I like Formula Gran Turismo how does F1 2011 compare?

  1. So after playing the Gran Turismo series 1-5 I'm thinking of trying the F1 game and had a few questions.
    1) How does the car physics both crash engine and general realism in handling compare to GT5's formula cars?
    2) Does this game have a difficulty setting?
    3) How hard is the driving compared to GT5?

    Any answers are appreciated.
    Thanks in advance.

    User Info: travishill02

    travishill02 - 5 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. 1) the cars in F1 2011 don't handle exactly like the FGT, they're more like the Ferrari F1 cars in GT5, FGT is kind of stiff compared to the cars in F1 2011. Physics for F1 cars seem more realistic in F1 2011 than in GT5 imo.
    2) Yes, 4 AI difficulty settings, assists can be turned on or off, up to 4 flashbacks if you want to fix a mistake, fuel/tyre wear can be turned on or off, and you can choose weather type Gran Prix/multiplayer.
    3) a little harder than GT5, but a little easier that F1 2010 imo. Even w/ traction control turned on you still need some precision to drive fast and get the best out of the car. Those that are used to F1 2010 won't have any problems adapting to this game but people not used to F1 games might need some practice to get used to the handling of the cars.

    User Info: FSgamer

    FSgamer - 5 years ago 0 0

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