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Reviewed: 03/12/12

Where the real deal happens.

Last year, 2k released the best basketball game until that point in time, NBA 2k11. What was so special about this game was that for the first time ever, gamers could take on the role of the greatest, Michael Jordan. I'm here to say that everything that players liked in last year’s release are back and practically everything that anyone complained about has been overhauled (especially the My Player mode). So let's break down the parts of the game.

Visual Presentation 10/10:

The presentation of the game is where it truly shines. It isn't just the major realism that plays a huge role in this years visuals either. It's the little things. Like in My Player Mode, where arenas slowly fill to reflect your growing fan base and rising stardom. But that's not all, there are some great effects that have been added in. For example, say you’re playing a game in the 1960s like the Bill Russell challenge (getting to this later). The game is actually presented in black and white just like it would have been on your old tube television back in the day. Every game gets the full television broadcast treatment. The commentary is so well done that it too reflects the era. Visual Concepts had to go to great lengths to get all the little details like “short” shorts, lighting, filters, and more depending on the decade a game is being played.

My Player 9/10:

Back in 2k10, the My Player mode was introduced to much criticism, and rightly so! The mode was almost completely broken and had many, many problems. 2k11 addressed many of those problems but it still had its own share of issues. Now, in 2k12, huge progress has been made. Now instead of the long drawn out process of getting your guy into the limelight of basketball superstardom, you simply play one full game to show off your talents. After that there’s an interview process and you go straight to the draft. The faster pace makes the experience even more rewarding than last year’s My Player.

The Association 10/10:

Without a doubt, NBA 2k's version of the franchise mode is the funnest to play out of any other sports game there is. There is such a huge level of detail that is put into this mode, from player statistics to salary caps. It just makes you want to keep playing, adding a huge level of replayability. You can start as a bad team and build it up or start as an already amazing team and keep the franchise alive for years to come. It's even better now with the brand new The Association: Online. This makes it so you and your friends can create your own online Association and play through multiple seasons, creating the ultimate fantasy basketball experience.

Legends Challenge 9/10:

In 2k11 there was the added experience of being able to play through Jordan's 10 best games. Now, in 2k12, you have the option to take on the role of many different legends, such as John Stockton, Karl Malone, Wilt Chamberlain, and Larry Bird. As mentioned before, this mode takes the visuals to a whole new level as well. Simulating what it would be like to have actually been watching the game back in the day.

Final Verdict 9/10:

NBA 2K12 isn’t just one of the best basketball games ever released, but in terms of design and gameplay it is one of the best sports games ever. Packed full of fun modes and replay value, this game is an important part of any sports lovers collection. Pick this game up!

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Product Release: NBA 2K12 (US, 10/04/11)

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