How do I progress in the ambush quest?

  1. Was just wondering what to do for the ambush quest, have been nearly everywhere on the map w/ no luck. It just says be weary of! want to beat it before ng+ :P

    User Info: dekar7

    dekar7 - 5 years ago
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    But ambushes have been happening before the quest, and plus you see a cutscene w/ a mob of guys on a idea how to get on said mountain to find out or if it is just random, maybe it has to do w/ that sorcerer that steals the wyrmring? no idea, just want it completed >_<

    User Info: dekar7

    dekar7 - 5 years ago

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  1. There are 5 places you have to go to get the ambushes. You'll know the people are there once you hear them talking about something being their name and start attacking you. The five locations are:

    Past the north bridge outside of Gran Soren.
    Outside of the entrance of the Ancient Quarry North Entrance.
    The path between The Encampment and the Mountain Waycastle.
    The Mountain pass after passing the Waycastle where you find the first flock of harpies.
    The last place is right outside the entrance of Cassardis.

    All of them can be done in any order except for the one outside of Cassardis, that one is going to be the last one.

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  1. Well, ambushes are when you fight a tough enemy, sayyyy a dragon or chimera, once you find one you're automatically put into an ambush quest. My guess would be to either go through a lot of ambushs or go kill a dragon.

    I read in other places that it might not be a quest that can be completed as it can start whenever you fight a big monster, others saying that there are 5 main ambush sites that you have to do but no detail as to where they are specificaly.

    User Info: Priminoid

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