Dragon's Dogma: What is the best approach for a pure str. build?

  1. So I am relatively new to Dragon's Dogma meaning that I have put in 15hours and I have not beat the game even once.
    After extensive research I have actually found that depending on the vocation you are when you level up, you are allocated different stat amounts. With that new piece of information I have decided to restart my character and make it a pure damage dealer (mainly using the Ranger+Ten Flurry Power)
    My current Strategy is to use:
    Fighter class lv1-10
    +4str; +3def; +2mdef

    Assassin Class lv11-100
    +6str; +2def; +1mdef

    All in all if i follow that plan, my base stats at lvl 100 should be the following:
    Strength: 630
    Defense: 225
    Magick Defense: 117

    Now that I explained my thought process, I wish to present several questions.

    First being: The stats that are awarded upon level up, are they based off of what class you spent the most time on or the class you are at the exact moment of leveling?

    Example: Say I need 100exp to level up. I play as a Ranger for the most part gaining 90exp. Then I switch to Assassin and get 10 exp and level up. Will i get stat bonuses from the Assassin or the Ranger? I ask this because there are some Str. augments that other vocations have that I think would greatly benefit my assassin, such as Fighter Augment: Vehemence +10% Str. & Warrior Augment: Clout +20% Str. and I worry that by trying to raise the vocation level of other classes, I may lose out on the +6 str bonus I could have received by playing as an assassin.

    Second: My base strength according to my calculations will be 630 by level 100 (excluding weapon strength). What I wish to know is: "Is there a way to calculate projected damage output based on your current strength and the defense of the --said-- enemy?" Truth be told I do not know if 600+ strength is considered a lot in this game.

    Third: From what I have read, 200 is the max level. So as you can see from what I have posted, my Def & M-Def is greatly nerfed *imo*. So I wish to ask whether from lv 100+ I should focus on reinforcing my very weak Def and M-Def or should I just stay focused on raising my Strength? Please bare in mind that my class of choice is a Ranger, and I plan on staying WAY in the back.
    If I do need to raise my defense, which is more important between Physical Defense and Magical Defense (based on your experiences with higher lvl monsters+bosses)
    Because there is no vocation class that offers both good Def and M-Def growth past lvl 100. If i wanted to raise both my Defense and M-Defense stats, I would have to switch between a Fighter which gives +2 Def, and a Magick Archer which gives +3 M-Def.

    Please forgive me if this was already posted in the past, I really did try and search for my answers but I could not find any 'definite' answers which would satisfy my inquiries. I do wish to thank in advance though anyone who would be kind enough to answers my questions give inputs.

    User Info: MadHatt3rMatt

    MadHatt3rMatt - 4 years ago


  1. 1. The class you are at level up will determine your stat gain. You can spend the entire level as ranger, switch to assassin just before you level, and you will get the stats for assassin.

    2. I don't know of a way to calculate damage output like that, other than in-game experimentation. 600 str would be considered a lot by most people, as long as they aren't a max/min player.

    3. 200 is max level. I don't feel like def or mag def is all that important at lv 200 - the only enemy that can stand a chance at that level is online Ur.

    The reason most people max/min, is to maximize damage against online Ur. Other than that, it isn't really necessary. That being said, I did a max strength Arisen, and a max magic main pawn. I like the feeling that my characters are as powerful as they can possibly be.

    User Info: nhankins7

    nhankins7 - 4 years ago 0 0
  2. Level your arisin in the vocation that you want it to be then in the post game there are some tricks that give quick vocation leveling with low actual xp gain.

    User Info: Vhexx

    Vhexx - 4 years ago 0 0

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