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"An ALMOST Perfect Saga"

The Assassin's Creed saga has never failed to impress, whether you were playing as Altair, Ezio, or Connor, you were given the experience of a lifetime, and while each game delivered on an extraordinary high level, there was a few key factors in Assassin's Creed III that diminish it from that "perfect" status, so let's break it down.

Story: 10/10
The story in Assassin's Creed III certainly wasn't the crux of this near-perfect creation. The length of the story certainly grew, as did the quality of which it is told. The game still splits between the modern world with Desmond Miles, and the past with many of his interesting ancestors. Ubisoft in this title began to get a bit more in-depth with Desmond's story, and allowed Desmond MUCH more freedom as compared to the preceding titles. In the world of Desmond's memories, we follow the story of a half-English/half-Mohawk man named Connor, who we see mature and grow over the passing years within the game. The story truly ties all three main Assassin's Creed games together, and really lets you relive many famous moments from previous games. A powerful ending to the legendary saga.

The graphics in this game were absolutely outstanding. We see a new weather system, something that was not present in the past Assassin's Creed games. The new engine used, Anvil Next, was made to rebuild Assassin's Creed III from the ground up, including many new features that would utilize full capability of current generation systems, to truly deliver an amazing experience to the player, and that it did. The game world is lush and filled with color during the spring, summer and fall seasons, and white and vibrant during the winter, truly placing the player in the world of Connor, or Desmond.

The soundtrack to this game features a great deal of improvement compared to it's predecessors, whether you are taking flight through the woods, or are in an intense battle-ground fight sequence, the music can sooth and relax you, or get your blood boiling within a matter of seconds from one another. Truly a powerful asset to this already extraordinary game.

One feature I did not particularly care for was the new control scheme. While there isn't a drastic change to the overall control scheme of the game, there are some major changes to controls when the player is in combat. I found this to be a hard transition, and it did take me about 1/4 through the game just trying to adjust to the new combat system. In previous Assassin's Creed games, they adapted a style that was fluid and smooth, and while this game does carry some level of fluidity with combat, the new control scheme makes it a bit more choppy, especially during the period of you trying to adjust to the new layout. Overall, it isn't a major issue and it can be worked out, but I think it was a change that wasn't necessarily needed.

Online Experience:5/10
This is the true crux of this near-perfect game. The online multi-player experience was added in with Assassin's Creed 2, where we saw mainly free-for-all matches in which each player would hunt another for an assassination. A concept simple enough to comprehend, but beyond that, it was an unnecessary element to include into the game. I credit Ubisoft for attempting to revamp the multi-player experience in this game, but it still didn't appeal to me in the end. There are too many variables within each match that leave the player feeling dissatisfied or unaccomplished, and while the overall concept and idea is present, the delivery of the online experience is poor.

Replay Value:9/10
Assassin's Creed III was an incredible game, but the only reason I won't give it a 10/10 is because, like any other game, there are missions and levels that a player loves, and some that a player hates. This game certainly had both. On top of the fact being that Assassin's Creed III has so much to it, it isn't just a "go back to the beginning and do it again" type of game, you have to want to sit through conversations and do some pointless missions, and you will be skipping cut-scenes that you don't want to see again. On the grand scale, I would play the game again, but I would only be playing to play certain levels, rather than playing to complete it again.

Overall: 7/10
Assassin's Creed has certainly cemented itself into history as one of the greatest tales of all time. It was a game with a plethora of diversity, stepping away from the norms, and incorporating it's own ideas, which achieved brilliant results. While the end to the saga is closed on a bit of a confusing note that left some gamer's puzzled, the overall blend between the games provided the player with an experience that is worth retelling over and over again.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 11/19/12

Game Release: Assassin's Creed III (US, 10/30/12)

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