Where can I find big fire statues?

  1. I used the 1 from the "singles" quest for the first level cap, can anyone tell me where 8 are so I can find out which 1 I missed?

    User Info: FaceEater23

    FaceEater23 - 4 years ago


  1. There are a total of 12 Big Fire Statues

    2 are used to up the level cap from 150 to 250
    4 are used to up the level cap from 250 to 600
    6 are used to up the level cap from 600 to 999

    You can get the first 2 from:
    (1) Warehouse - The Box quest
    (1) Mining Shaft - Crystals quest

    The next 4 are from:
    (1) Island NW of Cassar - Chest behind Big Bang monster
    (1) Great Labyrinth - The Single quest
    (2) Castle Temwall - Order of the King quest

    The last 6 are from:
    (6) Ocher Stone Swamp - The Deluded quest

    You really need to do by tier as you cannot hope to get the next tier of statues without having the previous tier's level cap extension. Sorry it took 2 years to answer this question!

    User Info: SeraphIria

    SeraphIria - 2 years ago 0 0

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