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    Save Point Locations FAQ by piecemealcranky

    Version: 2.0 | Updated: 11/28/05 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Copyright (c) 2005 by the author piecemealcranky. All rights reserved.
                     [ R e s i d e n t  E v i l  4 ]
            [ S a v e  P o i n t  L o c a t i o n s  F A Q ]
    Game: Resident Evil 4
    Platform: PlayStation 2
    Author: piecemealcranky
    Email Address: piece_meal_cranky@yahoo.com
    Date Created: 27th November 2005
    Updated: 28th of November 2005
    Version: 2.0
    Parts of this FAQ may contain some minor spoilers. Readers are advise
    earlier to not use the guide if they are afraid of being exposed to 
    some spoiler contents of the game.
    1. The FAQ
    2. Legal Terms
    3. Save Point Locations
    4. Credits
    T h e  F A Q
    This FAQ will provide and assist you on all known save locations for 
    Resident Evil 4. This time around, you don't need ink ribbons to save which 
    makes sense since most of the time these ink ribbons are given more than 
    what is needed by the players. Like always, the save points are represented 
    by the typewriter which can be on anything, anywhere. You can also use the 
    map just in case you worry too much. 
    Also keep in mind that after each chapter or subchapter the game will 
    inquire you to save the game. I will not mention this in the FAQ. I think 
    you get the whole idea of the FAQ, so lets get on.
    L e g a l  T e r m s
    All further questions NOT available within the FAQ/Guide can be emailed to 
    the following address:
    Please include a proper title (with proper grammar) in the subject column 
    associated with the game Resident Evil 4. The author may discard emails 
    without a proper subject in the "subject" column.
    No part of this FAQ may be reproduced in any form, shape, or transmitted, in 
    any ways, or in any forms by any means (electronically, mechanically, 
    through various recording devices, or otherwise) without prior permission 
    from the author. This means no copying, no publishing, or any other illegal 
    This FAQ is for personal use and for viewing purposes only. Readers may 
    print a copy of the FAQ for he or she's own personal use without publicly or 
    secretly distributing a copy in order to earn money or make profit. 
    This FAQ is protected by the International Copyright Law and all its 
    contents are limited for the use of the websites which hold responsibility 
    and have authorized permission to host it. This FAQ is hosted by sites which 
    hold the responsibility of not permitting any sort of publishing, selling, 
    or copying the contents and materials present in the FAQ.
    S a v e  P o i n t  L o c a t i o n s
    I will include each location in detail as much as possible so you could 
    easily recognize each area mentioned. The following save points are listed 
    through chapters, and if the doors are locked in the area (and they have a 
    save point in that particular room), I will not list them even as you pass 
    through it. I will follow the chapters so it would be a lot easier for you 
    to find them.
    Note: If the chapter takes you back to the same location twice, bear in mind 
    that I will NOT mention them again. 
    C H A P T E R  1
    C h a p t e r  1 - 1 :
    - Right after the first cabin you see when you start the game is another 
    small shack on your right as you walk down a path. This path will lead you 
    to an injured dog. Inside the shack would be a typewriter, and your very 
    first save point.
    - This area is the one where you first see the blue medallions and the note 
    on the tree (the path from the trail at the tower previously). There should 
    be a small hut on your left which has a typewriter. This is another save 
    - The typewriter is inside the cabin where you find Luis Sera inside the 
    cabinet. It is situated in the small room just before the hallway with the 
    wired explosives across the walls. 
    C h a p t e r  1 - 2 :
    - This save point is located just as you start this chapter. It is on the 
    table with the rifle ammo on it after your first encounter with the 
    Mercenary through the small opened window-like hole.
    C h a p t e r  1 - 3 :
    - As you start the chapter, go downstairs and you will find the typewriter. 
    It is placed well on the table here.
    - Once you gain access through the door with the weird Insignia symbol 
    carved on it, there is a save point in the room. The typewriter is on the 
    - There is a room you take which has the staircase that leads down to the 
    door. Inside this room there will be a merchant and it is by the waterside. 
    The typewriter is located southwest of the area. 
    - This save point is located in the cabin right before you start off the 
    fight with the big fish (Del Lago). It is near the boat which takes Leon to 
    the other side of the island.
    C H A P T E R  2
    C h a p t e r  2 - 1 :
    - This obvious typewriter is located in the cabin where you start this 
    second chapter off.
    C h a p t e r  2 - 2:
    There aren't any new save points apart from the ones mentioned in Chapter 1-
    1 where you will revisit them again (see above for further details of where 
    they are).
    C h a p t e r  2 - 3:
    - As you start, exit the cabin and head outside where you will find a 
    merchant standing. Beside him would be a small hut. Inside you will find a 
    note and a typewriter, marking another save point on the map.
    - As you come out of either two paths that you may choose to take, there is 
    a house opposite from where the merchant stands. Inside the house will there 
    be another same-looking typewriter; another save point.
    - Before the area where you fight off the boss Bitorez Mendez, you will come 
    across a merchant and save point with some Shotgun Shells and some TMP ammo. 
    C H A P T E R  3
    C h a p t e r  3 - 1:
    - As you start the third chapter, there will be a typewriter inside the 
    small hut in this area. There's also a merchant present in this area.
    - The next save point is situated in the Grand Hall after the scene where 
    you first saw Salazar, where you have to find the pieces for the door. The 
    typewriter is on the door's left (your right side if you're facing the 
    - The next typewriter can be found at the door where you first see the door 
    that leads to the Shooting Range room. The merchant is also present here. 
    This will be your last save point for this chapter.
    C h a p t e r  3 - 2:
    - Situated inside the area after you battle of the enemies after the cut-
    scene with Salazar the second time. 
    C h a p t e r  3 - 3:
    - The typewriter is pretty obvious. It is inside the room where you first 
    encounter the woman in the red dress.
    - The room with the merchant has another save point for you right after the 
    area where you battle the enemies and finding items inside the glass-covered 
    container. It is the room right before you trigger the cut-scene with Luis 
    C h a p t e r  3 - 4:
    - This particular save point is located in the first room Ashley entered 
    during her escape. This is the only save point you get while playing as 
    C H A P T E R  4
    C h a p t e r  4 - 1:
    - The first save point for this chapter is located at area just before you 
    enter the room with the mechanical dragons (the room with the fire). 
    - This save point is located in the room with the merchant and the second 
    Shooting Range door. It is right after you travel through the cart and get 
    through the area with one yellow/golden door.
    - This save point is located in the area right after you shoot the metal 
    chains off the bridge to get it off chained and proceed through the next 
    area. The typewriter is located here together with the merchant.
    Note: I'm not sure with this location, but while I was in Easy mode once 
    (available in PAL version of the game) there is a save point just before you 
    cross the bridge to the area with the Garrador(s). This however, is not 
    present in Professional or even Normal difficulty mode.
    - This save point is located right after the cut-scene with Salazar. There 
    is a merchant and a few valuable items here together with a few dead men. 
    This is the only area for you to save before you fight with the sub-boss 
    later on.
    C h a p t e r  4 - 2:
    - The typewriter is on the table together with some handgun bullets. This 
    room has the third Shooting Range door and a merchant. 
    C h a p t e r  4 - 3:
    - The save point is inside this very small hut right after you start off the 
    chapter together with the merchant. There is a note here too. 
    C h a p t e r  4 - 4:
    - There will be a save point here as you start off the chapter on the table.
    - This location is your only hope to save your game. The typewriter is 
    located by the merchant before you battle Salazar. It is located outside of 
    the boss area.
    - This final save point for this chapter rests in the room right after you 
    battle Salazar and after going through a few other areas. It is the room 
    where a merchant will be a available. Going forward from this room shall 
    trigger a cut-scene, so you could probably guess where it is.
    C H A P T E R  5
    C h a p t e r  5 - 1
    - This save point is in between a door that leads inside a building and a 
    door previously where you have to press the switch on the right to open it. 
    There is also a merchant present here.
    - A typewriter is inside a small room after the area with the merchant and 
    the fourth and last Shooting Range room. This is your next save point.
    - This typewriter is located inside a room with a Green Herd together with 
    it. It is the room before you first encounter the monster with spikes on its 
    body (the monster is called the Iron Maiden).
    C h a p t e r  5 - 2:
    - This save point is located in the room at the hallway after the door with 
    half-opened shutter. There is also a merchant and a few things inside this 
    room. Keep in mind that there are enemies in this area, and that the save 
    point is near the door with the lights on top.
    - After the fight with the bulldozer (the one where you assists Ashley as 
    she drives the Bulldozer), there is a door at the crash site. Go through it 
    to find the next typewriter and another save point, together with a 
    C h a p t e r  5 - 3:
    - This save point is located near a small gate where you can acquire a red 
    Herb. This is the area with the merchant before you proceed to fight with 
    another boss (U3).
    - This save point is located underneath the tent through the hole where you 
    jump down. There will be a merchant and a door that leads to another 
    Shooting Range mini-game. 
    C h a p t e r  5 - 4:
    - The typewriter is located right around a Green Herb after you start off 
    this chapter.
    - This save point is located in the room with the cells and some items 
    inside. It is the room after the cut-scene. The typewriter is here and an 
    enemy (Regenerator) is further in front. 
    C h a p t e r  5 - 5:
    - The area is after the door later when you start the chapter and after you 
    grab the final memo. There will be a merchant and a save point here. Yes, 
    this is the very last save point for you. This is where you save before the 
    fight with Saddler.
    Alright, that is all. If you see any mistakes or wish to correct me, please 
    compose a message to: 
    C r e d i t s 
    Not many people, really. I would always thank myself for anything I do (be 
    that good or evil heh...), CJayC for running GameFAQs and Capcom for this 
    absolute masterpiece (or so I call it). 
    If you have questions regarding the game I would be thankful if you do not 
    ask me. Instead, email the authors who wrote the complete walkthrough for 
    the game. Nevertheless, I shall answer any questions you might have. God 
    bless and see you around.
    My complete list of contributions:
    Copyright (c) 2005 by the author piecemealcranky. All rights reserved.

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