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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Playa117

    Version: .82 | Updated: 06/25/12 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    D         D             
    D          D    RRRRRR                                             
    D           D  R      R                                           
    D           D  R  RRRR             G G G                            
    D           D  R   R        A     G        OOOOO  N   N  '     SSS 
    D          D   R    R      A A    G  GGGG  O   O  N N N       S    
    D         D    R     R    A ~ A   G     G  O   O  N  NN        S  
     DDDDDDDDD     R      R  A     A   G G G   OOOOO  N   N      SSS   
             D         D 
             D          D 
             D           D
             D           D        G G G  M   M
             D           D OOOOO G       MM MM    A
             D          D  O   O G  GGGG M M M   A A
             D         D   O   O G     G M   M  A ~ A
              DDDDDDDDD    OOOOO  G G G  M   M A     A
    |Author: Playa117              |
    |Version:0.82                  |
    |Contact Info:Copyright & Legal|
    |Date Started: June 6 2012     |
    |Date finished:____________    |
                           Better Art Welcome! -->|
    First time I've typed out a Guide, but I have many floating around in
    my head :)
    Pointing out any typos and such will be much appreciated.
    Please contact me if you have anything to add and I'll see what I can do.
    Table of Contents---//////////
    -Update Log
    -Character Creation....[DDCC]
    -Vocations (Classes)...[DDV]
    -Stat Growth...........[DDSG]
    -The Ur-Dragon.........[DDUR]
    -Copyright & Legal.....[CRX]
    Update log
    ver.75 -basic sidequest and story walkthrough
           -some enemies
           -tips and temrinology
           -character creation & vocations
           -ur dragon and stat growth
           -copyright and credits
           -some faqs
    ver.79 -added missing story quest titles
           -fixed a few typos
           -rearranged sidequests
           -added a little sidequest info
    ver.82 - added details for "The Final Battle"
           - added details for "Final Judgement"
           - added details for "The Great Hereafter"
           - additions to tips & terminology
           - fixed a typo
    Terminology---//////////////////////////// [DDT]
    Tank - a character who can take lots of damage.
    DPS - a character who does lots of damage.
    Healer - ....REALLY? OK. a character who can heal and cure status ailments
    like drenched or petrification.
    Buff - something that increases damage, defense, etc.
    i.e. enchanting weapons or boosting strength.
    Loot - gold, items, and equipment that can be found.
    NG+ - new game plus. meaning you restart with everything
          you had at the end.
    NPC - Non-player Character.
    Tips---//////// [DDT2]
    - Pick up everything
    - When too heavy, make your Pawn carry stuff
    - Always have 1 Mage in your Party with heal and cure as well as a buff
    - Make your main Pawn something Tank-DPS-like
    - Check for Sidequests in Towns after every few Story Quests
    - Explore
    - Some Bandits can be really tough in the begining
    - Follow this Guide LOOSELY. Except on Sidequest timings
      If i say right is the way to go, go left first 
    - I tend to assume people are going to accept all quests from
      a questgiver do ALL of them, then turn them all in at once.
      You DO NOT have to do it this way
    - You can switch between Online and Offline through the pause menu
      Options > Gameplay > Connectivity
    Use Ctrl F to find stuff.
    Character Creation---//////// [DDCC]
    The Character creator is pretty awesome... I think it could do with a few
    more hairstyles though. When making your character keep in mind the Height,
    weight, and Musculuture affects how much you can carry... But don't worry
    too much, make something you like the look of.
    You can unlock Additional hair colours and skin pigments as well as other 
    Stuff by talking to the guy in yellow near the riftstone in the Encampment.
    Vocations---///////////////////////////////////////////////////////// [DDV]
    Basic Vocations - Starting Vocations to choose from. These Vocations
    ---------------   have supporting as well as damaging skills. 
    Primary weapon - One-handed Swords
    Secondary weapon - Shields
    The Fighter is a melee class. This class is used to draw enemies away from
    weaker allies, as well as eliminate them.Dodging, or blocking attacks is a
    specialty and so is carving through enemies. Stats for Health, Strength,
    and Defense are high, but Stamina as well as Magic attack and defense
    are pretty low.
    A good starting class if you know you want to make a
    character with pretty rounded Strength/Defense and high Health. This class
    gets the most health out of all the Basic Vocations.
    Primary weapon - Daggers
    Secondary Weapon - Shortbows
    The Strider is more of a balanced class. It has Daggers for close range
    combat, as well as a bow for attacking while staying in a safe spot.The
    class' Stats are pretty evenly allocated making it a good starting
    class to build a nice base out of.
    Good if you don't really know what kind of character to make,
    or you want to have all stats rounded.
    This class gets the most stamina within the Basic Vocations. 
    Primary weapon - Staves
    Secondary - None
    The Mage is a ranged magic class. Sitting back from the fighting and
    setting people on fire is this class' job. Aside from that you should
    also buff and heal/cure you're Pawns when needed.
    Mages Stats for Health and Stamina are a little low. Strength and Defense
    are pretty bad too, but the Magic attack and defense a nice and high...
    and they should be!
    Starting out as a Mage may not be too bad
    but at some point you may want to invest in changing vocations to get
    some extra Health and Stamina...or get really good at Dodging! This class
    indeed has the lowest Health, Stamina, Strength and Defense but only out
    of the Basic Vocations!! 
    Also high Magic stats :P
    Advanced Vocations - These Vocations tend to have more damaging skills.
    Primary Weapon - Two-handed Weapons (Longswords, Hammers) 
    Secondary weapon - None
    Let me tell you...It is HARD being a melee only class, with that out of
    the way, let us continue.
    The Warrior is a melee class. As a warrior you wield massive(ish) weapons
    and deal deadly blows. Warriors also have lots of Health so you needn't
    worry too much about taking damage. Cleaving all in you're sight is a
    good strategy, but attacks are relatively slow.
    High Health and Strength. Decent Defense.
    Low Stamina and Magic attack, defense.
    Highest Health out of all classes, but lowest Stamina as well. 
    Primary weapon - Daggers
    Secondary weapon - Longbows
    The Ranger is almost an evolution of the Strider. Daggers for getting up
    close, bow for picking things off. Except Longbows do more damage
    than Shortbows, therefore more long range action (if you so choose).
    Stats are a little different. You get lower health, higher stamina, and
    decent strength. Defense and Magic defense are low, and Magic attack is okay.
    Highest Stamina of all Vocations ( by a small amount).
    Primary weapon - Archistaves
    Secondary weapon - None
    The Sorcerer needs to avoid direct contact with enemies most of the time.
    Staying back and casting spells is what he does best.
    Sorcerers have the lowest Health, Stamina, AND Defense stats.
    Strength is low, but Magic attack and defense are the highest you can get.
    Hybrid Vocations - These Vocations are exclusive to you're Arisen, and 
    ----------------   have self-buffs as well as damaging skills with some
    Mystic Knight
    Primary weapon - One-handed swords, Maces
    Secondary weapon - Magic Shields
    Mystic Knights are a mix of Fighter and Mage.
    They have self buff magic, as well as offensive/defensive magic.
    And they can use swords.Stats are pretty even,
    but you get more Health than Stamina.
    Primary weapon - One-handed Swords, Daggers
    Secondary weapon - Shields, Shortbows
    The Assassin is a brilliant class, and my personal favourite.
    An Assassin is a master of weapons.Assassins are very adaptable.
    He can use a sword and shield, or daggers and a bow, or a sword and bow,
    daggers and shield. 
    Health and Stamina are pretty high and balanced,
    Defense is okay. Magic attack low, and Magic defense even lower. However,
    This class has the highest strength of all Vocations, making it very powerful.
    Magick Archer
    Primary weapon - Daggers
    Secondary weapon - Magick Bows
    The Magick Archer uses magick arrows to pierce their foes.
    They have various powerful techniques for both of their weapons.
    Stats are evenly rounded, except for strength being a little low.
    Magic and defensive stats are decent as well as stamina and health.
    Stat Growth---/////////////////////////////////////////////////////// [DDSG]
    How many of what stat you get for each level up.
    FIGHTER          HP  STAM STR DEF MA  MD     
    Level 1-9_______(30)-(20)-(4)-(3)-(2)-(2)
    Level 10-100____(37)-(15)-(4)-(4)-(2)-(1)
    Level 100+______(15)-(05)-(1)-(3)-(0)-(0)
    Level 1-9_______(25)-(25)-(3)-(3)-(3)-(2)
    Level 10-100____(25)-(25)-(3)-(3)-(3)-(2)
    Level 100+______(05)-(15)-(1)-(1)-(1)-(1)
    MAGE             HP  STAM STR DEF MA  MD
    Level 1-9_______(22)-(20)-(2)-(3)-(4)-(3)
    Level 10-100____(21)-(10)-(2)-(1)-(4)-(4)
    Level 100+______(10)-(10)-(0)-(0)-(2)-(2)
    Level 10-100____(40)-(10)-(5)-(3)-(2)-(1)
    Level 100+______(15)-(05)-(2)-(2)-(0)-(0)
    RANGER           HP  STAM STR DEF MA  MD
    Level 10-100____(21)-(30)-(4)-(2)-(3)-(2)
    Level 100+______(05)-(15)-(2)-(1)-(0)-(1)
    Level 10-100____(16)-(15)-(2)-(1)-(5)-(5)
    Level 100+______(10)-(10)-(0)-(0)-(3)-(1)
    Level 10-100____(30)-(20)-(2)-(3)-(3)-(3)
    Level 100+______(15)-(05)-(1)-(1)-(1)-(1)
    Level 10-100____(22)-(27)-(6)-(2)-(2)-(1)
    Level 100+______(05)-(15)-(3)-(1)-(0)-(0)
    Level 10-100____(20)-(20)-(2)-(3)-(3)-(4)
    Level 100+______(10)-(10)-(0)-(0)-(1)-(3)
    Enemies---////////////////////////// [DDE]
    Cyclops - Weak to attacks to the Eye.
    Location: Gransys
    Chimera - Cut off tail first, then kill goat head (weak to Physical),
    and finally the lion (weak to magic) 
    Location: Gransys
    Hydra - Severing heads prevents attacks, but they grow back 
    Location: Everfall
    Drake - Weak to ice. Attack the heart try to dodge attacks.Breathes Fire
    Location: Near Shadow Fort Rest Camp
    Wyrm - Weak to fire. Attack the heart try to dodge attack. Uses lots of magic.
    Breathes Frost
    Location: Chamber of Distress,Everfall
    Wyvern - Attack the heart try to dodge attack. Breathes Electricity
    Location: Near Gran Soren (after Story Dragon)
    Griffen - Weak against fire. Attack the wings, and try to stun lock it 
    or it may fly away
    Location: Near Gran Soren
    Saurian - Weak to ice. Cut off tail to weaken.
    Location: Gransys, Near Water
    Evil Eye - Weak to Holy. If ranged sit back and wait for barrier to go down
    then use high damage skills to take out tentacles. When stunned, attack Eye
    Location: Chamber of Confusion, Chamber of Sorrow
    Ogre - Attack face or butt use weapons skills to try and stun.
    Location: Ancient Quarry, Everfall, Gransys
    Cockatrice - Weak to Thunder. Watch out for Petrification breath.
    Location: Gran Soren(Quest), Chamber of Apprehension
    Golem - Attack glowing bits.
    Ghosts - Only Magic does damage, unless in the middle of possesing.
    Ur-Dragon - Weak to Holy. Attack Pulsating hearts.
    Location: Chamber of Lament, Cassardis Riftstone
    Sidequests---///////////////////////////////////// [DDSQ]
    Locations of Sidequests as well as a little info.
    Plan to add more details.
    Sidequests available after "Harbringer of Destruction" story quest
    Floral Delivery - This Quest is given by a women.
    she asks you to find 5 sunbright and 1 moonlight flowers.
    The first type can be found outside Cassardis,
    Growing at the roots of Big Trees.
    The Second Type can be found inside Cassardis on the beach,
    but ONLY at NIGHT.
    Lost Faith - This Quest is given by the priest inside
    ----------  Cassardis' Church. He asks you to find his lost Book.
    It can be found on the nearby rooftops.
    Grim Tidings - This Quest is given by a man in the
    ------------   Cassardis Church.
    He asks you to tell someone their brother has died.
    Of Merchants and Monsters - A quest given by a Merchant
    -------------------------   outside of the Ancient Quarry.
    He asks you to open the gate for him.
    Go inside along the path untill you come across a gate
    there will be an ogre, if you lure him in front of the gate
    it will open. Then return to the merchant.
    He asks you now to clear the mine of monster.
    Go back inside and kill the 3 Ogres and you're done.
    Search Party - Quest given by Reynard, Traveling Merchant.
    NOTE - You must buy items 1 at a time, any item will do.
    ====   i.e. Set to buy 1 item, checkout, repeat.
    To start this quest you must buy 10 things from Reynard
    He will then ask for Scrap Iron
    Buy 5 more things and he will ask for Miasmite.
    Buy 10 more things and he will ask you to find information of his lost father.
    Find the six journal entries left by Renyard's father.
    Give them to Reynard to complete the quest.
    Sidequest available after "Call of the Arisen" story quest
    The Encampment:
    Strength in numbers - This is the Training Quest Ser Borne Gives you.
    Sidequests available after "A Rude Awakening" story quest
    Lost and Found - Given by man outside the Encampment
    --------------   HE WILL APPROACH YOU.
    Go to the Witchwood and Aid Quina.
    An Uninvited Guest- This Quest is Given by The Innkeeper at
    ------------------  Cassardis. He wants you to catch
                        a thief in the town.
    Chase the thief down and try to grab him with R2
    Deep Trouble- This Quest is given by a Guard Standing near
    ------------  The well in Cassardis. He tells you monsters
                  Are in the well.
    Venture into the Well and slay the Monsters.
    Guard Duty - Talk to Madeleine at 
    ----------   The Cassardis Inn.
    Escort Madeleine from Cassardis to
    The Encampment.
    No Honor Among Thieves - This Quest is given by Maul,
    ----------------------   The bandit leader of the south.
    He tasks you with either killing 10 female bandits,
    or disposing of a traitor.
    Sidequests available after "A Matter of Myrmidons" story quest
    Gran Soren:
    Chasing Shadows - Mason in Gran Soren 
    ---------------   gives this Quest.
    Wait in Noble Quarter at night, 
    then tail the suspicious man.
    A Troublesome Tome - given by a man in Gran Soren
    Find The Tome.
    It is in the highest tower at the 
    southern bandit's stronghold.
    you need to do some climbing to get to it.
    Land of Opportunity - Fournival, Fat merchant in
    ------------------- Noble quarter gives you this Quest.
    Convince Tenants to leave the land.
    Escort Duty - Fournival gives this Quest
    Escort Symone around town.
    She hides behind the Alehouse.
    Buy and give her a flask of water.
    Race her but don't win.
    Reaper's Scorn - A man in a house near the pawn guild gives this quest.
    Use a wakestone to revive the man's son.
    Dying of Curiosity - a Man in Cassardis gives
    ------------------   the Quest.
    Find and give Valmiro herbs.
    you will need 6 Greenwarish
    first he is on the beach outside Cassardis
    then outside the Encampment
    finally just inside the Witchwood.
    Sidequests available after "Come to Court" sotry quest
    Gran Soren:
    Arousing Suspiscion - After meeting the duke talk to the duchess
    -------------------  in the gardens until she takes your hat.
                         Then talk to a maid named Mirabelle.
    Sneak into the castle at night and talk to Mirabelle,
    Then the Duchess
    When there is a pause in cinematics save her.
    you will be locked in jail but given a skeleton key or two.
    use one one your cell door and the other on the leftmost cell.
    The Conspirators - A fat man in the castle 
    ----------------   grants this Quest.
    Find the Important letter in Soulflayer Canyon.
    Rise of the Fallen - Ser Maximillion 
    ------------------   gives this Quest.
    Go into that Catacombs and stop the dead from rising!
    There are jewels in chests you need to find.
    explore the Catacombs. 
    Idol Worship - Caxton/Weaponsmith 
    ------------   Wants an Idol.
    Give him any of the Idols
    Gold is Best.
    Supplier's Demand - Madeleine has set up shop
    -----------------  But she wants an idol.
    Give Madeleine the Gold, Bronze, Silver, or
    Cursed idol. 
    Gold being best and Cursed the worst.
    Witch Hunt - The townsfolk think Selene Summoned the Dragon.
    Go make sure she's all right.
    An Innocent Man - this Quest is given by a boy in Cassardis.
    ---------------  He asks you to find his father.
    Deeper Trouble - This Quest is given by a Man Inside the 
    --------------   same Well. He Informs you of a monster
                     nest deep within.
    Go into the well and destroy the nests.
    Farewell Valmiro - Valmiro gives the Quest.
    Valmiro wishes to set off on a Journey, 
    Help him prepare.
    Valmiro needs
    -Potent Greenwarish
    -Sour Ambroisial Meat
    -Pilgrim's charm
    first two you can buy for cheap.
    Ambroisial Meat can be found in the ancient quarry
    past the merchants shop in some crates.
    Pilgrim's charm can be bought for lots of gold
    or found in Catacombs, Soulflayer Canyon.
    Mettle Agaisnt Metal - This is a Quest that Starts when
    --------------------   you go into the southern part of the 
                           Witchwood and get close enough to a certain golem.
    you must shatter the magic medals in the area to kill it.
    The Dragons Tongue - Quest obtained by following the same path 
    ------------------   as in witch hunt and picking up an Ancient slab
                         near the gravestone.
    Take it to the Dragonforged
    to complete the quest.
    Nameless Terror- Talk to a Guard before enterering Gran Soren 
    ---------------  at night.
    Ambushes are;
    -North of the Bridge leading to the Catacombs
    -At the Ancient Quarry
    -Long way around the Mountain Waycastle (The path used in "Off With It's Head"
     story quest) 
    -The road between Mountain Waycastle and The Encampment.
    -At the entrance to Cassardis.
    It may have to be night for some to trigger.
    Supply and Demand - A man at Windbluff Tower
    -----------------   gives this Quest.
    Talk to a Guard or Lord Julien
    in Gran Soren.
    Thick as Thieves - Quest given by Northern Bandit leader, Ophis.
    Asks you to kill 10 male bandits,
    or feed her pet Cyclops.
    Talent in Bloom - Go to the Abbey in Cursewood and talk to Quina.
    She may not have a Quest marker at first, but she will after you
    talk to her.
    Take the Blessed Flower to the Cathedral in Gran Soren
    and give it to the head priest.
    A Parting Gift- Talk to the Head Nun in the Abbey
    Find a Pilgrims charm. This can be bought from Fournival
    For a lot of Gold or found in the Catacombs and Soulflayer Canyon.
    Sidequests available after "Reward and Responsibility" story quest
    Bad Business - Given by Woman in 
    ------------   Madeleine's shop.
    Ask around about Madeleine.
    Duchess in Distress - Talk to Mirabelle outside the Castle.
    She will give you a set of royal armour.
    go to the Blighted Manse and Infilitrate
    while disguised
    Rescue and excape with the Duchess.
    Walkthrough---////////////////////////////////////////////////// [DDWT]
    The End at the Begining
    You start off playing the prologue. This is mainly to introduce you
    to the game and get you familiar with some of the mechanics.
    I feel people should go through this on their own. I thinks it's important
    to immerse yourself in the prologue at least, if not the whole game.
    It's not too difficult. Just kill things and advance forward,
    listen to your pawn and you'll be done in no time.
    At the end of the prologue you will enter Character Creation
    I have a section on this with tips and stuff go check it out if you want.
    Harbringer of Destruction
    After the end of various cutscenes you will now be in control of your
    Hero or Heroine.
    Surprise!!! A face off with the dragon! There isn't really anything
    to do here but fight!
    All you have to do is attack the dragon and try to avoid damage
    (if you can get hurt here i don't actually know).
    Eventually you'll get another cutscene!
    Newly Arisen
    Now you get to choose one of the three starting Vocations;
    Fighter, Strider, or Mage. Then more cutscenes.
    Story is a wonderful thing! Anyways now you should be in control again.
    Go to the big gate near the bottom of the stairs to trigger
    another cutscene. Now that that's out of the way, wander around
    town and become familiar with it.
    Upon a Pawn
    You'll probabaly stumble across some  shops while exploring,
    while in town you should visit these shops to buy some
    basic gear and curatives if you so choose.
    Remember to save a bit of gold just incase you need it later.
    Once you're all geared up go back to the gate and exit the village.
    Gransys - Seabreeze Trail
    If you follow this road you'll come to the encampment, this is where you need 
    to go.
    Call of the Arisen
    Upon entering the Encampment you will get a new Quest objective.
    You must go find the Riftstone and talk to the Pawns.
    If you go along the pathway you will find some tents, one of them is an Inn and
    also has said Riftstone inside. The Pawns ask you to prove yourself.
    If you go back towards the exit there will be a cutscene showing soldiers
    running about. When it ends go to the Exit opposite the way you came into
    the Encampment.
    Here you will fight an almost dead Cyclops.
    If you have ranged attacks, all you have to do is sit back and blast it's eye.
    If not you will have to go hack at its feet,or climb up on it and stab it.
    Be careful as it can do quite a bit of damage to you.
    When you defeat it there will be a short cutscene. After, go pick up
    the loot One-eye dropped. It might not be fancy but it can be used in crafting.
    Once finished go back nto the Encampment.
    Go back to the Riftstone, and the pawns acknowledge you as an Arisen.
    This will trigger Pawn Customization, create what you like then watch
    another cutscene.
    A Rude Awakening
    After the cutscene you must go talk to Ser Mercedes. She will tell you to rest,
    do so to continue the story. When you wake up you find a
    Hydra has attacked the Camp. This one is pretty tough at this level,
    luckily all you have to do is sever one head. The damage carries to all heads,
    so you don't have to aim for a specific one.
    Watch out for it's attacks they reallly hurt! As a ranged class you can pellet
    it with arrows or spells, but as melee you must get up close.
    When trying to sever a head you need to aim about halfway up the body or more.
    Off With It's Head
    A cutscene upon victory, and then you must talk to Ser Mercedes to initiate
    another Quest. Transporting the severed head to Gran Soren,
    the capital of Gransys.
    I recommend sleeping until morning, it will most likely be night soon otherwise.
    If you choose to go without sleeping, don't worry too much. There aren't any
    enemies too troublesome but it will be pretty dark,and there are MORE enemies.
    When you exit the Encampment you will have to follow the road for quite awhile
    before you catch up with Mercedes, but when you do you must slow your pace
    to an excrutiating walk. You will encounter goblins, harpies, and some wolves.
    Harpies and Wolves can be a little bit of a pain but Goblins are nothing.
    Eventually you will arrive in Gran Soren, Congratz!
    A Matter of Mrymidons
    Gran Soren
    Rejoice! you'll spend a lot of time in this city,
    so get familiar with your surroundings. There are shops with better equipment,
    and an Inn!
    At this Inn AND ONLY THIS INN you can change Vocations.
    From Fighter to Assassin you can be them all! 
    Now you can replace gear, stock up on curatives, empty inventory, etc. 
    The quest objective requires you to talk to the innkeep and ask around a bit,
    after which you need to make your way to the pawn guild.
    Follow the road to the left of the weaponsmith and go through the gate,
    then keep to the left until you reach a building. 
    This is the pawn guild. Enter the guild and talk to Barnaby,
    He will  blabber on about some things and then BAM.
    Lure of the Abyss
    Talk to Baraby again to start another quest. He will send you on an errand
    to check the presence coming from the everfall...Do so.
    This is the first story dungeon (not including the Prologue).
    You will have to make you're way to the bottom of the everfall.
    Enemies you will encounter include:
    Undead, Skeletons, Skeleton magi, An Ogre and something Mysterious.
    Just follow the walkway, eventually you will reach a lever.
    If you pull this lever all the doors in front of you will open,
    but all side doors are closed.
    Here you get to choose whether to go into the side areas,
    or just straight down. If you go both ways you will get
    the most Exp and loot among other things.
    Once you arrive at the
    bottom a cutscene will play, after that all you can do is run.
    You can stop to fight undead that pop up but be careful of the tentacles.
    Gran Soren
    Talk to Barnaby to complete the quest. 
    When you try to leave the Pawn guild, a soldier will stop you
    and give you a Wyrmhunt license. He also informs you of
    You're new questgiver Ser Maximillian. He can be found
    in noble quarter, and he'll have a few new quests for you.
    NEW QUEST! x 4
    When you're ready go talk to him and accept all quests.
    Ask around town bout the Text, then take it to the Black Cat.
    Talk to some more people around town and you should be told 
    to go to Hillfigure Knoll. If you can't find the guy
    that tells you this, just go there anyways. 
    But first, While you're in town you should 
    Inquire about Salvation. Some one will tell you to go to Mason.
    Mason can be found in the slums near the Aquaduct. He will
    give you a Cultist's badge and you must go ask around again.
    You will be told of a meeting in the Catacombs, which is
    where you must go.
    Before that go talk to Father Geffrey in the Cathedral.
    This way you've finished all your business in town.
    Set out when you're ready, i recommend doing the quests
    in this order.
    The Cypher
    What you have left to do is go to Hillfigure Knoll.
    When you near the entrance you will trigger a cutscene.
    Talk to the Dragonforged and then you're done.
    Seeking Salvation
    Continue along the same path and you'll run into
    the Catacombs. Go inside.
    Kill all enemies and keep moving forward,
    eventually you'll trigger a cutscene. After it ends,
    kill all the undead. Follow the path through the door and
    another cutscene is activated.
    Leave after you've made you're Decision.
    Choose Whether or not to kill the Cult leader, This decision
    has no real effect or consequence.
    A Fortress Besieged
    Make you're way from the Catacombs down to the Ancient Quarry,
    Stop off at Gran Soren if you want.
    If you haven't done
    Of Merchants And Monster now would be a good time.
    Run through the Quarry and go out the other side.
    When you come out you will be in Devilfire Grove.
    You will run into lots of Goblins here.
    Follow the upper path and you will arrive at the a door
    that leads to the Shadow Fort, go inside.
    More Goblins in here.
    There are a group of Soldiers aheads, talk to the 
    one with a quest marker.
    Go down the hole and you'll come out inside the Fort.
    Kill the Goblins and go upstairs, keep going until you're on
    the roof. Kill the Goblins up here then jump across to the
    other building and kill the Goblins there.
    When you're done go down to ground level. There
    will be two Cyclops down here, take them down one at a time.
    You have to get into the shack on the left to find the 
    lever to open the gate. You can climb up a ladder or 
    go into a hole if you're Character is small enough.
    Once inside explore and loot while killing enemies.
    Now that you have to Lever you must go back to the top
    of the Fort and stick it into the mechanism. Do so.
    The soldiers will come rushing in and you have to 
    kill a few more Goblins until a cutscene triggers.
    The cutscene ends and you must raid the Fort.
    Go up the stairs and to the right, keep going up
    until you reach the top. There will be a Cyclops here.
    He can knock you off the Fort and send 
    you tumbling toward instant death.
    You may want to take care of stray Goblins and the Ballistae
    before taking out One-eye. Once finished keep moving forward
    Through the Fort. 
    You will stumble across the Goblin Captain, eventually.
    When you find him just keep attacking him, and after 
    awhile he'll jump out the window.
    If you think you have enough health to survive
    you can chase him and kill him, otherwise he runs away.
    You can kill him before he jumps out the window,
    but you need to be doing enough damage.
    Talk to the soldier.
    The Watergod's Altar
    Go back through the Quarry and towards the Mountain Waycastle.
    Once you get to the Waycastle find you're way to where 
    The survey party is waiting. Talk to the man.
    He ask you to find the Missing Brother inside 
    the Watergod's Altar.
    There are Saurians inside as well as a few Skeleton Magi,
    and a Cycolps.
    If you stick to the left path while moving forward you
    should reach the end without trouble. Examine the dead
    Brother and then kill the Cyclops. Loot him and leave.
    Talk to the man outside and he asks you to investigate
    the ruins. Go back inside.
    There should be a door on the right, before you come into 
    the flooded room. Open it with the key you looted from the
    Cyclops and venture inside. Push the button and the water drains.
    now you need to find Five Tablets, they are in various chests
    around the ruins.
    You will find more enemies here as well. Skeletons, Saurians
    and another Cyclops.
    Upon retrieving all Tablets exit the ruins and talk to 
    the man. and then head back to Gran Soren to
    hand in all the Quests.
    Gran Soren
    Talk to Ser Maximillian a few times
    to hand in all the Quests.
    Now he'll have another Quest for you, you have
    earned an audience with the Duke.
    Accepting this Quest will fail certain sidequests.
    When you're ready Accept the Quest and go visit the duke.
    Come to Court
    Go through the Gate behind Ser Maximillian to enter the 
    Castle grounds. Continue up the stairs in front of you
    and go through the door at the top, then through
    the door beyond and you will trigger a short cutscene.
    Walk up to the Duke and another cutscene will play.
    Leave the Castle and the camera will zoom in on the
    Duchess, go talk to her for a cutscene and keep
    talking until she relieves you of that ridiculous 
    Try to leave the castle and Aldous will talk to you
    for a bit.
    NEW QUEST! x 2 
    Aldous will now have two quests for you.
    He can be found in the Castle in the Throne room,
    sometimes on the second floor.
    Accept the quests and head out.
    Griffin's Bane
    Aldous will ask you to exterminate a Griffin
    that has been causing trouble, but fear not,
    you have some AI volunteers. Yay!
    Leave Gran Soren and follow the Volunteers,
    it's annoying, but you have to clear all 
    monsters in their way or they will take 
    You will arrive at a grassy plain-ish area
    and a cutscene will trigger. you must now go 
    find a monster to kill and put it's corpse in
    the area marked.
    The Griffin will swoop down for a meal, and BAM!
    you smack it in the face. Shoot it with projectiles
    and stab it in the face/wings areas. The Griffin
    will run away eventually and you'll have to travel
    to Bluemoon Tower, which is SO FAR AWAY!
    HOWEVER, This can be prevented.
    You need to have fire-imbued or enchanted weapons,
    and FOCUS on the WINGS. If the Griffin's wings are 
    on fire it can't fly away and it will crash to the
    ground. Hack away at it while it's down to try and
    stun-lock it and hopefully finish it off.
    If you can't, try to keep it wings on fire so it
    can't fly away. Then finish it off slowly.
    I did this accidentally on my first playthrough,
    and didn't discover the Bluemoon Tower part of 
    this Quest until my Second. 
    Keep in mind I had done all available Sidequests
    until this point.
    If you can't kill the Griffin before it flys away,
    then worry not it's more Epic this way anyways.
    Trial and Tribulations
    Aldous wants you to find Evidence for 
    Fournival's trial. You can make him Guilty or
    Innocent, it doesn't really matter either way.
    All the times i've done this quest i only needed
    one piece of evidence toward either, but
    my friend did it the same way and it didn't work.
    Therefore, if you actually care be sure to get
    as much evidence as you can towards either
    innocent or guilty.
    Reynard, the travelling merchant sells fake
    innocent and guilty scrolls, they seem to work.
    Once you have collected your fill of evidence, 
    you will likely have spare time, so go sleep until
    you're Quest Log updates to "Inquire After the Verdict".
    Or do Sidequests.
    Go talk to Aldous to complete the quests, after which he will
    have more quests for you.
    NEW QUEST! x 2
    The Wyrmking's Ring
    Follow the quest markers on you're map and talk to people 
    around the Castle, then to Aldous.
    Speak to the townsfolk with quest markers, then head to
    the Ancient Quarry to retrieve the ring from Salomet.
    Defeat Salomet and his band of merry-men.
    Return to Aldous.
    Talk to people in the Castle again, and go back to Aldous.
    Ask the people in town again, and then set out for Bluemoon Tower.
    NOTE - It's best to do this up to this part then start Pride Before a Fall
    Go throught the tower fighting Bandits and Undead until you reach
    the top.
    Salomet will summon Undead, and it's hard to get close to him.
    Shower him with arrows or magic until he dies, you will get
    a cutscene. Pick up the ring and return to Gran Soren 
    to speak to Aldous.
    Pride Before a Fall
    Talk to Ser Mercedes, and then go to the Windbluff Tower.
    Go through the entrance then continue straight up the stairs and
    to the left through a doorway to trigger a cutscene.
    Sit and watch the duel, more cutscenes. Talk to Mercedes, then
    try to leave, She will say some stuff and give you a sword.
    Return and speak to Aldous.
    Honor and Treachery
    Run out to the Mountain Waycastle, when you are about halfway
    across the bridge a cutscene will trigger. Now you must return
    to Gran Soren. You'll have to use the farther entrance.
    Upon entry you will see a Cockatrice, you must fight it. 
    Watch out for Petrification breath, if you get hit you will
    slowly turn to stone unless you can stop it with a curative.
    The Cockatrice also has an annoying charge move so be careful.
    Riddle it will arrows or magic, climb on it and slash away,
    do whatever you're best at. Eventually the Cockatrice will
    run away much like the Griffin.
    Similar to the Griffin this can be prevented, but it
    doesn't matter as much as you don't have to chase this
    bastard down.
    If you do want to kill the Cockatrice you need only
    set it's wings ablaze...also stun-locking it helps.
    When you're finish talk to the guard at the top of the
    path to be brought to Aldous and hand in the quest.
    Reward and Responsibility
    Go to the Duke solar and talk to him. He will
    ask you to follow him, do so. You will arrive at
    the Duke's Treasury, where he gifts you everything!
    Pick up all the loot and you'll trigger a cutscene.
    Deny Salvation
    The Duke orders you to reclaim Greatwall from
    Therefore, make you're way to Greatwall. 
    You will happen upon a fortress on the way,
    at the top of the mountain. There is a path left of
    the closed gate that will lead inside,
    the Bandits will be neutral but may attack you.
    A quick tug of a lever inside and the gate will open 
    so you dont have to go all the way around again.
    Keep following the path and you'll stumble across
    the Greatwall. Go inside and kill the Undead
    and Cultists.
    Lots of good loot can be found here (the first time).
    Keep moving until you find a Chimera, kill it.
    Go through the newly opened gate and you'll run 
    into a cutscene.
    These Wights aren't really hard. Just use
    projectiles and melee when you can and they'll die
    in no time. They do summon some Undead though, 
    so be careful. Then a Cutscene.
    NEW QUEST!  
    The Final Battle
    The Tainted Mountain Temple is just beyond the ruins
    of the Greatwall.
    Push forward and you'll run into all types of new 
    enemies. Dispatch them and keep going until you
    run into a Gore Chimera.
    This baddie is a lot tougher than a normal Chimera,
    but the same strategy is valid. Cut off the tail,
    goat head, then lion head. But beware, the tail
    grows back.
    Once everything is dead you may want to take a look
    around for loot. When ready, weigh down the four 
    giant buttons in the Gore Chimera room and trigger
    a cutscene.
    This choice doesn't actually matter, so you can do
    both if you want. (start with not fighting)
    Defeat the Dragon. This is pretty straight forward, 
    but I'll outline the objectives just incase.
    Part 1 - Run away until he gets stuck, attack, repeat.
    When he flys away make your way forward in a tower of sorts.
    Part 2 - Run from tower to tower until you find some
    Ballistae, use them.
    Part 3 - Climb forward, Slash glowing spot.
    Part 4 - Normal fight, Attack the heart when you can. The face and wings
    take some damage too. Sometimes the Dragon will fly into the sky, when this 
    happens and he doesn't come back down go find a ballista and shoot at him.
    Try to hit the heart.
    Run around and avoid as many of his attacks as you can. If you don't manage
    to kill him quick enough but his health is pretty low, he will go berserk.
    The final hit must be in the Heart, otherwise the Dragon won't die.
    Cutscenes and Credits, you beat the game!!!
    Or did you...?
    A Warm Welcome
    All monsters have gotten MUCH stronger!
    Travel to Gran Soren and enter the Duke's Solar.
    Entering triggers a cutscene. Afterwards you must
    fight the Duke, Then another cutscene. At the end of 
    the cutscene you will need to run away, run down the 
    same way you came up and back into the Square. Yet
    another cutscene.
    Grab or land on one of the ledges.
    Fathom Deep
    The very first ledge will lead back to 
    Gran Soren.
    Find 20 Wakestones.
    The first chamber is always The Chamber of Confusion,
    in which you will fight an Evil Eye.
    This guy wasn't all that bad for me, but I've seen a 
    few people complain about him. 
    He does have a shield while his eye is open,
    but it goes down when he closes it.
    i.e. casts big spells.
    Pretty much all you have to do is use projectiles
    on his tentacles, and they break off, you can melee
    them but it's harder.
    Get as many as you can and eventually he will
    disappear and summon a bunch of tentacles from
    the ground.
    Attack them for a bit, and he will Phase into
    the room (you'll know what I mean, he does this
    regularly when fighting him).
    Only this time he is tired, he will fall down
    and his eyeball will hang out.
    He will squirm around after the first attack but 
    still be vulnerable so keep slashing.
    If his health is low enough he will fall down
    and his eye will be even further out of it's socket.
    I'm pretty sure he doesn't squirm when his eye
    is attacked in this state, but i may be wrong.
    Continue Looting the Chambers for Wakestones.
    When you have 20 go talk to the pawn that
    gave you the quest, She will be on the
    very first ledge.
    Also watch out for these chambers.
    Chamber of Apprehension
    Why? Two Cockatrices when you're not
    prepared are a struggle and a half thats why.
    Chamber of Lament
    THE UR-DRAGON!!!!!
    Offline may be plausible, but it'll be
    real tough to take down the Online one.
    Anyways. Once you hand in the quest jump back
    into the Everfall.
    Final Judgement
    Watch the glorious cinematics, with occasional battles
    During the first two battles, all you have to do is attack Seneschal
    and not die. Everytime he's done talking it will trigger a cutscene.
    After the second battle and cutscene he will ask you to make a choice,
    you can do both choices, the game will only continue if you pick the right 
    For the wrong choice just run away.
    For the right choice you must run towards Seneschal, some familiar NPCs
    will through some dialouge at you and attack you. You not need to kill
    these NPCs, but i far as i know doing so will not change the story.
    Upon reaching Seneschal, he will reveal his identity.
    Now is the final battle between two hero's and their loyal Pawns.
    First, you should focus on taking out Senechal's pawn and then
    Seneschal himself. When his health is at zero he will not die,
    but he will start charging a move to kill you and you're pawn.
    The only way to win is to have you're pawn or yourself grab him
    at this point, and let the other attack him.
    Doing this will trigger a cutscene.
    Now you can question the old Seneschal all you want, but when you're
    finished you must kill him. Another cutscene will play.
    The Great Hereafter
    Sit on you're newly-obtained Throne and create the new world.
    when you're done enjoying eternity leave the village via the gate.
    You will be back in the Throne Room.
    Obtain True Freedom....
    Stab yourself with the Godsbane....Happy?
    NOW you have officially beaten the game,
    next time you load your game you will go into NG+
    NOTE - In NG+ You're Arisen shall be the new Seneschal, 
    ====   unless you're online, then it will be random
    The Ur-Dragon---///////////////////////// [DDUR]
    Online of course!
    We'll start with some basic knowledge the Community would
    like to be known to all.
    -Entering and Exiting after simply checking the Ur's health
     will HEAL the Dragon!
    -Dying will HEAL the Dragon!
    -Using a Ferrystone before the Ur retreats will HEAL
     the Dragon!
    -Dying and using a Wakestone to revive will STILL HEAL
     the Ur Dragon!
    -Staying alive is one of the more important things.
    -Leaving after the Ur has retreated will NOT heal him.
    -A killing blow will land you the most loot.
    -You will still get loot for any contributions to
     the battle.
    -The Ur-Dragon's health bar in you're game session most
     likely does NOT accurately represent his Online health bar.
    -The Ur-Dragon gets stronger and has more health every 
    -The Weapons the Ur-Dragon drops are some of best
     in the game.
    -There is a period of time shortly after the Ur has
     been slain in which people can fight the Ur at
     0% health, all you have to do is destroy all his 
     Hearts. This gives you the same loot as a killing 
     blow. This is referred to as the "Grace Period".
    -We are currently on Ur-Dragon Generation 75+
    Some of these things are unconfirmed, but it's better to
    act like they are just to be safe.
    If you plan to fight the Ur-Dragon, bring Curatives
    lots of Curatives.
    FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)---//////////////////////// [FAQ]
    Q: What is the best Weapon/Armour in the game?
    A: I'd say there is NO "Best" Weapon or Armour...
    It all depends on what your enemies your facing,
     at a certain point you're better off going
     with something you like the look of than something
     with high stats Armour wise.
     For weapons Rare drops and End-game loot is the best.
    Q: Can I have Multiple Saves on my Profile?
    A: No, there is one save slot per profile.
    You can make another profile, 
    or back-up sava data onto a usb,
    but I don't count that as multiple saves.
    Q: Is there a way to change my looks in-game?
    A: No, but if you buy Secret of Metamorphosis or
    Art of Metamorphosis in NG+ you can use character edit
    on the title screen. Secret only works 1 per playthrough.
    Q: Can i Contribute to you're Guide?
    A: If you really want too...PM me or something.
    Q: Will you add an Everfall section to your Guide?
    A: Maybe sometime in the future.
    Q: What about a loot table?
    Q: What are the stats in the stat growth section?
    A: From left to right. Health, Stamina, Strength,
       Defense, Magic Attack, Magic Defense
    Copyright & Legal---//////
    This document is Copyright (c) 2012 by Playa117.
    This Guide is to be Exclusive to Gamefaqs.com. 
    Please do not post it elsewhere.
    Please contact me if you have anything to add and I'll see what I can do.
    You can either PM me on gamefaqs or send me an e-mail at 
    Credits---/////////////////////////////////// [CRD]
    Stat Growth by RedDragonFB55
    Everything else by Playa117

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