What is the best strategy for exposing a ship's weak point?

  1. I've been trying to get the optional objective of sinking frigates using their weak points on a naval mission, but am having a hard time being able to consistently expose them before sinking them, is there any certain way of ramming/shooting them to increase my chances of exposure?

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    exitsign - 4 years ago

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  1. 1. Chain shot the ship(s) so they're all dead in the water.
    2. Line up in a T-shape to a ship (their front tip facing the middle of your side) and shoot a volley of regular cannonballs at its front tip.
    3. Weakpoint should be exposed, use the swivel gun to finish them off.

    The above works 100% of the time without exception.

    Ramming will only work if your ship isn't upgraded for increased ramming damage, otherwise you have good chances of sinking the enemy ship. And even then it's risky.

    User Info: Wratts

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  1. I already answered this on another question here but this is a summary of the most effective way:

    For bigger ships like Man-of-war you can simply go for a head-to-head ram, this exposes the weak spot almost every time, if not then it will at least leave it nearly exposed and then you can use the method for smaller ships that I explain next.

    For medium ships (frigates) get on their side and sail in the same direction and speed, then aim your main cannons to make a precise shot to the bow (front of the ship) and fire, the idea is to only hit the front of the ship where the kegs are located, after successfully landing 8 shots the kegs get exposed.

    Now, it is very IMPORTANT, to always aim your Swindler right away after ordering fire with the main cannons, because sometimes the last round could sink the ship and lose your chance. By having the Swindler aimed you can take the prize fast enough to avoid accidental sinking. The Swindler reloads pretty fast so just discharge it in case you didn't get the weak spot exposed and it'll be ready before the main cannons are able to open fire again.

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  2. Don't use the flaming cannon balls either, they cause too much damage. Use regular cannon balls.

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  3. Copying my answer here from another post so anyone looking here can see it:

    This almost made me break the disc over my knee myself. :D I tried all methods and finally I tried joseph's answer, but switching to rounds after the chain shot wasn't working well for me so...

    I used chain shot on all three then I sped past them, turned and used the ram bow to bow(as straight on as possible). Full speed on the man-o-war, and half-sail on the others. For those two I dropped all sails just before hitting. It actually worked like a charm on my first try...well after the hundred tries of everything else. (With fully upgraded Aquila)

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    excaliaxe - 4 years ago 1 1
  4. I don't know why people are saying to Ram the front, if you hadn't noticed the storm, it's physically impossible to ram ships that are spinning in circles, I've only done 2/3 the big one's easy just Chain Shot then shoot the frontish of his ship with Round Shot

    As for the two smaller ones, well I got one's weak spot exposed by scraping the side and keeping the swivel gun aimed. I got lucky though. Ubisoft needs to remove these ridiculous requests for full sync.

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  5. I have just completed this mission after 4 tries. I concur with the strategy to:

    First - fire off a good Chain-shot round at EACH frigate to get them dead in the water.
    Second - Line up your Ball shot so that about 1/4th of your full spread will hit the bow (front) of a Frigate.
    Third - If you did it right, a white circle should appear, which you then shoot with your Swivel cannon.

    Try not to miss with your Chain-shot and Ball-shot, as a hidden objective appears saying that you can't miss any other attacks. Ramming the frigates does not work consistently.

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