Resident Evil 4 Cheats


  • Bitoriz Mendez boss battle glitch.

    In the boss battle with Bitoriz Mendez there are two levels bottom floor and top floor. Start off by going straight to the ladder. Climb it and go to the left. There are some boards that are blocking the way of the middle of the place you are fighting. Get behind these boards and look down, now while Mendez is in his first form he will just be walking looking up and walking at you but hes walking towards the wall. Now if you would like to finish him off quickly just shoot him with the shotgun or rifle. If you want to conserve ammo just use your pistol. Now in Mendezes second form its a bit more tricky but its possible. Make sure that Mendez is on your left of the boards and your in the right corner and if positioned right he will extend his claw and try to hit you but fail and he will continue to do this like a glitch. Same as the other way if you would like to finish him off quickly then shoot shotgun shells or rifle at him. Or to conserve ammo just finish him off with your handgun. Get your reward when your done.

    Contributed By: Tyler89t.

  • Walk 1.5x faster with Leon

    This glich allows you to walk 1.5x faster with Leon. First equip the striker shotgun, and exit the menu. Hold R1 to pick up your weapon and then press the menu button before the laser on the gun is shown. Now you are in the menu because of pressing the menu button you can equip another gun. Now when you exit the menu, Leon will run 1.5x faster than normal. This glitch will stop working after opening doors when the black screen comes up, climbing ladders and selecting the stiker again.

    Contributed By: ResidentEvil4DS.


  • Ada's Report

    Completing each chapter in Separate Ways unlocks a part of Ada's report in Extras. Complete all 5 chapters to get the full report.

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Ada's report on Albert WeskerComplete Chapter 5 in Separate Ways
    Ada's report on Jack KrauserComplete Chapter 3 in Separate Ways
    Ada's report on Leon Scott KennedyComplete Chapter 4 in Separate Ways
    Ada's report on Los IlluminadosComplete Chapter 1 in Separate Ways
    Ada's report on Luis SeraComplete Chapter 2 in Separate Ways

    Contributed By: FarhanMalik.

  • Bottle Caps

    Bottle Caps
    After you enter the Castle, and go through the Hall of Water to the Observation Hall. Next to the Merchant, A blue door with golden gun engravements lies in wait. Go through the door and begin the Target Practice game. Select Game Type A to begin a game. During certain portions of the game, other blue doors similar to this can be found. Enter them and finsh the Target practices by fetting 3000 points or higher to get 6 bottle caps. After you get 6, talk to the merchant and end the game. If you collected 6 different caps of the same game type, you will get some pesetas.

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Ada WongScore 4000 or more on Game Type A. Alternately, hit all of the targets on Game Type A
    Ashley GrahamScore 3000 or more on Game Type A
    Bella SistersScore 4000 or more on Game Type B. Alternately, hit all of the targets on Game Type B
    Don DiegoScore 3000 or more on Game Type B
    Don EstebanScore 3000 or more on Game Type B
    Don JoseScore 3000 or more on Game Type B
    Don ManuelScore 3000 or more on Game Type B
    Don PedroScore 4000 or more on Game Type C. Alternately, hit all of the targets on Game Type C
    Dr. SalvadorScore 3000 or more on Game Type B
    Isabel3000 or more points in Game D.
    J.J.4000 or more points in Game D. Hit all targest in Game D except Ashley.
    Leader ZealotScore 3000 or more on Game Type C
    Leon with HandgunScore 3000 or more on Game Type A
    Leon with Rocket LauncherScore 3000 or more on Game Type A
    Leon with ShotgunScore 3000 or more on Game Type A
    Luis SeraScore 3000 or more on Game Type A
    Maria3000 or more points in Game D.
    MerchantScore 3000 or more on Game Type C
    Soldier w/ dynamite,Soldier w/ hammer,Soldier w/ stun-rod3000 or more points in Game D.
    Zealot with Bowgun,Zealot with Scythe,Zealot with ShieldScore 3000 or more on Game Type C

    Contributed By: Xhalo.

  • Mercenaries Mode Onlockables

    Beat each level of Merceneraies with a specific amount of Stars in order to unlock special features.

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    AdaBeat the Pueblo level with a four star rank
    Albert WeskerBeat the Waterworld with a four star rank
    Handcannon (in main game)Get five stars on all levels with all the characters
    HunkBeat the Commando Base with a four star rank
    Jack KrauserBeat the Castle with a four star rank

    Contributed By: ParanoiaSM.

  • Unlockables

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Alternate Title ScreenComplete the main game once.
    Ashley's knight armor outfitBeat Seperate Ways
    Chicago Typewriter (Main Game)Beat Seperate Ways
    Chicago Typewriter (Seperate Ways)Beat Assignment Ada
    HandcannonHave each mercenary get a five star rating on all of the stages
    Infinite Rocket LauncherBeat the game once
    Leon's gangster outfitBeat Seperate Ways
    MatildaBeat the game once
    MercenariesBeat the main game once
    Movie BrowserBeat the game
    P.R.L 412Beat Professional Mode
    Professional DifficultyBeat the main game once
    Seperate Ways (Ada's Bonus Game)Beat the main game once
    Seperate ways movie browserBeat seperate ways once
    Special clothes for Leon, Ada, and AshleyBeat the main game

Easter Eggs

  • Hat trick and strike a pose

    This can only be done if Leon is wearing the "mafia" outfit and has the Chicago Typewriter equiped. Hold R1 to take aim and then press square. Doing so will cause Leon to remove his hat, adjust it, and then place it back on his head. Continue to do this. On the 4th time Leon will remove the hat, toss it in the air, catch it, and then stike a pose.

    Contributed By: The Demon.

  • Heavy Ashley

    When you unlock the knight costume for Ashley, not only will she be too heavy to be hurt and picked up by ganados, but will even give Leon the pains. Whenever you need to catch her after jumping down, Leon will go down on a knee while catching the heavy Ashley, then hold his back in pain.

    Contributed By: Params7.

  • Perverted Leon

    When you climb up a ladder with ashley, wait until she comes up and then jump back down. You will then need to catch Ashley, instead of doing that, aim your crosshair until ashley's skirt and she'll cover it up and then she'll call you a pervert.

    Contributed By: AznDarkViper.


  • How to make the Gatling Gun appear without allowing the red monk to use it

    How to make the Gatling Gun appear without allowing the red monk to use it

    In the castle, there is a glitch where you can make the Gatling Gun appear without allowing the red monk to operate it.

    First, progress normally and let the red monk escape. Once you return to the turret room, he will be operating the gatling gun. Immediate leave the room and return to the main hall with the merchant and save.

    Load the game and re-enter the turret room. You need to chase the red monk again until he returns to the turret room. When you return to the turret room, the turret will be raised, but the red monk will be standing outside of the turret ring! Without the turret on his side, finish him with ease!

    Contributed By: Maehara Shinobu.

  • Shooting Range Meteor

    In the shooting ranges, there is a back wall which looks like the castle and the surrounding area. If you shoot the stars on the back wall, a meteor will come down and destroy all the targets that are currently up in the range.

    Contributed By: vegetarian_onos.

Resident Evil Code: Veronica X Cheats


  • Easy Hawk Emblem.

    After you've collected the TG-01 go back to the 3-D duplicator and before putting in the Hawk Emblem and TG-01 into the machine, walk through the metal detector with any metalic object to sound the alarm.(while on the 3-D duplicator side or you will be locked out.) With the shutters down the three zomies cannot break the windows. After the 3-D duplicator is finished all you have to do is push the button to lift the shutters and take the duplicated Hawk Emblem without losing any health.

    Contributed By: Psycho_D.

  • Infinite Healing Items!

    This glitch will allow you to have an infinite First Aid Spray, Green Herb, Mixed Herb, or any healing item you wish. First, make sure you DO NOT read the Instructions Book file that you get at the start of the game. Get any gun (except the knife). Now, get the healing item you want for the glitch. Make sure that your inventory is organized in the following order: -Playing Manual. -Your gun. -Your Healing item. Equip your gun, and then read the Manual. READ IT FROM THE FILES SCREEN. DO NOT CHECK IT. If you did this correctly, you will have your healing item equipped. If that's the case, exit the inventory screen and fire your gun. Now use your healing item. It shouldn't dissapear, it doesn't matter how much times you use it. It will still work if you store it, so Chris should be able to use it, too. DO NOT MIX YOUR HEALING ITEM. IT WILL LOSE HIS INFINITE PROPERTY. This should make getting the Rocket Laucher a piece of cake.

    Contributed By: Apalapan.


  • Unlockables

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Battle ModeBeat the game on any difficulty setting at any ranking.
    First Person View (Battle mode)Complete the main game on Easy or Normal difficulty with any ranking.
    Infinite Rocket Launcher (Normal Game)Beat the game with a ranking of A.
    Play as Albert Wesker In Battle ModeClear the Battle mode with Chris Redfield.
    Play As Alternate Claire In Battle ModeClear the Battle mode with the original Claire in battle mode.
    Play as Steve Burnside In Battle ModePerform well with the original Chris in battle mode.
    Steve Burnside in Battle ModeDrawer Puzzle
    Unlock Linear Launcher in Battle ModeGet an ''A'' Rank with all the Battle Game Characters.

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