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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Outkast

    Version: 1.3 | Updated: 01/07/00 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    SSSSS         OOO     OOO   NNN  NN         NNN      III       CCCC
    SSSSS         OOO     OOO   NNN   NN        NNN      III       CCCC
    SSSSS         OOO     OOO   NNN    NN       NNN      III       CCCC
    SSSSSSSSSS    OOO     OOO   NNN     NN      NNN      III       CCCC
    SSSSSSSSSS    OOO     OOO   NNN      NN     NNN      III       CCCC
         SSSSS    OOO     OOO   NNN       NN    NNN      III       CCCC
         SSSSS    OOO     OOO   NNN        NN   NNN      III       CCCC
         SSSSS    OOO     OOO   NNN         NN  NNN      III       CCCC
                         TTTTTTTTT   HHH     HHH   EEEEEEEEE
                         TTTTTTTTT   HHH     HHH   EEEEEEEEE
                            TTT      HHH     HHH   EEE
                            TTT      HHH     HHH   EEE
                            TTT      HHHHHHHHHHH   EEEEEEEEE
                            TTT      HHHHHHHHHHH   EEEEEEEEE
                            TTT      HHH     HHH   EEE
                            TTT      HHH     HHH   EEE
                            TTT      HHH     HHH   EEEEEEEEE
                            TTT      HHH     HHH   EEEEEEEEE
    HH    HH  EEE     DD     DD  GGG       EEE     HH    HH  OO    OO  GGG
    HH    HH  EEE     DD     DD  GGG       EEE     HH    HH  OO    OO  GGG
    HH    HH  EEE     DD     DD  GGG  GGG  EEE     HH    HH  OO    OO  GGG  GGG
    HH    HH  EEE     DD     DD  GGG   GG  EEE     HH    HH  OO    OO  GGG   GG
                                   Sega Genesis
                                FAQ / Walkthrough
                         |  Version 1.3  |  1/07/00  |
                                  Written By:
    1. INTRO
       1.1 Why a Sonic 2 FAQ?
       1.2 Sonic 2 Introduction
       1.3 Update History
       2.1 The Controls
       2.2 Characters
       2.3 Items
       3.1 Walkthrough Intro
       3.2 Sonic 2 Walkthrough
       4.1 Codes and Hints
       4.2 Game Genie
       4.3 Glitches
       5.1 Enemy List
       5.2 Chaos Emeralds
       5.3 FAQ
       5.4 Robotnik Ratings
    6. THE END
       6.1 Author's Note
       6.2 Credits
       6.2 Legal Information
    This is the opening to this FAQ as well as the game. It should help get
    you started.
    1.1 Why a Sonic 2 FAQ?
    The story goes a little like this: I have Nintendo 64 as well as
    Gameboy Color. The only game I don't have a FAQ for combining those
    two systems is Pokemon..... The last thing GameFAQs needs is another
    Pokemon FAQ. So I pulled out My 16-bit Sega Genesis that has been
    sitting in the closet for a few years, I dusted it off, and hooked
    it up.
    Then I found a bunch of the games I used to have, as I put together
    my Sonic collection (all 3 original Sonic games as well as Sonic
    Spinball and Sonic & Knuckles). There's all this hype about how great
    Sonic Adventure is going to be in the American Dreamcast version, so
    I decided to play the Sonic games that I own. I decided that Sonic
    2 was the best one, and little did I know that it included no FAQs
    on the internet. So there you have it, the first Sonic 2 FAQ.
    Please note that the walkthrough and FAQ are both incomplete by a long
    shot. I went out and bought Mario Golf and hooked my Nintendo 64 back
    up. Maybe when I've played that game out, I'll hook the Genesis back up
    and finish the walkthrough. I'll stick a note in front of all the sections
    that are not complete.
    1.2 Sonic 2 Introduction
    Unfortunately, I misplaced the instruction manual for Sonic 2 a long,
    long time ago. So I had to assemble this story myself, but having
    something is better than having nothing, right?
    The evil Dr. Robotnik is back, and guess what he's doing this time?
    Well, he's going around capturing animals and torturing them again!
    Being a Hedgehog, and your best buddy being a fox, it is your job
    to release all of the animals after defeating Robotnik in each level,
    and then take care of Dr. Robotnik at the end of the game!
    Sonic the Hedgehog 2 is not that challenging of a game, I will admit
    that, but a boss after every two or three levels..... It's genius!
    Plus there are so many levels that you will be playing awhile before
    you do beat the game.
    1.3 Update History
    Version 1.3 (11/7/00)
    Just added my new alias and e-mail address.
    Version 1.2 (12/28/99)
    I updated one of the enemy descriptions because I made an error and I
    updated the credits section with a new name as well.
    Version 1.1 (11/15/99)
    Wow, what a booming update! The walkthrough is completely, 100% finished,
    the enemies list is updated with 26 enemies including their location,
    description and the strategy to beat them. The minor sections, controls,
    items and characters are updated as well. There are new credits, a new
    author's note, and new legal info. Be sure to check it out. I pretty much
    added all the stuff that built into my mailbox the past three and a half
    months and threw it into the FAQ. Please be sure to send me any mail you
    have regarding questions or comments about the new information that has been
    added into this FAQ.
    Version 1.0 (7/04/99)
    The 4th of August marks the release of this FAQ. The walkthrough and FAQ
    are both incomplete (see FAQ intro) but more stuff will be added in the
    This is just a few general tips / pieces of information that you
    will need in order to succeed in the game.
    2.1 The Controls
    Direction Pad
    Naturally, your way to move. Being a side scroller, the right button
    will move you forward, the left button will move you backward, the up
    button will let you look up, and the down button will allow you to curl
    up into a little ball.
    A, B, C
    All three of these buttons allow you to jump. When you jump in the
    air, you automatically do a flip. I recommend using the C button
    because it is the most comfortable on the hands.
    Pauses the game..... No fancy pause screen, it just freezes until you
    press start again.
    Down + A, B, C
    When you hit the down button, you'll curl into a ball. Then you can
    either hold or continually press A, B, or C and when you let go,
    you will be rolling super fast until you decide to stop, or you hit
    2.2 The Characters
    Sonic The Hedgehog
    Sonic is the guy that you will be controlling. Surprisingly, he is a
    hedgehog! Yes, he is a little blue guy and he has quite an attitude.
    He is known for being able to run extremely fast and do flips in the
    Super Sonic
    You'll need to know the cheat code (see section 4) to access this
    guy, but you'll be impressed with what you see; Sonic on steroids!
    He is bigger, stronger, and faster, and kind of looks like a troll.
    Miles aka "Tails"
    Tails is the little light brown fox shows in most pictures where you
    see Sonic. He is Sonic's best friend and you will often find him with
    or near Sonic.
    Dr. Robotnik
    He is the humongous fat guy that is causing all of this havoc! I guess
    you could consider him a poacher because he captures and traps little
    helpless animals! He is Sonic's #1 enemy.
    They range from rabbits to bears to birds. These animals are friends of
    Sonic or Tails and have been captured by Dr. Robotnik and it is your job
    as Sonic to release them.
    Wow, there are a whole bunch of these in the game. Check the enemies list
    (section 5.1) for who they are, where they are, and the strategy on how
    to defeat them.
    2.3 The Items
    (The normal stuff).
    Rings - You need these to continue; if you are touched by an enemy
    with no rings, you die. If you are touched by an enemy with rings,
    some of them will spill out and you'll have to re-collect as many
    as possible which most of the time, won't be more than 15.
    (You jump on the boxes and the item is yours).
    Sonic - When you see Sonic in the box, it's a 1-up.
    Boot - The boot makes you run super fast and lasts for a short amount
    of time.
    Ring - Gives you 10 rings.
    Stars - Makes you invincible for a short amount of time.
    Shield - Puts a glowing blue shield around you until you are hit or you
    complete the level.
    Arrows - Used in the multiplayer only, it switches the location of
    the two players. It could hurt you or help you depending where you and
    your opponent are.
    Tails - A 1-up for Tails, but only available in multiplayer.
    This is what will help you complete the game step by step.
    3.1 Walkthrough Intro
    The great thing about Sega and these first Sonic games particularly
    is that they are 2D side scrollers so if I say to go back, it means
    go left, and if I say go forward, it means go right and vice versa.
    In addition to this, I often mention in the walkthrough to pick up
    the coins (ex: Jump up and grab the coins). What I mean by coins is
    the same thing as rings (coins=rings) so you know to help you out. I
    hope this clears up any problems that people had with reading the
    The walkthrough, has now been completed. Please submit any mistakes or
    new strategies to me. Thanks.
    The Crippler
    3.2 Sonic 2 Walkthrough
    Emerald Hill Zone 1
    Go forward and grab the first 6 rings. Kill the coconut throwers on the
    palm trees by jumping up and hitting them in the head. Hop up to the
    higher level, grab the shield, and drop back down. Run over the bridge
    being aware of the pirahnas, and run into the red spring on the wall.
    Zoom across at full speed and you'll fly right up to the second story
    of the level. Use your roll attack to go up and over the hill, through
    the loops, and then through the corkscrew. Continue on, kill the pirahnas,
    and drop down the waterfall. Use your roll attack to get up the hill.
    Cross the bridge, and again use the red spring to go through the loops. Go
    at full speed without stopping and you will run into the secret area of
    the wall. Grab your extra life, keep moving forward, and drop down.
    Run forward until you complete the level.
    Emerald Hill Zone 2
    Move forward and get the first couple of sets of rings. Jump to the upper
    level and get the boot. Run as fast as possible going forward with the
    boot. You will soon hit a secret wall and get another 1-up. Go through
    the next wall and hop onto the moving platform and head up. Stay on the
    lower level and run forward until a hidden yellow spring bounces you
    in the air. Run forward to face Dr. Robotnik.
    DR. ROBOTNIK: Jump over the spike on his vehicle and jump right onto his
    head. After hitting him 7 times, beware because he will shoot the spike
    at you. Hit him for an 8th time and he will get out and escape. Go
    forward and free the trapped animals.
    Chemical Plant Zone 1
    Grab some rings and move forward past the enemies. Go grab your box of 10
    rings and run forward past the enemies, and through the loop. Don't stop
    until you reach the blue bubbles. Pass by them carefully and hit the red
    spring. Grab the rings up there while jumping over enemies. Run forward
    through the 4 bouncers and around the 4 loops. Break the blocks and enter
    the tube while being cautious of the enemy on the wall. Grab the rings
    you see, and stand on the blocks until they drop completely. Run forward
    past the blue bubbles and finish up the level.
    Chemical Plant Zone 2
    Run forward for some rings and avoid the enemy in the beginning there. Run
    down the steep hill at full speed and bounce off the red spring until you
    reach the platform. Roll up the hill onto the platforms, then break the
    blocks you see and enter the tube. Go down this steep hill through 2 loops,
    and go down on the platforms. Beware of how the platforms fall, break the
    next set of blocks you see and enter that tube while being cautious of the
    enemy on the wall. Use the red spring to get to the box for 10 rings, then
    use the speed generator to go through the 2 loops at full speed. You'll
    wind up on one of the highest platforms. Go past the 4 blocks, drop down,
    and gain full speed to go through the next 3 loops and onto the main track.
    Walk forward and jump up to the highest sets of blocks until you get out of
    the water. Use the platforms to go over the water and watch again for the
    turning ones. Use the next set of platforms to get onto the track, but
    walk it slowly, rather than running it. Go through the 2 loops being
    extremely cautious. Use the next two platforms to get across the water.
    Move forward while avoiding the turning platforms and head to Dr. Robotnik.
    DR. ROBOTNIK: In the beginning, Robotnik will prepare for the battle by
    filling up a bottle of blue liquid. When he starts filling the bottle up,
    immediately jump on him. Hit him 8 times and he'll blow up and fly away.
    Go release the animals, still being cautious of the tipping platforms, and
    finish the level.
    Aquatic Ruin Zone 1
    Go forward grabbing the first 3 rings while being careful of the arrow
    shooting skull on the pole. Jump right over the large statue and through
    the waterfall. Hop on top of the log and kill the robot, the continue on
    moving forward. Go to the top of the hill, through the one loop, and right
    into the next log. Jump over the next statue and kill the robot on the
    lower path. Continue moving forward through the next waterfall, and avoid
    the red spring. Watch the two robots that comes out of the wall, go over
    the loop, continue forward, and get the shield. Hit the yellow spring for
    a speed burst and kill the two robots on the high platform. Go through the
    loop, through the log, and forward until this level is complete.
    Aquatic Ruin Zone 2
    Get the first six rings while avoiding arrows. Take the platforms to the
    other side and kill the robot. Bounce off the next three red springs
    taking you to the highest platforms while being cautious of the blocks
    that fall down. Jump off the platform you are currently on as far as you
    possibly can and go through the waterfall. Continue to move forward while
    watching the hidden robot that pops out of the wall at you then roll on
    through the loop. Spring to the other side and then quickly hop across
    the statues. Use the next spring which is in the shallow water to bounce
    you up to the yellow spring which takes you to the highest platform. Hop
    over the next two statues and use the moving platform to take you across
    the gap. Once again, be careful of the falling blocks that come down. Hit
    the next statue, drop down, and run forward to Robotnik.
    DR. ROBOTNIK: You'll see two big statues come out of the ground and
    Robotnik will be flying above with a gigantic hammer. When he hits the
    statues with the hammer, arrows will come flying out. Dodge the arrow
    and let it go into the statue. Hop onto it and go from there up to the
    top of the statue, then onto Robotnik. Repeat this process for a total
    of 8 hits. Robotnik will fly away. Go free the animals and complete
    this level.
    Casino Night Zone 1
    Grab the first six rings that are in this level, then run yourself into
    the orange flipper to fly across the level a bit. When you land, you'll
    be near three balls with stars on them. When the first blue block goes
    up, go to the next platform. Hop onto the next blue block to take you
    to the next platform. Use the next two moving blocks to get you across the
    gap, then hop onto the third consecutive moving block. Ride it on up,
    grab the boot, and allow the elevator to take you down. Grab the next
    bunch of rings and fling yourself through the loop by holding A when you
    are on the spring, then letting go when it's all the way down. Use the
    next two blue blocks to reach the platform. Go over the next blue block
    and drop down. You'll be in, what seems, a pit that you can't get out of,
    but if you roll to the right and hold down right on the D-Pad, you'll
    reach a secret wall and obtain an extra life. Use this next orange
    slipper to hit yourself up to a green flipper, then use the green flipper
    to hit yourself on up to the platform. Take the elevator up, and head to
    the right. Hop onto the chili burgers to cross the gap, but don't hit
    them more than three times or they'll break. Shoot yourself upward and to
    the right to land on yet another platform. Grab the box of stars there, and
    continue moving forward. Fall all the way down; no harm will occur, then
    use the spring and move forward to complete this level.
    Casino Night Zone 2
    Go forward and immediately use the red spring to bounce youself to a
    high hidden platform. Drop down after grabbing the coins up there. Grab
    the boot and simply run super fast moving forward. You should have noticed
    a huge point-giving slot machine type thing before. If you want to know
    how to get in there for some mahor points, read the next paragraph. If
    you just want to know how to complete the level, skip the next paragraph
    and the walkthrough continues.
    For the major points: Come to the first arcade type game where you use
    the flippers to try to get into the machine for coins. Use the first
    flipper to get to the second flipper, then the second flipper to reach
    the platform. You'll see one of those armed metal men roaming the platform;
    DON'T KILL HIM! Instead, bounce square off his head so that he raises
    his metal shield and use that bounce to reach the treadmill type belt
    to the right. Be sure not to fall off! Go as much to the right as you can
    without falling off, hit down on the d-pad, and charge up for a roll
    attack. Let go when the treadmill belt has almost dropped you off, and you
    will land on what seems to be a lonely platform. But, if you walk to the
    left and drop off it, you'll land in the point machine for something
    around 2500 points. You can repeat this process as many times as you like
    for good points and possibly a 1-up at the end, but be sure to watch your
    Continued walkthrough: You will soon get another boot and you'll be able
    to sprint forward some more until the boot power runs out and you'll be on
    a spring. Shoot up and to the right, break through the burgers, and use
    the next spring you wind up on. Drop down again and break some more burgers
    then roll attack twice to take the elevator up. Spring to the right, and
    drop down once more. Continue forward to reach Robotnik.
    DR. ROBOTNIK: This boss looks really tough but he's really not all that
    bad. Watch out for the bricks he drops. Use the flippers to either land
    on top of him or on the bottom side of his vehicle. Do it 8 times, then
    roll attack to the right and free the animals to finish up this level.
    Hill Top Zone 1
    Jump up and grab the first three coins, then hop into the basket and
    let it take you down. Be careful; it falls off when it gets to the
    platform. Go forward past the snail, killing it if you want, then hop
    over the lava pit. See saw with the dot without touching it then move
    forward when you reach the top. Stay on the bottom of the two levels,
    then see saw again with the next dot. Bounce off the yellow spring
    that's located on the wall. See saw two more times, grab the coin
    box and go down this next basket. Go forward past the fire and roll
    attack through the loops without standing on the blocks. Head left
    and use the see saws to get across the lava. Take the next two baskets
    down, watch out for the spikes, spring right, and then spring one more
    time upward. Grab the hidden star box and then run forward until you
    complete the level.
    Hill Top Zone 2
    Get the first few coins and move on past the lava pit while remaining
    on the lowest level. Kill the dinosaur that is in the lava and use his
    back as a platform. Continue forward and roll attack through the loop
    without going on the blocks. Avoid the fire dot and the snail that is
    on the ceiling, grab the shield, and then head down the basket. Hit
    the marker and stay on the upper level. At the fire rush, keep moving
    up from platform to platform and move right when it seems you have
    reached the top. Use the spring to pop up, then take the next three
    baskets down. Go forward and avoid all of the snails that are up
    above. Spring up and to the right two times, then hit the marker and
    run forward to the boss.
    DR. ROBOTNIK: This is one of the easier bosses if you are aggressive
    and immediately go after him. The second he pops out of the fire, jump
    on him  and don't give up no matter what happens until he blows up. If
    you have one or more coins you should have no problem. Release the
    animals to complete the level.
    Mystic Cave Zone 1
    Move forward for the first six coins, then quickly move up the bridges
    before they collapse. Avoid the fist that smashes you and move up and
    forward two times then left onto the breaking bridges. Hit the marker
    and grab the coin box up there, then spring up, go down twice, hit the
    marker and grab the vine to open up the gate. Grab the next bunch of
    coins, hit the spring, and use both platforms up and avoid the spikey
    bricks three times. Avoid the lightning bug, jump up and to the left
    and avoid the spikey bricks five times. Grab the vine for the bridge,
    then continually go from platform to platform while avoiding enemies
    until done.
    Mystic Cave Zone 2
    Go forward and grab the vine for a bridge, then take the two platforms
    across the gap. Take the next two swinging platforms across, then spring
    up and grab the vine in order to access the bridge. Roll attack upward,
    then use the next five springs to pop yourself up. Take the next two
    vines down, grab the boot and run forward as fast as you can until you
    reach the second yellow spring. From here on, take the bottom path
    avoiding lightning bugs and run to the boss.
    DR. ROBOTNIK: He'll come down from the top; hit him two or three times
    while avoiding the spiked he drops. Wait until his drill goes away from
    him, and hit him. Hit him more when he goes up, and once again avoid the
    spikes that drop. Repeat this process until his ship blows, then go
    save the animals to complete the level.
    Oil Ocean Zone 1
    Go forward while avoiding the collapsing bridges, get the first seven
    rings, and kill the octopus. Continue on to the green glowing object,
    then past the next three collapsing bridges. Kill the next two octopuses
    and use the glowy green object to take you up and down the path. Use
    the fan to float across the gap, then use the next green glowy thing
    to get you to the platform and walk down the path and up the platform
    while avoiding the sea horses. Move left across the gap using the fans
    that are provided, then head up the next platform and down the path
    to the right. You'll come to another raising platform; use it and slide
    down the oil hill, hit the marker and use the thirs glowing object to
    get you to the platform you need to be on. Continue to the right, roll
    attack up to the platforms, and then take the final platform up. Avoid
    the sea horses, head down and enter the transporter. Work your way to
    the right and take the two oil hills down, then go down this platform
    and head to the right. Go into this transporter, then go to the right,
    down the platform, and head down the left path, then enter the next
    transporter. Head right, take the platform down, go down the path to the
    right, use the green glowing object to the top platform, then run to
    the right to complete this level.
    Oil Ocean Zone 2
    Continually move right while grabbing all of the rings on you way and
    either avoiding or killing the enemies in your path. When you reach
    the end, hop onto the moving platform and allow for it to take you up.
    Use the second green glower to throw you into the transporter, avoid
    the sharks while moving to the left, then roll attack into the spring
    to move up. Keep moving to the right past the enemies until you reach
    the platform which takes you up. Go right, move down the path, get
    past or kill the enemies and enter the transporter. Take the next two
    platforms down, hit the marker, and enter this next transporter which
    takes you to an oil hill. Jump up to the top, the roll down it and onto
    the high platform. Move up the platform, grab the rings and the stars,
    then roll attack into the spring to reach the next platform. Go into
    the transporter, head down the next couple of oil hills, and hit the
    marker. Head right to reach the boss.
    DR. ROBOTNIK: This boss is much like the one in the Hill Top Zone only
    much easier. As soon as he pops out of the oil, jump on him and hit him
    eight times to destroy his vehicle. Landing in the oil does nothing
    unless you sink beneath it, so be careful. When Robotnik gets away,
    release the animals to complete the level.
    Metropolis Zone 1
    Go forward for coins and move on past the steamers, then grab the blue
    shield and watch the starfish haning out that shoot at you. Hit the
    button and then use the steamer to move up. Kill the lobster and avoid
    the starfish, then hit the buttons to get out. Use the wall bouncers
    to move up, avoid the praying mantis, and use the arrow boxes to make
    your way up (the arrows go clockwise so beware). Kill the lobster and
    get the coins, then go through the basket and up using the wall
    bouncers. Go up two nails (run right to go up and left to go down) and
    avoid the starfish, then continue on upward. Use the buttons to
    activate the bridges, take the first nail up, then the second nail down.
    Go down and to the left and into the transporter. Use the first two
    arrow boxes over the gap, jump right onto the platform, go down the
    bouncers this time, and then onto the platform to the right to finish
    Metropolis Zone 2
    Go forward and get the rings and move on up the platform and across
    the lava. Kill the lobster and enter the transporter. You'll end up
    killing a mantis after you come out. Use the wheels to get to the
    platform on the right and then go in the transporter and let yourself
    run through. Jump onto the stompers when they go down then continue
    quickly onto the platform before they go back up. Duck under the spikes
    and avoid the starfish, then enter the next transporter. Go down the
    next two baskets and down the platform. Run up the nail, grab the star
    box, and simply run quickly while you are invincible until you reach
    a button and a marker. Use the arrow boxes to work your way left, then
    enter the final trasnporter of this zone. Continue to the right, move
    up the three sets of wall bouncers, and then go forward to finisht this
    Metropolis Zone 3
    Grab the rings, kill the mantis who is in the beginning of this level,
    then use the moving platforms to take you across the gap. Kill the
    lobster and enter the transporter. Jump past the wheels and roll attack
    through the stomping crushers and onto the nail to take you up. Avoid
    the starfish and run left and jump onto the moving platform. Use the
    next two springs for a whole lot of coins and to take you up to another
    platform. Jump across the nails and kill the lobster. Use the steamer
    to bounce you up. Kill the mantis here and use the side wall bouncers
    up which should be very familiar to you by this point. Get the blue
    glowing shield, kill the mantis, and hop onto the wheels. Run past the
    starfish and quickly head down the nail, then run past the next group
    of starfish and let the descending platform take you down and across.
    Go past the wheels, take care of the lobster here, and enter the next
    transporter. Go up the two nails without letting the starfish see you
    (which is possible on this set of nails) then enter the transporter.
    Hop onto the moving platform and run to the boss.
    DR. ROBOTNIK: Having someone play as Tails for this boss will make the
    job much easier... Robotnik will have a bunch of ghosts around him.
    Without hitting one of the ghosts, hit Robotnik (which should be
    Tails' easy job if you have a second player) then hit the ghost that
    comes off. When all the ghosts are gone, avoid Robotnik's laser
    shooting and hit him once for the kill. He'll blow up and fly away like
    usual.... Go released the animals to complete this long level.
    Sky Zone
    There is no way to describe or walk you through this level; you're on
    the edge of a plane which Tails is flying. Falling off is impossible
    and is not an issue because Tails will always catch you. Half way
    through, you'll pass by the Wing Fortress; get a good look at it for it
    is the next level. All I can recommend is to read the enemies listed
    for the Sky Zone in this FAQ (section 5.1) to know how to fight off
    each enemy. This is one of the easiest levels in the game; don't be
    Wing Fortress
    In the beginning of this level, lasers will be shot at you; don't worry,
    they cannot hit you! The plane will start to go down, jump off and let
    Tails go. Run down this platform while avoiding the metal sending
    piece which would limit how many rings you get. Drop down twice while
    picking up the rings, then continue to move forward. Rather than
    jumping from bar to bar, simply jump up into the air and the fan will
    raise you to the next level revealing a major shortcut. Kill the two
    chickens and hop onto the sticks when they turn the correct way, then
    onto the top level. Hit the marker while moving forward until you reach
    the two box rings and stars. Move backward now and onto the conveyor
    belt. Continuously move right until you can't anymore, then go through
    the hidden door on the left. Go from box to box while grabbing the
    coins on the way, then onto the next two conveyor belts. Now you'll
    have to rely on your timing; as soon as the first platform goes up,
    jump on it then quickly move from platform to platform until you reach
    the main one that doesn't move. Let the metal sending piece fling you
    across the gap, but then quickly jump so you don't hit the next one.
    Run up the treadmill-like object, hit the marker, and jump on the metal
    thing to go inside the ship for this battle. You'll be locked inside
    a small space with Robotnik on the outside laughing at you. This boss
    is tough; you'll probably lose a lot of rings. Hop on to one of the
    three moving platforms without touching its spikes. Then jump from the
    platform to the object that shoots the laser when the laser isn't being
    sent off. Do this eight times, and Robotnik will run away and the yellow
    bars will disappear. Hop over the gap to the right until you can't move
    anymore and jump for a hidden extra life. Then drop down onto the platform
    and run to the edge of it.
    Death Egg Zone
    At the edge of the platform of the Wing Fortress level, you'll see
    Robotnik escape in a huge space ship.... Then Tails comes to the
    rescue with a repaired plane for you to hop on. He lets you hook on to
    Robotnik's ship, but then he'll fade away. You'll see a cool cinema
    of Sonic attached to the ship as it flies out of earth and into Dr.
    Robotnik's base in the space called the Death Egg. Move forward and
    you'll have to fight metal Sonic with Robotnik looking on. He's very
    easy; immediately hit him three times while avoiding his spikes. Jump
    up to avoid him and hit him three more times, then jump up to avoid
    his roll attack back to the other side. Hit him two more times for him
    to blow up. If you don't kill him after his first four moves, the fight
    will become tough, so get rid of him quick. Chase Robotnik; he'll
    hop into a huge robot. Hit him quickly one time when his hands are back.
    when he targets you, roll attack away right when his target is locked.
    Avoid his hands than hit him right in the stomach when his hands are
    back. Always stay in front of him; repeat this process until he dies.
    The End
    The Death Egg will blow, Robotnik will be destroyed, and all the animals
    will be released. You'll see a cool cinema with Tails flying you
    with all the saved animals with some heroic music playing in the
    background. Congratulations, you have beaten the game!
    This is the stuff that will help you cheat along the way. Special thanks
    to Game Sages (http://www.gamesages.com) for most of these.
    4.1 Codes and Hints
    Bonus Points
    For extra points, pass any zone in a certain amount of time. For the
    best bonus, enter the Debug Mode code. The clock will freeze and you'll
    always score a 50,000 bonus!
    Time  Points
    0:30  50,000
    0:45  10,000
    1:00  5,000
    1:30  4,000
    2:00  3,000
    3:00  2,000
    4:00  1,000
    5:00  500
    Debug Mode
    To enter Debug Mode, play these sounds from the level select screen: 1, 9,
    9, 2, 1, 1, 2, 4. Press Start and hold A.
    To start debugging, press B, then you can select any sprite in that level
    and put it on the screen. To select a different sprite, press A, and to
    place it on the screen, press C. Note that sprite selection is different
    from Zone to Zone. Also, instead of displaying the time elapsed, it
    displays the number of sprites currently on the screen.
    Easy Chaos Emeralds
    Start the game as you normally would. Get a Chaos Emerald, reset the game,
    and start the game from the options menu. You will keep the emeralds you
    have gained so far each time you start from the options menu.
    Emerald Hill Shortcut
    To breeze through Emerald Hill 1 and 2, connect Sonic & Knuckles with Sonic
    2 and play as Knuckles. Climb as high as you can and glide to the right.
    You'll reach the end of the level in seconds!
    Extra Lives in the Chemical Plant
    If you have Sonic & Knuckles, hook it onto Sonic 2. Play until Chemical
    Plant Act 1. When you get to the wall with the Spiny badnik and the warp
    tube on the floor. Break open the tube and go through it. When you come
    out you will see a Ring Box next to a tower. Climb up the tower and on
    the top you will find one 1-up. Glide left and you will find another 1-up.
    Glide to the left one more time and you will find yet one more 1-up. Since
    you won't want to go through the level again just glide to the right until
    you get to the tower you started from. Get on that first tower and glide
    to the right. The Act will be over and you will have 3 lives more that how
    much you started the act with.
    Level Select
    >From the main screen, select Options. Select Sound Select and play sounds
    19, 65, 9, 17, then push C. Press Start to return to the main screen, and
    when Sonic and Tails appear, hold A and press Start.
    More Continues
    First enable the level select. Then, at the options screen, play these
    sounds in this order: 1, 1, 2, 4. Now move the highlight to the "Player
    Select" field of the options screen and press Start.
    Play at Night
    To play at night, enter the Debug code, then hold C and press Start to
    begin a level.
    Shielded Tails
    To give tails a sheild, enter debug mode and hit a shield. Then place a
    teleport box down and hit that. Now tails has a permenant sheild.
    Slow Motion
    First enable Level Select. While playing, you can pause the game and use A
    to restart, B for slow motion, and C for frame advance.
    Super Sonic
    To become Super Sonic without getting all the Chaos Emeralds, first enable
    the level select. At the level select menu, go to the sound test item, and
    play sounds in this order: 4, 1, 2, 6. You should hear the music you get
    when you win a chaos emerald. Now select any level, get 50 rings, and jump.
    Super Tails
    While in Debug Mode, create and position a "Transfer Box" monitor. When you
    hit it and you are Super Sonic, you lose all your powers but stay yellow.
    Tails looks the same but has invincibility (little stars flashing around
    To regain Super Sonic, let yourself get hit, then turn into a ring (press
    B) and place at least 50 rings on Tails. Exit debug mode (press B) and
    jump to become Super Sonic with Super Tails as a follower.
    Tails/Miles Mode
    At the title screen press Up, Up, Up, Down, Down, Down, Up or Up, Up,
    Down, Down, Up, Up, Up, Up. A chime will sound and Tails will be called
    Miles or vice versa.
    Two Tails
    Enter the level select and debug codes, then go to the Sky Chase level.
    Using debug mode, create a transfer box and break it open. When you hear
    Sonic die press B to enter debug mode again. Move the cursor up until you
    see Tails and exit debug mode. To finish, jump and you'll have two Tails.
    Wing Fortress Shortcut
    In Wing Fortress, go as far as you can to the right without climbing. Make
    sure you have some rings. When you see blades blocking your way, go ahead
    and hit them. As soon as you are invincible, walk through them. Jump on the
    platforms to the right and half the level will be finished.
    4.2 Game Genie
    SAST-DJ1A / SATA-DJTJ   Rings worth 2--player 1
    SAST-DN1A / SATA-DNTJ   Rings worth 3--player 1
    SAST-DT1A / SATA-DTTJ   Rings worth 4--player 1
    SAST-DY1A / SATA-DYTJ   Rings worth 5--player 1
    SAST-D21A / SATA-D2TJ   Rings worth 6--player 1
    SAST-D61A / SATA-D6TJ   Rings worth 7--player 1
    SAST-DA1A / SATA-DATJ   Rings worth 8--player 1
    AE8A-AAD2 / AE8A-AADN   Start with 1 life instead of 3--player 1
    AY8A-AAD2 / AY8A-AADN   Start with 5 lives--player 1
    A68A-AAD2 / A68A-AADN   Start with 7 lives--player 1
    BE8A-AAD2 / BE8A-AADN   Start with 9 lives--player 1
    DE8A-AAD2 / DE8A-AADN   Start with 25 lives--player 1
    GJ8A-AAD2 / GJ8A-AADN   Start with 50 lives--player 1
    KN8A-AAD2 / KN8A-AADN   Start with 75 lives--player 1
    NN8A-AAD2 / NN8A-AADN   Start with 99 lives--player 1
    JW3A-CA4J / JW3A-CA4Y   Infinite lives--player 1
    SATA-DJVW / SATA-DJW8   Rings worth 2--player 2
    SATA-DNVW / SATA-DNW8   Rings worth 3--player 2
    SATA-DTVW / SATA-DTW8   Rings worth 4--player 2
    SATA-DYVW / SATA-DYW8   Rings worth 5--player 2
    SATA-D2VW / SATA-D2W8   Rings worth 6--player 2
    SATA-D6VW / SATA-D6W8   Rings worth 7--player 2
    SATA-DAVW / SATA-DAW8   Rings worth 8--player 2
    AE8A-AAD8 / AE8A-AADW   Start with 1 life instead of 3--player 2
    AY8A-AAD8 / AY8A-AADW   Start with 5 lives--player 2
    A68A-AAD8 / A68A-AADW   Start with 7 lives--player 2
    BE8A-AAD8 / BE8A-AADW   Start with 9 lives--player 2
    DE8A-AAD8 / DE8A-AADW   Start with 25 lives--player 2
    GJ8A-AAD8 / GJ8A-AADW   Start with 50 lives--player 2
    KN8A-AAD8 / KN8A-AADW   Start with 75 lives--player 2
    NN8A-AAD8 / NN8A-AADW   Start with 99 lives--player 2
    JXGA-CA7G / JXGA-CA7W   Infinite lives--player 2
    KBVT-CAE2 / KBVT-CAE2   Jump lower
    FVVT-CAE2 / FVVT-CAE2   Jump a little higher
    4.3 Glitches
    Green Sonic Glitch
    To get green sonic you must enter the level select and debug code. Then
    you must choose one of the emerald hill zone levels because the code only
    works in emerald hill zone (1 or 2.) When you start the level press B, you
    will be a ring,then press a four times,you will be four rings in a row
    going up or down,you then hold c and right for about 5 seconds,then you go
    back to the begining, keep pressing a until your the top of a waterfall.
    You may not see yourself but you're there. Now do the same thing as before,
    hold c and right for about five seconds. Then press b and you'll be green.
    No Boss Music Glitch
    Enter the level select code and go to a boss. Next push start then push and
    hold B. You should be playing in slow motion. When the boss enters the
    screen get a hit on the boss then let go of B and the screen should be
    paused. Then press start and there should be no boss music.
    Some other miscellaneous crap that was not mentioned/added already
    in this FAQ.
    5.1 Enemy List
    Emerald Hill Zone
    #1 Coconut Throwers
    Description: They hang out in the top of those little palm trees and
    chuck coconuts at you.
    Strategy: Run under them and jump up to take them out.
    Hi! In your Sonic the Hedgehog 2 FAQ, I realized that you made an error.
    The Coconut Throwers can be killed, actually.
    you wrote:
    #1 Coconut Throwers
    Description: They hang out in the top of those little palm trees and
    chuck coconuts at you.
    Strategy: You can't kill these annoying guys; all you can do is dodge
    their ammo.
    But you can kill them by going under them and jumping. Try it, It works!
    #2 Pirahnas
    Description: Usually found at bridges and waterfalls, these fish jump
    up and bite you.
    Strategy: Jump on them when they are in the air.
    #3 Hornet
    Description: Like a real hornet, it flies above you, but then shoots fire
    at you if you stay still.
    Strategy: Jump on top of them and beware their fire!
    Chemical Plant Zone
    #4 Ball Shooting Robot
    Description: It moves around the floor shooting little yellow balls out
    of its mouth.
    Strategy: The roll attack is the only thing to do, but you'll still have
    to avoid the yellow balls they shoot if they're in the air while you're
    #5 Side Shooting Robot
    Description: Same as above only it hangs out on the wall.
    Strategy: Nothing to do here except dodge what it shoots.
    #6 Spider
    Description: Hanging on ceilings on its webs, it will drop down, pick you
    up, and squeeze you.
    Strategy: Lure them down by running under them, and jump on them when
    they're down.
    #7 Bubbles
    Description: Little blue jiggly bubbles, they transport from side to
    side in their tubes and try to hit you.
    Strategy: Nothing to do except avoid their attack.
    Aquatic Ruin Zone
    #8 Skeleton Arrow Shooters
    Description: They are on poles and when they light up, they'll try to
    peg you with an arrow.
    Strategy: They can't be killed, but watch the arrow if you get in its
    path of sight!
    #9 Robots (Hidden/Unhidden)
    Description: Little robots that roam around and come after you. Sometimes
    they are hidden and pop out at you.
    Strategy: Jump on top of them. If they're hidden, avoid them and do the
    same thing.
    #10 Flies
    Description: Little annoying flies that come around in packs of three.
    Strategy: Jump on them.
    #11 Sharks
    Description: Blue sharks with giant teeth that come after you if you get
    in their line of vision. They hang out only in the water of the Aquatic
    Ruin stage.
    Strategy: Jump on them but be careful because you float in the water for
    a few seconds if they jump.
    Casino Night Zone
    #12 Metal Guards
    Description: Big slow guards made out of metal that you'll bounce off of
    if you try to kill them by jumping on them.
    Hill Top Zone
    #13 Red Dots
    Description: They are found on see saws and land on you if you're
    Strategy: Stay away from them!
    #14 Dinosaurs
    Description: They are purple dinosaurs that live in lava and shoot
    fire at you.
    Strategy: Jump on their back, then onto their head, and be careful; their
    back will sink in the lava quickly after you kill them.
    #15 Fire Red Dots
    Description: Same as red dots only they shoot fire.
    Strategy: Stay away from them!
    Mystic Cave Zone
    #16 Lightning Bugs
    Description: They light up and cause damage if you touch them.
    Strategy: Jump on them when they're not lit up.
    Oil Ocean Zone
    #18 Sea Fish
    Description: They fly and shoot things at you through their mouth.
    Strategy: Jump on them, but beware their ammo stuff.
    #19 Pink Seals
    Description: They jump in the air and hang for awhile, and shoot
    things out of their mouth.
    Strategy: Jump on them bet be acreful for their ammo.
    Metropolis Zone
    #20 Lobster
    Description: Has a long claw that it reaches out at you.
    Strategy: Avoid his claw then jump on the right side of his body.
    #21 Praying Mantis
    Description: A little green thing that actually throws razor
    blade like things at you.
    Strategy: Wait until he throws his razors, jump over them, then go jump
    on him before the razors come back.
    #22 Starfish
    Description: Very dangerous little stars that explode when they see
    you. They shoot out 5 spikes that all go in different directions.
    Strategy: The only thing you can do is try to avoid their spikes. Run,
    jump, duck, do whatever you can!
    Sky Zone
    #23 Turtles
    Description: A big turtle that floats in the air that shoots fire with a
    smaller turtle on its back.
    Strategy: Jump on the little turtle then ride on the big turtles back.
    #24 Eagle
    Description: Big eagles that fly quickly through the air but only come at
    you one way.
    Strategy: Jump on top of them.
    #25 Floating Dummy
    Description: A dummy that floats in the air and blocks your way.
    Strategy: Jump on top of them.
    Wing Fortress Zone
    #26 Chickens
    Description: They pop out of their little forts and literally
    shoot eggs at you!
    Strategy: Dodge their eggs, then jump on them when their heads pop out from
    their forts.
    5.2 Chaos Emeralds
    You may be wondering what the point of those markers are when you have over
    50 rings. I'll explain:
    When you have 50 or more rings, hit one of the markers and jump inside the
    circle of stars that appears. You and Tails will be challenged to get a
    certain amount of rings each lap. If you collect enough after each lap, you
    get a chaos emerald, and you start at that marker if you die and have more
    lifes. You also lose all the rings you have. If you collect all the chaos
    emeralds, you get to be Super Sonic when you collect 50 rings or more
    in levels. You can also access Super Sonic with a cheat code (see section
    #4), so doing this is kind of pointless. But if you're bored with the game
    and need something to be proud of, go ahead and do it.
    5.3 FAQ
    Q: What happens at the end of the game?
    A: You get a nice little cinema of all the animals being released, with
    some heroic music as Sonic and Tails watch on.
    Q: Can another person play as Tails?
    A: Yes, and no. Plug in the second controller and the person with the
    second controller can play along in the game (same buttons as Sonic).
    However, the camera will follow Sonic only, so you'll have to keep up
    if you are Tails.
    Q: Do you get a different ending if you get all the Chaos Emeralds? I know
    the ending of Sonic 1 is a little different if you get all the emeralds. .
    A: No, the only thing the Chaos emeralds do in this game is allow you to be
    Super Sonic when you collect 50 rings without entering any cheats.
    Q: Hi,  found your Sonic 2 notes.  Have just gotten to the giant metal
    Robotnik in the Death Egg and cannot figure out how to defeat him.  Got
    any words of wisdom.  Thanks for any help you can give me.  TJG
    A: The walkthrough is now complete.
    There's not a lot to put here...... Mail me any questions you may have
    5.4 Robotnik Ratings
    All difficulty ratings are on a scale from 1 to 5, 1 being the easiest,
    5 being the hardest.
    Emerald Hill:       *
    Chemical Plant:     *
    Aquatic Ruin:       *
    Casino Night:       **
    Hill Top:           **
    Mystic Cave:        ***
    Oil Ocean:          **
    Metropolis:         ***
    Wing Fortress:      *****
    The Final Boss:     *****
    As you can see, the consistency of the bosses getting harder as you
    progress in the game is fairly good.
    6. THE END
    The conclusion of this FAQ.
    6.1 Author's Note
    Well, this completes this FAQ and Walkthrough for the great 16-bit sega
    platform game that we call Sonic 2. Special thanks to all the contributors
    (see below) and any of those who mailed me questions for the FAQ. Please
    feel free to send me any questions, comments, etc. on the game or this
    The Crippler
    6.2 Credits
    Jennie Wilkinson
    For pointing out an error in the enemies section.
    Game Sages
    For most of the codes/hints.
    For publishing this FAQ.
    Anyone who contributed a question for the FAQ.
    Great game!
    6.3 Legal Information
    This FAQ is for private use only. It may not be sold or used in anyway to
    earn a profit. It may not be reproduced electronically nor used on any
    sites unless (1) You are GameFAQs.com, (2) You are Game Sages, (3) You
    are Cheat Code Central, or (4) You had permission previously to use this
    on your page (I've made a limit and no more sites may use this FAQ, and
    if you have already e-mailed me asking to use it I know who you are and
    you may continue to use it).
    Sonic the Hedgehog 2 and all of the Sonic The Hedgehog games are copyright
    © 1993-1997 by Sega. This FAQ is copyright © 1999 by Outkast.

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