Who are the other charters? which 3 make the best team?

  1. I don't want to spend time lvl'ing every character, I just got Dozeru and he SUUUUUUCKs. I like Baldren and Trisha, is it worth lvl'ing up Dozeru or will I get another character later in the game to make the team more rounded, because at the moment Dozeru a poor version of Baldren.

    User Info: BlakeHex

    BlakeHex - 5 years ago

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  1. Since each character has a different weapon type (which does more damage against one type of enemy and takes extra damage from a different type), your "best" team will vary depending on what enemies are in each area.

    Don't completely abandon Dozeru as a lost cause when you get him - he has several perks in his favor, including area of effect skills that can hit three enemies at once and being the earliest character to get a fourth sub-turn. Whereas Trisha begins to wane in importance; she can hit enemies from a better distance but doesn't have the damage capability to make it worthwhile.

    If you're looking for a party that can be the most effective in the most situations without switching out, you might want to wait until the fifth character - as that person is your first pure mage, they'll do bonus damage against enemies with high physical bias. (The reverse is also true, though, so it kind of turns them into a glass cannon!)

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  1. Hey dude, I'm not that far into the game myself, but I'm doing it on hard mode and dozeru starts off as one of the worse characters (as all new characters do due to lack of moon crystals) but after leveling him up and getting max speed he is by far the best character on my team, (SPOILER ALERT!!!) after awhile you do get gordo, but I'll be very impressed if you manage to get gordo without leveling up your team to quite some standards, because you have to complete gordo's basement which is filled with 19+ enemy's and a final boss (END OF SPOILER) but yeah, just because a character is new doesn't make them bad, try and wait till a moon day and fight lots of enemy's making the new guy kill all of them then see how they are after being leveled up, good luck dude :)

    User Info: Jason3393

    Jason3393 - 5 years ago 0 3

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