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"Chuck Who?"

Dead Rising 2: Off the Record... off the record? Whats this? Many of you first thought whats off the record about it? Why another Dead Rising 2 game, why not Dead Rising 3? Many fans of the series, fans who started off with Dead Rising, know full well who Frank West is. Reporter infected with the zombie infection and has to take Zombrex regularly. Fans who continued on to Dead Rising 2, or just new fans that never played the original but happened upon Dead Rising 2 (like myself) are more familiar with Chuck Green, motocross star and protagonist of Dead Rising 2. Chuck has to bring his infected daughter Zombrex every 24 hours or she will turn. So why another Dead Rising 2 game? Well, lets get right down to it.

You're Frank West, star of the original game. You've come to Fortune City on business. You start off like Chuck did, competing in a Terror is Reality show. But you don't get a bike like Chuck, oh no...things aren't as simple for Frank. Frank gets to don a wrestling singlet and take on zombies bare-handed. Sounds like fun already? You bet. But Frank is no wuss. You can tell immediately this boy has been pumping iron and is noticeably MUCH bigger than Chuck Green. After taking on the zombies, you follow pretty much the same story-line and game-play as Chuck, with different dialog. No, you aren't playing the same exact game with just Frank pasted over Chuck, absolutely not. This in a sense, is the game as if Chuck wasn't the star and Frank was the protagonist instead. I was thinking at first maybe it was a side quest going on while the regular story goes on, you Claire Redfield's perspective of Resident Evil 2 as opposed to Leon Kennedy's main story. Maybe that is loosely what is happening, but its too soon to tell at this point. The controls are virtually the same as the original and if you've played Dead Rising 2, you will immediately master the control scheme. The only difference is Frank has a camera and he can take pictures. I thought at first this would be a pain, but its actually a fun thing to do within the game, and certain shots are graded either good or great. The better the shot, the higher your experience points go. This is a nice added feature to the game, which makes the game already take a lead on the original. And to make things even better, there are 2 game modes. Story and Sandbox. Sandbox is free roam, with no time limits, no constraints, just you against the zombies. You can find and complete challenges as you find them, the choice is totally up to you. Its a perfect opportunity to level up your character and just have fun exploring Fortune City at your own leisure, without having to worry about time running out on a vital mission and its game over.

I have decided not to add a ratings system, as the game's graphics are the same as Dead RIsing 2. The sounds are the same as well, as the game is just Chuck Green replaced with Frank West. But Frank has his advantages over Chuck, as he is a bruiser and can take and dish out a beating. He is a bit slower than Chuck, though. Frank has the ability to make combo weapons as well, and mix drinks, try on different outfits, and everything mostly that Chuck could do, and then some. Is this game an expansion to Dead RIsing 2? Not really. This game is Dead Rising 2 the way it should have been, in the opinion of myself and soon to be so many others. Its really a matter of opinion, who you prefer, Chuck or Frank, but needless to say this game is amazing. Taking all the best elements of Dead Rising 2 and adding to it. If you love killing zombies, if you are a fan of Dead Rising, Dead Rising 2, Dead Island, any zombie killing game, I highly recommend this game. So head on back to Fortune City, those that have been there before as Chuck Green, or those of you that haven't yet, jump into the shoes of Frank West and have an amazing time.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 10/12/11

Game Release: Dead Rising 2: Off the Record (US, 10/11/11)

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