How do you reveal powder kegs?

  1. This has been asked before, I know. I doubt there's any magic, special secret that allows you to reveal the man-of-war ships' powder kegs, but is there a forumula to it? Do you have to shoot the same spot several times with broadside shot? Are they in a specific place? Someone suggested you might have to get a perfect broadside on the ship, hitting with each ball. And does it have to be round shot or can you use one of the others?

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Accepted Answer

  1. I finally found a 66% chance of getting the kegs exposed. Go to full sail and ram the ship exactly in the front, if done properly the kegs will be exposed. If you are using the Naval ram then for the smaller ships you might want to try Half sail. You need to be head to head for the kegs to be exposed, if the enemy ship starts turning around to try getting you into firing zone then by ramming it on the side it'll sink, so yeah it is a trial and error method but seems to be the safest way.

    The other method is to ram the Man-of-war right away head to head because it always come for you straight on so you should have no trouble getting him out of the way super fast by exposing the kegs, it can handle way more damage than the ordinary ships so don't be afraid and go for it head on. Once Man-of-war is out of the way the smaller ships won't be a threat and you can take your time with them, either by trying the head on ram but with the risk of a last second turn and sinking them, or the other method:

    Aling yourself with the smaller ship and aim you cannons ahead of it while sailing to the same direction and speed, this way only a couple of your shoots will land on the front of the ship and after around 6 successful round the weak spot has to be exposed and be quick on shooting it because sometimes the last shoots from your ship will sink it, so always after firing the main cannons have your Swindler ready to take the shoot even on the mist of the other cannons firing.

    The final method is to remain mid to long range from the enemy ship you are aiming for and aim your main cannons not all the way to make a precise shot but only halfway so that the shots fly on a disperse way and only around 33% of them hit and keep doing it to weak it, and also keep aiming the Swindler after every barrage so in case the spot comes visible you take the prize. The Swindler is a fast reloader so even if the weak spot isn't exposed you can discharge it and then it will be ready again before you are able to open fire with the main cannons.

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