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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Krystal109

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    Author: Krystal K. - krystalnexus [at] yahoo [dot] com

    Current Version: Ver 1.52 - Jan. 24, 2014



    First of all, thanks for reading my FAQ.

    This guide is intended to walk you through the gameplay, while finding all secrets and collectibles. It includes all side quests, such as Liberation Missions and Forts; Homestead Missions, puzzle solutions for the Underground fast travel network, naval basics and missions, hunting and crafting information, including convoys tips and strategies; equipment stats and capacity upgrades, and multiplayer info.

    If you want me to add something or notice a mistake, please email me at the above address with the correct information.

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    With a few changes from previous games, mostly cutting out having to hold R1/RT ALL THE DAMN TIME, the controls have not changed significantly and the game will introduce the use of all controls through gameplay tutorials.

    PS3Xbox 360StandardBattle
    L AnalogL StickCharacter MovementCharacter Movement
    Kill Streak Aiming
    R AnalogR StickCamera MovementCamera Movement
    D-PadD-PadQuick InventoryQuick Inventory
    SquareXPrimary AttackPrimary Attack
    TriangleYSecondary AttackSecondary Attack
    R1RTRun & ClimbExit Combat Mode
    R1 + XRT + AManual Jump-
    Back Eject-
    R1 + ORT + BTackle-
    L1LTPrecision Aim-
    R2RBWeapons & Tools MenuReload Firearm
    L2LBAssassin Menu-
    L2 + SquareLB + XAssassin Guild-
    R3R3Reset CameraReset Camera
    L3L3Eagle VisionEagle Vision
    SelectBackOpens Map-

    See the Naval Basics & Missions section for controls on the ship.


    Game Objectives

    As with the previous games in the series, AC III begins with some linear events that will introduce the player to basic gameplay controls. For seasoned players this should be a refresher course and a low difficulty introduction for new players. After a few linear chapters, the sandbox style gameplay will open up and allow the player multiple options.


    Main Memories

    Like the previous games, AC III is split up into sequences made up of memories. In order to progress, the player must complete the main memories (marked with an exclamation point) to progress the story. These memories are the core of the games story, but there is a lot of Side Quests that the player can do to get the full game experience.

    Secondary Memories

    Secondary Memories are events that are optional and are made up of all game Side Quests. These will flesh out the gameplay and make the players experience that much more enjoyable.

    Full Synch & Memory Replay

    All memories have Full Synchronization conditions that the player must fulfill in order to get the "Full Synchronization" and 100% the DNA Tracker. If the player does not complete the optional objectives, or only complete a few of them, they will receive a percent equal to their achievements. No worries! The player can always replay a memory by selecting it from the DNA Tracker to retry the objective.

    Health & Desynchronization

    Connor's health is indicated by the circular gauge on the bottom left of the screen. When damage is taken, Connor will regenerate the health back fairly quickly. The exception to this is if the player is engaged in combat, where they will need to finish combat and return to low profile to restore health.

    Desynch occurs under certain conditions and will cause the player to have to replay the sequence from the last checkpoint.

    • Death
    • Fail an objective such as losing a target or not following an ally
    • Running out of bound (indicated with the fractured Animus visual)
    • Acting against the Assassin code, such as killing allies or civilians, etc.

    Movement & Navigation

    Due to the game covering most of the basic movement controls in the tutorial chapters, I am only going to cover advanced information or controls that are not covered in the control section above; this will mostly cover new game features.


    Freerunning Through Trees

    Although intimidating at first, once the player learns the visual signs for freerunning through trees they will find that it is easy and quite fluid. Unlike normal freerunning in the previous games or freerunning in town, where paths tend to end abruptly with nowhere to go, tree paths tend to link to each other seamlessly to reach cliff sides or bent trees leading back to the ground. The following are a bullet point set of tips:
        • Bent trees with a stump at its base or rock outcroppings that create a ramp usually signify a freerunning course
        • Although most tree trunks can't be climbed, some trees have small branches up its trunk that create hand-holds for Connor
        • Some larger trees with v-shaped notches can be used to climb to a higher section
        • Other small v-shaped notches must simply be jumped through
        • Trees with branches on both sides of the trunk can be quickly passed around the trunk by holding R1/RT
        • Thin branches can be swung across in most cases
        • Many of the viewpoints in the Frontier are in huge trees. These are all the same model and are climbed the same way

    Fast Travel Networks

    Fast Travel has been greatly improved by the ability to simply hit Select/Back to bring up the map and then select any of the following locations with X/A:
        • Zone Lines (Boston = Frontier = Davenport = New York)
        • Fast Travel Icons (The Underground network in cities and a select few places of importance, such as the Davenport manor and villages on the Frontier)
        • Harbormasters
        • Liberated Forts


    Although the player will rarely spend time in the water, swimming is an older feature that returns in AC III. Controls are limited to R1/RT swimming faster, O/B to dive, and the L stick to navigate direction.

    Horseback Riding

    When the player is on the Frontier or in Davenport, the horse is the best means of travel.
    PS3Xbox 360Command
    Rear Up (Not Galloping)
    L AnalogL StickTrot
    R1 + ORT + OLeap Off
    R1 + XRT + XSpur Horse (Frontier)
    R1 + SquareRT + XAssassinate

    Social Interactions

    There are many different aspects of city life, one of which is its citizens. Starting in Sequence 02 the player will have to interact with NPC's around the cities, some of which benefit the player while others present problems.



    Making up the majority of a city the civilian NPC's offer blending spots for the players use and occasionally grab aggressive guards (Vigilantes). In Sequence 06, when the player helps Stephane Chapeau, they will also be able to cause angry groups of civilians to riot and cause a distraction.


    Orphans are the AC III version of beggars, as they create a nuisance and bring attention to the players position.
        • If the player does not need to be stealthy, they can simply run past and ignore them
        • If the player needs to get past them undetected, they can use the Throw Money tool to end their unwanted attention
        • Note that also drawing a weapon can momentarily make them pause

    Guards & Patrols

    Marked by red dots on the map, these are the potential hostiles and may engage in combat with the player depending on the condition and notoriety (see below).


    Marked by a blue hexagon, these are NPC's are usually followed or following the player through the city. Using O/B, to command them to follow or wait, the player can make their way to any waypoint or objective marker. Note that an ally can be commanded to hide in a suitable spot by using precision mode (L1/LT) to target the spot and pressing O/B.

    Vendors, Interactive Conversations & Event NPC's

    Vendors and Event NPC's are usually surrounded by a white glow effect, the same that appears on doors and other objects, identifying them as NPC's the player interact with. Approach the individual and press O/B to interact with them. If the NPC is a starting point for a memory, the memory's title will be displayed on screen.

    Notoriety & Stealth


    Notoriety returns with the game giving very little in-game information on it except for how to lower it. In general, it is always good to keep notoriety low to ease movement through the cities and prevent excessive amounts of battle. Note that different weather conditions will not only cause poor visibility for the player, but also for potential hostiles.
        • Incognito: Potential hostiles will ignore Connor unless he performs and illegal action, such as pickpocket or killing someone in plain sight.
        • Level 1: Potential hostiles will see Connor, but only investigate if the yellow arrow fills (high profile actions make this increase faster).
        • Level 2: Potential hostiles will investigate Connor and attack when the red arrow fills (high profile actions make this increase faster).
        • Notorious: Potential hostiles will attack on sight.
    In the cities notoriety is increased when the player performs illegal actions in front of civilians or directly attack guards. In order to decrease notoriety, Connor will need to do one of the following:
        • Bribe a Printing Shops for £400 (marked on the map) - decreases full notoriety
        • Bribe a Town Crier for £30-50 (marked on the map) - decreases up to 2 levels of notoriety
        • Tear down posters (not marked on the map) - decreases up to 1 level of notoriety


    Whenever the player stands in close proximity to two or more civilians they will automatically blend in with the crowd and take on their behavior. While in "blend" the player is immune to being seen by enemy troops or suspicious individuals. As long as the hostiles are not in open conflict with the player, they can hide to prevent detection.

    Hiding Places & Stalking Areas

    There are many places in the cities and Frontier to hide from view. Previous players will be aware of hay carts as easy to see places to hide and avoid detection, but there are some new features. In many areas of the Frontier, and even in some places in the city, the player will notice tall brush or grass that when entered will cause the player to crouch and serve as cover. Other new hiding places include: convoy carts, clothed over vending stations on the sides of buildings, benches, and wells.

    Corner Cover

    If the player leans against any flat wall they will enter cover behind it. From this position, the play will gain the ability to Whistle (O/B) and call over a guard and corner assassinate them. This also allows the player to keep a target in view around corners when following them without being detected.

    Breaking Line of Sight

    If for some reason the player is engaged in combat and wish to escape, AC III has added a new feature of open windows and doors that can be used to cut through a building and lose their pursuers. There is no need to navigate the interiors, as the AI will take over until the player reaches the other side.

    Assassination & Combat

    Depending on the individual, players will find themselves either engaging in combat a lot or a little. The basis for all combat is based on high profile or low profile actions against enemies. Note that the new gameplay feature to AC III allows a player to run straight up to an enemy, perform an assassination, and continue running.

    High Profile assassinations have a much larger range of actions then low profile assassinations, but also put the player in a position to be seen and engaged in open conflict. This should only be used if there are no other targets around or the player doesn't mind engaging in combat.

    Types of Assassinations:

    • Standard Assassinations - performed on the same level as the target
    • Double Assassinations - performed on the same level as two targets in close proximity
    • Air Assassinations - performed from above the target
    • Ledge Assassination - performed while hanging from a ledge below the target
    • Hiding Assassination - performed while in a hiding place, such as a hay cart
    • Corner Assassination - performed from a cover position on a flat-wall corner
    • Stalking Zone Assassination - performed while hiding in a stalking zone

    Aside from assassinations, the player can perform a multitude of non-lethal attacks using the same combination of locations. In addition, the player can tackle couriers or escaping targets by holding R1/RT and pressing O/B while in range.


    If the player is engaged in open conflict they can choose to run, by holding R1/RT to disable combat mode, or engage in battle. For combat controls, see the Controls section above for all available commands in battle. What the game fails to highlight is Kill Streaks, countering grabs, and using the environment to take out an opponent.

    Kill Streaks

    Kill streaks are a combat technique that result in chaining enemy deaths together from one to another, allowing the player to get instant kills without having to fight every soldier individually. In order to start a kill streak the player must succeed in defeating an enemy via a combo attack or counter kill. During the animation of the soldiers death, hold the L stick in the direction of the next soldier you'd like to kill and press Square/X again. This can be done until there are no targets left or a players chain is broken by an enemy immune to counter kills or they are hit with an attack.

    Escaping Enemy Grabs

    Once in a while an enemy behind the player will grab the character and hold them up while the other enemies attack. If you quickly press Square/X you can counter and toss the enemy, but if you fail you'll need to repeatedly press the button to wrestle free.

    Environment Kills

    If the player or the enemy finds themselves in a position near an environmental structure, such as a wall or ledge, the character can use the environment to dispatch an enemy faster than straight attacks.

    Firing Lines

    Introduced in the game briefly, the general idea is that enemies with muskets may stand in the back and fire at the player. When a yellow arrow appears over a target they are prepped for attack. In order to use a human shield, walk or run up to an enemy and press X/A to hide behind them. This is great for instantly killing enemies that are immune to counter kills.


    When you create a new game, William Miles will introduce the story of Assassin's Creed and Desmond Miles, presenting information from the previous games and the possible future if the Templars are allowed to complete their mission.


    Sequence 01

    This is the tutorial chapter that will refresh you on the basics of gameplay and introduce any new features.


    Memory 1: Refresher Course

    After exiting the truck follow Shaun Hastings, Rebecca Crane, and William into the cave for a cutscene and then continue to another to open the Grand Temple. Continue into the temple for another cutscene to activate the temple's inner workings to learn about a key that is needed to proceed. Desmond will faint, due to Juno, and re-enter the Animus, where you'll get a "software update".


    • Holding R1/RT run forward, up the walls, to the objective marker.


    • Hold R1/RT to begin a climb up a wall and grab onto an available ledge and then navigate with the L stick (you can release R1/RT) to the next objective marker.

    Freerunning & Optional Objectives

    • Holding R1/RT freerun through the area until Rebecca mentions optional objectives. Similar to previous games, optional objectives do not need to be met to complete a section of the game, but will count against your sync percentage if you do not complete them.

    Air Assassinations

    • When you are on a ledge above an enemy, walk to the ledges edge and press Square/X to perform an air assassination. Do this to both the Templar enemies and continue forward.


    • In some cases the game will not continue to freerun, for example there is no ledge within reach to continue to hop to. In these cases you will manually need to jump off by holding R1/RT and pressing X/A while pushing the L stick in the direction you'd like to jump. Jump forward now and slide down to a fenced area and freerun over the fence and across the beams to manually jump to the next area.

    Continue toward the objective marker, over the houses and manually jump off into the archway to reach the objective and receive the trophy/achievement Rude Awakening. Walk forward, in your new disguise, and enter the Theatre Royal area by pressing O/B.


    Memory 2: A Deadly Performance

    Desmond will receive a notice that there is a new email. You can leave the Animus at any time to see what is going on in the real world and talk to your allies. To access emails, check the computer on the other side of the area across from the Animus.

    Rebecca's email will notify you of the changes the game developers have implement via an email about the "software" update.

    As you enter the lobby, the attendant will announce that you need to find your seat to continue. You cannot run in public places, where it would seem odd and draw attention to yourself, but you can walk faster by holding X/A. Enter the auditorium, walk to your aisle and use the L stick to scoot past the people and take your seat to learn that you are Haytham Kenway and meet Reginald Birch.

    As the performance gets underway, press L3/down on the L stick to activate Eagle Vision and look in the upper right to find your target in gold. The game requires a precise spot to look at, so if the game is not triggering a scene you will need to move the camera around. When you stand, scoot left to exit the aisle.

    Head around the pillar and climb the nearby ladder to shimmy your way across the ledges to the right, while slowly making your way up to an empty box. Inside, follow the onscreen prompts to pick the lock and enter the backstage.

    Picking locks is not something that can be done quickly or under pressure. After using the L stick, rotate the R stick SLOWLY to find the correct position of the lockpick, indicated by the change in your characters hand positions, and then hit R1/RT repeated. Note that you cannot release either stick's position or you will have to start again.

    Head backstage, jump to the cloud, and then shimmy across the ledges to your left. Climb the ladder and use the ledges to your right to shimmy left across a moon and into your target's box and assassinate him. Now follow the waypoints, while holding X/A, to reach the exit for a cutscene.


    Memory 3: Journey to the New World

    Optional ObjectivesLimit health loss to 10%
    Rescue James within 40 seconds

    Instead of heading directly to the upper deck, take a second to interact with the NPC's for optional dialog and even play two different types of minigames, Fanorona and Nine Men's Morris, with the sailors (rules are displayed before entering the game). Note that these games appear in many places throughout the game, so don't feel obligated to play now.

    Objects or people that you can interact with are highlighted in white. Walk up to the object/person and hit O/B to interact with them.

    When you are ready, head to the upper deck and talk to the Providence's captain to learn more about the trouble you have put him through. Head up the rigging, ropes, of the ship and learn your way around to find the quick ways about the ships masts before you head toward some men plotting something on the deck.

    This is the fight that the first optional objective is hinting toward, as you will fight three rounds with the men. To do so without losing 10% of your life, use O/B to deflect attacks and counter with Square/X to attack. When the sailor pulls a knife, hit O/B to deflect and then X/A to disarm him.

    Note that if you do fail, you can always restart by pausing the game and selecting Reload Last Checkpoint or replay the memory later.

    When the fight is completed, follow the captain to his quarters and then return to your own to interact with the desk.

    The next day, talk to the 3 NPC's (marked on the mini-map with speaker-like icons and listen to the chatter on the lower deck to learn more about the dynamics going on and meet Louis Mills. Make your way toward the waypoint NPC, who directs you to the cook and doctor. Talk to either, who direct you to James, and then talk to him. When you have control, feel free to talk to the captain and Louis Mills (if you didn't talk to him earlier) and then head for the stern of the ship. After the scene with the barrels being thrown overboard, head downstairs and enter the green field and use Eagle Vision to single out a barrel that you can analyze and then return to your quarters.

    On day 33, you will be sent downstairs where you will enter combat with Mills. Unlike the previous game where you could guard and counter, Assassin's Creed III has revamped the combat. Notice the red dot over the enemies head and that an action triangle appears when he goes in for an attack. Use this to know when to hit O/B to block the attack and then X/A (to disarm) or Square/X (to counter kill). When Mills is defeated, watch the cutscene.

    When you have control again, you will need to secure the rigging by approaching the waypoints and interacting with the ropes. Once you have completed that, you will need to climb the foremast to deploy the sail. Unfortunately a lightning strike breaks the mast and James is in danger of falling to his death. This is the second optional objective: rush along the broken mast to James and you will automatically save him.

    On day 72, talk to the captain on the upper deck and climb the mast for your first sight of Boston in the mid 1700's and the Ubisoft title introduction.


    Sequence 02


    Memory 1: Welcome to Boston

    You exit the boat on Boston's dock and meet Charles Lee, who you will need to follow. When Charles runs off, take a moment to explore the city docks, pet animals, bump people into the ocean, and learn your way around as you test the controls.

    Head for the waypoint to meet Benjamin Franklin and learn about the Almanac pages. Talk to the man outside the General Store, not the one offering the minigame, for the first Side Quests in the game; a Courier Missions. Deliver the four letters to the people marked on your map and gain £500.

    You can only gather four of the MANY Almanac pages, so ignoring this for now and focusing on it after Sequence 05 is a better idea.

    Return to the General Store to buy the Normal Sword and Flintlock Pistol. Exit the store and head across the street and mount a horse by hitting X/A and then follow Lee to the Green Dragon Tavern.


    Memory 2: A Favor & Johnson's Errand

    A Favor

    Enter the tavern and follow Lee upstairs to meet William Johnson and receive your next memory. After you gain control again, talk to William for some more in-depth dialog and then leave the tavern.


    Johnson's Errand

    Optional ObjectivesKill 10 mercenaries with firearms
    Do not let Hickey or Lee lose more than half their health

    You will be transported to the countryside near your next objective, but if you look at your mini-map you will see that there are two available conversations. One of these is a really "interesting" conversation with Benjamin Franklin, followed by a more serious conversation, at the General Store and the other is William at the tavern, which you can ignore.

    When you're ready, head to the waypoint and talk to Thomas Hickey to start the memory. Follow the on screen prompts to shoot the man on the hill bank and then head up. Grab a musket from the rack and shoot one of the gate guards as Lee and Hickey take out the others. Drop your current musket and grab a new one off the rack to conserve ammo and kill the men practicing nearby.

    Dropping your current musket and picking up another not only saves ammo, but reload time. They are not permanent weapons, so drop and replace them as needed.

    After the cutscene you will be standing outside the gate with instructions to shoot the explosive barrel. Aim with L1/LT and then hit Triangle/Y to shoot the barrels and burst open the gate. Head inside while reloading your weapon, interact with the chest on the bottom level, and fight more men. Afterwards, loot the bodies by holding O/B over a corpse and then follow Lee and Hickey through the area while killing more men.

    You can aim and fire at mercenaries on the roofs or simply walk close enough that they become outlined in white and then fire. Either method works, but aiming allows you to be in some cover when you fire.

    When you have defeated all the mercenaries, walk up to the carriage for a cutscene.


    Memory 3: Next on the List & The Surgeon

    Next on the List

    Talk to Lee in the tavern to start this memory and then leave the tavern to automatically be transported to Benjamin Church's house.


    The Surgeon

    Optional ObjectivesEavesdrop on a moving group of guards
    Do not fail a single eavesdrop
    Remain undetected during the whole warehouse infiltration

    Talk to Lee outside Benjamin Church's house to start this memory. When you have control, head for the orange markers and enter the field of area for eavesdropping. As the game indicates, people may become suspicious if you simply stand around, so walk between any two people to blend in and keep the yellow arrow from filling up.

    When you have control again, head for the waypoint at the top of a church steeple to get your first viewpoint by hitting O/B to synchronize it. Once the impressive shot of Boston has completed, hold R1/RT and manually jump forward with X/A to perform a leap of faith. Continue to the green area and find many more eavesdropping spots. When you have to eavesdrop on the moving guards, blend into a group ahead of them and wait for them to pass before following at a safe distance.

    You can now proceed to the next green highlighted area, which contains the restricted red zone where enemies will attack you on sight. Walk to the right side of the restricted area and find a cart of hay. There is a patrolling group of guards that walks past this haystack and down an alley that you will want to follow, at a distance. When they exit the alley, hug the wall of the nearby building on your left and assassinate the guard around the corner. You can now fast walk to the boxes next to the warehouse and go up and over to the warehouse door and press O/B for a cutscene.

    You will now need to pickpocket the key from three potential people. The two by the docks are surrounded by others, but the one to the west is on a rooftop alone. Walk west to a ladder and climb up, avoiding the two guards detection to your right. The guard's back should be turned away from you so jump over the fence and take him down with Square/X and loot him for the key. Now return to Charles and enter the warehouse.

    Silas Thatcher will dispatch his man servant, Cutter, to deal with Church. You must quietly take out the guard on the left by approaching with your hidden blade and assassinating him, Lee will take care of the other, and then rush in and finish Cutter.


    Memory 4: The Soldier

    Optional ObjectivesLimit detection time to a cumulative total of 15 seconds
    Perform a Kill Streak of three sequential deaths
    Prevent Snitches from calling reinforcements

    Enter the Green Dragon Tavern to learn more about Silas from Church and then be transported to the memory start position. Talk to Lee, against the wall, and then follow him to John Pitcairn and Edward Braddock.

    When the cutscene is over follow the guard patrol from a distance, taking cues from Lee on hiding places to stay out of sight. When Lee runs in and distracts the patrol into a back alley, follow closely for a cutscene and a fight.

    In order to get the full sync for this memory you will need to take out the snitches first. Start by holding R1/RT to take Haytham out of combat mode and position yourself next to a snitch, marked with a red hexagon on their head. There are a total of three, but Lee and John usually take out the other two. Once all snitches are dead, start a kill streak with a couther kill and during the kill animation hold in the direction of your next target on the L stick and hit Square/X to link the attacks together. Do this at least three times successfully for the optional objective and then approach Braddock.

    Remember that if you fail you can Restart the Last Checkpoint to begin the battle again.


    Memory 5: Infiltrating Southgate

    Optional ObjectivesFind and kill the General
    Perform three stealth assassinations from a corner spot
    Avoid firing line damage

    Head into the tavern and talk to the four men at the table for more in-depth information about the characters in the game. When ready, talk to Lee for a cutscene to learn the battle strategy.

    When you have control, head down the roof, grab the gun, and run across the wire to the other side of the street as the patrol passes below. When you're ready, shoot an enemy and then hit Square/X to perform an air assassination and enter the battle. Defeat all the enemies for a cutscene and continue on.

    The next section is completed by giving orders to your allies with L2/LB when a yellow arrow appears over the enemies head. After killing the second set of guards, the first that you commanded the attack, a guard dog will come around the corner of the house and draw attention to your men; kill the dog and the guard that investigates. The next set of enemies will be by the corn crops on your right and then take out the final, large, set of enemies in front of the fort and continue to a cutscene.

    Inside the fort, head straight for the two men by the archway and then walk along the wall to the right, past some horses, and into a hay cart where you can assassinate the general (marked with a red hexagon). Now follow the wall around the other side to the first set of captives and hide in the tall brush to assassinate the guard and free the captives.

    Head north to a hay cart next to some high brush and hop inside. Wait for the guard that patrols the area to walk by and assassinate him from the cart to release the nearby captives.

    Follow the path east, on the north side of a stone wall, and wait around the corner to perform the first of three corner assassinations. Follow the dock to the end of the path and climb up the ships side and take cover directly behind the boxes to your right to corner assassinate the next guard that walks by. Move up to the next set of crates and whistle from cover to draw the guard back and kill him with a corner assassination and then free the captives.

    With everyone dead, it is time to learn about firing lines and how to avoid them. The first firing line is basically a tutorial in which you learn that pressing X/A on a guard when the firing line has yellow arrows over their head will use them as a meat shield. Advance toward the north gate, and grab one of the guards nearby to avoid the lines fire and then rush in to kill an enemy and break the line. You will now need to finish off the rest of the line before you head around the back and approach Silas and another line. Kill Silas for the memory end, but be sure to avoid line fire.

    The massive amount of enemies at the gate allows you to reach a very high kill streak.


    Sequence 03


    Memory 1: Unconvinced

    Optional ObjectivesLimit health loss to 50%
    Use two breakable objects in a fight

    Enter the Green Dragon Tavern for a quick conversation with Lee and then either ride to the next objective or select it on the map to Fast Travel there and walk through the gate to reach the Frontier.

    Hit R2/RB and select the Horse Whistle tool to equip it and press Triangle/Y to call your horse. There are no viewpoints in the Frontier, so you will need to uncover the map yourself as you play through the game. For now, head to the objective marker to find and talk to Lee.

    Follow Lee on horseback to a cutscene and then follow the snowy trail up the hill to find the woman. When the cutscene ends, follow the woman as she jumps from tree to tree until you reach a camp where wolves attack.

    Wolves stalk the player on the Frontier and sometimes attack. Their distance keeps them out of the players normal combat mode, so you will be forced to use QTE's to deal with them when they jump in for an attack or shoot them with the pistol as they circle the area.

    The QTE's usually start with O/B to guard, followed by X/A, Square/X, or Triangle/Y. If you fail, the wolves will pounce on you and attack; press Square/X rapidly to fend off the attack. They eat up a large percent of the player's life and one encounter can cause a fail of the optional objective above.

    Hit L3 and scan the area to find a tree fort and advance toward it to set the woman running again. Once again, follow her until you get a cutscene and learn Kaniehtí:io's name. After the cutscene, head forward for another scene. When you have control, leap of faith into the hay cart below and enter the tavern.

    Blend in with the tavern patrons at the bar and the ones by the window as you eavesdrop on the guards and then head for the exit to start a fight. In order to meet the optional objectives, you must throw enemies into the tables and chairs by pressing O/B twice, while using the L stick to aim, to counter and throw an enemy into an object. Once the objective is met, finish off the fight with counter kills and kill streak them together.


    Memory 2: Execution is Everything

    Optional ObjectivesDo not kill any guards
    Sabotage two cannons

    Hop on a mount and head for the objective point in the hills to meet up with Ziio. When you have control, walk down to the road and jump into the back of the moving cart and make your way into the fort. When the cart stops, hop into the foliage nearby and wait for the guard to walk away and jump into the hay, walk across to the left, and climb the ladder. Walk to where the crows are and hop down into the hay cart and wait for the nearby guard to turn its back and run along the tents and enter the high brush nearby to eavesdrop.

    When the guards begin to move around the corner and out of range, drop down into the brush below and then go up and over the building to the other side where you can get onto a platform and get back in the hay cart from earlier. As the guards get out of range, wait for the nearby guards back to be turned and run across the path to some brush, in order to stay in the eavesdrop range.

    When the eavesdropping is complete, use a non-lethal attack on the guard outside the tent (you may need to switch to your fists by holding R2/RB and selecting them with the L stick or down on the D-Pad) and then steal the map.

    Exit the tent to the left and enter the brush to observe the guard nearby. Wait for the guard to move to the right and rush in and perform a non-lethal attack and hop down to disable the cannon by holding O/B.

    Hop over the stone wall in front of the cannon and walk along the bank, hugging the fort, until you reach another stone wall and the second cannon. Wait for the patrolling guard to walk away and then run in and quickly disable the second cannon and jump back over the stone wall. You can now jump into the ocean and swim your way back to Ziio.


    Memory 3: The Braddock Expedition

    Optional ObjectivesKill two soldiers without triggering open conflict
    Destroy three powder carts

    Return to the Wright Tavern in Concord to start the memory and then automatically travel on horseback to meet up with Ziio. Talk to her and when you have control again, turn right behind your allies and go over a log and into a pile of hay with brush and a guard nearby. Stealth kill the guard and then whistle to draw another guard, even if it is the marked guard, to the hay stack and stealth kill them as well. You can now trample through the camp and openly kill the rest of the soldiers with help from your allies.

    When you have control, follow the waypoints to Braddock's position for a cutscene and then chase after him. As you chase him on horseback, you will need to shoot three powder carts as they come into range, but beware of shooting too early and killing a troop instead. The first cart is almost right away as you turn left onto the path and ride past a group of soldiers, make sure you are not holding X/A or Haytham will not fire and reload ASAP after firing by pressing Triangle/Y again. The second is directly on the path, just after cutting through the trees and the third is on the left hand side of the path a little ways farther down the path. Continue to chase him for a cutscene and then chase him on foot and kill him however you want.

    Return to the Green Dragon Tavern for a cutscene and the end of Sequence 03.


    Sequence 04

    Back in the real world, you and your companions will discuss the new twist in Haytham's story and William and Desmond will once again be at odds. When you have control, talk to Shaun to learn more about how Haytham became a Templar and then check out any emails you haven't read. When you are ready, re-enter the Animus.

    As you wait for the game to load, Ziio will tell the story of how Haytham and she conceived a child that she fears will one day follow her father into the darkness of the Templar's desire to rule the world.

    When you have control again you will be playing Connor Kenway (aka Ratonhnhaké:ton), the son of Haytham and Ziio, in the Kanién:keh Nation Territory.


    Memory 1: Hide and Seek

    Optional ObjectivesFind all the children without making a mistake
    Find all the children within four minutes

    Follow Kanen'tó:kon and his friends through the village and out into the forest for a cutscene. When you have control, analyze the clue by pressing O/B and you will notice that the three search area will appear. As you find more clues, easily found and marked when in Eagle Vision, the search zones will shrink until they target the individual on the spot. Run around collecting clues, while avoiding accidently jumping in a pile of branches, until a child's position is pinpointed and then go collect them.

    Once all boys are found, it is your turn to hide. Run away from your starting position in any direction and find a hiding spot before time wears down, where you hide does not matter. After the cutscene, with some familiar faces, return to your village and cut through the house on your left, moving the obstacle by rapidly pressing O/B, and follow the waypoints under another obstacle to examine the house with O/B. When you gain control again, head around the rocks to your right and enter the house to try and help your mother free.


    Memory 2: Feathers and Trees

    Optional ObjectivesDo not touch the ground or water
    Find three more feathers

    Talk to your friend and then run up the tree stump. This tutorial section is designed to introduce you to the Native American abilities that Connor has learned through the years. Follow the path to a tree and then hit X/A in the V-shaped tree to climb up farther for a cutscene.

    When you have control again, follow the trees route through the forest, across the water, and up to the next. Take your time as you learn what you can and can't do while freerunning in trees and don't be afraid to stand on the rocks that do NOT count as ground. When you reach the river, Kanen'tó:kon will fall in and you will need to turn around and help him back up with O/B.

    Continue to a cutscene then head across the branches and jump onto the cliff and climb up, note that sometime the game acts buggy and counts this as ground and other times it does not. Climb the cliff face and interact with the feather to fall to the ground.

    It is now safe to touch the ground, so head east a little and climb a tree with spiked branches around its base to the first of the three optional feathers. Go back to the pile of branches where you fell and head northeast a little to a bent tree to get up into the tree branches and across to the second feather. The final feather is to the northwest.


    Memory 3: Hunting Lessons

    Optional ObjectivesHunt and skin three different types of animals
    Combine bait and a snare to catch an animal
    Air assassinate two animals

    It's time to learn how to use your new weapons as well as how to hunt and skin animals for profit and quests. The first bit of this tutorial is easily followed by reading the on screen prompts.


    • Stand away from the animals at a distance, hold Triangle/Y for a while to aim and then let go to kill the animal.
    • Use Eagle Vision to find the clues needed to help progress through the section

    After skinning the deer and checking your snares, it is time to complete the optional objectives. Head to the rocks in the green area and use this to climb into the trees. Wait for an animal to walk below you or throw bait to lure them and hit Square/X to air assassinate them. Do this twice, hopefully with two different animal types, and then find a place to set a snare. In order to complete the objective, take a step back and throw some bait on it as well. Make sure you kill three types of enemies before you skin 5 animals or you will automatically fail.

    The hare is usually the most annoying, since the foxes run it off into the cliffs, find a clue that locates it and sneak up and shoot it with your bow from a distance.

    When you have completed all the objectives, head to the waypoint and evade the bear with the on screen prompts and get outside the red zone and return to the village.


    Memory 4: Something to Remember

    Optional ObjectivesMake no more than two collisions

    Head to the village and talk to the Clan Mother and follow the waypoint to a cutscene. When you have control again you will be an eagle soaring through the sky. Get used to the controls quick because you need to avoid trees and rocks to get the optional objective completed. Do not fear to deviate from the burning eagle's path to get around obstacles easier.


    Sequence 05

    Connor narrates his journey since leaving the village and then you gain control in a mountain pass.

    Instead of heading forward, turn around and dive into the river below to swim to shore near a man. He will indicate where the New England Hunting Society is and you should also unlock the Hunting Society Membership from The Hunting Society in the Clubs section, see Side Quests for other clubs. You can also access many more Side Quests available, so check out that section if you want to work on it now.

    You also have access to much of the map and can spend time gathering feathers, getting viewpoints, Attacking Convoys and more. Note that it is a good idea to kill animals you come across for The Hunting Society and for trading for cash, you will be surprised how much money you can make.

    Sequence 05 marks the beginning for most Side Quests, including:

    Clubs (Challenges & Missions)
    Citizen Missions such as Courier Missions, Delivery Requests, and Assassination Contracts
    Liberating Forts
    The Homestead Missions

    You can also start to explore the following gameplay features:

    Unlock Fast Travel in Boston via The Underground

    Also note that all Collectibles in the Frontier and Boston are now available, as well as the ones in Davenport when you reach the location.

    Check for new sidequests frequently in all zones from now on

    If you have not read up on Sending Convoys, do so now. They will become your main source of money.


    Memory 1: A Boorish Man

    Optional ObjectivesLimit health loss to 50%

    When you are ready, enter Davenport Homestead, via Fast Travel, and enter the manor in the northeast, marked with an objective. The man, Achilles Davenport, will not let you inside. Follow the waypoints to the stables to set up camp for the night and then return to the front door the next day. Since the man still won't let you in, try the backdoor this time. When that doesn't work, climb to the balcony door to encounter the man again before you return to the stables.

    The only optional objective takes place during the battle at night. Keep to counter kills to be safe or try and get a kill streak and take a tiny bit of damage. Either way, finish off the enemies and head to the manor and talk to Davenport. When you have control again, follow Davenport into the hidden passage and officially begin your training.


    Memory 2: Archilles Errand & A Trip to Boston

    Archilles Errand

    Head outside the mansion and talk to Achilles by the cart to start this memory. When you arrive in Boston, follow Archilles to a cutscene and when you have control, you can either head to the General Store or work on gathering pages from the Almanac, finding chests, and getting Viewpoints.


    A Trip to Boston

    Optional ObjectivesEscape within 80 seconds

    At the General Store, talk to the shopkeeper to receive your supplies and then leave.

    The General Store also offers maps to most of the collectibles in the game. Buy them if you have the money.

    Head to the waypoint to talk to Achilles and then follow him through the streets for a cutscene. When you have control again, follow Haythem's accomplice through the alley at a safe distance. When he turns down the alley to the left, walk to the corner and take cover and slowly follow him to the rooftop. When you reach the roof, take cover behind the chimney until his icon turns red, instead of orange, and then rush in to kill him before he fires on the crowd below.

    When you resume control you will need to escape the area quickly. Head straight along the rooftop you are on toward the end and use the tree branches to jump to the next roof. Continue forward along this rooftop to the end where some crows on the right will mark a Leap of Faith to safety.


    Memory 3: Boston's Most Wanted & Lying Low

    Boston's Most Wanted

    Optional ObjectivesDo not raise your Notoriety to level 3

    Your notoriety will be at level 3 when you exit the last memory and you will need to make your way to the objective while being careful to avoid detection. You could always rush through and then hop in the hay cart at your destination, but that is just too easy. When you reach the objective Samuel Adams will introduce himself and teach you how to lower notoriety.

    From your starting position, hop into the water and swim to the guard near the dock to stealth kill him by pulling him down into the water. Hug the left wall, blending in with the citizens and slowly make your way to the poster across the way and tear it down before all your cover runs away. Your notoriety will drop to 2 and you can now breathe a little easier.

    From the first poster, go around the boxes with a ladder and hop into the hay cart on the either side to assassinate the guard nearby. You can now run across the street, along the building, and hide against the fence until the patrol walks by. Once the patrol passes, totally oblivious to you, talk to Adams to learn the second way to drop notoriety, paying off the town criers to spread word that contradicts the truth and misleading your enemies.

    You will now need to make your way to the Print Shop, but don't be fooled by the lowering of notoriety, as enemies will still pursue you. Take back alleys, to avoid stationary guards, and use the citizens to blend in and avoid patrolling units. When you reach the building with the waypoint in the middle and surrounded by guards, climb over the building and drop into the center (the AI can run past guards with no worry and Adams will not get too far out of range) and head into the tunnels.


    Lying Low

    Inside the tunnels, head east and then take the first available left twice and then take a right at the three way intersection. Make sure to light the lamps as you go through and if you get lost, simply follow the rats.

    When you exit, head to the waypoint and defeat the two guards blocking your entrance to the Print Shop to learn the third, and final, method of lowering notoriety. Now follow Adams to the docks to finish the cutscene and gain freedom. You can now talk to the harbormaster to return to Davenport Homestead or travel around Boston a little more first.

    If you completed all The Frontiersmen mission except the two in Boston, you can start those now. You should also be able to gather any Almanac pages Trinkets, and treasure.


    Memory 4: The Lost Son's Return & River Rescue

    The Lost Son's Return

    Return to the manor in Davenport and talk to Achilles to complete the River Rescue portion of the memory. After the cutscene, head outside and talk to the panicked man to begin River Rescue.


    River Rescue

    Optional ObjectivesDo not touch the water while rescuing Terry

    Follow Godfrey through the snowy landscape until you get a cutscene and then run across the rocks to follow Terry downstream. Move quickly and stick to the shoreline or the branches that go across the water, but do not fall in. When you reach a big tree that juts out into the water with four branches coming off the left side, jump to the end and then into the water to save Terry.

    You can jump into the water for a cutscene if Terry's log is passing at this point. If he has already floated by, you will need to restart the checkpoint, as you will not get the scene and hit the water without saving Terry.

    You can now take a second to recruit Lance through The Homestead Missions or continue through the main story.


    Memory 5: Training Begins & The Hard Way

    Training Begins

    Fast travel to the harbor and talk to Achilles for a cutscene and meet Robert Faulkner. When you have control, return to Achilles and follow the tutorial to create a convoy. After the cutscene, you can head to the objective marker or return to the manor and check out the ledger to learn about Crafting.

    You will also unlock the next The Homestead Missions, with Warren & Prudence in the Frontier, and another Godfrey & Terry one in Davenport. There also some interactive conversations marked in Davenport that are worth listening to.


    The Hard Way

    Optional ObjectivesSustain no damage before you reach Martha's Vineyard
    Use the swivel gun to destroy two ships
    Successfully brace during an attack on three occasions

    When you're ready, talk to Faulkner and select the objective marker on the naval map. After the cutscene, head to the mast and follow the prompts to learn the basics of naval travel.


    • Follow the ship in front of you around the rocks and give them plenty of room.
    • Don't be afraid to put the sails at half sail by pressing O/B to slow down in rogue winds or around tight turns

    When you reach the Vineyard, watch the cutscene to meet Amanda Bailey, David Clutterbuck, Richard Clutterbuck, and Nicholas Biddle. When you have control again, return to the helm and learn how to use your guns (R1/RT for the cannons and L1/LT for the swivel gun). When you encounter the ambush, focus on taking out three of the small ships with the swivel gun while bracing for impact (hit Square/X when the water between the two ships turns red). Make sure you complete the optional objectives before moving on.