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  1. My game is in Dutch, 'n the game says "molenspel", which translates to Windmill when translated literally, but if that's wrong, I have no idea what the name should be. It's the game where you each have some pieces, and the board is set up in 2 squares where you have to tic-tac-toe on moving the pieces around....

    I'm sure you know what I mean.. Anyway, is it possible for your opponent to cheat? I had 3 of his pieces, which allowed me to pretty much move around freely and get the remainder, but then he just started to move around his pieces all over the board to obstruct my line of 3, just any location, from one side to the other, wherever I tried to get a 3 in a row.... Doesn't seem entirely fair to me (It wont allow me to do the same)... Is this just some stupid part of the game to make those puzzles completely impossible or is that bastard cheating?

    User Info: Kittencandy

    Kittencandy - 4 years ago
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    Wow, that's lame... That means that unless my tiles are properly lined up, there's no way to win this game at that point...

    User Info: Kittencandy

    Kittencandy - 4 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. If you're playing the game I think you are (6 or 12 man version, big board with holes and lines, get 3 in a row and you can remove an opponent's piece?) then you start out placing, when you run out of pieces you move them to an adjacent spot and if you only have THREE pieces left, you can move them to any open spot on the board.

    User Info: waltjrimmer

    waltjrimmer - 4 years ago 0 0

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