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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Paranoia7

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    (XBOX 360 NTSC Hard Mode Walkthrough)
    Table of Contents
    1. Introduction (Please read)
    2. Version history
    3. Walkthrough
    	3a. Chapter 1: If You Seek AMY
    	3b. Chapter 2: This game doesn't work.
    	3c. Chapter 3: The URBAN stage
    	3d. Chapter 4: Wait, you can't get chicks by writing 
    	3e. Chapter 5: Unbeatable Banzuke
    	3f. Chapter 6: Well at least it wasn't "The Ring II: Twilight of the 
    4. FAQ
    5. Thanks and acknowledgements
    6. Disclaimer
    1. Introduction (Please read)
    Alright let's get this out of the way: AMY is not a very good game and I 
    have therefore designed this walkthrough with the primary purpose of 
    humor and entertainment first. While the details and methods 
    described throughout this walkthrough are meant to be correct and 
    effective for all difficulty levels including HARD mode, bear in mind: 
    1) Certain names and jokes are not to be taken literally. 
    2) Many of AMY's game mechanics are broken.
    What this ultimately means for you the player is that the solutions 
    presented in this walkthrough might not work every time. I cannot 
    provide further alternative solutions because...well I pretty much hate 
    this game and have no intention of playing it anymore than I have to. 
    So there.
    2. Version History
    1.0 1/14/12 - Final walkthrough draft. See above.
    3. Walkthrough
    If you're reading this far, I assume you have ignored the reviewer's 
    warnings and insisted on playing through the entire game. Sigh...alright 
    let's get this over with as fast as possible.
    3a. Chapter 1: EXODUS (or If You Seek AMY)
    CUTSCENE: We start off with an FMV display of low framerates and 
    bug eyed character models. Amy and Lana are on a train, having 
    recently escaped from some facility. Amy looks horrified by everything 
    including the conductor, Lana, and her own drawings. The apocalypse 
    happens outside and like all good terrorists Lana quickly insists she 
    didn't do it. The train derails and the black guy from The Scorpion King 
    takes a swipe at you. You wake up as a zombie and now we're in the 
    Head to the right, all the way to the end of the hall until you see the 
    bastard that did this to you lying on the floor. Grab the shiny looking 
    2X4 thing next to him. Now run all the way back through the hall while 
    the game tells you to press X repeatedly to dash. (PRO TIP: You will 
    probably never do this, so don't worry about it.) Hang a left into room 
    number 3 just before the end of the hall to pick up Amy's previously 
    unseen and unmentioned toy bunny. (PRO TIP #2: The bunny doesn't 
    do anything, so don't worry about that either.) Continue onward and 
    exit out of the train to your left.
    CUTSCENE: A zombie! Oh noes!
    The zombie is to your right so give him a good thrashing. Keep in mind 
    you'll want to get the timing for whacking and dodging the zombies, as 
    the game has some very poor collision detection and therefore makes 
    the combat pretty difficult. You can piece it together with 
    luck/practice, though.
    Run up to the crate with the blue tarp on it (to the left of the fire) and 
    push it out of the way. If you are a true classic survival horror fan, you 
    will push your analog stick in the direction you think the crate should 
    go, then marvel as Lana moves in the opposite direction. The point 
    being, analog directions do not affect moving crates.
    Head through the newly created gap and continue on, hanging a right 
    into the mall-like commercial area. The one with the shiny, glowing 
    genetic lock on the office door. Mmyep. Also note the store directly 
    across from the office. SALE ON HANGERS!! ALL HANGERS MUST GO!!!
    Turn right as soon as you can and the game will try to tell you to sneak 
    by the next zombie. This is amusing because the zombie will probably 
    be attacking you by now. Whatever, just get rid of him.
    You'll now be in an open area with several train platforms. Head to the 
    left where a big electrified gate is crackling and sparkling. This should 
    be obvious, but for all of you little kids out there that like to download 
    M+ rated games: try not to touch the electric fence.
    Continue down the left most platform and Lana will notice someone 
    behind a set of crates. She will start to call out for Amy. Seriously? If 
    spin your camera even slightly...does that look like a little girl to you? 
    You know what, I've changed my mind. Go back and ram Lana into the 
    electric fence a few times. She's earned her death.
    CUTSCENE: I accidentally skipped this one but Lana meets a Jersey cab 
    driver who in honor of Goodfellas we'll call Billy Batts. 
    Billy Batts agrees to help you go and get your shinebox, so run back 
    toward the mall area. (PRO TIP: You might want to lower the volume 
    on your TV here, its not exactly top notch voice acting.) Billy Batts will 
    comment about disabling the electric fence and starts limping his fat 
    ass back to the genetic lock-door, so follow him there. When you arrive 
    at the genetic lock, and I need to put this in all caps, THE CAB DRIVER 
    game tries to explain this as the cabbie having driven some soldiers 
    around in Jersey or something. Try not to think about it, its a waste of 
    time and tylenol.
    Anyway, back to the game. Walk up to the genetic lock and "hack the 
    system". CHECKPOINT!!!! (IMPORTANT: checkpoints don't save the 
    game and neither does quitting, so don't shut off your console. Only 
    completing chapters can save your game.) Your map will now list 
    several dots of DNA we need to collect, but the only one that matters 
    is back at the beginning of the stage so let's go back. Head to the right 
    of the office door and hang a left toward the first train. Continue on 
    until you come to the small wooden ramp leading back up to the train 
    and climb in. Head to the right, all the way down the hall, back to 
    where you originally picked up the 2X4 weapon. Oh oh! Michael Clarke 
    Duncan has vanished! I wonder where he..alright whatever he'll be 
    behind you in a second. Walk up to where his body was and scan the 
    bloodstain in the corner, then Balthazar shows up. Beat him till he 
    turns to Jello, but be careful. He takes a lot of hits on hard mode and 
    your weapon may break. If that happens, the nearest weapon is in a 
    trash bin in the mall area past the genetic lock (don't turn down the 
    path toward the fence), but I saved this for later.
    Run back to the other end of the train and hop down again. If you 
    need health, run to the left and check the trash bins for a syringe. 
    Otherwise, head right and go back to the genetic lock. Hit the scanner 
    and the door will open. Yay! Use the computer terminal to your right to 
    "HACK THE SYSTEM" again.
    You'll get a trial and error puzzle where you must make all four symbols 
    different, then rearrange them until they are all green. If you need to 
    see it in action, watch the hit daytime game show "The Price is Right", 
    hosted by the loveable Drew Carey at the time of this writing! 
    Leave the office and continue on for the above mentioned weapon 
    and some syringes, or simply follow Billy Batts to the right and back to 
    the electric fence. A single zombie will approach from the left and Billy 
    Batts will begin screaming his damned head off about how DEY'S 
    EVERYWHERE!! I hope you turned your volume down earlier. Send this 
    zombie to the abyss and continue back to the electric fence. You can 
    touch it now, don't be nervous. Once you are past the fence hang a 
    hard right and run all the way down to another crate with a blue tarp. 
    Move that out of the way and run into the bathroom.
    CUTSCENE: You've found Amy! Your reward is a closeup of frog face. 
    There's a fresh weapon in the right side of the bathroom so grab that 
    before leaving. Run back toward the gate entrance and hang a right 
    into the hallway that looks oddly like a multiplex theater. Oh I do hope 
    they're still doing midnight Rocky Horror showings! On the left side of 
    this hall is a small vent. You've sworn to protect Amy and this is a 
    zombie apocalypse so grab her by the hand, walk up to the vent, and 
    shove her in there alone and unprotected. There's a good lad.
    Continue on and keep your camera pointed towards the left so you 
    can see Amy through the window. Use the context sensitive Amy 
    button to have her push the switch on the back wall. Your reward for 
    this (and for all successful Amy actions, by the way) is a zoomed in shot 
    of Amy's creepy, forced smile. Join Amy inside the room.
    CUTSCENE: Lana grabs a walkie talkie and the RIG belt from Dead 
    Space. The game explains the color coding but lets keep this simple: if 
    it goes red you've got two seconds before you die.
    Grab Amy and head through the other door (to the right of the desk). 
    Turn right, hold Amy's hand, and walk up to the flashing red console to 
    have Amy...sigh...hack the system. If you are feeling depressed and 
    having flashbacks from the end of Jurassic Park, do not be alarmed, 
    this is normal. After Billy Batts pretty much announces he's infected, 
    the door opens and you can continue onward. CHECKPOINT!!!! Hang a 
    left, then a right to pick up a weapon refresh if you want. A busted 
    pipe will pop and this is where you are supposed to feel scared. Uh 
    huh. Go back to the lit part of the hall, continue toward the shutter and 
    go right. If you see a fiery hell pit inferno, you're in the right place. 
    Walk toward the fire and face the wall to get the option to cross the 
    obstacle and shimmy along the broken floor. NOTE: You might have to 
    use the "cross the obstacle" option again when you get to the other 
    Continue around the left corner and go to town on the pacing zombie 
    there. Hang a left before the windows, then a quick right toward some 
    turnstiles. Grab the syringe in the corner then turn around and hit the 
    button on the right side to open the gate for Amy and Billy Batts. Go 
    back to where you met your last zombie and continue on down the 
    hall. Hang a left and shove Amy into the opening on the left wall. Head 
    to the window and push the Amy button to have 
    Amy...push..the..button.... AAAAH! CREEPY FORCED SMILE!!
    Anyway run back to the opening you shoved the little brat through and 
    pick her up. Go down the hallway and turn left into the newly opened 
    shutter doors, CUTSCENE: ...which are packed to the brim full of 
    zombie goodness.
    Walk down this hall and hit the button to the right of the next shutter. 
    Grab Amy and run quickly, using these directions: first right, then your 
    first left (lit area), another left (at some boxes), then right, then left 
    again, then left AGAIN (toward the center of the room), then right, 
    short right and left past more boxes, onward toward the corner, then 
    left all the way into the dark hall. Grab the weapon along the way and 
    hang a quick right, another left, all the way down the hall like fat boy 
    says, then turn left. On the right side there's a shutter button to close. 
    Whack any zombies that got through. Whew! That was heart pounding 
    and intense! Or something.
    Go down this new hallway and through the door on the right side. Lead 
    Amy to the elevator and the game will tell you how to make her stay 
    there while those of you who have kids silently wish this worked in real 
    life. Climb up the ladder opposite the elevator and hit the switch at the 
    top, then face the button across the way and tell Amy to hit it. Just 
    look at that childish enthusiasm! This game really tugs at the heart 
    strings. Ok, now tell Amy to get her ass back on the elevator and push 
    the switch to make her go back down. Climb down the ladder and grab 
    her. I probably shouldn't have to tell you any of this.
    Exit the room out of the newly opened door and run around the 
    corner. Follow Billy Batts' instructions and hide with Amy under the 
    desk to your left. Move the analog stick to the right to watch him 
    trudge off to his doom one last time.
    One wave of crap down, five more waves of crap to go.
    3b. Chapter 2: REVELATIONS (that This game doesn't work.)
    CUTSCENE: The soldiers run an ID check and upon realizing this is BILLY 
    FN BATTS, they whack him. Amy runs off to get her shinebox and Lana 
    mourns her lost love.
    CUTSCENE: A guy offscreen bangs on the door begging for a corpse to 
    help him. Amy manages to run through the whole stage without 
    incidient, but Lana can't make it up some stairs without breathing 
    IMPORTANT: From this point forward if Lana is seperated from AMY 
    she will start to turn into a zombie and must use syringes to reverse 
    the effect. You can tell this is happening when you hear the radiation 
    counter ticking off. Thank god for stock sound bytes right Vectorcell? 
    Meanwhile, getting infected enough to where the screen is red will 
    allow you to walk (not run!) past most zombies.
    We start the stage by walking forward and picking up the keycard near 
    the door. CUTSCENE: Someone drops a ketchup bottle under the door.
    Go through the door to the left and go forward around the massive 
    red puddles. Turn right at the window and grab the syringe in the 
    garbage cause thats where you put the cure to the zombie plague. 
    Ignore the glowing grafitti and head to the right. Take a look at the 
    newspaper if you want. Ignore the shutter and continue on to check 
    the lamp on the floor. Turn left to the only locker in the area, select it 
    and tell Amy to come out. CUTSCENE: We have a heart wrenching 
    moment in which Lana bears her soul. "I'm pleased I found you." 
    *sniff* It's so...emotional!
    Try to head for the shutters and one of the orcs from Warhammer will 
    show up, so head back into the locker and hide until he passes one 
    way (you'll see an exclamation mark) then goes back. You're safe once 
    he rounds the corner, he won't be back. Leave the locker and open the 
    shutter now, then head for the door on the left where the corpse is. 
    Open another door and head left down this hallway past a bunch of 
    rubble to grab a weapon. The only other door in this area is locked so 
    head back the way you came. Hang a right in the corpse hallway and go 
    through the shutters again, then hang a left and go back toward the 
    glowing mark we passed before. CUTSCENE: Our heroine couple 
    attempts to decipher the mystery of the giant number 5. Eat your 
    heart out, Indiana Jones.
    Bring Amy to the symbol and have her draw it to gain psychic powers. 
    Eat your heart out, Charles Xavier.
    Once Amy has the symbol continue straight down the lit hallway past 
    the giant window to grab a syringe on the floor. Spinning the camera to 
    the left you can see Warhammer Orc has taken an interest in 
    something so let's leave him to it. On the right is a dead soldier, click on 
    the photo in his rotting corpse to advance this epic plot forward even 
    Turn around and go back to the giant window. Stand across from it and 
    have Amy shoot her silence sphere at the window. Now walk up and 
    whack it with your weapon like you would a zombie. Walk into the 
    room to find an undead chomping on a corpse.
    CUTSCENE: Hey Donny! We got us a zombie here wants to die for his 
    country! Obliiige him!
    Once you have the zombie gone, call Amy over and shove her through 
    the opening on the left side of the room. Turn around and hang 2 
    rights to go into the dark hallway. Watch the puddles and head for the 
    window, then tell Amy to pick up the key card. Head back to the 
    opening to AAAAAAAAAHHHH CREEPY FORCED SMILE!! pick up Amy, 
    then go through the door opposite the opening and into a warehouse 
    room. CUTSCENE: Another zombie is sniffing around for some woman 
    You can either use the lockers, silence speheres and cover to sneak 
    past the zombie or just deal with him directly like I did. Once he's gone 
    there's another newspaper opposite the room entrance if you want, 
    otherwise head across the broken glass and turn left. Walk around the 
    boxes to find another syringe on the floor, then double back to the 
    only other door now on your left side. To the right is another red 
    console for...sigh...Amy to hack. CHECKPOINT!!!! Once Amy finally gets 
    the door open, crouch down and walk forward hanging near the left 
    wall. CUTSCENE: The ghost of Billy Batts reminds us that the force will 
    be with you, always.
    Sneak past the window and go left and forward past a phone. Head 
    into the opening on the left and stuff Amy in the locker. Sneak back 
    out ring the phone in the hall, then head back to the locker and join 
    Amy. Same deal as Warhammer Orc, wait for the soldier to pass on the 
    left then exit. Go out the same way you came and head into the 
    bathroom across the hall for another weapon. Exiting there, head left 
    and a quick right then into the office where the soldier was. Touch the 
    genetic lock to HACK THE SYSTEM then head back outside. You can 
    knock one DNA piece off your map by heading to the bathroom, then 
    continue onward past the locker room opening. On the left wall there's 
    a glyph for Amy to draw. Sneak to the edge of the wall so you can see 
    down the hallway but be careful cause the soldier is now patrolling this 
    area even if it looks clear. Wait till he shows up then turns back around 
    and head all the way down this new hallway. Stand up and sneak past 
    the mines slowly, then head left around the corner. If you want you 
    can go through the door on the left and remove another DNA mark, 
    otherwise go straight through the door in front and hack the red 
    console on the right wall.
    Walk in the door into a newstand with an inferno in the background. 
    Yep, you've just stepped into the Los Angeles riots. Break the window 
    in front of you, head left around the mall center, and a zombie will 
    approach you. I'll let you make your own Rodney King jokes, but let 
    him come to you lest you hit the mine accidentally. Once he's dead, go 
    slowly through the mine as before, then hug the right side so you 
    follow the center circle until you come to a small set of stairs leading 
    toward the fire. Walk near the fire until you can scan the DNA you 
    need. Now head back the way you came, into the news stand and 
    through the hacked door. Now have Amy hack the other red console 
    to head back. Go past the mines but after coming around the corner 
    stick to the left side as a zombie approaches from down the hall. Wait 
    behind the small wall on the left for CUTSCNE: the conflict to play out, 
    The soldier now runs back down the hall so lets head left the way he 
    came from. Hang another left at the corner and look on the left wall for 
    a vent to shove Amy into. Responsible parenting, ladies and 
    gentlemen. Facing the vent, turn left and head into the nearby door, 
    then hang another left in a warehouse type room and go up the 
    ladder. Go through the door on the left and then hang a right across a 
    catwalk type platform, straight on into the same room with Amy. 
    There's an elevator on the right, look down at it and tell Amy to hop 
    on. Turn around and hit the switch on the nearby wall to bring her up 
    to you. Time to switch places...go on the elevator and tell Amy to hit 
    the switch to lower you down. Run to the boxes and jump on to grab 
    the key card, then head back to the elevator and look up, commanding 
    Amy to raise the platform. Switch places again and have Amy wait on 
    the elevator, now run over and hit the switch to lower her down. YEP, 
    Run out the door and straight across back to the room with the ladder. 
    Your goal here is to get to Amy as fast as you can. Go left and down 
    said ladder, left again, grab a syringe on the shelf, and head out the 
    door. Go straight to the opening on the left again and call Amy out with 
    you. Now double back and hang a right, then a left, then a right into 
    the locker room with the hallway opening. Go left out of the opening 
    and straight on, stopping at the corner under the window. The soldier 
    is now guarding the hallway, but his back is turned so crouch down and 
    duck into the office with the genetic lock and use your new code to 
    open the door to the security room. Go to the right of the room and 
    move the cage away from the vent, then turn around and go for the 
    key card on the furthest console. CUTSCENE: Lana reads a sticky note. 
    Grab the card and now the race is on! Quickly shove Amy into the vent 
    (responsible parenting ladies and gentlemen) then hop onto the 
    elevator and hit the switch. At the top, run left to the door and shimmy 
    along the right wall. Go through the door on the right and you're back 
    in the ladder room. Quickly go down and out the door, but this time 
    hang a left, then a right, then another right to get back to the mines. 
    You might want to hit a syringe before crossing them this time. Go 
    around the left corner and through the left door to meet up with Amy 
    but be careful as there are red puddles here. Grab the weapon if you 
    didn't already, then head out and back through the mines with Amy 
    following. Past the mines go left, left again, straight into the dark hall 
    and hang a right. There's a zombie on the left but you can sneak past 
    with Amy's silence spheres or just take him out. Either way hang a right 
    then go into the door on the right side. Use the xerox machine and 
    solve one last trial and error puzzle to end this chapter. I apologize if 
    this wordy section wasn't funny enough. I was totally drunk when I 
    wrote it. Impressive, no?
    3c. Chapter 3: THE PROMISED LAND (The URBAN stage)
    Are you getting bored yet? I am, so to keep things fresh I'm gonna 
    write this next section in the language of today's urban youth.
    CUTSCENE: Ya girl gets on the radio and starts goin on about some 
    genetics and stuff that DON'T involve Magneto. She's cool with the 
    zombies and erythang, but radio static puts her in full on tears, son. 
    Straight up. Homegirl gives you some new orders to get on another 
    train or whatever, and you out the door like a new Mary J joint.
    CUTSCENE: Sister's havin' a hard day so she takes it out on the little kid. 
    (Responsible parenting ladies and gentlemen!) She says she's sorry an' 
    all, but that's probably more cause she's zombie bait if lil' girl runs off 
    nah mean?
    Aight so ya open the door and homegirl starts yammerin on about the 
    trains an' blah blah whateva. Hang two lefts into the dark spot and 
    have ya girl copy the tags down cause Latin Kings ain't around to do 
    nothin 'bout it anyway. Head back out and go all the way to the right, 
    hang another two lefts and pop lil' sis up on the crates a couple times 
    till ya hit the roof. Head over to the boards and have Amy break that 
    noise with MIND BULLETS, son! Go on through and down the stizzeps, 
    up the left rizzamp and flat leave sista by the ladder. CUTSCENE: Ya girl 
    goes up a ladder, but ya mom's is doin' somethin else nah mean?
    Face the wall and cross the board like ya runnin' from NYPD, then go 
    down the ladder. Go down the ramp and jump down at the end, run to 
    the right and listen to homegirl start yakkin' again while you pull the 
    crate out. Grab ya girl and jack two needles on the ground near the 
    landmines then roll past the crate and back up the stizzeps. Hit the 
    switch to bring the elevatior down, bring da brat over and tell her to 
    stay put. Hit the switch again and run ya ass back down to where the 
    mines are. Cross em like you would MLK Blvd...CAREFUL and QUICK, 
    son! On the other side there's another needle by the window. Hang a 
    left and cross another mine, then head over to the block with the 
    weapon on it. Grab that and hop down the other side. Now turn 
    around have da brat call the nex elevator for ya, then jump on and 
    make her do it again. Run off and grab the keycard, CHECKPOINT!!! 
    and score some more smack while ya at it. Back on the elevator, have 
    Amy bring ya down, more yack yack yack from homegirl and now ya 
    gotta run all the way back. Hop over the block and now you got a 
    whole set of street soldiers ready to eat your brains. But its all 
    good...you got some backup lest we forget: MIND BULLETS, SON!! And 
    cause Amy's on high crown tag she got the infinite ammo cheats on, 
    too. BLAST these mofos back to the projects while you run back up to 
    da OC.
    Head back to Amy and look at the elevator to order her back over, 
    then hit the switch to bring her down. Da brat does a quick 
    celebration...it ain't the icky shuffle but it'll do nahm sayin? Aight so go 
    back down and bring ya girl back through the mines again, all the way 
    to the other elevator. Go right at the elevator and into the projects 
    (cause you know those lobby lights are always gettin blacked out by lil' 
    lightbulb stealin' thugs amiright?) Go on through the door, 
    CHECKPOINT!!!!! Go on and through the right, and its ELEVATOR CITY, 
    kid. All day. ALL DAY! Go forward to the right side, get ya self some 
    meth and a fresh pipe, then head back to the down elevator and have 
    ya girl move ya on up to the east side. Go straight up and to the right, 
    down the ladder and pull cell block 4 out da way. Join up wit ya girl and 
    bring the elevator back down again, get her on it and send her up. Go 
    back up the ladder and join her, then walk her in the back room and 
    swipe the marks for some more MIND BULLETS, SON! Walk da brat 
    back to the elevator and have her launch MIND BULLETS at the boards 
    across the way. Twice. Make her wait at the elevator, go back down 
    the ladder and hit the switch again to bring her on down. Now go to 
    the OTHER switch and bring the OTHER elevator down. Run over there 
    and have Amy send you up. Follow the path and hug the walls (5 0 IS 
    COMIN!!!) to cross over. Go straight, down the ladder into the opening 
    and left to open the shutter. Join ya girl and head back through the 
    shutter. Bust MIND CAPS at the boards in front of you, hit the switch 
    inside. If you need more psychic ammo, run back and copy the glyph 
    tag again cause a zombie is gonna try to run up behind you anyway. 
    Show em how they do in Brownsville, son!
    Once he's one and done, head over to a buncha crates around two 
    lefts of the ladder. Boost on up to the second floor and launch MIND 
    BOMBS at the set of boards in the middle of the room. Leave Amy 
    here and hop back down, then go up the ladder in the middle and get 
    onto the platform you moved before. Have ya girl hit the 2nd floor 
    switch and wait for the platform to pop by, then hop right on. You 
    might have to hit it again, but you wanna go to the platform with the 
    two big ass crates. Move those out of the way, get ya girl and bring her 
    down the stairs. Use MIND BULLETS to go through the boards. Then 
    through the doors. CHECKPOINT!!!!! Go forward, hang a left, forward 
    and left again, down the stairs and CUTSCENE: its METAL AMY SOLID up 
    in this! 
    Just stay ducked behind the crates and move around the right side of 
    the room when homeslice ain't lookin. When ya get near the back 
    stairs hang a left and run up in the D train cause we goin' to CANAL 
    STREET, son!! Pick me up some Wo Hops spare rib combo, fo realz.
    3d. Chapter 4: TRIBULATION (Wait, you can't get chicks by writing 
    CUTSCENE: Amy and Lana appear to be home free but, suprise 
    surprise, the professor controls the subway system too. Raise your 
    hand if you didn't see this coming. Anyone? Anyone? Bueller? For 
    those of you keeping score by the way, that's two train failures in one 
    Send Amy over to hit the switch at one end of the train while you hit 
    the other end. Exit out the only way available and into the station 
    interior. Turn right and face the left wall, then shimmy across while 
    CUTSCENE: Amy goes to hide in the train.
    Go up the stairs and to the right. If you've zombied out a little too hard 
    and you are worried about dying, crouch down to move a little bit 
    faster, don't run. Head into the door on the left and grab a syringe, 
    continue onto the left near the dead soldier. Examine the corpse and 
    hold the button to use his gas mask to heal up, then go into the right 
    room to grab another syringe. Make sure you are zombied enough 
    (the screen should be at least partially red) then stand hit the phone 
    next to the soldier to call over some fellow undead buddies. Walk at 
    full speed past them, around the left corner and all the way down to 
    where the two zombies were previously. Turn left and go past the 
    hanging wire, then another left and down some stairs. Grab the 
    syringe and a gas mask, then turn around and whack the window to 
    make a loud, crashing noise.
    Ignore the items past the broken window for now, just turn around 
    and run back up the stairs and pass the first intersection because the 
    zombies up here heard you hit the window. Instead, keep going and 
    hang the next right but don't go down the stairs, just crouch down 
    around the corner (spin your camera to watch the two zombies walk 
    down to where the window broke). NOTE: On normal and easy mode 
    you can get past the red mist to shortcut the stage, but on hard it 
    won't work even if Amy is with you. Once the monsters have passed, 
    grab the nearby syringe and sneak your way back to the hallway where 
    the first weapon was. Pass the hanging wire again and hang a slight 
    right to pass the bathroom on your right side. Hang the far right and go 
    down the stairs, and around the right corner at the bottom you will 
    come to another electric mine. Sneak past cause a new challenger will 
    be waiting on your right. Kill this next zombie (be careful cause in this 
    stage the timing changes a bit), then grab two syringes inside the tent. 
    Run along the train platform and use the gas mask off the soldier's 
    corpse on your right. Ignore the weapon near the electrified water, 
    you'll want to go back to it later. Grab the keycard and hit the button to 
    open the shutter. Hang a right and run up the stairs, then another right 
    and you are back at the four way intersection.
    Now take a deep breath cause its about to get STUPID in here.
    Open up the locked door using the key card and RUN (don't walk) 
    around the left corner and out the door. You will hear a zombie roar at 
    you. Open the far door and walk outside, you are back at the end of 
    the hall with the dead soldier and the phone. Use the gas mask here, 
    then hang the left again and walk down the hall. What's happening 
    here is that you've taunted ONE of the zombies up from the 
    downstairs floor into attacking you, and thus seperated the two 
    zombies. If you hang out over by the hall with the dangling wire, you 
    will be able to fight the first zombie with no trouble. Once he's been 
    dispatched, double back to where you got the key card and grab the 
    weapon near the electrified water puddles. Then head back past the 
    dangling wire, all the way down the hall, hang the left down the stairs 
    and take out the remaining zombie near the broken window.
    I hope you enjoyed that solution because this next one is worse.
    Spin your camera so you can see through the nearby pile of rubble and 
    down to the end of the other platform. Wait until the zombie walks 
    away and then whack the remaining window past the first broken one. 
    This SHOULD pull the next SINGLE zombie over to you, but you might 
    want to run backward a bit just in case. Take him out, grab the weapon 
    and syringe in the broken window room, then emerge out onto the 
    station platform where the next zombie waits. Take him down and 
    head into the left train car, where yet ANOTHER zombie is waiting. 
    Take him out, then hit the switches on the train cars to open up the 
    remaining doors.
    More zombies will emerge and attack but if you open all the doors to 
    get the checkpoint you will join up with Amy even if you die. Whether 
    you kill or sneak past the remaining zombies does not matter. Just get 
    Amy and go back the way you came through the broken window 
    hallway then back up the stairs and hang a right to once again go back 
    past the dangling wire. Try to be somewhat stealthy as some slightly 
    weaker zombies will be skulking around. On the other hand, you 
    should also be seeing more syringes and weapons respawning. Drag 
    Amy to the bathroom and have her copy the glyph on one of the 
    bathroom stalls, then double back to the keycard door. Once inside, 
    point your camera to the room with the red puddles on the ground 
    and push the Amy button to make her run through. While she runs off, 
    go to the right and cross the obstacle, head around the left corner and 
    outside to a supposed dead end. Summon Amy's power and fire her 
    MIND BULLETS at the off-colored wall near her, busting it open kool-
    aid man style. Oh yeah! You've met up with Amy once again. Walk 
    through the broken wall and down the hall for a...
    Sigh. Pick up the nearby crowbar weapon and face the door. To the 
    right of you is a crawlspace to send Amy through. Get ready cause 
    when you do its time for the ZOMBIE GAUNTLET!! Wave after wave of 
    blindly charging enemies and glitchy battle mechanics! The good news: 
    even on hard mode most of these wave zombies die in one hit; the 
    biggest problem you'll face is the need to use a syringe or two. when 
    the door opens get inside and run toward Amy to fade out this horrible 
    chapter and move on with your life.
    3e. Chapter 5: SACRIFICE (The Unbeatable Banzuke)
    NOTE ABOUT CHAPTER 5: There's been a bit of controversy regarding 
    chapter 5, with some gamers considering it to be an unbeatable stage. 
    This is because, as we've witnessed in previous stages, the game's 
    mechanics sometimes don't follow their own logic. Chapter 5 is a good 
    example of this: sometimes zombies will quickly spot you and the 
    stage will end, but sometimes you will accidentally "pull" the zombies 
    from their designated areas, and the stage may or may not end itself 
    immediately. One time I distracted several zombies with a payphone, 
    and they inexplicably went after Amy on the other side of the map. 
    The very next time I attempted this, they ran to the phone properly 
    and I got to the next checkpoint. The point here is that Chapter 5 is no 
    more or less broken than the rest of AMY, so just be patient and keep 
    at it. 
    CUTSCENE: Lana and Ellen have your typical horror movie conversation 
    until Dr. Claw interrupts and the whole thing turns into a scene from 
    Lifetime television for women's movie of the week. Forget you, mister 
    bad man! GRRL POWER!!
    Start by walking to the right and pushing out the box behind the first 
    zombie. Crouch down and sneak up behind him, then bonk him over 
    the back of the head. Depending on how chapter 4 went down and 
    your difficulty level, you may or may not lose your weapon but it 
    ultimately does not matter. Bring Amy up just past the large box and 
    have her wait around where the zombie was. Its time to stealth once 
    more, and for most of this stage being seen by any zombie results in an 
    instant game over. For most of this stage, you will want to remain 
    Hug the right wall, a barricade leading to the center of the street. 
    Move all the way out, don't worry about the pacing zombie as he can't 
    really look down. Wait until he turns away then quickly sneak your way 
    diagonally forward and to the left towards a large crate and a manhole 
    cover spawing red gas. Squat over the gas to zombify quickly. WATCH 
    YOUR SCREEN CAREFULLY!! Waiting too long will either kill you right 
    away or sentence you to death. Timing is key here. When you are just 
    seeing red, turn back toward the two zombies behind the barricade. 
    Remain squatted so you keep moving faster.
    Join your new clueless pals and Move the box on the left, obscuring 
    one zombie's vision. Depending on your difficulty setting you may 
    want to double back and have Amy heal you, then repeat the use of 
    the manhole cover or wait for the virus to take over naturally. Either 
    way proceed  past both zombies, move the next box you see and the 
    car right next to it, then get all the way back to Amy. Take her hand and 
    hug the right barricade again, and the stupid pacing zombie STILL can't 
    see either of you. When he turns away, cross the open gap in the 
    barricade so you go across the street, then continue to huge the outer 
    right side of the barricade. Keep up your stealth, but you SHOULD be 
    effectively safe for the time being. Lead Amy toward a large stack of 
    pipes and shove her through (MORE RESPONSIBLE PARENTING LADIES 
    AND GENTLEMEN) then turn back toward the crate you just moved. 
    You can either wait for Lana to zombify naturally, or head back to the 
    manhole cover (though you risk being spotted if you do). Whichever 
    way you go, once you are zombied out again sneak past the barricade 
    zombies, past the moved boxes and car, then make the first left turn 
    avaiable. You will see another manhole cover with red smoke...avoid it 
    and hang yet another left past the pipes to meet up with Amy. Let her 
    heal you but make sure she stays put.
    Remaining crouched, head back to the red smoke you just passed. 
    Zombify and go past the two zombies in front of you (near a car and 
    barrier) and go left for a payphone on the outside wall. Hit it to lure 
    more zombies over, then double back to get Amy. Grab her hand and 
    lead her past the red smoke and (carefully, you CAN be spotted here) 
    past the right side of the car and barrier so you are effectively hidden. 
    In front of you on the wall is a glyph for Amy to copy down. 
    Turn around and sneak Amy back past the red smoke where she was 
    hidden before. Use her silence sphere on the broken glass in the road 
    and sneak across it. Be sure to watch your aim, exposed glass can still 
    alert the zombies. When you get past you will be at the edge of a gas 
    station with a single zombie hopefully staring off in the distance. If not, 
    wait for him to pace around until he gets back to a stopped position, 
    then sneak up behind him and follow when he starts walking. He will 
    round the corner and pace along the otherside of the gas pumps. You 
    can break off from his path either before or after you pass the 
    barricade near the back wall...both points are safe. Sneak over to the 
    right of the alamred car and then over to the large truck. The door of 
    the truck has another glyph for Amy to copy, so grab it and then sneak 
    her toward the front bumper of the truck. Use Amy's power to turn 
    her around and fire off a MIND BULLET at the alarmed car we just past. 
    This moves one of the far side zombies away, drag Amy slowly toward 
    the right so you are just on the other side of the truck. To your left you 
    will see two more zombies, an alarmed car, and waaay in the distance 
    another alarmed car. Use your MIND BULLETS to hit the distant car 
    (remember you can maneuver your shot after you launch it) and lure 
    the zombies over to it. Use the opportunity to hang a hard left and get 
    Amy over to the nearby barricade. Have her fire another MIND BULLET 
    at the car on the right so the zombies go back to their original spot. 
    Grab Amy and hug the left wall all the way to a back alley. You need 
    stealth no more.
    Stay crouched and turn left into the alley. Leave Amy near the furthest 
    barricade and move up when the distant zombie turns around. Wait 
    until you are seeing red again, then casually walk about behind him to 
    grab a new weapon if you need it. Commit zombie homicide and call 
    Amy over, grab the keycard then head into the intersecting alley to get 
    inside the hospital building. Walk down the hallway and hang a quick 
    right. There is another glyph for Amy to copy and you might as well 
    refill. Double back down the hall and turn left, go through the next 
    door then another left. Open the door on your left and have Amy fire a 
    MIND BULLET down the hall and into the wooden boards on the right, 
    then uqickly go left and duck into the left room and hide in the locker. 
    CHECKPOINT!!!! Wait for the soldier to pass left. He'll double back and 
    OMINOUSLY CHECK THE LOCKER, then go back to the right and you are 
    safe. Head out and past the now broken wood boards. Leave Amy on 
    the elevator to the left, then go down the ladder in front of you. Facing 
    the ladder hit the button to your right to bring Amy down. Go through 
    the only open doorway and you'll come to a door and an obstacle path. 
    The obstacle just leads back to the beginning of the stage so ignore it, 
    just go in the door and all the way down the stairs, through the door at 
    the end. Every game needs a sewer, and somehow this one leads to a 
    hospital. Lovely.
    Go to your right and grab the crowbar, then cross the bridge to your 
    left. Go in the first opening on the right into an open area, then open 
    the door to your left. Before you go through, head to the end of this 
    large room and send Amy through a crawlspace under the gate, then 
    double back through the door you just opened and turn right. Proceed 
    down the right and look for another opening on the right side. Have 
    Amy open it and link up with her, then enter her room and go to your 
    left. Analyze the genetic lock and here comes ZOMBIE GAUNTLET PART 
    Immediately have Amy go to close the gate you just came through. A 
    trick here is to have Amy open and close the door just enough so that 
    you can manage the waves that run in. When the coast seems more or 
    less clear head out and make a left, opening the gate down this path. 
    Your goal is the body of the dead soldier to your right, across the 
    water. Continue through the gate and run through to a dead end in the 
    water, after awhile two zombies should crawl out of a space across the 
    way and head in the opposite direction. Double back and pass the 
    bridge on your left, then continue on to the next gate. Hit the switch 
    but...surprise! It actually opens up the gate BEHIND you. A zombie will 
    spawn across the water, ignore it for now and head for the soldier's 
    body.  Scan your key, drop the zombie, then turn back to the bridge 
    once more and go back into the genetic lock room. Open the lock on 
    the left, go through the door and run into the hospital hallway and 
    hang a left. Congratulations, you have beaten the 'unbeatable'.
    3f. Chapter 6: REDEMPTION (or: Well at least it wasn't "The Ring II: 
    Twilight of the Gods")
    CUTSCENE: In an attempt to drop a not so subtle hint about this final 
    boss battle, we are presented with the most hilariously off color 
    dialogue ever, followed by lots of meaningless grunting and roars. 
    Whatever. On to the final battle!
    Grab Amy and immediately run to the left, past the reception desk and 
    into the far left door (on the right side). Immediately put her in the 
    opening, then run back out the way you came. Hang a left in the hall 
    and spin your camera to face the reception desk and have Amy hit the 
    switch. Continue on down the hall, making your second right 
    into...well...a room full of fetuses. Pick up any syringes you see along 
    the way, head to the back of the fetus room to grab a defibilator. You 
    can also run around the fetuses to grab some syringes in a room to the 
    By now a tyran...er...SUPER ZOMBIE will show up. He doesn't actually 
    have a name, so let's call him "Smidgen".
    There we go. Now it's all nice and official.
    Smidgen will follow you relentlessly throughout the entire stage, and 
    he cannot be hurt by normal weapons. The only way to damage him is 
    to first lure him into some electricity, which will put him on his knees, 
    then whack him with your crowbar, which will look like an "execution" 
    style move. Then run and repeat; We'll go through how to do this now.
    From the fetus defibilator room, run out the doorway and immediately 
    to the right. Don't panic if smidgen is in your way, you CAN charge him 
    and knock him aside briefly. Hang the next left and you will come to a 
    large room with some water on the floor near the window. Run over 
    and "use" the water to place the defibilator unit into the puddle, 
    creating some electric. Try not to move too much. Smidgen will show 
    up and hopefully run into the puddle, knocking out the electricity. 
    Immediately give him a good whack and then run into the door behind 
    him on the right side. There is another defibilator unit in here, as well 
    as some syringes. Don't get too greedy because smidgen will be hot on 
    your tail! To the right is the exit back out into the lobby. Run through 
    and turn look right to have Amy turn the electric back on.
    On the hall to your left are some electric mines. There's a pretty 
    decent path for you to run around them, but Smidgen doesn't know 
    that and will slow down here. This is your chance to use or collect more 
    syringes and take a quick breather. If you have a bit of time, the room 
    to the right is a small office with one or two syringes also. To the left is 
    a long hall leading to another open room with another puddle. Run 
    down this hall picking up any syringes and do as you did with the first 
    defibilator. Give Smidgen his shock, run back to the lobby and have 
    Amy turn on the power. Your defibilators will remain where they are 
    so you don't have to grab new ones, but you will have to reactivate 
    them. Just lather, rinse, repeat until Smidgen eats enough shocks and 
    hits to end the game.
    NOTE: Smidgen CAN get shocked by the electric mines if he randomly 
    decides to rush through, but its probably not a good idea to rely on this 
    happening. Plus, if you whack him and you are out of position, you may 
    up eating a shock yourself. :(
    NOTE 2: After Smidgen gets shocked, he'll most likely try to whack at 
    you immediately and since zombies can claw air in AMY and still get a 
    hit, he'll probably catch you if you try to run away. The solution is to do 
    the opposite, rush him to stun him and bolt past.
    NOTE 3: Remember how way at the beginning I said you would never 
    mash the super dash button? I lied. You can do it now. It'll make your 
    life easier.
    There's no specific order to follow other than: Electric, defibilator, 
    whack, and heal occassionally. There's also syringes everywhere and 
    plenty of paths around, so feel free to explore the area and use the 
    paths that work best for you. One last tip: it can get you in a bit of a 
    dangerous spot, but you can run back to the vent where you left Amy 
    and briefly call her out to hold her hand and heal up to save on 
    syringes. Once Smidgen takes about 5 hits and turns into zombie meat, 
    its time for our final...
    CUTSCENE: Lana gets Amy checked out by some doctors. The soldiers 
    keep coming for her, but the priest who's voice we heard in chapter 2 
    promises to intervene. ROLL CREDITS.
    Yep, that's it.
    4. FAQ
    Since there's only one version of this doc, here are some questions I 
    anticipate people will ask:
    Q: I'm having a completely different experience with the battles and 
    zombie behavior from what is in your guide. Why??
    A: The AI and mechanics in AMY are very poorly designed, so the 
    solutions to certain puzzles or dealing with enemies may vary greatly. 
    At the end of the day, just do what works for you, even if you are 
    taking advantage of some random glitch. Otherwise you'll be here 
    forever trying to figure out the "right" way to get through the game.
    Q: If AMY is such a terrible game, why did you play / review / do an faq 
    / get all the achievements on it?
    A: I have a thing about pushing through bad games. You should see 
    what I did with Phantasy Star Online.
    Q: Will the game be patched? / Why are the checkpoints different in 
    this walkthrough?
    A: At the time of this writing, the only issue the developers have 
    actually acknowledged is the poor checkpoint system, so its possible 
    they will change their order or possibly add more checkpoints in the 
    game. That being said, they've feigned quite a bit of ignorance in 
    regards to AMY's bad reviews and multitude of issues. I don't forsee 
    them fixing much anytime soon.
    Q: I got stuck in a wall / bathroom! Is there a way out?
    A: It depends. The game glitches its textures pretty often, and 
    sometimes you can try differnet move combinations to escape. 
    Sometimes you're out of luck and have to restart.
    Q: My game just froze on a loading screen!
    A: Yep, that happens too. I had to do some stages over even while 
    writing this walkthrough.
    Q: Where are the best places to earn the remaining (non-difficulty or 
    stage based) achievements?
    A: You can get [Bodyguard: complete a level without monsters draining 
    Amy's energy] pretty easily in chapter 2, since most of what you fight 
    will go for you instead of Amy.  I also got [High Voltage: Push an enemy 
    onto an electrical device] in the mall area of chapter 2, but I can 
    probably see it working in the first area of chapter 3 as well. You can 
    get [Where are you?: Avoid being seen by the enemy by concealing 
    yourself in a hideout] in chapter 2 by letting the first soldier see you 
    instead of ringing the phone, then running into the nearby locker as 
    Q: Do the difficulty achievements stack?
    A: They do. Beating the game on hard mode will also unlock the normal 
    and easy mode achievements if you haven't unlocked them already.
    Q: These stealth instructions are ridiculous and take forever! Can't I 
    just bash my way through?
    A: Outside of chapter 5 you can certainly try, that's what I did on 
    normal mode. The only reason I wrote the stealth elements the way I 
    did is because on hard mode you usually die in two hits and the battle 
    mechanics are very glitchy and frustrating.
    Q: The ending sets up for a sequel, do you think there'll be one?
    A: At the time of this writing the developers aren't acknowledging the 
    bad reviews and claim AMY has spent some time as a #1 arcade seller. 
    Combine that with some of the clearly leftover textures shown in the 
    credits and we will likely see a sequel.
    Q: If there is a sequel, will you buy it?
    A: No, I will not support these developers anymore.
    5. Thanks & Acknowledgements
    My primary thanks goes to gamefaqs user RhynoandRVD, who 
    supported me heavily throughout playing the game and writing this 
    walkthrough. Granted, I would later find out that he only wanted to 
    watch me get frustrated at the end of chapter 4, but the difficulty 
    doesn't increase there so it all worked out.
    Much love to Big Ghost for the contents of Chapter 3. I pretty much 
    ripped off his writing style, and I didn't exactly ask him if I could, but 
    look up his "Softest Rappers in the Game" posts on google if you ever 
    have the chance. Just brilliant stuff.
    Lastly, thanks to the 90% of the gamefaqs community who trashed 
    AMY on the message boards. These days some people have such 
    narrow minded perception and pretentious points of view that it can 
    drive a guy mad. For once, it was nice to see a game recognized quite 
    plainly for what it really was: absolute garbage.
    RIP Billy Batts
    6. Disclaimer
    COPYRIGHT Paranoia7 (Damian Cross) 2012, all rights reserved. 
    Permission to host is granted to:
    All content contained in this guide is the property of its author. AMY 
    and all names or marks related to AMY are trademarked or 
    copywritten by Lexis Numerique / Vectorcell.

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