How do I get high strength and higher stamina ??

  1. Any tips ? cause i'm really pissed by my stamina !

    User Info: highlygamer

    highlygamer - 5 years ago
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    I am using assassin and i need higher damage and stamina !

    User Info: highlygamer

    highlygamer - 5 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. I played through the game as an assassin from about lvl 11 to lvl 105 and can't say I had any issues with stamina. I'm going to make one assumption and guess it might be your build or inventory in part. Do you happen to have a large character who can carry a ton of gear or is that backpack full? Either will burn your stamina bar more quickly. As for strength, aside from finding gear which adds bonus strength to your total (such as the golden belt) you aren't going to find a class that gives you more than the 6 per level you get from assassin. As far as stamina, assassins are also right at the top, getting 27 points per level to put them at second on the list behind rangers who get 30 stamina. After you reach level 100 they get the same 15 points each.

    So going back to build and equipment carried. If it turns out you do have a large character, you can try lightening them up a bit in their build by buying the Art of Metamorphosis or the later reuseable version and see if that helps by reducing the overall stamina usage. There are also a number of augments which allow you to enhance your stamina, carry more weight (or carry the same with lesser impairment) use less when grappling or climbing, etc. While it won't increase your stamina score, it will effectively allow you to get more use out of what you do have.

    User Info: Maldovar

    Maldovar - 5 years ago 0 0

Other Answers

  1. Strength and Stamina are completely dependant on what vocation you are when you level up, meaning, you should chose the classes that give ample amounts of both while you level. I know assassin's give the highest strength boost and rangers give the highest stamina boost, although I don't know which class is best for both (I want to say Strider). There is actually an excellent Stat Guide posted on this site if you care to take a look and find the most appropriate way to level.

    If your assassin feels like its missing some power, it could be something as small as level (just grind for a bit), or possibly outdated weapons. Definitely worth checking if an upgrade is possible.

    User Info: Victoraec

    Victoraec - 5 years ago 0 0

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