Who Knows? Passive Skill

  1. Does anybody know what it does? The description just says: "Something good will happen..." Thanks!

    User Info: al251730

    al251730 - 5 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. A quote from Peridot_Weapon on the Rainbow Moon forums:

    "Who Knows?" randomly selects any three passive skills that you know and invisibly equips them. There's no SP cost involved other than the 3 SP needed to activate Who Knows?.

    You can't "double dip" on skills this way (getting Sniper Master through Who Knows? and then actually equipping the Sniper Master skill won't double the effect). However, you CAN equip and unequip Who Knows? repeatedly until you get a skill or skills with visible effects, then not equip those abilities to conserve SP.

    The most obvious skill to use this on is Endurance Master - you get one additional sub-turn in-battle, but it costs a whopping 11 SP. So you can enter a battle and if you don't see an extra sub-turn flee immediately, unequip and re-equip Who Knows? and try again until you DO see that extra turn. You've just saved a minimum of 8 SP - even more if you can figure out what either of the other skills are!

    There IS the potential side-effect of getting stuck with a skill like Blocker that you might not WANT to have equipped on an offensive character, so keep an eye out for that.

    Exiting the game and restarting seems to keep the same three skills equipped through Who Knows?, so as long as you never unequip that ability again it should be permanent.

    User Info: DarkFang94

    DarkFang94 - 5 years ago 0 0

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