TWO tyrants?

  1. So I'm at the part where you have to defeat the tyrant to get into the safehouse and, since I'm playing on casual this time, I noticed how when hit by the tyrant he doesn't seem to do much damage so I was thinking this would be somewhat easy but then I started wondering how he could get from one spot to the other and then I noticed there were two so my question is, HOW do you survive and beat them?

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    MikeayalTheOne - 5 years ago
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    Ah thanks for the info.

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    MikeayalTheOne - 5 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. Yeah, I can imagine how you felt when you discovered there are actually TWO of them.
    The answer of TehL33tJ1m might be a way to work, but I find it difficult to have them at a long range.
    Why? Because they'll leap to you and smash you good.

    I did the same thing, but I wasn't running. Instead, I memorized the layout and when the fight begins, I just walk backwards around the busses (refill your ammo when needed) and just keep pumping rounds into their heads.

    This way, you can just concentrate on one Tyrant, pissing it off so it comes for you, and the others will piss of the other Tyrant so you don't run into him as much.
    When the one is down, you just pick up downed teammates and restock on ammo again, and repeat the same strategy on the second Tyrant.

    I did this in Normal difficulty, not sure how things will work out on higher difficulty levels, but on Casual it should definately work.

    Weapon of choice: JUGGERNAUT, it just isn't fun without one!

    Good luck,

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    MechDutch - 5 years ago 0 0

Other Answers

  1. Run from one side to the other, and constantly shoot them in the head. That is the only way to damage the T-103s/Mr.X's. Then as you make your way to the opposite side, refill your ammo at the ammo crate by the bus. Rinse, repeat.

    Revive any fallen allies as need be, then just run in circles. Have them follow you, then book it across to the other side, fire off a few rounds, etc. It just takes some time. I used the G3 (Semi-Auto Rifle) and it took me maybe 5 minutes tops.

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  2. The key to kill a tyrant is to unload a massive amount of ammo into their brain cavity. After the first one is half-dead (confirmed on both casual ajd proffesional) the second one drops in. Just remember which one is half dead and shoot him until he is dead. You can also dive out of the way of their charge or jump attang by holding down L3 (sprint) and pressing X. It doesn't matter what direction you're moving, you'll dive in that direction.

    In simpler terms: unload, dive, reload, rinse, repeat. If you still are having trouble, message NemoTheSurvivor for help.

    P.S. The JUGGERNAUT is an awsome weapon that has saved my but from numerous infected. I would recomend that to any one having trouble with anything ranging from parasites to hunters to Tag Team Tyrants.

    User Info: NemoTheSurvivor

    NemoTheSurvivor - 5 years ago 0 0

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