 30 seconds for the Peeper trophy. Meet up with
    your partners for the next cutscene where you meet up with Jorge and Jesus. A
    shootout occurs.
    Shoot everyone downstairs then carefully rush upstairs and kill everyone there.
    Get the secret item then a secret agenda will pop up to free the prisoner. Ben
    and Eddie will never notice you freeing him. Shoot the restraints around his
    hands to do so. Get into team entry mode once you join back up with your gang.
    Kill as many people as you can without shooting the civilians then use the team
    cover to kill the guys in the back. Use another team entry to kill more enemies
    then go after Jesus. There is a bad guy outside by the sign and another one that
    is behind some crates. Deal with them then head for the stairs. You can get a
    good vantage point by running down to end of the first flight of stairs up to
    the then end then duck down. You can kill anyone running within range of your
    gun and avoid being shot by bullets. Once everyone is dead, go down the other
    flight of stairs to the bottom. Get the secret item then head for the car. A
    helicopter will crash and you got more enemies to dispose of. Blow up the cars
    to get rid of most of them easily. Use theam cover in the next area. Get in the
    car and chase the suspect's car down the highway. The civilians cannot drive
    worth shit as they constantly get in your way. Avoid the rockets being shot by
    the car and when you catch up to the vehicle, Jesus gets interrogated and talks
    about a man named Duke.
    Secret Items:
    1. Look for it after you knock out a couple bouncers. It will be in back of the
    2. It will be in the lobby. Try to get Eddie and Ben to go inside the disco area
    3. Go upstairs and turn left and its on a table.
    4. You will have a gunfight after meeting Jesus then go upstairs and its on a
    5. Before it comes time to enter a truck, look for it on a garbage can.
    6. After #5, look for it on a pile of garbage.
    Chapter 9 - Ghost Town (4 items)
    The trio meets up with Duke with Eddie masquerading as Jesus. Alvarez shows up
    and pretends not to know who they are when he actually does. While you go off
    with Alvarez, take the SVD and shoot one of the skulls. Alvarez will confide
    with Kim that he knows of the trio's identity and wants to cut a deal with them
    in exchange for Jessica's life. Shoot down the other skulls. The gang meets up
    and are sent to kill the Arana hostages let loose to fight you. Hunt the vatos
    down and shoot them. Get to the saloon to help Duke. Dean calls in and wants an
    antique gun for a collection. Ben reveals that he is afraid of heights. You'll
    eventually come across a RPG shooter. Shoot him from afar with a long-range
    weapon or let your partners do it. Also be careful not to fall into any ditches.
    Get in the saloon and shoot as many people as you can before you run away from
    the city or in this case run to the car and end the level.
    Secret Items:
    1. By the white hummer
    2. Pump Basin
    3. Building Entrance on ground
    4. On crates to left just before you go out to face the RPG shooter.
    Chapter 10 - Lincoln Motel (6 items)
    Kim and Alvarez chats about killing Jesus. Get your gear and enter the Motel.
    Gangsters will wake up the gang and start blasting then they storm inside. You
    got to survive the onslaught as you wait for help. When you're partners are
    waiting for you, that is your cue to come downstairs. Now you got to go where
    Jesus is being locked. Try to find which doors will let you open them. One of
    those rooms contains a secret item. Rejoin the fight and as you approach, the
    secret agenda activates. Shoot your way to the hotel room and get the item while
    the ruckus is going on. Run over to the construction and activate the checkpoint
    then fight your way through to where Jesus is. There is a secret item next to
    one of the portapotties. Enter the house and kill the enemies inside and if you
    care for the secret items, try working your way to the left of the house for a
    secret item there then return to the path. Use the team cover to get to the bad
    guys shooting from the top floor of the building. Once inside get into position
    for team entry and start blasting. Clear the scene and get the secret item from
    the generators on the left. Go into the next room and you may see a secret item
    blocked by boards. Shoot them away then get the item when safe. That's the last
    of the secret items now head to the house where Jesus is and you hear talking
    going on. Shoot everyone down with Team Entry.
    Next task is to evacuate Jesus. Drive through the waypoints and if you want some
    points towards Driving Lessons, this is the time to do it. If you take too much
    damage but survive, let the cars move ahead of you to keep distance away from
    you. They will not turn back so once they are gone, you are home free then you
    can drive through some barricades and they'll be a crash. Chase down Jesus and
    don't let him escape. Catch him in time to complete the level.
    Secret Items:
    1. Inside one of the bottom motels rooms on the right side.
    2. There will be a motel room where there is a long hall it will be in the last
       room. The best way to identify the motel is that it is the first one you will
       see when it comes time to rescue Jesus.
    3. Next to one of the portapotties.
    4. From #3, enter the next house and work your way to the left and get the item
       on top of the wood.
    5. Use team entry, then when clear look for the generators on the left and that
       is where it is.
    6. Inside the unfinished house, there is a room all boarded up. Shoot away the
       boards and get the item when no one is looking.
    Chapter 11 - Ciudad Juarez (2 items)
    Ben takes Jesus out of the car to exchange him for Jessica and during the middle
    of the trade off both Jessica and Jesus end up getting shot dead by Alvarez. Use
    the sniper rifles to kill the four gunmen then Ben is in trouble while the other
    enemies come after you and Eddie. Shoot your way down the mountain and you will
    see a secret item in plain sight. Meet up with Eddie and there is a helicopter
    that is stepping on the scene. Take one of the cars and drive over to Ben. You
    will get the Highway Patrol award around this time. Alvarez will call during the
    drive so don't loose concentration. Get the other secret item by the Blue van
    and head to the trailer. Shoot at every person you see. Try blowing the cars up
    for better results. You need to use the M60 to blow up the copter. With the cars
    gone, you will only have the copter to worry about. Duck into one of the corners
    and try to shoot at the copter as much as possible. It will make a couple big
    explosion noises before it is finally destroyed with the next set of bullets.
    Once it is destroyed make your way to Jess. She starts coughing up blood then
    says Eddie has the key before she dies. Jessica is laid to rest and the point of
    the game has turned to shit now as all three cops are showing dissension. They
    mention something about Eagle Pass.
    Secret Items:
    1. You can't miss this when shooting your way down the mountain.
    2. Look for it behind the blue van.
    Chapter 12 - Fort (6 items)
    The crew discover an old recording from Patrick Stone concerning the conspiracy
    going on that includes Dixon. Eventually Alvarez calls and Ben asks where to
    deliver the blood money. Drive to the fort and exit the vehicle. Eddie talks to
    the guy at the gate and the shooting starts. Shoot the lock off. Shoot at all
    the bad guys. There are some on the water tower too. The secret item is there as
    well. Get inside the barn and shoot everyone above you. Use team entry to get in
    the next area then mow then suckers down. Once everyone is dead, it turns out to
    be a trap. Shoot the lock off and break out of the barn. Use team cover to get
    inside the house. Kill everyone inside then kill whoever is left outside and
    head for the basement. There is a secret item in the upstairs bathroom. Open the
    basement door to see someone running by. Kill everyone inside and look at the
    bookcases and move them aside and enter the tunnel.
    Run through the tunnel and use the waypoints to make your way through the maze.
    You'll hear Mexicans talking. Take the time to shoot one of them in cold blood
    then kill the rest of them. Fight your way outside the tunnel and watch out for
    a ditch in the middle of one of the areas. When you cross into Mexico, you earn
    the award. The Mexicans have booby trapped the tunnel. Just keep running until
    the cave collapses then try to make your way out of the debris. Once you join
    up with your team, open the door and get the secret item. Run through the fort
    and use the team cover when you get to that spot. Kill everyone in the courtyard
    and go upstairs. There is a secret item in the room above the entrance. Rejoin
    your partners and open the door. Run to the the right and down the stairs. The
    Ladder Goat movies is off in the corner by the bushes. Avoid the machinegun fire
    as you shoot down everyone else. There is one more secret item in the area. Once
    everyone is dead you can stock up on grenades to the fullest before the chapter
    Secret Items:
    1. Near the water tower.
    2. On way to the house, it's around a shed on the left.
    3. Upstairs bathroom toilet.
    4. Exit the tunnel and to the right.
    5. Room above courtyard entrance.
    6. By one of the barns next to the left burned van.
    Chapter 13 - Cemetery (4 items)
    I know this is cheating but if you use the invincibility cheat, then run through
    the level to get the Tomb Raider award.
    For the honest players, run into the cemetery through the left side after the
    cars pass by you. Shoot your way pass any men you see in your way as most of the
    enemies are shooting at each other. You'll eventually find a Virgin Mary statue
    with some headstones to the right of it. Get the secret item then proceed to run
    after Juan. As you see the stairs, run up to them and you will see Virgin Mary
    at the end. This area contains a secret item on the right side. Watters calls in
    and asks you plant a GPS bug. Fight to the gate and open it. Run to the Hummer
    and plant the bug. Use the team cover to waste anybody in sight. You must do so
    in order to proceed.
    Juan has ran into the church. Fight your way up the many set of stairs. There is
    a secret item just before the final set of stairs. Once everyone is wasted, get
    into the Team Entry position and take everybody down. Now you must defend the
    church. When the enemies arrive, everyone will be outside so grab the secret
    item off the floor. Kill off everyone then here comes a helicopter and shit is
    now about to hit the fan. There is an M60 inside the church. Use it to take out
    the copter. You can get cover inside the church.
    Secret Items:
    1. Next to a Virgin Mary statue on a headstone
    2. From #1, in the next area containing a Virgin Mary statue it will somewhere
       on the right hand side.
    3. Before the last set of stairs leading to the church.
    4. After the defend the church message, enemies arrive. Get the item off the
       floor near the entrance.
    Chatper 14 - Juan's Chase (4 items)
    Use the Team Entry and waste the three thugs before chasing after Juan in a
    vehicle. Stay on Juan's tail as much as possible. When you get to an area where
    there is a train blocking your path, try to outrun but watch out for the bullets
    being fired by other vans. Try backing up in some spots to recover. Eventually
    the train will slow down and you can drive past it to continue the chase down
    the road. Be sure to stop before you hit the car then exit the vehicle. Run to
    the right and at the dead end is a secret item. Kill the enemies and not the
    civilians as you fight your way inside the building marked by waypoints. Kill
    everyone in the alleway and go right. Go up a flight of stairs and then go up
    the stairs on the left. Get the secret item by the right wall then shoot your
    way down the next set of stairs. Kill the enemies and watch out for a car that
    barges through the alleyway. Fight your way over to the next area. Use the team
    entry and blast your way inside and kill all the enemies there. When the secret
    agenda pops up. Make sure partners aren't looking then run inside the building
    where you saw the phone appear. Open the door then run outside and run around
    the building in case your partners are there. Walk up to the guy and then run
    away. As long as your partners are not near the informant when the conversation
    finishes then you are in the clear.
    Open the wood gate to the marketplace and make a couple right turns to find the
    secret item off in the corner. Go back and fight the enemies off and eventually
    you will come across a team cover. At the final cover is the last secret item on
    this level. Take it then take out the rest of the enemies. Then get in the car
    to chase Alvarez and Juan once more. Just stay on him until you crash into the
    closing doors and that ends the level. Hopefully by now you got all guns and get
    the Level 21 award. If you don't go to Uplay and buy the last gun, C75 worth 30
    Uplay Points.
    Secret Items:
    1. After getting out of the vehicle, look for it on the right.
    2. You should see it before you go to an area where you go down some stairs.
    3. Enter the marketplace and hang a couple right turns and its off in the corner
       on the left.
    4. Team Cover, it will be behind your last cover.
    Chapter 15 - Finale (6 items)
    Use Team Entry to start blasting as you exit the building. Now you must kill all
    the enemies in this area in order to activate Team Entry into the next building.
    Mow down everyone downstairs then run upstairs and open the door. Kill everyone
    up there and then exit the building stage left at the end. There's a secret item
    over to the left at the end of the balcony. On the way, Watters calls in and he
    says to bug Mendoza's office. Head for the courtyard and get another secret item
    off the table. Go inside the building and fight your way through a maze and get
    a secret item while along the path. Use Team Entry to bust down the door. When
    the phone icon appears. Run into the building and bug the office. Then run out
    the building to kill everyone else off. A chopper will arrive. Use the M60 to do
    away with it. If needed, run to the building where you bug the office for cover
    and to recover. Good thing the rockets it shoots are not instant death. There
    are actually 2 copters to destroy. So after the first one is down, the other one
    comes and you earn the "Did You See That" award. Kill of everyone in the area
    then run left and up the stairs.
    Juan Mendoza surrenders and the trio interrogates him. A plane flies by and it
    drops a bomb on Juan and kills him. It was an unmaned attack drone. Run in the
    building and up the stairs. Get under a roof to avoid the bombs as you make your
    way to the building. The final secret item of the game is in the garage. Run to
    the outside quickly then downstairs into a tunnel. At the end are three doors.
    Take whatever door you prefer. Watters calls in and says to kill Alvarez and he
    implies killing your partners too. Once you enter the door at the end, you can
    choose to kill your partners or not to. If you choose not to fight you get the
    alternate ending (True Ending). If you fight, you get the ending where Kim gets
    a medal then bitchslaps Dixon and gets arrested. Dixon runs to her office, takes
    a couple shots of Tequila and reads a card that translates to "Happiness is to
    have friends in high places."
    Secret Items:
    1. When you get to the balcony after Team Entry, go left.
    2. Couch in the courtyard
    3. Inside the building after item #2, it will be on a table inside one of the
    4. In the area afterwards, look for it on a desk.
    5. Avoid the UAV bombs and look for it inside a building pocket.
    6. You'll find this in the garage.
    Ace of Spades is Playstation exclusive
    Ace of Spades (Platinum)
    Collect all other trophies.
    Alamo! (Bronze/10)
    Enter 10 rooms using Team Entry.
    Alba Varden (Bronze/10)*
    Witness ship destruction on the Docks level.
    Armorer (Bronze/15)
    Unlock at least 10 new weapons in the campaign mode.
    Bad guy (Bronze/20)
    Kill at least 40 enemies during Gang Bang mission.
    Been there, done that (Silver/30)
    Play at least one full round on all maps in competitive mode.
    Berserker (Bronze/20)
    Kill at least 3 enemies in a row while being severely wounded.
    Brain Surgery (Silver/25)
    Kill 50 enemies with headshots.
    Bullet dodger (Bronze/15)
    During highway chase on Disco level successfully avoid all rockets.
    Chain reaction (Bronze/15)
    Kill at least 20 enemies by exploding nearby vehicles.
    Clean shot (Silver/50)
    Complete the campaign mode without killing any civilian..
    DEA, keep your hands up! (Silver/25)
    Complete the game playing as Eddie Guerra.
    Deadly Ballet (Bronze/20)
    In a three-player co-op game, make sure everyone scores at least one kill during
    Team Entry.
    Dental Plan (Bronze/10)
    Kill at least 10 enemies with a weapon melee attack.
    Did you see that? (Bronze/15)
    Destroy 5 helicopters. (Campaign)
    Dirty cop (Bronze/15)
    Successfully pick up 15 secret items.
    Do you feel lucky, punk? (Gold/100)
    Complete the campaign mode on hard difficulty.
    Don't miss the train (Bronze/10)*
    Successfully manage to pass the train on Juan Chase level.
    Drive-by (Bronze/30)
    While riding in a car, shoot 50 enemies.
    Driving lessons (Bronze/10)
    Kill at least 10 enemies by ramming them with a vehicle.
    Eh...what's up, doc? (Bronze/10)
    In cooperative mode, revive wounded players 5 times.
    F.R.A.G.S (Bronze/10)
    Kill 10 enemies using grenades.
    FBI! Don't move! (Silver/25)
    Complete the game playing as Kim Evans.
    Good Cop, Bad Cop, & The Ugly (Gold/50)
    Complete the campaign mode playing all 3 different characters.
    Guns. Lots of guns. (Bronze/10)
    Use 10 different weapons to kill enemies.
    Gunslinger (Bronze/10)
    Kill 20 enemies using dual-wielded firearms.
    Heat (Bronze/10)
    Destroy 20 cars.
    High Noon (Bronze/20)
    Kill at least 3 enemies between 12.00-12.05 local time.
    Highway Patrol (Bronze/20)
    Drive any type of a vehicle for more than 20 miles total.
    Interagency Task Force (Bronze/20)
    Play through one entire mission with two other live players.
    Ladder Goat (Bronze/10)*
    Find Ladder Goat movie on the Fort level.
    Level 21 (Silver/40)
    Unlock all weapons in the campaign mode.
    Little Bighorn (Bronze/15)
    Win at least one game in competitive mode.
    Magpie (Bronze/15)
    Collect at least 75% of secret items on any level, without being caught.
    Move! Moving! (Bronze/20)
    Kill 30 enemies by using the Team Cover technique.
    Nail'd It! (Bronze/15)
    Finish the downhill car chase on Plantation level without damaging the car too
    None of their business. (Bronze/10)
    Successfully finish two Secret Agendas.
    Peeper (Bronze/10)
    On the Disco level, watch dancers for at least 30 seconds.
    Police Academy (Bronze/10)
    Finish the first chapter.
    Police, everybody down! (Silver/25)
    Complete the game playing as Ben McCall.
    Protect and serve (Bronze/10)
    Don't kill any of of the civilians on the marketplace during Juan's chase.
    Raining Bullets (Bronze/10)
    Shoot over 1000 bullets during the Ghost Town level.
    Rio Bravo (Silver/30)
    Kill 10 enemies using revolvers.
    Rubber Duck (Bronze/10)*
    Successfully drive off the highway on Convoy level.
    SloMo (Bronze/20)
    Kill at least 4 enemies during a single Concentration Mode.
    Spy vs. Spy (Bronze/20)
    In cooperative mode, prevent 10 attempts of picking up secret items.
    Texas Ranger (Bronze/25)
    Disable 20 enemies with your bare fists.
    The Border Crossed Us! (Bronze/10)*
    Cross U.S.–Mexican border.
    Time is on my side (Silver/30)
    Kill 50 enemies while having Concentration Mode active.
    Tomb Raider (Silver/30)
    Go through cemetary in less than 3 minutes.
    Wild West (Bronze/10)*
    Enter the Ghost Town.
    GameFAQs and other sites for hosting this FAQ.
    Ubisoft for making the game.
    R351D3NT3V1L4 for the Trophy and AP info
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