Where can i find Skulls and the alters ?

  1. Just wondering where can i find the alters and the skulls
    and need to know where to find the brown skull alter

    User Info: Wiynn

    Wiynn - 6 years ago
  2. Additional Details:
    There are the skull items and the alters where you put the skulls on

    i know this because i only found the orange skull and its alter

    User Info: Wiynn

    Wiynn - 6 years ago
  3. Clarification Request::
    What about the yellow skull? I can't remember where I found it at and don't know where its altar is.

    User Info: ultigamer2004

    ultigamer2004 - 6 years ago

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  1. The brown skull is found in the bunker with the Russian Nickolai, just go down the manhole in the bunker, which will take you in a room with a suicider, just kill it, and grab the skull thats on top of the dead bodies. For its altar, you can find the altar ontop of a small mountain along the coast line, look for wooden planks going up the side and just get to the top and place the skull right next to a flag and two skull to get the Left hand of Glova mod.

    The green skull can be found at the very beginning of the game, just head back towards the bunker, near the starting point when Siminaoi saves you, also that bunker is also where you place the blue skull fo another mod. I digress, take right towards the water cove along the way to the bunker, and just run past the walkers until you pass the second boat the looks like it was over turned near a small hill. Go up the bath and take a left on the bush, and climb the hill to the left side until you find a chest and an open tool box with the green skull laid inside of it. The alter for the green skull is in the same area you find the orange skull. You cant get the mod till act2 , when you do the supermarket quest, Soon as you enter the the super market, the first stairwell you past by, look under the stairs and the orange skull should be in a shopping cart. Now for the alter for the green skull, is up stairs in a big rooom, you should find a few live ones, clear them out, and looks for an area in the store with shelves full of stuffed teddy bears, the green skull goes to one of the teddy bears on the bottom shelf.

    Now for for the alter for the orange skull if you grabbed while in the super market back in the main quest, the alter is in the sewers, its in one of the few big sections of the sewers where you have to climb a ladder to get to it, and its in a room up one these ladders, there should be a door to go through, enter it and place the skull on top of others to get another mod.

    Also this is how you fine the purple skull as well, to accuratley find, it when you leave from city hall, after it get overrunned by zombies. There should be a big section in the sewers where there is toxic ooze on the ground, and a couple toxic zombies and a floater here, climb up the ladder and go around to the candle lit corner where you should find the purple skull among other skulls. I highly suggest you grab this skull before getting the blue skull, or you won't ever get the Mind blowing knife mod until you start over again or a new character.
    The altar for the purple skull is the same place you get the blue skull, start out from the church, and as you ehad out, just head to the left, keep going until before the end of the neighborhood, and then cut up north through the housing area until you find alicia, who will let you in her house for the uninvited guest mission, enter her house clear out all the zombies, then place the purple skull, just find the kitchen and look for the one burner thats on and place the skull omtop of it and grab the mind blowing knife mod.

    As for the blue skull, just head to the bathroom across from the kitchen its on the shelf on the right of the sink, its on the bottom shelves so you have to crouch down with your flashlight on and then smash the glass to grab it.
    Now the altar for the blue skull is in the resort area, just go back to where you got the green skull only exception just go on striaght to bunker, if you havent already done so, you will have to deal with a quest by killing a few walkers and two thugs, after you kill them and go into the bunker, go up the ladder you find in the bunker and grab the propane tank and set it next to a door, shoot or throw something at teh tank to blow open the door, and it should take you into a room full of graffiti and well in the wall should be where you place the blue skull and just like that you should have all five skulls.

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  1. i found the brown skull in the bunker just after you get the guy from the helicopter crash go down the hach in side then kill the Zombies to the right i think

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  2. Ihave no idea what to do with it

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  3. Judgement Day: Find gun in Tim's neighbor's house Where does TIM live? Map DOES NOT show the way?

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  4. Short answer. bottom of a FAQ on this site no less..... has each skull location and dropoff point in youtube vid links.


    User Info: joshiki_r

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