Best Party Setup?

  1. Ok so I have played several mages, I love playing an Offensive mage. I'm not too keen on the idea of being responsible for everyones life in my party.

    I won't deny this games difficulty. I have pushed myself beyond my own limits of gaming. I'm learning fast but I'm having trouble setting up my party.

    At first my party is decent. I start out with me who is an offensive mage, then my main pawn who is a healer, and two other high level pawns that i have purchased. a strider and a warrior. Now everythings fine, my party is doing great raping everything. Then once I get so far me and all my party members are butt raped but a measly guy with a sword, my level 25 strider, lvl 25 warrior, lvl 15 healing mage, and me lvl 18 offensive mage all dead within a matter of seconds with no time to hit kills.

    Now keep in mind i have aready done everything up to escorting the snakes head to the duke. But havent finished the quest with Quina.

    Now Am I not setting up the right skills for my party members, or does someone have an opinion as to what party setup worked best for you that you would like to share?

    Much Obliged. :)

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    BriteIdea21 - 5 years ago
  2. Additional Details:
    More specifically......what classes?

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Accepted Answer

  1. There are many sections early in the game that are basically death traps. I ran into the same trouble on my way to rescue Quina, really tough bandits and a couple Sword and Shields I just couldn't stop. Finally, I came back at level 18 and pushed through fairly easy.

    My team is:
    Me -- Sword & Shield Mystic Knight
    Main -- Bow-focused Ranger
    Pawn1 -- Sword & Shield Fighter
    Pawn 2 -- Support Mage

    With two shield users, the team is tough to wipe out, my Ranger lays down deadly covering fire, and my Mage keeps us buffed with elements and healed. With pawns it comes down to finding the perfect balance of equipment and skills. I spend well over an hour picking a perfect team whenever I upgrade (I keep pawns at my level and switch to new ones every few levels).

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    Azena - 5 years ago 1 0

Other Answers

  1. I'm assuming you're reffering to a Sword and Shield bandit? Those guys are a pain in the ass, even at level 25. If you were finding everything easy before him then you're probably fine, but oyu just have to try and keep your distance and keep rezzing the pawns. It's more about chipping away his health when you first encouter the likes of him.

    I find that the best ting to do is find a way to knock him into the air. This is easy with the second ice spell, or a fighter can launch enemies. Some pawns even try and hold him as well, making him an easier target. He's not an easy enemy so don't be worried that you died from him. I've been killed by him and others like him many, many times.

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  2. thanks that helps alot. Makes me feel better too. :)

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