Deborah Carter Glitch???

  1. okay... so Deborah Carter is the only last assassin that i need.. and i've done every SINGLE liberation mission.. like literally there's no mission in the northern New York City and South!... do i have to like beat the whole game first? cause i'm on sequence 12.. if anyone can answer this that would be awesome. thanks ..

    User Info: Koeifan277

    Koeifan277 - 4 years ago

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  1. All right. First make sure you are in the Northern Region of New York, no need to be in the South if Dobby is the only one left.

    Next check the Liberation Map to make sure that you actually have 100% of the Northern Region. If you don't make sure you check every inch of the Northern part of the map to find the mission you still need.

    If this doesn't work try going to her manually, because she never appeared on my map even after getting 100% of Northern New York.

    If none of this works it is most likely a glitch, and if it is I would suggest either moving on, or starting a new game in the hopes that it will work in that one.

    User Info: JaeganSniper

    JaeganSniper - 4 years ago 1 0


  1. Luckily, there's a map already up here:
    Have you done all the Northern missions? You can check on the map screen, at the liberation menu, if you've done all these 3/3. They don't show up on the map.
    Beat up merchants for orphans
    Protect farmers while they farm crops
    Kill tax collectors

    If you miss some farmers, check all the fields you see. They should be waving at you.
    The other two, just go past all the roads, they're on/next to them.

    If you have done all the missions, you need to talk to her, she doesn't show up on the map either. On the map I linked she's at the NorthWest-most icon.

    User Info: wolfzoon

    wolfzoon - 4 years ago 0 0
  2. If your logbook is saying 3/3 for rent families, 3/3 for starving children and 3/3 for farmers helped. Head over to the northwest area on the Northern NY district map and even though the assassin contact icon won't appear Deborah should be standing outside a building waiting for you to start her mission.

    This happened to me on my way to the final liberation mission to help a farmer in that district, it said I had completed the mission (though I don't remember fighting anyone as I was running toward the icon) and once that happened Deborah's icon disappeared. My log book was saying 3/3 on everything and the district was 90% liberated, so I went over to where Deborah was supposed to be and she was there. I was able to start the recruiting misson and induct her as an assassin trainee.

    User Info: Captron

    Captron - 4 years ago 0 0
  3. Yeah this worked for me. I had one more to do but couldn't find it, didn't appear on the map and neither did Deborah but used the map to find the one that was missing, went to the location then it suddenly activated so I could complete it.

    User Info: marklanham

    marklanham - 4 years ago 0 0

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