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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Krystal109

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    Side Quests (Continued)

    Assassination Contracts

    Similar to the Courier Missions, these missions require the player to kill set targets instead of delivering a letter. Each mission will give the player five Templar targets that they must kill to receive the £2,000 reward.

    MissionUnlock Requirement
    Frontier ContractsSequence 05, Memory 3
    Boston's ContractsSequence 06
    New York's ContractsSequence 09, Memory 1


    • Each target not only has a decent sum of money on them, but they also have a resource or trade item as well
    • Try to kill the target when they are alone to avoid large battles
    • Mercenaries will attack these units and sometimes kill them


    Like the guilds and factions in previous games, these allow the player to complete missions and challenges for bonus rewards. They first become available at the start of Sequence 05, but some requirements must be met before they officially unlock (see the individual club sections for more info).

    Once Connor has received an invitation to join a club, the first tier of Challenges for that club will become available for viewing in the Logbook.

    The Hunting Society

    A Hunting Society representative will approach Connor if he has hunted and skinned one animal, unlocking the first tier of challenges and filling in The Hunting Society Membership on the DNA Tracker. The hunting cabins will now appear on the map (as long as the area has been uncovered) and the player can now visit these cabins to accept missions in a linear progression.

    The Hunting Society is the only club that gives rewards, in the form of Native American memento's, which can be viewed in an upstairs room of The Homestead.

    Hunting Challenges 1Kill 5 deer.-
    Kill a wolf.
    Skin 10 animals.
    Trade hunting spoils worth £500.
    Use bait with a snare to capture five animals.
    Kill a bear with the Hidden Blade.
    Hunting Challenges 2Stealth kill 5 animals while using Bait.-
    Skin 25 animals.
    Kill 10 animals with the Hidden Blade.
    Capture 20 animals with snares.
    Kill 15 animals with the Bow.
    Hunting Challenges 3Skin every species of animal.-
    Kill 5 animals from horseback.
    Trade hunting spoils worth a total of £2000.
    Complete your hunting map.
    Have collected 50 undamaged pelts.
    The Man-EaterHead to the marker in Packanack and use Eagle Sense to analyze the clues, enter the cave, pick up the marked corpse and drop it by the marked area to lure the bear out and defeat it.Bear Memento
    Feline FeetHead to the in Black Creek and use Eagle Sense to analyze the clues and find the Bobcat. You will need to kill the Bobcat before it gets away; if you fail, you will need to restart by exit and re-entering the Animus or run a significant distance away.Bobcat Memento
    The PatriarchHead to the marker in Diamond Basin and use Eagle Vision to find the golden Elk. Use bait to draw it close to some high brush or below a branch to kill it with your hands.Deer Memento
    The Pack LeaderHead to the marker in ??? and hide in the trees to safely shoot and kill the three marked wolves to draw out their leader and kill it as well.Wolf Memento
    Acute CatHead to the marker in Kanien:keh and find the cougar in the mountain pass and kill it (you will need to approach from the village to climb the cliff side).Cougar Memento
    The Elk BachelorHead to the hunting society marker in Valley Forge and kill the Elk.Elk Memento

    The Frontiersmen

    The Frontiersmen can be visited at any of the camps marked on the map at the start of Sequence 05. The player will need to accept the first mission to unlock the clubs challenges in a linear progression. All missions, except the Boston ones, can be completed in Sequence 05.

    Frontiersmen Challenges 1Perform 10 Leaps of Faith.
    Discover 5 Underground network entrances.
    Reach 5 high points (Viewpoints).
    Discover the location of all 7 forts.
    Explore the canopy by traveling 100m through the trees.
    Collect 5 feathers.
    Frontiersmen Challenges 2Dive into water from a height of 50 meters.
    Complete an Almanac.
    Climb for a total of 1500m.
    Discover the location of every trading post in the Frontier.
    Listen to all of Washington's conversations.
    Frontiersmen Challenges 3Reveal all of Boston's map.
    Reveal all of New York's map.
    Reveal the whole Frontier map.
    Reveal all the Viewpoints.
    Discover all of the Underground Network entrances in New York and Boston.
    Visit every Tavern in the Frontier, New York, and Boston.
    The Boy Who Cried WolfHead to the marker in Great Piece Hills to use Eagle Vision to analyze the clues and kill the wolf.
    The SasquatchHead to the marker in Black Creek and enter the cave on the right-hand side of the waterfall to find the Sasquatch.
    The Haunted LighthouseHead to the marked green area in Great Piece Hills and climb to the top of the lighthouse to find the fake ghost.
    The Headless HorsemanHead to the marker in Troy's Wood to use Eagle Vision to find and analyze one of the corpses
    Monster of the SeaHead to the four markers on the map and eavesdrop on three of the conversations, by using citizens or climbing roofs/trees, and then talk to the widow in the graveyard. Now head to the next marker to use Eagle Vision and examine the diving gear.
    Unidentified Flying ObjectHead to the marker in southwest Boston and use Eagle Vision to locate the clue in a tree and then use the outhouse to analyze the umbrella.

    Boston Brawlers

    A Boston Brawlers representative will visit Connor after he has beaten an enemy with his fists only, unlocking the first tier of challenges and the first mission. Note that only the first mission can be completed in Sequence 05 and the rest will need to wait until the player reaches New York.

    Brawler Challenges 1Disarm 5 enemies.
    Kill 5 enemies affected by a Smoke Bomb within 10 seconds
    Kill 25 enemies with your Hidden Blades.
    Stealth kill 10 enemies without being detected.
    Kill 10 Officers.
    Achieve a 5 enemy kill streak.
    Brawler Challenges 2Fight and kill 10 Grenadiers.
    Kill an enemy with every type of weapon.
    Perform 5 double assassinations.
    Have your recruits assist you in combat 10 times.
    Liberate 3 forts.
    Brawler Challenges 3Achieve a 7 enemy Kill Streak.
    Use the Rope Dart to perform a Predator move 5 times.
    Own every weapon available in the stores.
    Disarm and kill 10 Jagers with their own weapon.
    Defend yourself from a firing line by using a human shield 10 times.
    Peter BunyonHead to the marker in Troy's Wood in the Frontier to defeat Peter and his friends.
    The SailorHead to the marker in New York to fight and defeat the sailor with counter disarms followed swiftly by punches.
    The SmugglerHead to the marker in Boston to defeat 2 smugglers with counter disarms and counter throws followed by punches.
    The StingerHead to the marker in Diamond Basin in the Frontier to defeat the stinger with counter disarms followed by punches.
    The RopebeaterHead to the marker in Boston to defeat the ropebeater by counter throwing him into tables and barrels (see below).
    The MerchantHead to the marker in New York to defeat the merchant with counter throws and defense break attacks followed by punches.
    The TournamentReturn to Harold Ring in Boston to take part in four rounds of combat. All enemies are weak to counter disarms and defense breaks, so stick to those to defeat them.


    • For The Ropebeater, stand with your back to a table or barrel and then tap O/B to throw him into the object and cause damage. Repeat until defeated.

    The Thief's Club

    A Thief Club representative will visit Connor after he has pickpocketed £100, unlocking the first tier of challenges.

    Thief Challenges 1Loot 10 dead bodies.
    Perform an Air Assassination 25 times.
    Catch a courier.
    Pickpocket £200.
    Kill an enemy from a hiding place 25 times.
    Thief Challenges 2Escape from open conflict by using blending or hiding 10 times.
    Steal everything a guard owns three times.
    Lure away a guard dog using bait three times.
    Perform 30 stealth kills without being detected.
    Steal everything a rich citizen owns without being detected.
    Thief Challenges 3Poison 5 enemies.
    Find and empty the 10 chests in New York.
    Win £500 by playing minigames.
    Pickpocket or loot £1,500.
    Successfully attack and loot a convoy 3 times.

    Liberating Forts

    There are a total of 7 forts in AC III that the player can liberate: 3 are in the Frontier, 2 are in each city (Boston and New York). Each fort is marked by a large red restricted zone that will cause open conflict if seen. Although there is no memory directly related to the forts, liberating them is required for 100% synchronization and the treasure within. Liberating a fort also has the added bonus of reducing taxes on convoys, the primary source of income in the game, and becoming a fast travel location.

    To liberate a fort, Connor must kill the fort captain and ignite the power reserve before lowering the flag and replacing it with a patriot flag. While players can rush in and kill all the inhabitants to complete this task, the following guide will detail the stealthy method.

    Fort St-MathieuFrontierSouth, near the New York entrance
    Fort MonmouthFrontierSouthwest corner of the map, west of the Harbormaster
    Fort DuquesneFrontierNorthwest area of the map, north of Valley Forge
    Fort HillBostonEastern area of the city
    Fort IndependenceBostonSouthwest area of the city, by the Boston Commons
    Fort WashingtonNew YorkWest area of the city, near the docks
    Fort DivisionNew YorkNorthwest area of the city, near the Frontier exit


    • Although many forts are available when the player gains access to the area, the limited arsenal of Connor may require them to postpone the liberation until later.
    • The player must complete all three steps to liberate the fort before leaving the area or the fort will be reset to its original state.
    • If the player wants to take a direct approach, rather than a stealthy one, killing the Captain quickly can cause some of his subordinates to run off.
    • Weather changes the visibility of the redcoats. Taking a fort in rain or winter can be to the player's advantage.

    Liberation Missions

    Liberation Missions, more rightly called Assassin Recruitment, are automatically unlocked in Sequence 06 when the player assists Stephane Chapheau. From that point on the player can complete liberation missions in each district of a city to gain an assassin recruit and the unique Assassin Abilities they possess and use the Assassin Guild to gain money and level up recruits.

    Like Assassin Signal's from the previous games, when your recruits are not on a mission the player can use their abilities by selecting it from the Assassin Recruit menu (hold L2/LB) and then tap L2/LB to use that ability and consume a certain number of "tokens".

    General Tips:

    • Use the Liberations Missions filter on the map to show the district lines and view any uncovered missions
    • If the player fails a mission, run off screen far enough from the event start and then return
    • Once the player has completed any SINGLE mission, the recruit will appear on the map and is available for conversation. In general, there are two conversations with each recruit before completing the final liberation missions. If the player wants to know more about their recruits, make sure to check on them once in a while before completing all missions in the zone.
    South Boston
    Defeat EscortsThe player must defeat four escorts to free two conscripts. The best tactic is to run in and get a double assassinate before finishing off the final two escorts. The mission is failed if both conscripts are defeated.
    Kill Conscription AgentsThe player must defeat a conscription agent on horseback as he chases after a civilian. As you approach the area, use the tool to call your horse and then rush and spur your horse to stay in range. Once in range, use Square/X to assassinate the enemy from horseback.
    Martial LawApproach your contact in the south section of the district for a cutscene. When you have control, sneak around the north side of the restricted area to a hay cart and assassinate the guard next to it. You can then use the crowd and stalking area to approach the man addressing everyone and use the marksman skill by targeting him and hitting L2/LB.
    North Boston
    Protect MerchantThe player must defeat the men harassing the merchants around town without letting the Grenadier escape. The best strategy for this is to target the man in charge, at the front and center of the group, and rush in for a high profile assassination. Once defeated, the player can decide whether to fight or flee the remaining mercenaries.
    Free CaptivesSimilar to the missions where Haythem had to free the captives, the player must defeat the enemies guarding the captives to free them.
    Gangs of BostonTalk to your contact at the tavern and then approach the restricted area to the north. Equip and trigger the Bodyguard ability and calmly walk to the Templar leader and assassinate them.
    North New York
    Beat Up MerchantThe player must defeat the two marked merchants to enable the starving children to steal some food.
    Defend FarmerThe player must stay within the blue circle while defeating incoming redcoats to protect the farmer. Stick close to the farmer and make sure to distract any enemies that approach him. If the farmer dies, the player will fail the mission and have to leave and return.
    Prevent EvictionsThe player must choose to defeat or pay off the bailiff that has come to evict the citizens. If the player chooses to defeat them, make sure to loot the corpses for some money and high value items, but if the player chooses to pay them off, they can follow the bailiff until he separates from the guards and take him down to retrieve the money and items.
    Hoarding ProvisionsFind your contact in the northwest section of New York and then approach the restricted zone from then east. Use the nearby stalking zone to hide and activate the lure ability to draw the sentries away for easy access to the Templar leader.
    West New York
    Burn Infected BlanketsThere are two different types of encounters for this mission; the first will require the player to defeat a small group of Templars and the other will either be unattended or have a civilian guarding it. Either way, clear the path and then burn the blankets by hitting O/B.
    Put Down Rabid DogsThe player must kill rabid dogs that bark constantly at the player.
    Carry Sick CiviliansThe player must pick up and carry the civilians to a nearby clinic. This is best done when you are Incognito, to avoid conflict.
    Protect the ClinicApproach the contact near the clinic and prepare for an attack. Use the Ambush ability, as well as powder keys, to protect the clinic from waves of redcoats from the north, east, and west.
    East New York
    Beat up the OfficerThe player must defeat three escorts to automatically subdue the Officer.
    Prevent an ExecutionThe player must rush in and defeat the redcoats before they shoot the citizens. Use Smoke Bombs or recruits to complete this quickly.
    Plant False DocumentsThe player must plant documents on a snitch by "pickpocketing" them. Note that you can get a full pickpocket off by running in and holding the button to end the event before you are discovered.

    Assassin Abilities

    DistrictBoston Central (Story Memory)
    RecruitStephane Chapeau
    Tokens Used1
    NotesAssassinate will call a recruit to kill any targeted individual and engage in conflict with any other enemies that appear due to open conflict.
    DistrictBoston Central (Story Memory)
    RecruitStephane Chapeau
    Tokens Used1
    NotesRiot is mostly used for diversion by creating an angry mob from the surrounding citizens and occupying the attention of nearby guards.
    DistrictBoston South
    RecruitClipper Wilkinson
    Tokens UsedAll
    NotesMarksman is by far the best ability available in AC III. When used on a target, all available assassins will fire into the field and kill up to 5 targets. If this causes open conflict, they will then engage in battle.
    DistrictBoston North
    RecruitDuncan Little
    Tokens UsedAll
    DistrictNew York North
    RecruitDeborah "Dobby" Carter
    Tokens Used1
    NotesLure is another diversion tactic used by having a recruit pickpocket an opponent and then flee from the scene, luring all guards in the vicinity into a chase and letting you walk by freely.
    DistrictNew York North
    RecruitJamie Colley
    Tokens Used1
    NotesAmbush works similar to Trip Mines, except that a recruit will run in and assassinate the opponent when they enter the abilities effect area. Although not overly useful as an offensive ability, they are great for defense or diversion.
    Covert Escort
    DistrictNew York East
    RecruitJacob Zenger
    Tokens Used2
    NotesCovert Escort is a great skill that allows Connor to acts as a hostage while being escorted by recruits dressed as redcoats. This is great for getting past sentries and avoiding detection, but the effect is broken upon combat.

    Assassin Guild

    Each recruit the player obtains through liberation missions can take part in the Assassin Guild missions to level up, as well as granting a monetary and item rewards. Access the menu by holding L2/LB and pressing Square/X to access the Assassin Guild map. There are a total of 14 colonies that recruits can be sent to on missions, each with its own difficulty and missions.

    When selecting a colony and missions, there are four things the player should be aware of:

    • Assistance: The bonus applied to the base Success Rate of each missions based on the number of adjacent colonies conquered.
    • Time: The ACTIVE game time required to complete the mission.
    • Difficulty: A general estimation, in stars, of the difficulty of each mission.
    • Rewards: The rewards received, if victorious.

    After choosing a colony and missions the player will be asked to assign a recruit to take part, with up to three being able to take part per mission. Upon assigning a recruit the success rate will be displayed with the probability of the missions success. The lower the success rate, the more likely the recruit(s) will fail and be injured, resulting in the recruit being unavailable for a while. In order to improve the success rate, the player can assign multiple recruits.

    The success rate for each contract is based on its individual difficulty:

    DifficultySuccess Rate

    The success rate is then affected by two factors: the level of the recruit assigned to the contract and any Assistance bonuses.

    Assassin Level BonusAssistance Bonus

    Whenever the player conquers a colony by completing the initial six contracts, they will receive an Assistance bonus to all contracts in neighboring colonies. By using this system the player can conquer difficult colonies much easier.

    ColonyDifficultyAdjacent Colonies
    Quebec*New Hampshire + Massachusetts
    New Hampshire*Quebec + Massachusetts
    Massachusetts***New Hampshire + Quebec + Rhode Island
    Rhode Island*Connecticut + Massachusetts
    Connecticut**Rhode Island + New York
    New York***Connecticut + Pennsylvania
    Pennsylvania***Maryland + New York + New Jersey + Delaware
    New Jersey**New York + Delaware + Pennsylvania
    Delaware**New Jersey + Pennsylvania + Maryland
    Maryland**Virginia + Pennsylvania + Delaware
    Virginia***Maryland + North Carolina
    North Carolina**South Carolina + Virginia
    South Carolina*North Carolina + Georgia
    Georgia*South Carolina

    Recruits can be leveled up to 11 through the Assassin Guild missions or by calling them into the field with tokens. If the player calls the recruit into the field they will gain about 10XP a kill or ability use, while each assassin contract gives the recruit about 40-60XP depending on the contract and time taken.

    While both of these methods are viable for leveling up, which one the player prefers to use will depend on play style. If the player wishes to call recruits into battle, the best place to do this would be inside an enemy occupied fort with large groups of enemies (leaving and re-entering without liberating the fort to respawn the enemies). If the player rarely uses their recruits, it makes much more sense to use the guild to level them up.

    As the player levels up their recruits they will gain new fighting capabilities used when summoned.

    LevelRankXPMoves Learned
    1Private100Combo Kill, Air Assassination, Weapon Swipe
    2Corporal200Double Assassination, Backstab, Duckfoot Pistol
    3Sergeant300Ground Kill, Improved Assassination, Counter Disarm
    4Officer Cadet400Human Shield, Improved Combo Kill, Loot
    5Lieutenant500Improved Pistol, Counter Throw, New Melee Weapon
    6Captain600Special Counter, Resist Combo Kill
    7Major700Improved Assassination, Counter Kill
    8Colonel800Double Barrel Pistol
    9General900Improved Combo Kill, Resist Combo
    10Field Marshal1,000Parry Reversal, Smoke Bomb
    11Assassin1,100New Weapon, Signature Move

    The Homestead Missions

    Like the previous Assassin's Creed games, the player will have control of a manor where their equipment, rewards, and other achievements will be displayed. New to Assassin's Creed III, the player will now be able to recruit characters to live in the Davenport Homestead and crate good that can be traded to the shops in Boston, New York, and the Frontier.


    Achilles & Timothy

    Achilles and Father Timothy are the only NPC's that reside on The Homestead that do not either produce or craft items.

    Achilles - The Housekeeper

    Mission TitleUnlockRequirement
    Encyclopedia of the Common ManSequence 06Head to the marker inside the Davenport manor to talk to Achilles (See Below)
    Manor Mysteries 1Sequence 07Head to the marker inside the Davneport manor to talk to Achilles and then head to the waypoint to talk to Norris. Follow him to the cave entrance and shoot the barrel to open the entrance. Follow the waypoints to the chest and pick it open. You now have 2 minutes to escape via the ledge on the wall behind you as the cave collapses.
    Manor Mysteries 2Sequence 09Head to the marker inside the Davenport manor to talk to Achilles and then fast travel to the marker in New York. Head to the waypoint and climb the building to retrieve the painting and then return to Achilles.
    LegacySequence 11Head to the marker inside the Davenport manor to find Achilles dead and then talk to Father Timothy.
    Achilles' PaintingSequence 11Head to the marker inside the Davenport manor to inspect the painting and place it.

    Your goal is to create a record of activities for all the individuals that live on the Davenport Homestead. In order to do this you need to "scan" the individuals during the activity you want to record by holding L1/LT. An action can only be recorded once and you need to complete three scans.


    • You can tell if the individuals are doing something recordable by using Eagle Vision (gold = recordable)
    • Most of the outdoor events will only occur in spring, as winter is unseasonable for some careers to work outdoors
    • Check on the inhabitants before and after any The Homestead Missions, as well as any time you are running through the area.
    Big Dave (Blacksmith)Sharpening Tools, Splitting Logs w/ Lumberers, Unloading Cart, Forging Metal, Horseshoeing, ect.
    Lyle White (Doctor)With a Client, Picking Herbs, Reading Newspaper, Playing Bowls, Taking Measurements w/ Ellen
    Warren & Prudence (Farmer)Feeding Chickens, Shoveling Hay, Making Butter, Milking Cows, Plowing Field, etc.
    Myriam (Huntress)Roasting Hare, Sharpening Tools, Skinning a Deer, Setting a Trap, Cleaning a Musket
    Oliver & Corrine (Innkeepers)Butchering a Pig, Changing Bottles or Kegs, Idle at Bar, Roasting a Deer, etc.
    Godfrey & Terry (Lumberers)Sawing, Sharpening Tools, Splitting Logs, Unloading Cart, Playing Bowls
    Norris (Miner)Mining, Filling a Lantern, Repairing a Beam, Sharpening Tools, Sifting Rocks
    Ellen (Tailor)With a Client, Trading Pelts, Sewing, Taking Measurements
    Lance (Woodworker)With a Client, Inspecting the Fence, Repairing a Beam, Checking Chair, Sharpening Tools, etc.

    Father Timothy - The Priest

    Mission TitleUnlockRequirement
    Finding his FlockSequence 09Head to the marker in Davenport to start this mission and then give Timothy £1,000
    The WeddingSequence 09Head to the marker in Davenport to start this mission and then follow Timothy. When you have control, talk to Norris at the manor and head upstairs to analyze the clues. Head to the green zone and find Myriam in the tree and chase her down. Make sure to talk to everyone in the tavern.


    Artisans are residents of The Homestead that craft items through the Crafting system. In order to create high level items, the player must complete missions for the residents.

    Lance - The Woodworker

    Mission TitleUnlockRequirement
    The Whittler's WeaponSequence 05Head to the marker in Davneport to start this mission and defeat the thugs to help him off the cliffside.
    Tools of the TradeSequence 09Head to the marker in Davenport to start this mission and then fast travel to the marker in Boston. Talk to Lance and follow him to the shop. Talk to the new owner and your apprentice and then follow Patrick to the tools location and loot the chest.
    Thousand-Pound IdeaSequence 10Head to the marker in Davenport to start this mission and head to New York to retrieve the three pieces of plans and then return the plans to Lance.

    Oliver & Corinne - The Innkeepers

    Mission TitleUnlockRequirement
    Room at the InnSequence 07Head to the marker in Davenport to start this mission and then give Oliver £1,000

    Big Dave - The Blacksmith

    Mission TitleUnlockRequirement
    DeserterSequence 08Head to the marker in the Frontier and defeat the redcoats beating Dave up. When only one is left alive, wait for Dave to elbow the redcoat and then pull the trigger.
    The Proper ToolsSequence 09Head to the marker in Davenport to start this mission and then head to New York to buy the Ebony Hammer and Hardended Steel Head from the General Store. Exit for a scene and return to Big Dave with the tools.
    An Eye for TroubleSequence 09Head to the marker in Davenport to start this mission and then chase down the scout before returning to Big Dave.
    The ComebackSequence 10Head to the marker in Davenport to start this mission and then follow him to the defensive point where you'll need to defeat two waves of redcoats.

    Lyle - The Doctor

    Lyle is automatically recruited as part of Warren & Prudence's missions (See Happy Expectations below)

    Mission TitleUnlockRequirement
    Get Me a DoctorSequence 09Head to the marker in Davenport to start this mission and mount a horse. Follow the waypoints to get Dr. Lyle and Warren and then return to Prudence.
    SlanderSequence 09Head to the marker in Davenport to start this mission and follow Lyle before fast traveling to the marker in Boston. Head to each green zone and locate the paper boys by using Eagle Vision and bribe them. Now locate the overseer to pickpocket or beat him up.
    Wait TimesSequence 11Head to the marker in Davenport to start this mission and then rush over to Diana and return to Lyle. You'll then have to run from patient to patient and treat their wounds.

    Ellen - The Tailor

    Mission TitleUnlockRequirement
    Cutting TiesSequence 09Head to the marker in New York to start this mission and follow the girl to beat up an abusive husband.
    Silk ErrandSequence 09Head to the marker in Davenport to start this mission and then fast travel to the waypoint in New York. Use Eagle Vision to examine the clue and retrieve the silk and return to Ellen.
    The Final StrawSequence 09Head to the marker in Davenport to start this mission and follow the men to Ellen's house and prevent the men from breaking in.


    Harvesters are residents of The Homestead that sell items through the Storhouse. In order to gain a larger selection of goods per harvester, the player must complete missions for the residents.

    Godfrey & Terry - The Lumberers

    Mission TitleUnlockRequirement
    River RescueSequence 05 (story mission)See Sequence 05, Memory 4
    Burglar on the HomesteadSequence 05Head to the marker in Davenport to start the mission and then chase the thief down and kill him.
    The FightSequence 06Head to the marker in Davenport to start the mission and then follow the children. Use the L and R stick to prevent the cursors from reaching the center, stay between them, and slowly move them to the outskirts. Talk to both men afterwards.
    Bowls BeginnerSequence 07Head to the marker in Davenport to start the mission and play a game of Bowls, win or lose (see Mini-Games).

    Warren & Prudence - The Farmers

    Mission TitleUnlockRequirement
    AbusedSequence 05Head to the marker in Lexington (Frontier) to start this mission and defeat the Loyalists that are abusing the couple.
    Prudence's PrimroseSequence 06Head to the marker in Davenport to start this mission and then head to the waypoint. Search the green area with Eagle Vision to find all clues and defeat the bear.
    Happy ExpectationsSequence 07Head to the marker in Davenport to start this mission and then head to Boston. Head to the marker in Boston to talk to the apprentice and then follow the waypoint to save the doctor from a beating.
    Pig HerderSequence 07Head to the marker in Davenport to start this mission and then herd the pigs into the pen by walking behind or dashing in front of them to change direction.

    Myriam - The Huntress

    Mission TitleUnlockRequirement
    Silent HunterSequence 06Head to the marker in Davenport to start this mission and carry her home. You'll need to deal with the poachers via a tutorial about the Rope Darts, so head to the waypoint and follow the on screen prompts.
    White TrophySequence 06Head to the marker in Davenport to start this mission and use Eagle Vision in the green zone to track down the cougar. Chase it through the area, talk to Norris, and advance into the cave to become a decoy.
    Fool Me Once...Sequence 09Head to the marker in Davenport to start this mission and then talk to Myriam. Defeat the marked wolves and head to the waypoint and run through the trees to defeat the assailant.

    Norris - The Miner

    Mission TitleUnlockRequirement
    The BrawlerSequence 06Head to the marker in Boston to start this mission and save Norris.
    Norris Goes CourtingSequence 07Head to the marker in Davenport to start this mission and then talk to Prudence on her farm. Follow the waypoints to the high cliff and gather the flowers before returning to Norris to complete the memory.
    Norris Tries AgainSequence 07Head to the marker in Davenport to start this missions and then go to the green zone and inspect the clue at Myriam's camp and return to Norris. Be careful that Myriam does not see you. If she does, exit the red zone before time wears out.
    Raw MaterialsSequence 08Head to the marker in Davenport to start this mission and then meet him in the Frontier. While Norris plans the explosives in the mine, protect him from three waves of redcoats.

    The Underground

    Although the underground consists of a whole zone to explore, the zone is only used to uncover multiple fast travel locations above ground for quick transport around town. This means that once you have uncovered all exits, there is no need to visit the underground again.

    Boston Underground

    Crown Coffee HouseSouth CommonsBoston Gate
    TopGlobeCrownAssassin Sign
    LeftCrossFeatherFemale Sign
    RightHelm/WheelDaVinci ManMale Sign
    BottomScalesAssassin SignScales

    New York Underground

    North Dutch ChurchSt. Paul's ChapelTrinity Church
    LeftCrossMale SignEagle
    RightScalesAssassin SignCrown
    BottomJesterScalesAssassin Sign

    Naval Basics & Missions

    During Sequence 06, Connor gains access to the Aquila and all nautical expeditions that come along with it. In order to excel at the naval battles, the player must first master the handling and firing of the ship.

    L AnalogL StickShip Steering
    R AnalogR StickCamera Movement
    XAIncrease Speed
    OBDecrease Speed
    SquareXBrace for Impact
    L1LTFire Swivel Gun (Hold and Release)
    R1RTFire Cannons (Hold and Release)
    R2 & D-PadRB & D-PadChange Ammo Type


    • Sailing at Full Sail makes the ship faster, but will reduce maneuverability.
    • Sailing at Half Sail allows the player to make tight turns in the open sea or around obstacles.
    • Rogue Winds will push a ship at Full Sail into obstacles, even if the player steers completely in the opposite directions. To counteract this, the player should sail at Half Sail or alternate between the two.
    • The mini-map shows the direction of the wind. Use the indicator to help the Aquila maintain a high speed by always sailing with or across it, rather than against it.
    • Try to avoid approaching ships directly at their sides, where you are vulnerable to broadsides.
    • Try to keep the majority of enemy ships on one side of the Aquila, but note that they can be fired independently and have their own timers.
    • Holding R1/RT longer will narrow the attack broadside attack and make it more powerful.
    • The small and medium sized boats are the best to use the swivel gun on, as they die in 1-3 hits.

    There are four types of enemy vessels that the player will need to engage in battle with over the multiple memories:

    GunboatSmallest enemy vessels that do low damage unless in groups
    These are low priority and can be taken out with once swivel gun shot as you reload the cannons
    SchoonerAttack you head on with grapeshot and are fast and highly maneuverable
    These should be taken out quickly with a broadside or three swivel gun shots
    FrigateFires often and poses an extreme threat as it circles the Aquila
    Ram or fire a broadside at their bow to expose their weak point
    Man-of-WarThe largest enemy vessel, these are rare and exclusive to only certain memories
    Use heat shot or chain shot to limit its maneuverability
    Ram or fire a broadside at their bow to expose their weak point

    There are two types of nautical missions: the Naval Missions tell a side-story that runs concurrent the main story and the Privateer Missions are short memories where the Aquila must complete a variety of smaller objectives. Additionally, the Captain Kidd Missions are accessed through the naval map and usually take place on islands or area outside of the normal game setting.


    Naval Missions

    The Chase

    Unlock: Complete Sequence 05

    Optional ObjectivesLimit the ship's damage to 50%
    Use a mine to eliminate a gunboat
    Limit damage from the fort's mortars to 50%

    Sail for the green zone to encounter the first set of enemy ships that attack your ally. The key to the optional objective is to be quick and use your cannon and swivel fire effectively. Start with a broadside on groups and use the swivel to take out individual shots between reloads. When there are no more enemy targets, use the swivel gun to shoot the mines and clear a path for yourself and your ally.

    Your ally boat can be very stupid, so it is always a good idea to take out all sets of mines and you pass through the narrow passage. An added bonus to shooting every set of mines is that a gunboat is parked nearby a set and will complete the second optional objective.

    When you reach the ocean again, you will encounter a fort that fires on your ship. You will need to use the broadside cannons on the three towers while avoiding their fire. Sail at full sail to move out of mortar range and don't be afraid to cut back to half sail and veer away from the mortar fire. Keep moving to avoid mortar damage and you should have no issue completing the optional objective (there is a checkpoint directly before you engage the fort if you fail).


    The Rescue

    Unlock: Complete Sequence 06 and The Chase

    Optional ObjectivesLimit damage from Rogue Waves to 25%
    Make no more than two missed shots
    Destroy two Frigates by firing at their Weak Point

    This mission will probably be your first encounter with Rogue Waves, which can cause serious damage if not avoided. The mission starts with a series of waypoints that you'll need to follow up to the crow's nest to identify the ship in trouble before you return to the wheel and get underway. As you make your way to the ship in trouble, you'll need to switch between half sail and full sail as rogue winds push you around. Additionally, you will need to counter rogue waves as you make your way across the rough seas by bracing for impact.

    When you finally engage in battle, you will need to make your shots count and make sure not to miss. For the smaller ships you'll need to get in close or use the swivel gun, while making sure that the larger ships are moving into your fire, rather than away. When you engage the frigates, focus your broadside on their bow to expose their weak points. If you are doing too much damage without exposing their power stores, try and ram the bow to do the small damage directly on the weak point.


    French Involvement

    Unlock: Complete Sequence 07 and The Rescue

    Optional ObjectivesLimit damage to La Belladonna to 50%
    Sink more enemies than La Belladonna
    Kill the Officer within one minute

    The trick to this mission is to stay between La Belladonna and the attacking fleet. This tactic allows you to take care of two optional objectives at once: protect the ship from damage and prevent it from destroying more ships than you. Focus on taking out the smaller ships that are defeated easily before you focus on the large ones. The worst situation you could get in is that you are circling La Belladonna with the Man-of-War so that it has a straight shot at La Belladonna. Keep this up until you disable the Man-of-War and board the ship.

    On the deck, pursue the Officer and avoid all other enemies and fire by using the crates to go up and over. If you encounter the Officer with other enemies nearby, start a kill streak with a counter kill or perform a double weapon swipe to knock him to the ground and finish him off.


    Biddle's Hideout

    Unlock: Complete Sequence 08 and French Involvement

    Optional ObjectivesTake out the Man-of-War within 3 minutes
    Destroy the Randolph's mast with a single broadside
    Kill only Biddle

    As your approach the green zone, the Randolph will fire on the Aquila and then retreat. Focus on following the ship and do not waste time trying to return fire. If you are planning on completing the optional objectives you will probably want to purchase the extra cannon, heat shot, and improved rudder to quicken the fight. Focus on taking out the Man-of-War and then get close to the Aquila so that you can be 100% sure the chain shot will destroy the mast.

    Once you have boarded the Randolph, rush straight for the stern to Biddle's position and use counter disarms and weapon swipe to dwindle his life down and follow him below. Once you encounter Biddle again in the lower decks, position Connor in front of the barrels and counter throw Biddle into them when he attacks. Do this three times, while making sure to prevent him from drawing his pistol on Connor, to end the battle.


    Privateer Missions

    Much shorter than Naval Missions, these battles are short and intense, but completing them lowers the risk rate for trade routes.

    Saint-Augustine Contracts

    Unlock: Complete Sequence 05

    MissionOptional ObjectivesNotes
    Henderson in DistressLimit ally health loss to 50%Steer directly for the first group of enemies to draw their attention away from the Henderson and then take out the first wave. When the second wave arrives, try to stay between the Henderson and the Aquila to prevent it from taking too much damage.
    Paving the WayDestroy three ships by ramming themTaking out the optional objective asap is preferred over having to chance the final boat around in an endless loop. Once you have completed the optional objective, finish off the rest of the enemies any way you see fit.
    Dread of NightLimit environmental damage to 25%Ignore firing as you steer around the environmental obstacles and chase the Saint James. When you finally engage in combat, break away and fire from both sides of the ship until all enemies are on one side and then finish them off.

    Louisburg Contracts

    Unlock: Sequence 06 and the above missions

    MissionOptional ObjectivesNotes
    Troubled WatersLimit damage taken to 50%In order to prevent damage, make sure to brace for rogue waves and enemy fire. The trick is to make sure that you do not fire into a wave or below the ship, as it is raised by a wave. Take your time and make sure you do not get ambushed.
    Raiding the ProspectorSink the fleet within 1:30The Piercing Rounds are a definite benefit in this mission, but it also involves making every shot count by firing on something. As you exit the rocks, aim to the right as you veer left to shoot the Prospector's fleet and finish off any small ships with the swivel gun while you reload. By now the second wave should be entering on your left, so repeat this process and then clean up any extra boats left. Like frigates, the Prospector can be taken out quickly if you reveal its weak point by shooting at the bow.
    One of a KindSink a frigateAt first you'll be limited to the narrow channel, but once you reach the open sea you should focus on taking out a frigate. Once you have completed the optional objective, protect yourself to finish the mission.

    The Bahamas Contracts

    Unlock: Sequence 07

    MissionOptional ObjectivesNotes
    Blistering DawnLimit damage taken to 25%Take care of the schooners quickly and then focus on the frigates. Nothing special here.
    A Call for HelpLimit ally health loss to 75%When navigating around the rocks, don't be afraid to go to full stop to make a turn safely before returning to half sail. In order to get the optional objective, rush right into the middle of the fight to draw the enemy fire away from the Independence.
    Search for the SomersetLimit environmental damage to 25%Nothing special on this one, since the optional objective is related to environmental damage.

    Virgin Islands Contracts

    Unlock: Sequence 08 and the above missions

    MissionOptional ObjectivesNotes
    The Sea WolvesComplete with no more than 4 ally casualtiesThe eight merchant ships you must escort will likely get in your way and block your line of fire. Keep tabs on their positions to avoid ramming them and make sure you take out the frigate asap.
    A Midnight EngagementLimit environmental damage to 25%If you take the long route, to the right of the rocks, you'll get two chances to broadside the Greyhound. If you are using the extra cannons upgrade, you should sink the ship within this period of time and be able to focus on the rest of the fleet.
    The Giant and the StormSink all ships by firing on the powder storesTake out the first wave quickly to avoid taking a lot of damage and when the Orpheus and the two frigates show up, ram their bow to expose their weak points.