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    FAQ/Walkthrough by realmyrid

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    Dragon's Dogma FAQ/Walkthrough

    version Quina

    by realmyrid

    Version History

    • Quina / 1.0

    Initial release. Walkthrough and sidequests complete.

    FAQ Info

    If you have any comments, ideas, contributions, corrections, or death threats, let me know via the contact info at the bottom of this file. I started writing it halfway through my second playthrough, and completed it with a completely new (non-NG+) third playthrough.

    This FAQ was written using the PlayStation 3 version of the game. There may be very minor differences between that and the Xbox 360 (like controls), but it should for the most part apply to both.

    During the walkthrough I will cover all main sidequests required for "The Hero" trophy/achievement. I've tried to arrange them to require minimal extra travel while not throwing anything too difficult at you before you'd be ready on your first playthrough.

    I'll also avoid spoilers where possible. If I do need to mention something before its time as a matter of convenience to you, I'll surround it with something like this:

    SPOILER! Highlight to View

    You may find aught to save you time, were this a real spoiler.

    I recommend you skip those sections if you're picky about the storyline. Even when they are there I'll keep them as minimalistic as possible- stuff that I wouldn't personally mind getting spoiled.

    Finally, if you are looking for information on a specific quest, to make searching easier they are all linked in the Quest List. I'm afraid there's no way around reading the entire guide if you don't want to miss anything, however. Most quests do have cutoff points based on the main storyline.


    Q: Why don't you cover notice board quests?

    A: They vary a lot. They depend on your level, what point in the game you're in, if you're in New Game+ or not, maybe other factors. I don't know. Rather than giving partial or incorrect info, I decided on none at all. They're honestly not very hard anyway, mostly kill 10 rats or escorts, and add almost no storyline value. I still recommend picking most of them up however - especially the kill quests.

    Q: Can you explain post-game and New Game+?

    A: Sure. Post-game is actually not post-game at all. The game is not over yet. The online community just calls it that. It's really just the tail-end of the game after a major storyline event. You'll know it when you get there. New Game+ happens later, and will be called such by the game. You'll start the storyline and all quests over from the point where you pick up your sword to defend the village. All items, character affinity, levels, stats, and shop inventories will carry over.

    Q: Why won't anyone rent my pawn? How can I make her better?

    A: Well, there's a number of reasons here. If you're early in the game, there is an overwhelming number of low level pawns from people that are no longer playing, probably just flooding yours out. Also make sure you're upgrading/enhancing their gear, and getting them good skills. The best strider and ranger pawns have both of the strength boosting augments from leveling fighter and warrior. The best mages have high-rank sorcerer augments as well.

    You could also have a bad inclination set. Few people like guardian mage pawns, as they tend to stay close to the Arisen and not do much. Many regard pioneer pawns to be undesirable as well. See the section of the walkthrough for Call of the Arisen to get a rundown of inclination types. You can buy inclination changing potions near the encampment riftstone for 250 RC apiece.

    Q: Character affinity? What's that?

    A: Yeah, having a love interest in Dragon's Dogma is pretty unavoidable unfortunately. Doing quests for most named NPCs and generally treating them nice will raise their affinity level with you. Additionally you can gift items to people by pressing square immediately after talking to them. When you talk to someone, hear a chime, and see a pink cloud around them, that means their affinity for you is maxed out. It's generally believed that the first person you max out affinity for will be your love interest, although there's a high probability there's some bugs in it. It'll happen during the storyline.

    Q: What's this Ur-Dragon I keep hearing about?

    A: Well, there's two versions. One you'll encounter when playing in offline mode, and the other when online. You'll come across it near the very end of the game, and it can also be accessed at almost any time during New Game+. Offline he's like any other monster with decent loot. Online is a battle contributed to by Dragon's Dogma players around the world, and can last for well over 24 hours. Pretty cool huh? I have him detailed in the walkthrough when you get there.


    Without further ado, let's dig into it.


    When you begin a new game, you'll be thrown almost immediately into the action. Don't worry, this isn't very hard, and you'll get to customize your own character in a bit. Read the onscreen tutorial messages. You'll get introduced to Goblins and Harpies along the way, the bread and butter monsters of Dragon's Dogma. Explore for items if you wish, but none of them will be important.

    About halfway through the area you'll come across a riftstone. Make sure you touch it to pick up two extra allies; the game will make this a very obvious thing to do.

    Once you reach the end of the area, you'll fight your first of many:

    New Boss Monster Incoming! Chimera

    The easiest way to take these down quickly is to first climb up its hind legs (press R2 when near it, can also be done when jumping) and cut off its snake-tail from the base, using light attacks. Then do the same for the goat head. Just be aware your stamina slowly drains while mounted on a monster.

    Hopefully by the time those two are down, your mage pawn has landed enough hits on the lion head to take it down. If not, just keep slashing, while avoiding or blocking its lunges, and you should be ok. If your health drops too low, press select to open up your items menu and eat a healing herb.

    Afterward, you'll watch a scene, then you'll be presented with character creation.

    Character Creation Notes
    • You'll likely want to make more detailed edits rather than choosing from the presets. This can be done on the confirmation screen.
    • Your height will affect your ability to enter one minor secret area, too tall and you won't fit. Not really worth it in my opinion.
    • Taller characters tend to have faster walking speed (but dash speed remains constant).
    • Taller characters can also wade in deeper water without getting soaked.
    • Heavier characters tend to use less stamina, but it regenerates slower.
    • Heavier characters can also carry more without being overburdened, and are more resistant to knock-backs.

    It may seem like heavy, tall characters have the best general advantages, even for strider and mage types. But you have to remember their hitboxes are bigger too. Whether that matters for the AI is up for debate. In any case, you should create the type of character you like.

    Relatively early on you will gain access to a barber shop to make limited changes. Later you'll be able to purchase a one-time-use full change token. Later still you'll be able to purchase a token to change your character as many times as you want.

    Once you are done, confirm your choices then watch a scene.

    You'll enter a battle. Don't worry about how poorly you do here, you can't win, even in New Game+. Sit back and watch. :)

    When you wake up, you'll get a prompt to choose a vocation.

    Vocation Notes
    • Fighter is your basic sword-and-board damager and tank, with no ranged attacks. Strider has daggers for melee and bows for ranged, but little in the way for defense aside from speed. Mage has both offensive and supportive spells, but is easily diced to pieces in a melee.
    • Vocations can be changed at any time after reaching Gran Soren, the main city in the game, and reaching level 10. At that point you will also be able to take on the other advanced vocations and hybrid vocations: Warrior, Ranger, Sorcerer, Assassin, Magick Archer, and Mystic Knight.
    • Your current vocation has its own levels in addition to your character levels. Vocation level determines what skills and traits you will have access to train.
    • Your current vocation when your character levels up will determine which stats are boosted by how much. Additionally your initial vocation choice will determine your base stats. The differences will be minor at first, but will add up. Therefore a character that has been a fighter up to level 50 will not find changing to mage right there very easy (but still possible).
    Additional Tips for Planning Ahead
    • If you are aiming for Warrior, Ranger, or Assassin, you may wish to start as a Fighter, although Ranger and Assassin can take advantage of learning some skills early under Strider.
    • If you are aiming for Sorcerer, Mystic Knight, or Magick Archer, you may wish to start as a Mage. MK and MA's physical strikes will still take advantage of strength, but their specials are magic.
    • If this is your first time through the game, you may wish to ignore everything above and play whatever you want to play. Although the level-up stats do make a bit of a difference, good gear is the overwhelming contributor to power in Dragon's Dogma.

    What it Means to be Arisen

    Exit the room for a scene. Afterward, the world opens up a bit.

    Take all the items that you like anywhere; NPCs in Dragon's Dogma don't seem to mind if you steal from them. They won't like it if you attack them, however.

    The building you start in is the chief's house. If you head down the path from here, the first house on your right is your own. The second on your right, on the street-corner, is Pablos' Inn.

    You may see a notice board inside. You can pick up any number of extra quests there to complete for additional experience, gold, affinity, or other rewards. I won't go over them in this guide, but keep an eye on them throughout your journey and come back to pick up more as you progress. Most of these don't need to be physically turned in to reap the rewards, which is a nice bonus. There are a total of five notice boards in the game, all with their own tasks.

    There a couple major sidequests to do before even leaving town that I'll cover now. These can all be easily missed, as they have early cutoff points. Note you will have waypoints marked on your map for most quests by setting them as priority. To do so, press start, select Quests, highlight the one you wish, then press X to "Set as Priority".

    Grim Tidings

    You can find Elvar, who gives you this quest, nearly anywhere in town. I've seen him near the beach, in the middle of town, praying in the chapel on the southern hill, and in his house near the chapel. You'll recognize him as a guy with a big black beard and a green question-mark over his head.

    He'll give you instruction to find Merin, who will be near the middle of town, near a bunch of dragon victims being treated for injuries. Report back to Elvar afterward to complete the quest.

    Lost Faith

    Father Clemente will be at the head of the chapel. Speak to him, then speak to the boy outside the chapel if you wish.

    Your objective is actually on the rooftops, which may not be immediately apparent by the map marker. The rooftops can be easily reached from the stairwell north of the chapel. Return the scriptures to Father Clemente to complete the quest.

    Floral Delivery

    Benita can be found treating the wounded within a half-destroyed home near the center of town. She asks you to bring her some flowers. Sunbright can be found near larger trees on the path outside town during the day. Moonglow can be found on the beach outside of town, during the night. Since you have to go out at night, you might not want to complete this right away. I'll give a warning before it expires.

    As you try to leave town to the west, you will see a scene, and pick up a storyline quest.

    Some Notes About Traveling
    • Nighttime is very dark in Dragon's Dogma. You'll want your lantern that you learned about in the tutorial.
    • Pawns can carry lanterns as well, if you choose to fork them over, but your own will be much brighter.
    • Don't forget to carry some extra oil for your lantern as well. Nothing is more frustrating than not being able to see.
    • Be warned that monster spawns are typically much tougher after the sun sets as well. At first you likely want to avoid nighttime until you get more comfortable with things.
    • You can rest at any inn to advance to a fresh dawn or dusk.

    When you're ready, head west out of town, with Rook in tow. Follow the path a short ways to find a peddler in danger. Rescue him!

    After that, feel free to tromp off into the grass if you're looking for flowers. You'll find a few scattered goblins, but nothing serious.

    When you're ready, head all the way west to the encampment. Upon a Pawn will complete at its entrance. Head inside.

    Call of the Arisen

    Examine the riftstone in the tent (remember you can set the quest as priority for a map marker) for a short scene. Ecbal near the stone offers an inn, with your first opportunity to train and set skills.

    A short ways southeast from the inn you'll see some soldiers rushing off, and get a new quest marker. Before leaving the encampment, you may want to pick up extra quests from the notice board to the northeast.

    When ready, head outside. Get ready!

    New Boss Monster Incoming! Cyclops

    The soldiers have already softened this one up for you, but there's some goblins scattered about as well. I recommend taking them out first. As for the Cyclops himself, Striders can aim arrows at his eye. Fighters can climb up his back and hack at his neck, or hack at a leg to topple him. He's weak to lightning, so if mages have already trained Levin they can use that to their advantage, otherwise just blast away.

    Whatever you do, just give his front end a wide berth, and don't let yourself get knocked off the cliff.

    After the scene, return to the riftstone. It's time to create your very own pawn!

    Be aware, the same rules that apply to your main character dealing with height and weight apply to pawns as well. You'll be able to edit your pawn's appearance at the same time as your own later in the game.

    After finishing your appearance selections, you'll be prompted to answer several questions to shape your pawn's starting inclination. Your top two will be set as your pawn's primary, then secondary inclination respectively. I'll give you a description of each to make your decisions easier.

    ScatherTends to burn through tougher enemies. A good tank trait, as they'll get tougher enemies' attention.
    MedicantPays extra attention to health and stamina values. Will be the first to use recovery items. If you want a mage to heal you during battle, they'll need this trait (all pawns with High/Anodyne will heal you outside of battle).
    MitigatorAims to reduce enemy numbers by taking down weakest first. A good damage dealer trait to have.
    ChallengerFocuses on ranged and casting enemies. Probably the best trait for a ranger-type pawn.
    UtilitarianGives allies advantages. Physical pawns will hold down or scale enemies more often, mages will favor buffing spells, and buff the entire party instead of just the Arisen.
    GuardianPuts protecting the Arisen above all else. Okay for fighter types that you want to stay near you. Not so much for mages.
    NexusPuts protecting other pawns above all else. Again, good for fighter types, but not as much mages.
    PioneerExplores for hidden nooks and crannies, tends to lead the way, walking slightly ahead of the Arisen. Generally not very useful in this writer's opinion.
    AcquisitorPicks up items more often. I found this more useful than it sounds, as it gets tiring after a while looting everything yourself and then offloading items to pawns when your own inventory gets too full.

    Note you can change your pawn's secondary inclination, speech style, and speech rate later by sitting in any "Chair of Knowledge" usually found near inns, and answering your pawn's questions. You'll also be able to buy potions for both primary and secondary inclination shortly.

    Finally, you'll pick your pawn's starting vocation. Again, the same leveling rules apply to them as to you, as far as stats are concerned. You can build your main pawn however you like, but be aware they cannot take on the three hybrid vocations- Assassin, Magick Archer, and Mystic Knight.

    Once done, Call of the Arisen will complete.

    From this point forward:
    • You can access support (rental) pawns from any riftstone. If you are playing in online mode, these pawns are actually the main pawns of other players from around the world. If offline, they will be generated by the game.
    • You can also find pawns of both varieties wandering throughout the game world.
    • Pawns cost more RC in relation to your level and their stats/knowledge. Equal level or less costs 0 RC unless they are deemed exceptionally overpowered.
    • Your main pawn will level up with you, and his or her stats will be updated online every time you rest at an inn. If another player has rented them, then you will receive RC proportional to the time they spent together, and your pawn will gain any knowledge they might have experienced while with that player, when you rest.
    • Support pawns will not level up with you. They must be released and re-rented if their own players leveled them up for the changes to take effect for you.
    • Equipping any new item to a support pawn will GIVE that item to the player that owns the pawn. You won't be able to take it back. If an item is simply in the support pawn's inventory, however, it will be returned to your storage when they are dismissed.

    At first it's a good idea to simply come back to a riftstone every few levels and re-rent new, equal level support pawns. Later, if you get enough RC to afford it, you can rent higher level pawns.

    For the easiest time, create a well-rounded team of one fighter, one strider, and one mage (excluding yourself). When ready, try to leave the tent. You'll be stopped by a soldier.

    Ser Berne will take you to a walled off area. Talk to him.

    Strength in Numbers

    For the first part, simply having four party members, and carrying one crate yourself, is enough. For the second, having one or two melee, and one or two ranged attackers is fine. For the third, some of the scarecrows are magic resistant, and others physical. Personally, with the above setup, I had no issues simply watching my pawns do most of the work here.

    Strength in Numbers is now done.

    A Rude Awakening

    Approach the riftstone tent for a scene. Talk to the lady-knight next to the tent. If you're ready for another boss battle, choose to rest.

    New Boss Monster Incoming! Hydra

    This guy looks big and scary, but he's really a pushover. Fighters and Striders can climb up to a neck and hack away. Mages will probably want to stand back and cast Ingle. If you happen to get swallowed, simply rattle the left stick as directed to break free. Deal enough damage to any single head and you'll win the day.

    Afterwards, accept Mercedes' request, but we've got some more missable sidequests to take care of before we do that.

    Make sure you've found the First Journal Entry before leaving, it's in a chest along the southwest wall. Exit south out of the encampment.

    You should run into Elvar, the beard guy, as you exit. Head back down the path to Cassardis.

    An Uninvited Guest

    Pablos the innkeeper gives you this one.

    Talk to Aestella and Heraldo - make sure to set the quest as priority to mark them on your map. Go back to Pablos and tell him all is ready.

    You'll find Pike running around outside; he'll be the only one there. Your goal isn't to kill him, but to chase and grab him using R2. You can hit him a few times to stagger him, to make it easier for fighters/striders.

    Talk to Pablos once done to complete the quest.

    Guard Duty

    Inside the inn you'll find Madeleine, who is... quite the character.

    Anyway, she'll somehow get you to escort her to the Encampment. Just go during the day, and don't run too far past her has she likes to stop and pick things up off the road.

    Upon arriving, she'll ask for a loan of 1000g. I recommend giving it to her if you can. Never hurts making friends.

    Lost and Found

    You'll likely find Adaro near the entrance of town, though he can also be in his house (he's the chief, remember).

    Prepare for your longest journey to date. You'll probably want to get a full fresh day, so rest in the inn until morning before setting off. Grab some better support pawns from the riftstone if you've out-leveled the ones you had previously as well.

    From Cassardis, head to the encampment. From there, head north, and take the first fork in the road to the southwest. You'll find yourself climbing up a valley, and will have to dodge a rock rolling down at you.

    Before going up to where the rock came from, save. You'll find a group of bandits. They might be quite difficult to beat at this point in the game, particularly the fighter-type. I recommend running past them. If you insist on fighting, be prepared for an unfair battle.

    Past the first group of bandits, you'll find another group that will probably be a little easier to kill, and the path will split. Follow the southeastern one, not the southwestern. As the trees grow thicker, you'll come across another few over-leveled bandits mixed with wolves. You'll probably want to run again. When it starts getting foggy, you'll know you're almost in the Witchwood.

    You'll find Quina near the entrance. Your goal is to escort her to the east. Be wary of spiders and wolves, and head in that general direction. If a pawn has knowledge of this quest already, and you set this as priority, they will lead you through. Also, if you ever see any ghost-looking dolls, destroy them to burn off the fog nearby for the next few game-days.

    Reach the hut for a scene. Once done, you can leave to the north for a shortcut to the road from Cassardis. Return to Adaro to finish the quest.


    That ledge that you dropped off of can be used as a shortcut back into the Witchwood, but only for staff-users that have Levitate.

    Deep Trouble

    Poll, right next to the exit from town, gives you this quest. It'll probably be very difficult if this is the first sidequest you do upon getting back to Cassardis - that's why I have it listed last.

    Descend into the well, and pull out your lantern. Explore south at the first intersection if you wish, but your destination will be reached by heading east. Follow the path as it curves, and when you get to a ledge to drop down, prepare for battle.

    Saurians are best killed by chopping off their tails first, as your pawns will no doubt tell you. For mages, High/Levin does a good job of accomplishing this from a distance. You'll have to hack through all of them in this area to earn your quest update.


    If you happen to get soaked and your lantern goes out, you can put it away and pull it back out again to relight it, without having to dry off.

    After clearing out the saurians you can either go back the way you came by climbing up the ledge, or continue onward. If you continue, you'll simply have to clear out a few bandits then find yourself just outside the encampment, unlocking a shortcut. Return to Poll to finish the quest.


    At this point, if you have not yet completed Floral Delivery, you should do so. Fighting the groups of goblins on the beach at night will be a cakewalk if you managed to complete Deep Trouble. Look for glowing blue butterflies.

    Off With Its Head

    It's time to continue on with the story. Be aware that completing this quest locks out some of the previous sidequests.

    Meet Mercedes at the waycastle marked on your map, fighting through whatever you must to get there. Once you arrive, the quest turns into an escort through harpy territory.

    I recommend leading ahead of the cart a little and taking out things ahead of time. The guards will do a relatively good job of grabbing attention of any monsters that may come up from behind, until you can assist. Just keep an eye on it. If you did all of the previous sidequests, you should be high enough level to not have much trouble at all.


    Mages can heal NPCs with Anodyne. It's a little bit of a pain when they're moving, but pretty useful.

    Eventually, you'll reach Gran Soren. Mercedes will leave you in the town square, and you'll meet Mason. Off With Its Head is complete.

    A Matter of Myrmidons

    Talking to one of any number of NPCs will give you an update, advising you to visit the Pawn Guild. Going there and speaking to Barnaby twice will complete that quest and begin Lure of the Abyss, but we're not doing that yet.

    Gran Soren provides a few new services no note: - Inn+1. The only place in Gransys where you can change the vocations of yourself and your main pawn. - Barber shop, to make basic character edits in exchange for gold. - Caxton's shop, which will allow you to enhance weapons and armor in addition to having a well-rounded supply of gear. - Three new notice boards in the Inn, Alehouse, and Pawn Guild. - The Black Cat, which will allow you to forge copies of items.

    Explore the city a bit. It'll be your main hub for the rest of the game, might as well get used to it!

    The Third Journal Entry can be found on the ground level of town, but only via the rooftops. There's a ladder in the eastern corner of town that will get you up top.

    Here's a couple more sidequests for you.

    Reaper's Scorn

    Talk to Austine, whose blacksmith forge is just outside the pawn guild. He gives you two wakestone shards and charges you with bringing a completed wakestone.

    You can either wait until you reach the bottom of the Everfall during A Matter of Myrmidons and pick up the final shard there, or purchase one from Fournival in the noble quarter of town. Fournival's option might be pricey at this point in the game depending on how much you've saved- you'll need 15,000g (and you need 30k to complete his quest). In any case, once the wakestone is complete, return to Austine, then use it on his son to complete the quest.

    Land of Opportunity

    Speak with Fournival. He's usually in or near his house in the noble quarter, but sometimes makes trips down to The Black Cat.

    Pip can be found right next to Fourvinal's house. Talk to him and he'll run off. Chase him down to the Craftsman's Quarter, where he can be found on the rooftops along the western wall. Chase him again to the aqueducts, where you'll have to run after him and grab him with R2.

    Once he's been run down, talk with Sara, then Jasper. Both can be found near town square. Sara will need some time, so come back a game day or two later.

    After getting Sara to agree, all that's left is Jasper. You'll have to fork over 30,000 gold to get him to move. When you complete the quest with Fournival, you'll earn a 10,000g profit. If you don't have the money yet, you have a few story quests before this expires, so no rush.

    A Troublesome Tome can be acquired now as well, but we'll wait just a bit before doing that to cut down on travel time. Let's continue on with the storyline.

    Lure of the Abyss

    If you haven't already, accept the quest, and then head down into The Everfall below the Pawn Guild.

    This area is relatively straightforward - head down. You'll fight a bunch of bats and undead. You'll have an option of flipping a switch to rotate doors around - leave it alone for now.

    You'll encounter a new boss type enemy about 3/4 of the way down. If you left the switches alone, you'll have the option of shooting/casting at him from behind a closed gate. Otherwise:

    New Boss Monster Incoming! Ogre

    You may want to just run past him for now. He has a tendency to knock pawns off the cliff, which basically means pawn dismissal. He's also very fast, hits very hard, and will smash you if you try to climb up his back. Thankfully, sometimes he can fall off the cliff himself. If you insist on fighting, you can stun him by striking at his head.

    Once you reach the bottom of the Everfall, explore where you can. You will need to hit a switch once to reach the bottom of the center pit.

    When ready, hunt around for a spot in that glowing pit that lets you Examine by pressing circle. Doing so will set off an event.

    Just in case your pawns don't make it clear: run! Killing the stalks does nothing, they will simply regenerate infinitely.

    Reach the Pawn Guild again and speak to Barnaby to complete the quest. You'll pick up a Wyrm Hunt License as you try to leave the guild. Don't pick up any quests from Maximilian in the noble quarter yet.

    Return your completed wakestone to Austine for Reaper's Scorn if you haven't already.

    The Wyrm Hunt

    Bear with me, there's a lot of new quests. Some may not expire for a while yet, but to be safest it's best to get them all out of the way now.

    Chasing Shadows

    You'll find Mason wandering around town square after resting until morning. He asks you to trail a suspicious character coming out of the castle at night.

    Rest until evening. Head up to the noble quarter and your camera will pan toward him, and a quest marker will follow him. Follow, but don't get too close. Eventually he will lead you to a building that you can look in on.

    If you happen to get caught, simply reload from checkpoint to restart from the inn.

    After the scene, Madeleine opens her shop in that building. Report to Arsmith to finish the quest.

    Escort Duty

    Have a vial of water on you before starting this quest! After both Land of Opportunity and waiting a day or two, rest until morning, and talk with Fournival in his house. For the best rewards in this quest:

    • The spoiled brat is always right.
    • Follow close behind Symone, but do not bump into her. She will fall on her own once.
    • Find her quickly next to the fireplace in the inn. Apparently she can be in the Alehouse as well, but I haven't seen her there myself.
    • Give her a flask of water immediately when she asks.
    • Let her win the race just barely.

    After the race, the quest will complete. Talk to Symone afterward. If you pleased her, you'll get a Gold Idol. You may want to start saving up money to forge a copy of this, it'll cost you about 185,000g.

    If you didn't get the idol, you can again reload from checkpoint to restart from the inn.

    A Troublesome Tome

    Steffen can be found wandering the streets near the town square. Talk to him, then to Camillia at her store for a quest update.

    You'll see two different markers on your map. Create a manual marker for the northern one (put your cursor over it then press X) but head to the southern one. You'll run into a guy getting attacked by bandits. Save him for a quest update.

    Head to the new quest marker now. The bandits along the road should be a bit easier, but still somewhat difficult. I'd advise not attacking the bandits inside the fort looking area, as they're not hostile, and will be needed for another quest.

    The grimoire is stored at the very top of his half-broken tower. Climb up there and loot it. Turn it in when you get back to Gran Soren; but you may want to continue with the next few quests before hoofing it all the way back there.

    If you use the real grimoire before completing the quest, you can find a forged version for purchase at The Black Cat.

    SPOILER! Highlight to View

    I don't recommend turning in a forgery. Later in the game, Steffen will come to assist you with a boss battle, but if you gave him a forged grimoire he'll be a sitting duck.

    No Honor Among Thieves

    Maul here in this camp will task you with either killing rival bandits, or returning a deserter to him. We're going to do both, for better rewards.

    Head to Cassardis. You'll find Pike wandering near the chapel. Telling him to run will do nothing, you'll have to convince him to turn himself in. Don't worry, he won't die.

    The female bandits can be found to the far north, near the map marker I had you create. To save on travel time, you'll want to hold off on that for now.


    If you choose to complete the quest now, deposit the badge reward you get in the inn. Keeping it will make NPCs in Thick as Thieves hostile to you.

    Deeper Trouble

    As you enter Cassardis you'll hear a noise coming from the well. Head down there and talk to Rorric. Now it's back to where you fought the saurians earlier.

    You'll find a new path has been unblocked. Inside you'll fight some more saurians, including one big one with extra HP. Smash or burn all of their eggs in this area for a quest update. Go back the way you came and talk to Rorric again to complete the quest.

    Dying of Curiosity

    You'll need six Greenwarish to complete this quest. Merin is wandering Cassardis, sometimes down toward the beach. Talk to him.

    He asks you to talk to the other villagers, but instead we're just going to go straight to Valmiro. He'll be on the Unusual Beach just outside of town. Fork over a herb.

    Next find him again just outside the encampment - he'll be hard to miss. Fork over two herbs.

    Finally, you'll have to track the stupid guy down all the way in the Witchwood. He'll be near the main entrance. Fork over three herbs to send him home.

    Head back to Merin to complete the quest.

    Thick as Thieves

    Head to Gran Soren first. You're in for a long journey, and you'll need some extra supplies. In The Black Cat you'll find some women's clothing. Equip any males in your party with it (you may want to rent all female support pawns). Yes, I'm serious. :(

    Now that that's settled, rest for a new day, then head to the map marker I had you make during A Troublesome Tome. If you didn't make it, and still have Maul's quest active, you can follow that marker as well. Otherwise simply follow the western road straight out of Gran Soren, through the wooded area (not the quarry) and up the mountain.

    You might want to save your game as you start climbing the cliffside, as it's very easy to get knocked off by enemies.

    Hopefully you'll have the kill objective of No Honor Among Thieves complete before reaching the fort. Don't attack any of the named NPCs inside. As long as you and your pawns look like females, and you don't have Maul's badge on your person, they should not be hostile.

    Talk to Ophis first. She'll be above the gate, and task you with killing ten male bandits near the southern camp. Don't do that yet. Feel free to open the gate with the switch though. Instead, head down behind the gate and talk to Betiah (who may be wandering a ways down the path). Then head west to your new map marker.

    Avoid the water, it's poisonous. In fact, head south around it to find a camp with the Fifth Journal Entry among other loot.

    In the walled off area you'll find Ophis' cyclops. Don't attack it! There should be a bunch of goblins nearby. Kill one, pick up its corpse with R2, then drop it in front of the cyclops. It may take a try or two, as the goblins will despawn if the cyclops takes too long to notice them, or if you had to drag them too far. Also be careful you don't get too close to the cyclops yourself, or he'll eat you instead.


    Just north of here is the Greatwall Encampment, which offers a partial inn and a shop with some items you probably haven't seen yet. You can use the inn to reset the goblins as well if you kill too many of them.

    If you want to do both tasks, don't report in yet. If you do decide to report in, deposit Ophis' badge in the inn before heading back to Maul, as holding it makes his bandits hostile.

    Of Merchants and Monsters

    Directly west of Gran Soren, you may have seen an entrance to a quarry dug into the mountain. Head there now. Outside, you'll find Alon, who asks you to open up the path.

    The quarry itself is relatively straightforward. There are a couple of pressure plate doors that will only open if you put enough weight on them. There's a lot of good loot to be had in here, so I recommend you explore every nook and cranny.

    About halfway through you'll find an ogre. Deeper in, you'll find two more. You'll need to kill them to clear out the area! They will most likely still be able to one-shot sorcerers and mages, so be very careful around them, and save between each.

    Make sure you pick up the Final Journal Entry in the room with the first ogre as well. Not our final one, but chronologically speaking...

    Report back to Alon to complete the quest. Once the quarry is free of monsters, Alon will set up a shop inside, and you can run through it with unlimited stamina as a shortcut through the mountains. Alon's store has some unique items that may be worth checking out.

    Cleaning Up the Remaining Sidequests

    Head south through the quarry, and southeast from the exit to find a rest camp. Directly west from the camp, across the lake, is where a drake spawns. If you want a challenge, you can try your hand at killing it, but save your game first.

    Head southeast from the camp and kill your ten male bandits outside Witchwood. Turn in Maul's quest in the ruins. Deposit Maul's badge at an inn. Then head all the way back up to Ophis' hideout to turn in her quest.

    Finally, let's start our Wyrm Hunt quests. Talk to Ser Maximilian in the noble quarter of Gran Soren, and accept all four of his tasks.

    Talk to Father Geffrey in the cathedral for the first step of The Watergod's Altar, which we will be doing in a bit.

    The Cypher

    Talk to Josias near the west gate, then Mountebank of The Black Cat, then Maurin the courier that wanders about town. You'll be directed to travel to Hillfigure Knoll, which we'll also be doing in a bit.

    Seeking Salvation

    Talk to Meredith in the inn, then Mason down in the slums. Keep the badge he gives on your person. You'll see several new NPCs marked on your map, talk to any one of them to be pointed to The Catacombs northwest of Gran Soren.

    I recommend making your trip to Hillfigure Knoll for The Cypher first. You'll see a scene. Talk to this guy to complete the quest, aside from returning to Maximilian. Make sure to grab the Bronze Idol near him.

    For Seeking Salvation, The Catacombs can be a little more dangerous, but nothing major if you've completed the previous sidequests.

    As usual, explore all you can for extra loot. The stone coffins can be opened, but beware some of them hold a purple smoke that will curse you if you're standing too close. Grab the Second Journal Entry on the second level, just before flipping a lever.

    Be careful of the ogre after going down the ladder, especially considering the bottomless pits nearby.

    You won't be able to access every part of this area the first time through, unfortunately.

    There will be a decision to make toward the end. My advice?

    SPOILER! Highlight to View

    Think about what kind of person Mason is, and what he would do. Now keep in mind that Mason is still prowling about the area. With that, you really don't have any choice in the matter. It's a shame you can't haul them both off to jail.

    You should find a ladder leading up that will be a shortcut to Gran Soren. Turn in these two quests now if you wish, but do NOT accept the request to hear the Duke's directive yet, unless you want to miss the next two quests.

    The Watergod's Altar

    Head to the area, which is actually underneath a waterfall. You'll meet Haslett outside, and be instructed to find Jean.

    Inside, you'll come to an area with only one way to go, as all other paths will be blocked or flooded. Head down to the west. You'll kill a ton of saurians. Enter the room they came from to pick up a lever along with some other loot. Take the lever back to the upper level to lower a bridge.

    Across the bridge, and across the top of the ruins, you'll find Jean. You might as well kill the "Watergod" while you're here, which should be a cakewalk at this point. Pick up his key then head back to Haslett outside.

    Haslett sends you back in. With the Watergod's key you should now be able to open a previously locked door on the eastern side of the area. Through there you'll fight some bones, and come across a switch on the floor. Step on it to lower the water level in the area.

    Once that's done it's simply a matter of combing the previously inaccessible areas for the five slates requested by Haslett. They should be marked on your map. They weigh 9.5 apiece, so you may need to pass them out among pawns to carry them all.

    Return the five slates to Haslett to get your queue to return to Maximilian.

    A Fortress Besieged

    The Shadow Fort, otherwise known as the Stone of the Southwest, is just west of the southern quarry entrance. Head there and you'll get directions to infiltrate the fort.

    Through the tunnel you'll emerge inside a building, with a lever-less switch on top. You'll need to find the lever inside the prison-type area just to the northwest on the ground floor.


    I recommend killing the cyclopes before opening the gate, as you will get extra rewards for this quest based on how many soldiers are alive at the end. If they prove too tough there's no shame in getting help from the soldiers, though.

    You can try sniping the ballista goblins, or using the ballista to the south of the entry building to take them out. Either way, pull the switch and let the soldiers in, then fight in the mayhem. Eventually you'll get a quest update and instruction to kill the leader.

    Storm the castle, it's basically one-way. Mind the armored cyclops on the roof. You can either kill the leader by dragging him out into the hallway, or let him kill himself by fighting in his room. Either way the quest will complete, aside from your report to Maximilian. Talk to Robert for any extra rewards you might receive.


    This area is home to the only advantage a short character has in the game - the goblin tunnels. If you're short enough you can go inside for an extra chest or two, but nothing major. Not really worth it, in my opinion.


    You can also find an entrance to The Frontier Caverns in one of the tunnels, but there's not much do do there yet.

    Royal Orders Part I

    Once you've completed everything you want to this point, it's time to accept Maximilian's fifth request.

    Come to Court

    Make sure you have a copy of your Wyrm Hunt License on you before seeing him, and make a forgery of it via Mountebank at The Black Cat if you wish to keep one for the shop discount, as you'll lose it. Proceed into the castle courtyard when directed.

    In the courtyard, you'll find yourself pawn-less. I wonder why they can't come inside...

    Anyway, you'll be sent through the main doors for cutscenes. Note your cute crown that you can't unequip. After speaking with the Duke, head back to the courtyard, but do NOT leave the area yet... unless you don't mind missing several major sidequests.

    Outside the main entrance to the building, you'll see a flowerbed to the north, with a girl in a pink dress tending to the flowers. Go talk to her. Repeatedly talking to her will result in her taking your crown. Do this if you want her sidequests later.

    Now you can head for the exit. If you didn't yet talk to Aelinore the camera will pan over to her direction. In any case, before you leave, you'll meet Chamberlain Aldous, who grants you a new set of main storyline quests. We'll get those in a bit, as one of them has a time limit that starts as soon as you accept it!

    Before that, let's at pick up the rest of the new sidequests around... there are a lot.

    Supplier's Demand

    Speak to Caxton and Madeline in their respective shops for these two quests. They will both ask you for an idol that will give them access to special goods.

    As long as you were a good sport for Symone in Escort Duty, you should already have a Gold Idol to give the shop that you want to stock the best gear. Madeline will have new clothing, including some rare female-only pieces. Caxton will stock better weapons of most types. For whichever you don't give the Gold Idol to, you can fork over the Bronze Idol you picked up in Hillfigure Knoll, or do a notice board quest that now shows up for a better Silver Idol.

    Note that giving a forged idol of any kind to either shopkeeper will result in lowering their affection toward you, and no positive benefits. The reason you wanted to forge a gold idol is that the forged copy still gives you the passive price discount.

    Regardless of your choice in these quests, leave and reenter Gran Soren for the shops' inventories to update.


    If it makes your decision any easier, both shopkeepers will have better items by endgame.

    The Conspirators

    You'll find Fedel wandering around the interior of the castle during the day, who'll offer you this sidequest. He asks you to meet him out in the courtyard at night.

    You may have to wait a bit for him to show up, and he won't talk until he's standing still. He'll wait next to the gazebo on the south side of the castle. Pay the guard that walks outside no mind for now, he's slacking off and won't throw you in the dungeon. The guards inside are another story.

    Fedel asks you to find a letter that he lost to a harpy. How annoying.

    Anyway, I highly recommend hiring a pawn that has quest knowledge for this quest if it's your first time doing it.

    Follow the road west out of Gran Soren, heading toward the female bandit camps. A short ways after crossing the river here, you'll come across a burning cart and a cutscene. After, head directly north of the first bend in the road to reach the entrance to Soulflayer Canyon.

    The canyon itself is relatively straightforward, it's just the map that makes it more confusing. At first there'll be a ladder to slide down, and then a lot of narrow, twisting paths. Continue onward and you'll eventually fight and kill the gargoyle that stole the letter, but the letter itself will be out of reach.

    Proceed up the nearby ladder, and continue. Look for the Fifth Journal Entry near the top of the series of ladders.

    The path will split soon. South leads to an alternate entrance to the canyon. Head north until you reach a narrow path with a cyclops. Fight or ignore it, just don't fall! Pawns have a tendency to fall here. Keep following the path until it curves south into a slide.

    If you have pawns with knowledge on the quest they'll lead the way here. If not, stick to the east side of the first set of slides. Once you go down one map level, the path curves southwest - stick to the western side of the slide here.


    I noticed a bit of a bug at the top of this slide, where your character will get stuck in a falling animation and the screen will go dark a couple times, before putting you back on solid ground. Just jump over it. You'll at least know you're in the right area.

    If you did it right, you should land on a platform with the Confidential Letter and ten Parcels in the middle. The Parcels are for a notice board quest that you may or may not have at this point, so you might want to hang onto them - if you don't see all ten you can always forge the rest. Loot the snot out of this area, then continue down the slide to find yourself back where you fought the Gargoyle. At this point you may just want to pop a Ferrystone to get back to town.

    Back in town, if you want the maximum rewards from this quest you'll want to create a forgery of the Confidential Letter for 34,500g.

    Rest until night if it isn't dark already. At the castle, you'll run into Ser Gabrian, who asks for the letter. I don't believe it matters which copy you fork over to which person. In any case, if you give him a letter, the quest completes. If you still have a letter left over, you can give it to Fedel to double your rewards.

    Arousing Suspicion

    Only if you met Aelinore earlier, find Mirabelle just inside the castle during the day. She asks you to meet her in the castle gardens at nighttime. She will be next to the gazebo just north of the main entrance, and tasks you with... yeah, can't blame her for being awkward about it.

    Anyway, you need to get up to Aelinore's room at night, which means getting through the audience chamber, and up the northern stairs behind it, without getting caught. Just don't walk directly in front of any guards and you should be fine. One or two guards seem to patrol a clockwise square around the first floor, and one or two more do the same on the second floor. I had no issues waiting for one to pass, then jogging to where I needed to go. Once you get to the northern stairwell you're home free.

    Watch a cutscene. Without spoiling anything, you'll need to do what's obviously the right thing to do in order to complete the quest. Not doing anything will result in a failure, and lock out another sidequest later (you'll know why). Enjoy some more awkward moments.

    Open the door, and you'll immediately be able to reequip your gear. Then either walk out of the castle, or take the 'secret' exit through the southwestern cell. Either way, once outside the castle area the quest will complete. Interestingly enough, the Duke seems to have no memory of the night, if you go back to see him in the morning.

    Nameless Terror

    Speak to a guard outside the southern gate to Gran Soren to get this quest. You'll get a short cutscene and a letter. From this point you'll be able to encounter five different groups of assassins outside, at night. I'm just going to list them all out here for now, but you may want to start travelling at night and do these while you work on other quests.

    • In southern Deos Hills, directly north of the bridge from Estan Plains, you'll find Phantom, Ghost, Soul, and Spirits.
    • Just outside the northern Ancient Quarry entrance you'll find Raven, Hawk, and Condor.
    • Just south of the Mountain Cottage in Moonsbit Pass you'll find Darkness.
    • Southeast of The Mountain Waycastle you'll find Rogue and Noir.

    Once the above four are dead you'll get a quest update. The final assassin, Zero, can then be found just outside Cassardis. Killing him will finish this quest.

    Talent in Bloom

    Head to The Abbey, directly west of Gran Soren inside the Wilted Forest. You should find Quina there, as long as you completed Lost and Found earlier in the game. You may need to talk to her several times before she offers a quest. You can give her flower back to her, or to the heads of either the Gran Soren cathedral or the Cassardis chapel. Just be aware that it's time sensitive.


    If Mason is still friendly with you, he may be around the walls of The Abbey. He'll give you an interesting story tidbit or two, but nothing important.

    A Parting Gift

    You'll need to leave the map and return after finishing Talent in Bloom- the quarry makes a good nearby area to go to. Clarus at the Abbey requests a Pilgrim's Charm. You can get one via combining a Veteran's Periapt and Banker's Periapt, or purchase from Fournival for 70,000g base. Alternatively, you can seek one out in the Catacombs.

    If you choose to go into The Catacombs, you may wish to do the below quest at the same time. You'll find Quina near the entrance closest to Gran Soren. Escort her, you won't need to go far from there. Return the charm to the Abbey to complete the quest.

    Rise of the Fallen

    Maximilian, outside of the castle, has a personal request for you this time. After accepting the quest, head to the bridge in the middle of Gran Soren at night to witness two Salvation members talking.

    If you don't wish them to catch onto you, wear some Salvation robes (only necessary for you, doesn't matter for pawns) and follow the beardless one to get his key from his 'hiding spot'. Otherwise, just run up to them to intimidate Tagert. You can threaten violence and he'll cough it up without having to kill him or pay him.

    You'll then want to head into The Catacombs. You can use any of the various entrances, but the door you can now open depends on who you got your key from.

    In the new section, you'll be looking through all of the stone caskets for five "Gems of Salvation." You'll need all five to open the door at the end of the area. Like before, being too close to some of them as they open can result in getting cursed, so be wary.


    You may run into Tagert in here. Feel free to save him or get him killed as you like, it doesn't seem to make much difference that I can tell.

    Back up on the main floor, proceed through the gem door to reach the confessional chamber. Balsac will recognize you as Arisen no matter your outfit, so blow him up, and scatter his bone minions. Report back to Maximilian afterward.