What are the different plate trophies?

  1. Hello, I wanted to ask what are the different plate trophies and how to get them. The ones I know about are:

    4 Plates involving the different clubs
    3 Plates related to the exploration (map building) of New York, Boston and the Frontier
    1 Plate involving the Kidd Missions
    1 Plate involving the liberation of all Forts

    But what are the other plates?

    User Info: Immature_Sage

    Immature_Sage - 4 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. Manor Trophies (Look At Them In The Manor)
    Here is the list of all Manor trophies that you can unlock in the game.
    Know it All
    How to unlock:
    All Sequences 100% complete
    More Than Stories
    How to unlock:
    All Side Missions 100% complete
    Anchors Aweigh
    How to unlock:
    All Naval Locations 100% complete
    New York Liberation
    How to unlock:
    New York Liberation Missions 100% complete
    Boston Liberation
    How to unlock:
    Boston Liberation Missions 100% complete
    Free the People
    How to unlock:
    Liberate all Forts
    The Art of Conversation
    How to unlock:
    All ambient conversation with Connor complete
    A Place Called Home
    How to unlock:
    Upgrade all workers completely
    How to unlock:
    All Ship Upgrades purchased
    Spoils of War
    How to unlock:
    10 Convoys attacked
    Friends in High Place
    How to unlock:
    All Recruits to Assassin rank
    Boston Exploration
    How to unlock:
    Map of Boston with no more fog
    New York Exploration
    How to unlock:
    Map of New York with no more fog
    Frontier Exploration
    How to unlock:
    Map of the Frontier with no more fog

    In the end this are just neat rewards for the completionist gamer, like myself but some glitches make it really hard currently to get all of them but it is possible if you get lucky and don't get hit by the glitch-lightning goddess.

    User Info: erdvilla

    erdvilla (Expert) - 4 years ago 0 0

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