Nine Man's Morris?

  1. I'm currently spending most of my time in game trying to win at nine (or six) man's morris and i have a ratio of 8 times i lose once i draw once i win. i wanna know if there is any benefit to winning or is it simply a way to try and win some more money cause i'm NEVER gonna get the hang of this

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    r_c_q - 5 years ago

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  1. I have found its best to think of it like Tic-Tac-Toe. I used this method starting out on 6 Man Morris once I got the hang of it I moved on to 9 then 12 as each adds a more difficulty. I can win at 6 most of the time, 9 I am getting better at, and 12 is just hard.

    I always go first and start at the bottom left corner, then upper right corner depending on where the AI goes I go to either the upper left or bottom right corner so that it gives me 2 possible "mills" to make.

    From there is make the "mill" you can then its best to place your next pieces on the corners of the center square across from each other. This block all possible black mills.

    The key now is to get the black pieces down to 4 and no less so from there you can just block all of the rest of the AI's moves. I have found that its VERY HARD to win when yo get them to 3 because all the AI does most of the time is block you trying to make your "mills" and then moving around the board try to force a draw. Yes it will get your pieces down but it stops at 4 most of the time. If it does you might as well draw your done.

    On the RARE times it turns into a 3v3 fight the best move is to do like you did at the beginning and use the corners. Starting in opposite corners then a corner in the middle and make the "mill" you can from there.

    Using this method you can SOMETIMES make 2 "mills" across from each other on the board, like across the bottom and across the top. This is only ok to do every now and then but you will have to "read the board" to make sure its ok. If not you will do like me and even though you have taken 2 of their pieces they have all your moves blocked and you lost before it even started.

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  1. As far as I know the only thing you get is a trophy for winning a match of some or all the games at your homestead.

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  2. Once your at Level 3 of the thieves guild they will want you to win 500$ so practice, practice, practice.

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