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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Jallen9000

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 02/12/13 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    |--------------Hydrophobia Prophecy Full Walkthrough/FAQ 1.0-------------------|
    |* Intro-----------------------------------------------------------------[WT01]|
    |* What is Hydrophobia Prophecy?-----------------------------------------[WIHP]|
    |* Controls (PC)---------------------------------------------------------[WT03]|
    |* Swimming Controls-----------------------------------------------------[WTCT]|
    |* Mavi------------------------------------------------------------------[WT04]|
    |* Hacking---------------------------------------------------------------[WT08]|
    |* Enemies---------------------------------------------------------------[WT05]|
    |* Environmental Hazards-------------------------------------------------[WT06]|
    |* Character Profiles----------------------------------------------------[WT07]|
    |* Act 1-----------------------------------------------------------------[WTA1]|
    |** Kate’s Room----------------------------------------------------------[WTKR]|
    |** Getting off A-Deck---------------------------------------------------[WTAD]|
    |** Saving the Chief-----------------------------------------------------[WTSC]|
    |* Act 2-----------------------------------------------------------------[WTA2]|
    |** First Enemies--------------------------------------------------------[WTFE]|
    |** Cycloconverters------------------------------------------------------[WTCC]|
    |** The Loading Area-----------------------------------------------------[WTLA]|
    |** Kate to the Rescue---------------------------------------------------[WTKR]|
    |* Act 3-----------------------------------------------------------------[WTA3]|
    |** Pills Here!----------------------------------------------------------[WTPH]|
    |** Triangles of Death---------------------------------------------------[WTTD]|
    |** Revisiting-----------------------------------------------------------[WTRV]|
    |** Shuttle Plaza--------------------------------------------------------[WTSP]|
    |** The End--------------------------------------------------------------[WTTE]|
    |* Malthusian Orders-----------------------------------------------------[MTOD]|
    |* A Word from the Maker-------------------------------------------------[WFTM]|
    -------------------------------Intro [WT01]-------------------------------------
    Hello and welcome to my third full walkthrough in as many years, yeah I’m not
    what you would call prolific. I actually bought this game at release, having
    played the original ‘Hydrophobia’ on  XBLA I was looking forward to seeing the
    improvements made to the game…such as adding an ending, I feel it’s important
    for games to have an ending; don’t you? 
    At any rate I bought it only to find my ancient PC not up to the task of
    rendering the water, which if know anything about the game, is a rather big
    issue. So I left in languish in my Steam library for two years until I got a
    new computer, which I did this year and so here we are. 
    Oddly enough the original Hydrophobia was the game that made me write my first
    walkthrough in years, it was short and nobody had bothered so I took it upon
    myself to do it. I’m still the only person to make a written walkthrough for
    that game (as flawed as it is) and now I’m the only person to bother to make a
    written walkthrough for its remake/sequel. On a related note I also kicked of
    the works page of tvtropes and I think I still have a Mavi as my object on my
    Xbox Live Avatar, so I could argue that I’m actually the biggest fan Hydrophobia
    (and by extension the now defunct Dark Energy Digital) has, which is extremely
    sad because I don’t think either are particularly good games; average at best
    I’m afraid. So if you want to contend for the title of “Biggest Hydrophobia fan”
    (and I’m not talking about fear of swallowing liquids here) then by all means,
    be my guest.
    ---------------------What is Hydrophobia Prophecy? [WIHP]-----------------------
    So what is Hydrophobia Prophecy you may be asking, well thankfully I’ve made a
    section just for this and it’s handily called “What is Hydrophobia Prophecy?”
    What do you mean you’re already reading it, and that endlessly repeating the
    title over and over again isn’t particularly helpful? 
    Fine! Hydrophobia Prophecy, what is it? Well it’s a remake/sequel to the 
    original Hydrophobia released on the Xbox Live Arcade back in late 2010.
    The original title was planned to be released in episodes however it wasn’t very
    good so Dark Energy Digital (DED) released a free patch to improve upon the game
    and later lowered the price. However this wasn’t enough, the bad press had
    ruined any chances of the game making any serious money and all follow up
    episodes where cancelled. DED decided to re-release the game as Hydrophobia
    Prophecy in 2011 on the PC and PS3. They changed more things, fixing many of the
    problems and also finally adding an actual ending. The game is a lot like
    ‘The Evil Dead 2’ (if you ever watched that movie), in that it retells the exact
    same story of the original up to a set point, also adding elements of what would
    have presumably been in episode 2 of the planned episodic trilogy.
    This version garnered better reviews than the original (still not amazing, but
    definitely an improvement) but it just didn’t sell. DED have only released
    Hydrophobia and Hydrophobia Prophecy and that’s all they’re ever going to make;
    as the studio is no longer with us, even sadder is that nobody seemed to mind.
    This guide is being written on a second play-though on hard. Do note that this
    guide isn’t a 100% completion guide, I have tried to point out collectables but
    I know I’m missing some. Hopefully if you care this guide will help you find a
    few you missed but otherwise you’re out of luck…as I this is the only written
    guide available at the moment, try youtube for video walkthroughs if you’re
    really desperate.
    ----------------------------Controls (PC) [WT03]--------------------------------
    Standard WASD keys, ie; W=Forward, A=Left, S=Backwards & D=Right.
    Space = Jump/Climb.
    Shift = Forward Roll.
    E = Use (contextual).
    Q = Drop down when climbing.
    R = Ammo inventory and selection.
    C = Enter cover.
    F = Flashlight
    Tab = Map
    T = Tools menu.
    G = Activate Gel ammo (rather than waiting for the timer to run down)
    1 = Mavi.
    Mouse movement controls the camera.
    Left Mouse Button = Fire.
    Right Mouse Button = Aim and zoom.
    Middle Mouse Button = Reset Camera
    ----------------------------Swimming Controls [WTCT]----------------------------
    Same movement keys; WASD.
    Moving your mouse will control your direction.
    Shift = Dive.
    Space = Surface.
    Crtl = Swim faster.
    E = Grab objects.
    --------------------------------Mavi [WT04]-------------------------------------
    The Mavi is basically an augmented reality computer tablet, you hold it over
    Kate’s face and it gives you information on the area. Not a lot of information
    granted but it’s something. It tells you what doors you can open; the level of
    water behind the doors, and it also highlights any cameras in the area.
    Later in the game you’ll be able to hack into cameras and use them to look
    around. You’ll also be using the Mavi to hack into consoles. In addition to this
    the Mavi will also reveal any hidden messages the Malthusians, which includes
    quotes from Thomas Malthus himself. You’ll also use this method to discover the
    ciphers that’ll allow you to unlock encrypted doors. 
    --------------------------------Hacking [WT08]----------------------------------
    Hacking is pretty easy in this game (and I found it a lot easier on a mouse than
    a controller) simply match your frequency wave with the one that’s being
    displayed. Move your mouse up and down to control the amplitude (the height) and
    left and right to control the wavelength (the length). The first hack in the
    game is extremely simple but later ones become more difficult. Also note that
    there is a medal that requires you to successfully hack every console in the
    -------------------------------Enemies [WT05]-----------------------------------
    The Malthusians are a simple bunch, they come in two flavours vanilla and
    armoured. Enemies are generally weak and one single charged shot of your sonic
    rounds is normally enough to kill them (at least in normal). There are also a
    number of environmental hazards scattered around the place which you can use to
    take them out. Once you’re spotted they’ll normally take cover and shoot at you
    from a distance. Hide or run away without shooting back and they’ll generally
    head towards you…slowly.
    Vanilla: they’re armed with shotguns, bald and no additional protection.
    Armoured: as the name suggests they have armour, this means they can take
    slightly more damage. They appear to be armed with assault rifles which can
    quickly kill you if you’re caught out in the open.
    ------------------------Environmental Hazards [WT06]----------------------------
    * Exploding Barrels: ah the old videogame favourite, red barrels inexplicably
    placed throughout levels, and equally bafflingly, filled with an explosive. Use
    a normal round of your sonic ammo to move the barrel around into position 
    safely and then once you’ve got it in the desired spot use a charged round to
    make it go boom. Naturally other ammo types will make it explode and shouldn’t
    be used for positioning purposes.
    * Gas tanks: these are round tanks on the walls of the game; they’re normally
    already leaking creating refraction (waviness) in the surrounding air.
    One charged shot and the area will explode and fire will remain blocking the
    path for a few seconds.
    * Electrical Wires: the Electric Religion believes that the bodies of electrons
    should be dispersed as high as possible, so they can be reborn as lighting.
    Gravity however is a cruel mistress and doesn’t like electricity and so is
    constantly sucking it down to the ground; hence the term “grounding” in
    electrical systems, as those wires are simulating gravity. In game there are
    wires, filled with electricity, and because they’re hanging down gravity is
    pulling all the electricity out. Water, who respects the electric belief
    system (but doesn’t believe it, that would be silly) tries to help any
    electricity it finds by carrying it around and ultimately attempting to get it
    to go up into the air again. When a human enters the water the electricity will
    jump into the body and rush to the head before jumping up and out in their last
    dying moments (Note: this isn’t healthy for the participating human). To avoid
    this shoot wires touching the water short or take advantage of this and shoot
    hanging wires so they’ll make contact with enemies/water.
    * Electrical Conduits: these look like medium sized boxes mounted on walls.
    A charged shot will cause the unit to overcharge killing anybody in the
    immediate area. Larger ones will be found in act three (always underwater) and
    you can spot these because they occasionally glow red.
    * Breakable Windows: breakable windows tend to appear in the corridors of the
    ship and start to appear in Act 2. As far as I can tell the only practically
    reason to keep water stored in such a fashion is if it’s acting as ballast or
    that is actually drinking water. Why you would keep such things in a series of
    small rooms behind fragile glass I have no idea. At any rate when an enemy is
    near one of these windows you can destroy them with a charged shot, the water
    will then sweep them off their feet allowing you to link up combos and what-not.
    * Breakable Walls: breakable walls turn up late in the game and work in the same
    way as breakable windows. You can tell what walls are breakable because water
    will be leaking through and they’ll flash red every now and again. Use the
    explosive gel ammo to destroy a section allowing water to rush in. You’re
    required to do this to progress in the game and destroying optional walls at 
    one point will net you the medal [Vandal].
    --------------------------Character Profiles [WT07]-----------------------------
    In-game character profiles.
    Chief Scoot Mcgraw
    Occupation: Systems Engineering Chief
    Commonly known as Scoot, Chief Scoot Mcgraw heads up the systems engineering
    team on board the Queen of the World, which reports to the wider security
    service. Scoot’s team are responsible for maintaining the internal network
    infrastructure and protecting it from external threats.
    The count the constant targeting of the Queen of the World by smugglers looking
    to hack the citizenship identification sub-systems, the systems engineering
    service and recently become and official branch of the Security service,
    reporting directly on suspected hackers or smugglers.
    Commander Jake Garland 
    Occupation: Security Commander
    Commander Garland is the most senior security officer on-board the Queen of the
    World, and is personally responsible for the safety of each citizen. His long
    and distinguished military career has established him as one of the most
    respected military commanders in the world.
    Chief Chris Billingham
    Occupation: Security Chief 
    Assigned directly by Commander Garland, Chief Billingham has a reputation for
    no-nonsense policing. His fiery temperament often lands him in trouble, but his
    record is among the finest in the service and he’s not afraid to follow his gut,
    even when it leads him away from official regulations.
    --------------------------------Act 1 [WTA1]------------------------------------
    ------------------------------Kate’s Room [WTKR]--------------------------------
    Hello and welcome to the game. Your first task is to collect your Mavi; turn
    around and head over to the desk where it should be marked by a yellow diamond.
    Cue the next cutscene…yeah I don’t know why they bothered with split it either.
    You can now either head straight out the door or you can explore Kate’s new
    apartment and gain a medal (well it’s new to me alright; it’s a lot nicer than
    her original one).
    Assuming you want to explore; first head over to the balcony for a nice view of
    the fireworks. Go back inside and look on the table in front of the main TV,
    you’ll find your first object [Sleeping Pills]. Turning around again look for
    the single seat just to the right of where you picked up your Mavi to get the
    document [Classical Engineering]. Go left and up the stairs. Follow it around
    to the left to find [Weighted Wrist Bands] on a chair. Straight on from that
    you’ll find [Hand Grips] on the sofa and just to the right of that you’ll find
    the document [Just Checking In]. Right of that you’ll see a bookcase that’ll
    have two viewable pictures and a [Roy The Donkey] doll. Finally head back to the
     stairs and see the dining table (who designed this place, having the kitchen
    downstairs but the dining table as far away as possible, upstairs?) to find the
    object [Swimming Certificate]  and the document [Sponsorship]. Head out the door
    but before you do look to your left on the wall to see a viewable picture and
    then go into the kitchen to the right and see the last viewable item. You should
    then net the medal [Introspective].
    With all that meandering around done, head out the door to trigger a cut scene.
    When you take control of Kate quickly jump up on the series of railings right in
    front of you and follow them up as high as you can go. Once at the top head left
    , press Q to drop down to the lower level and pull yourself up to safely. 
    Once out head to your left and try to open the door at the end of the corridor
    to get the document [Malfunctioning Door]. With that bit of foreshadowing
    complete turn around and follow the corridor down and out the door into the
    stairway. One Wilhelm scream later follow the stairway up a level to trigger
    another cutscene showing the door is locked. With that done keep going up the
    stairs and enter the room at the top.
    -------------------------Getting off A-Deck [WTAD]------------------------------
    My God, he’s dead! Of what nobody knows. Before you download the hack program
    turn around and examine the desks either side of the entrance; behind the right
    one on the floor is a document [Review], while the left one houses the object
    [Queen of the World Replica], then behind the desk and once again on the floor
    is another document [Vision of the Future 1/2]. Head back up to the terminal but
    once again don’t access it yet, go right and pick up the document [Briefing].
    Now pick up the hacking module and head out the door, revealing....
    Yes revealing Kate is a complete moron. Listen people if you ever find yourself
    in a terrorist/bomb threat situation and you hear mysterious beeping go away
    from the noise NOT TOO IT! Anyway Kate may be an idiot but she’s not a coward;
    head back to the terminal where you got the hack module from, look to the left
    and see that the window is broken. Jump out the window onto the metal beam.
    Before heading down the beam look straight ahead and notice a red bar; you can
    grab hold of that, so jump towards it and make your way along it. Once at the
    end of the bar swing and jump to the next beam, then follow it to the midway
    point and pick up the object [Queen of the World Anniversary]. Well there is
    nothing else out here so head back to the first beam you jumped on and go
    towards the highlighted panel. Jump off and perform your first hack.
    Hacking is pretty easy in this game (and I found it a lot easier on a mouse than
    a controller) simply match your frequency wave with the one that’s being
    displayed. Move your mouse up and down to control the amplitude (the height) and
    left and right to control the wavelength (the length). The first hack in the
    game is extremely simple but later ones become more difficult. Also note that
    there is a medal that requires you to successfully hack every console in the
    game so if you care about in-game medals and you mess up now, reset and try
    Well hack successfully done and the door now unlocked head back the way you
    came. Well there is another explosion blocking off the stairs, so jump over the
    banister, left of the door you just came through, down to the lower level.
    Follow the stairs down a level to reveal the ship is not only on fire but also
    flooding.  Go through the door at the far end (the one we examined earlier) to
    enter yet another corridor. Only thing is, this corridor is flooding rapidly, so
    rush to the end (don’t worry about Scoot shouting “run”, there is no run
    command) to get through the door before it closes, you may have to press Shift
    to perform a roll to get through the door. Do this and you’ll gain the medal
    [Panther], fail and you’ll have to hit a button in the middle of the corridor
    before the room fills with water and drowns you.
    Either way you get through the door you’ll now find yourself in some sort of
    storage area. Follow the room around and notice the ladder on the far wall, to
    the left. Head up and find the object [Queen of the World Anniversary Globe] at
    the end of the raised catwalk. No exits up there so head back down, facing the
    ladder head right around the corridor and into a new room. This cues Scoot to
    tell you how lucky you are while a guy frantically smashed a window on the TV
    screen, nothing of interest in this room so carry on to the highlighted
    Which turns out to be another evaluator shaft, groan! Grab hold of the ladder
    and go up as far as you can, which isn’t far I know. Now lean left and jump to
    the series of pipes, climb up the pipes and then follow them around the shaft,
    going up before ending up on the ladder again. Only now the burning elevator
    above you is about to crash; so quickly climb up the ladder to reveal yet
    another break in the rungs, lean left again and jump on some more pipes. Don’t
    go up the pipes but simply follow them around until you see a door, press E to
    open the door and then quickly pull yourself up. And wouldn’t you know it? You
    did it just in the nick of time as the elevator crashes just as you got through
    the door…who could have predicted that happening eh?
    -------------------------Saving the Chief [WTSC]--------------------------------
    Meanwhile Scorpio is busy bashing the window still not getting anywhere. Turns
    out he’s Chief Billingham and he’s about to die, this pleases Scoot. Once you
    gain control turn around and inspect the body that is glowing green (green
    bodies indicate they have items on their person) to receive the document
    [1798: Malthus Opens the Debate]. Once that’s done ignore the chief and go right
    down the corridor to see the purple door, this will net you another medal
    [Systems Engineer 2]. With the door inspected head back to the elevator shaft
    where you came through and jump on the pipes to the left (don’t fall, you’ll
    die). Go up the pipes, head left to reach the remaining ladder and go up that
    until you reach more pipes to the right. Lean and jump over to those pipes and
    follow them around to reach another door. Drop down a few rungs, open the door
    and then go inside. Inside this little room is a dead body with the document
    [Death or Glory]. With that collected head back down, you can jump straight
    over to the ladder on the opposite side of the shaft to save some time.
    Well as the Chief will either suffocate or burn to death I guess we better get
    started on saving him, head back to where he is banging the window and notice
    the ladder to the left. Go up it and watch the cinematic where the walkway
    explodes for no good reason. Jump over the new gap and reach the glass wall,
    jump to the pipe hanging over the glass wall and follow it around to the next
    balcony. Be careful not to be hit by the stream of steam that exits the pipe
    periodically, shouldn’t be too difficult. Drop down using the Q button to reach
    the lower platform, from now on I’m assuming you know how to drop down to lower
    Enter the door and drop down to the lower level, pick up the document
    [Mila Krass] on the counter and the other document [Interrogation] found on the
    floor just behind the counter. Both objects collected go up the ladder and enter
    the marked room above the Chief. More fire will go off but don’t worry about it.
    Just to the right of the entrance there is the object  [10th Anniversary
    Commemorative Coin] and in the middle of the room is a dead man glowing orange
    (orange glowing bodies means that they have frequency keys).
    Well with that frequency key you’ll be able to see hidden messages on your Mavi,
    so bring up the Mavi by pressing 1 to see the room full of crazy. Notice that
    there are a series of yellow arrows which you should follow. Well actually you
    don’t need to follow them anymore, see in the original you had to follow them 
    but in this game it automatically adds the location to your map. Whatever,
    you’ll need to head over to the purple door (purple means encrypted if you
    haven’t figured that out already), use the Mavi again and you’ll see a large
    purple logo that is actually the encryption key. Once targeted with the Mavi
    press the Left Mouse Button and you’ll be able to get through the door like it
    was unlocked. Again this is a change from the original where you had to use
    the Mavi to unlock the door.
    Once through the door you’ll notice a gaping hole with a lot of fire around it,
    yeah don’t think about jumping it. Instead look to the left wall and jump up to
    the red pipe. Now you should inch along the wall being careful not to be
    barbequed by the flames that switch on and off…for some reason. Go through the
    next door and then down the stairs to reach yet another door. Once through that
    door you’ll trigger a cutscene where two Malthusians shoot a person and then
    wonder off, oohh the tension! Keep following the corridor and go through the
    purple door with a large glass window to the side of it. DON’T touch the
    terminal, instead bring up Mavi (press 1) and look to the right, do you notice
    a purple logo? That is a portrait of Thomas Malthus and if you scan it you’ll
    gain a little snippet from one of his Publications. I will refer to these as
    [Malthus Logos] throughout this guide. Right that done, now activate the
    terminal to gain the S.I.T.E Module, this allows you to open doors from a
    distance with the Mavi.
    Now that you’ve got the S.I.T.E scan suddenly the game remembers that being 
    stuck in a burning room isn’t good for you, so you have 60 seconds to make it
    back to Billingham or its game over. So quickly head back the way you came,
    don’t worry about the water pouring in. Run up the stairs and use the pipe
    again to cross the gap and trigger a little cutscene when you reach Billingham.
    After that bring up Mavi (press 1, from now on I’m assuming you know how to
    bring up Mavi) and target the green door behind Billingham, press the Left
    Mouse Button to open the door and let in the water behind it; which
    extinguishes the flames.
    With the Chief saved the lower door to the holding cells are now bizarrely open,
    so go inside to get the praise you deserve. Yeah, we should have let him die.
    Well before you hack the system to the left of the door on the first desk there
    is the object [Character Profile: Chief Billingham], on the next desk by where
    Billingham is standing there is the document [Honesty Corner] and finally on a
    overturned cabinet there is the object [Commanders Cut]. Now you can hack the
    system and once done Billingham once again proves why people don’t like him.
    Once you’ve regained control go back through the door you came through to get a
    video from Mila. Mila wasn’t in the original game so it’s nice to see an actual
    villain in this one, no matter how stupid she actually looks/sounds. Go back to
    the area where you picked up the S.I.T.E scan. On the way you’ll notice that the
    fierily pit has died down a bit and a beam now lies across it, balance on the
    beam and walk across. Once down the stairs and into the corridor the door at the
    end will burst open under the pressure of the water. You would think they would
    have built this ship to be a tad more waterproof but anyway, swim through the
    door and you’ll find yourself in one of the rooms you went through to get to the
    security office/cells/type place. Key thing to remember when swimming is that 
    the Shift Button makes you dive, the Space Button makes you surface and the
    Ctrl Button makes you swim faster. This is the first room where you really get
    a chance to safely practice the controls so you may want to take advantage of
    that. Once you’re ready head through the only door that is working to enter the
    room with the ladder and follow it around to the room you originally came in.
    Another flooded corridor and the water is rising, hold down CTRL to swim
    quicker and go through two corridors and then surface in the stairwell.
    Yes all that work and you’re back at the entrance of the Shuttle Plaza.
    Go through the door to trigger a cutscene.
    And of course they’ve encrypted the elevator so you’ll have to backtrack yet
    again. To make matters worse the water outside this room is now a lot higher.
    Before you open it however bring up Mavi and look to the right of the elevator
    door to reveal a [Malthus Logo]. Now open the door and dive down one level and
    go back the way you came. The elevator shaft you came out of at the start of the
    game is now flooded and you’ll have to swim up to the top of it; hold down the
    Space Button to swim upwards quicker.
    Now apparently this is where you gain the hidden medal [Deep Breath] but I’ve
    never got it to trigger correctly. When you’re swimming up the elevator shaft
    look for the second door, you can open it and swim inside. At the end of the
    corridor is a green body with two documents [Review] & [Settling In]. To get the
    medal you’re supposed to swim all the way from the stairway, into the corridor
    and then surface in the elevator in one breath, only I did that and didn’t get
    anything. Although the medal makes it sound like you’re supposed to reach the
    surface of the elevator and then go get the documents but again I did that and
    didn’t get the medal. Finally I heard that if you triggered the cutscene where
    you get your gun and then went back to collect the documents you got the medal;
    again I tried it, and got nothing. So I honestly don’t know what you’re supposed
    to do but I’m guessing you don’t care too much anyhow.
    Well once you get out of the elevator shaft and walk a few paces into the
    corridor you’ll pick up your gun, hell yeah. Only thing is the gun doesn’t shoot
    bullets but sonic’s. Which are not blue hedgehogs, but instead concussive blasts
    of sound. You can still kill enemies with the sonic ammo but it’ll either take a
    few shots for them to go down or one charged shot to the head; as you’ve just
    now gathered you can pick up different ammo as the game progresses. 
    Well it’s a good thing you have a gun because there are electrical cables 
    hanging down which will electrocute you if you go near them. Aim (hold down the
    Right Mouse Button) at the top of the wires and shoot (press the Left Mouse
    Button) them short. Two hits should sever the cable but you can also charge your
    shot by holding down the fire button. Just to the left of the cables is a glass
    window with a lot of water behind it, these are dotted throughout the ship and
    a charged shot will destroy the glass letting out a torrent of water. There are
    also explosive barrels scattered around the area; a normal shot will just knock
    the barrels around whereas a charged shot will cause them to explode. Keep a few
    around through because you may need them later, hint, hint. Well at any rate go
    through the door to complete Act 1, yay you!
    -------------------------------Act 2 [WTA2]-------------------------------------
    --------------------------First Enemies [WTFE]----------------------------------
    Before you do anything else go forward a bit, turn around and look up. There
    you’ll find a [Malthus Logo] above the door, high up. It’s possible to get later
    in the game as you will revisit this area, oh yeah backtracking is very much the
    name of this particular game. Also I just noticed if you walk around this area
    Kate will grunt bizarrely…erm moving on from unclean thoughts head through the
    double door at the far end of the room.
    It’s the generator room, or a generator room at any rate. The floor is covered
    with water and electricity is running through it. So go forward and up the
    ladder to reach the catwalks above. Once up there you’ll see a beam connecting
    the platform you’re currently on to the other side of the room; Kate, for some
    reason, decides now is the time to worry about falling to her death but ignore
    her and balance your way across the beam. Turn right and pick up the semi-auto
    rounds for your gun. These work like normal bullets but I would advise
    rationing them for future use.
    Now go the other direction and attempt to jump across the gap. Yeah I know it
    looks like you won’t reach it but hidden just out of camera view is a sign that
    Kate will grab hold of; swing and then jump to the next section of the platform.
    Once across you’ll see another beam, balance your way along then to get to the
    opposite side of the room. To your left there is another dead guy with more
    semi-auto rounds, you can jump over and fetch them but it isn’t necessary, now
    head right and fall down to the ground below. In front of Kate there should be
    a wall of fire, position yourself so you can see the door behind it, use your
    Mavi and open the door to unleash the water and extinguish the flames. Now
    enter the room and pick up the frequency key from the dead guy. Follow the
    arrows in the room to find the next frequency key. On the wall furthest away
    from the entrance to this room are four transformers (maybe), use a charged
    shot on each of them to shut down the generator and allow you to wade through
    the water and back to the entrance. 
    Only now two Malthusians will appear, take cover by pressing C on a wall or
    chest-high-wall. You might be able to shoot the explosive barrels with a
    charged shot as they enter the room and end the fight extremely quickly, if
    not don’t worry about it. Use charged sonic rounds and aim either at their
    heads or explosive barrels as they go past. It only takes one charged shot to
    down a Malthusian on normal difficulty, two charged shots max on hard
    difficulty. You can also switch ammo by pressing R to switch to semi-auto rounds
    but it really isn’t needed at the moment.
    Once you reach the door get a charged shot ready and open it, there should be
    another two Malthusians in the area so take them down and go back to the
    encrypted door, the one you found just before the start of this act. Once in the
    corridor there should be another Malthusian, hopefully he’s standing next to an
    exploding barrel so take aim and let sonic destroy the badniks…or just shoot
    him, whatever. Decrypt the door at the end of the corridor.
    Once through the door you’ll see another enemy strolling around, take cover and
    shoot him in the head or use the exploding barrels to take him out. Be careful
    as there is another enemy around but this is the corridor of death! Lining the
    walls are electricity conduits and gas-lines with exploding barrels so you
    should be able to have some fun with the environmental damage. Word of warning
    though, be careful not to get too close to these before shooting them with a
    charged shot…for obvious reasons. There are also windows you can break that will
    sweep the enemies off their feet if they get close enough.
    At the end of the corridor this is a massive “vent” on the wall to the left.
    Scoot will tell you about it too and then go on to make a Die Hard reference,
    ugh. Even without your annoying fake Scottish accent I still don’t like you
    Scoot. Don’t follow the directional marker and instead head left out of the
    vent. Now go right and look at the wall away from the vent with your Mavi to
    find another [Malthus Logo]. Now go back into the vent and continue down the
    passage until you come to a red-laser-gird-type-thing. No idea what purpose 
    this thing is meant to have but it will kill you if you touch it. Simply wait
    for it to move and follow it until you reach a fork in the vent, duck into the
    vent and then wait for the laser grid to pass you the other way before rushing
    out to follow the remainder of the short passage.
    --------------------------Cycloconverters [WTCC]--------------------------------
    Once out of the vent head forward to see the door overload, or something,
    trapping you in the room. See this is why not every room needs to be electrical
    doors, or for that matter doors shouldn’t have the ability to kill you. If a
    door overloads there should be a fuse switch that shuts the down the link to
    the main grid, not something that lets the excess electricity spill out killing
    anybody that tries to open the bloody door. The Malthusians don’t need to kill
    these people; frankly it’s a miracle the boat has lasted 10 years in the first
    place. But at any rate Scoot isn’t worried about the safety regs at the moment
    and instructs you to download the CCTV Hijack Module for your Mavi from the
    Once done bring up your Mavi; look up and to your right to see camera (looks
    like half a yellow orb). Once found press the Left Mouse Button to see from
    its point of view, now cycle between the cameras on that network by pressing
    Q/E. You’ll now see a cutscene where a Malthusian is killing people, look for
    the door to the left and open it to let in the water. This will kill the
    Malthusians and allow that random person to escape. It will also overload the
    Cycloconverters setting off a chain reaction of explosions that’ll cut the
    power surge (but not all electricity) in the area. You see what I mean when I
    say this ship isn’t safe?  Adding water to your generator isn’t great granted
    but I’m assuming the energy production of the ship has something to do with
    water and that the thing should have a fail-safe system that means it doesn’t
    explode when a foot of water floods the room. 
    Anyway with that rant out of the way, go back to the malfunctioning door and
    left into the door just to the side, on the desk there is a document 
    [The Cycloconverters Operational Overview]. After that exciting read bring up 
    the Mavi and look behind the desk on the wall to find a [Malthus Logo]. After 
    that shoot the window out (to the right of the desk) and head down the stairs.
    More enemies will enter the room. To quickly dispatch of them look at the
    wires  hanging above the water where they enter from; charge a shot and shoot
    the wire as close to the far left wall as possible to have the wire drop down
    into the water and electrocute them. That should kill one, if not both of
    them. If you missed them  then there are plenty of gas bottles and other
    electrical wires around the room to use and of course if all else fails you
    can just shoot them. 
    However you deal with the two intruders go down the stairs. Directly opposite
    the end of the stairs is a raised platform with two streams of gas that are
    currently on fire, you can’t do anything at the moment but remember that
    location because there is a document under the flames. Now head to the marked
    door to enter another series of corridors which should be clear of enemies.
    Through the corridors you’ll now enter Cycloconverter B, which is a mirrored
    image of the room you were just in. This room has three enemies in it so
    crouch down using the Ctrl button. You can also hack into the camera’s looking
    over the area to see the location of the guys with guns. There are a series
    of hazards scattered around the area; gas tanks and electrical wires, so make
    use of those to take out the enemies and remember to use cover. Once the three
    are defeated head upstairs and shoot out the window…isn’t 100% necessary but
    shooting out the window now means you won’t be heard when you open the door
    later. Once you enter the room bring up Mavi and view the wall on the far side
    for the next [Malthus Logo], now hack the console to turn off the
    Once you’ve hacked the console more enemies will spawn. If you’re on hard
    difficulty one will spawn in the same room as you. Or at least I assume it’s
    only on hard because I first played it on normal and it didn’t happen. Either
    way enemies will spawn near you so crouch and make use of the gas tanks and
    electrical equipment on the walls to take out enemies when they head to your
    location. Remember enemies won’t close the gap on you while they have cover
    and you’re shooting at them. I count a total of six enemies in the room, take
    them out and one will have a frequency key. The cipher will be on the wall of
    the room you used to come in, on the lowest level of the room. The way you
    need to go is on the opposite side of the room to the cipher; but before you
    enter the next corridor head right (facing the door) and find the raised
    platform; bring up Mavi and on the green lockers will be a [Malthus logo].
    Now go through the marked room, down the corridor, decrypt the door and use the
    terminal to shut off the gas.
    A quick Zelda tune later head back the way you came. Don’t rush into the
    cycloconverter B room however, because there are two Malthusian’s patrolling the
    lower area. Simply charge some shots and shoot them from the doorway, entering
    the room will probably lead to you being attacked from two sides which isn’t
    recommended. Go through the series of corridors but watch out, after the second
    door there will be two guards patrolling the corridor; there are breakable
    windows and explosive barrels if you need some help taking them down.
    In the Cycloconverter A room yet another Malthusian has spawned but he’s all by
    his lonesome and should be easy to pick off with a well-placed charged headshot.
    Remember the raised platform with the jets of heated gas I mentioned? No, well
    on the far left side from the door you entered there is a document [Anxiety]
    behind some lockers. Before you go through the marked door instead head through
    the door where you let the water out of to save the hostage in CCTV mode. 
    Go down the corridor and enter the encrypted room, turn around and find a
    [Malthus Logo] above the door. Now go to the marked door.
    Once though you’ll notice that there are more streams of heated gas…what
    gives ,I thought we turned off the gas? Well anyway timing is key; make
    your way  through the stream picking up object [Anxiety No More] halfway.
    Once through the door you’ll come across a gap in the floor and a lot of
    fire, Scoot will ask you to find a water source. Bring up Mavi and hack
    into the CCTV on the ceiling straight in front of you; pan to the left
    and open the door using S.I.T.E scan.
    Jump down the hole into the now flooded corridor and swim forward to find a dead
    body with a frequency key on him. By the body there should be a ladder, climb up
    it and out of the water. Directly in front of the ladder will be the cipher, so
    bring up Mavi and scan it. You can now open the mesh door just to the left of
    your current position. Go out through the door and follow the corridor around to
    the left, open the door and a lot more water will pour out. Inside of that room
    will be a [Malthus Logo]. Nothing else is in this room so go back to the room
    where you had to run between ruptured gas lines by jumping over the gap in the
    Once past the gas (again!) open the mesh door to the right. Jump down to the
    lower level and turn the override valve. After that the room will predictably
    flood. For some reason this will also cause the door at the top to lock...
    because the developers were lazy. At any rate it’s not a long swim back to the
    ladder where you found the last cipher, just swim under the collapsed walkway
    and you should know where you are. Once up the ladder look to your right,
    just around the corner (where there was heated gas before) is a
    [Malthus Logo]. With that collected go out into the corridor and follow it
    around to the right and enter another vent.
    Go down the vent, being careful to avoid the jets of gas (again, we’ve turned it
    off twice now!), at the end of it you’ll find new ammo for your gun Gel rounds.
    These are explosive round that detonate 10 seconds after hitting their target.
    You can also press the G button after firing to detonate a round immediately.
    Outside of the vent you’ll find a dead body with the document [Resistance]. By
    the way this room isn’t a corridor but a rather large room with one angry
    Malthusian in it; Scoot will tell you to use your Gel rounds to take him out
    “quietly”. How explosive rounds are quieter than your virtually silent sonic
    rounds is beyond me; but whatever use them if you wanna.
    Scoot will also tell you to hack into the cameras…don’t because almost
    immediately two guards will enter the room, position yourself so you’ve got 
    some cover and make use of the explosive barrels in the area. Killing these
    guys should be second nature by now so I don’t think you’ll have too big a
    problem. On the opposite side of the room from where you entered there should
    be a small maintenance room; enter it and bring up your Mavi to scan the
    [Malthus Logo] on the wall just above the gel ammo on the floor…which you
    should pick up obviously. By the gel ammo there is also a document
    [VFD overview] on the floor. now hack the marked terminal in the room.
    Once you’ve done that two enemies will enter from the direction of where you
    came in, take cover and make use of any remaining barrels to take them out.
    Don’t be too smug because once you do a door will burst open and the room will
    flood and just to make things interesting another Malthusian will spawn from
    the area you entered the room. Kill him and enter the room that just burst open
    (should be right from the direction of the vent where you entered from), bring
    up your Mavi and scan the wall to find a [Malthus Logo]. Now swim to the marked
    location on the other side of the room, surface and you’ll find yourself at the
    exact height of the catwalks above the room, well wasn’t that convenient? On the
    catwalk will be another dead body with another frequency key, once you’ve got
    the frequency walk down the catwalk and find the cipher on the wall just beyond
    the bend.
    Head back to where the dead body is and open the purple door. Doh! The door
    won’t open so instead bring up Mavi and hack into the camera beyond the door,
    cycle through the different cameras until you end up in a corridor, use S.I.T.E
    scan to open the door and drain the water from the room. 
    Head to the marked door ,yet another purple encrypted door, and go through.
    You’ll end up in another corridor like room and there will be a Malthusian in
    it. Take him out but pay close attention to the walls, this is the first area
    where you can destroy walls which will let in a torrent of water.
    With the guy dead head to the right of the encrypted elevator to the loading bay
    and up the ladder. Once at the top of the ladder bring out the Mavi and scan the
    area directing in front of you for a [Malthus Logo]. Just around the corner from
    that logo is a series of red pipes, climb up them and go around to the right.
    Drop down and enter the room picking up the document [Miracle] from the desk.
    If you don’t normally read documents you might want to read this one, it’s
    written by that guy we saved earlier; hey this is the only thing that indicates
    any of our actions matter in any way, so you might as well attempt to enjoy it!
    Now jump out of the room and grab hold of the red scaffolding, shimmy around
    until you’re opposite the vent and backwards jump at it. Open it up and then
    enter it following it around to the right. Before you drop down take aim with
    your pistol and shoot out the wires electrifying the water. Be sure to cut them
    short too because the water will be rising in a minute.
    With all the cords cut, drop down and loot the frequency key from the dead body.
    Just to the right of the console you have to hack is another [Malthus Logo].
    Now hack the marked console which causes the VFDs, that are right next to you,
    to explode; stupid on several levels but never mind we’re about to do something
    stupider. We are now trapped because we can’t reach the vent, turnaround from
    the terminal you just hacked and look at the wall. It should be leaking water
    and glowing red, charge up a shot and shoot the wall causing the ship to flood
    even more; thus allowing you access to the vent. I don’t care if we do stop the
    Malthusians this ship is either going to sink soon after or be impossible to
    Go back down the vent and jump over to the small room where you found the
    “Miracle” document. Once inside you’ll hear a radio message about how horrible
    life is, everybody is going to die, SAVE US SUPERMAN! Or something, bring up
    your Mavi and scan the room for the cipher. Cipher in hand drop down to the
    lower level and exit through the door.
    ------------------------The Loading Area [WTLA]---------------------------------
    Through the door you’ll get a pop-up telling you to disable to gas jets. There
    will be a column to your right and but that will be a vending machine, climb
    onto the vending machine and jump up to the red pipes. Don’t enter the vent but
    instead go to the left and up more pipes and the broken glass sign…Kate’s hands
    are impervious to glass don’t you know? Keep following it around to the left,
    drop down on the catwalk and then use the valve at the end to stop the gas,
    With that done jump down, shoot out the glass to the separating wall. Walk down
    the corridor and find the three weakened walls, shoot them to get them to break
    and let in more water. This should gain you the medal [Vandal]. With that bit of
    sacking done turn around and head to the marked door.
    Right now in the next section don’t panic; Scoot makes it sound like it’s urgent
    but you can always surface to catch your breath. Dive straight down into the
    water and head to your left when you reach the bottom and head towards the 
    valve, and then turn it. Remember to hold down CTRL to speed up your swimming.
    Now turn around and swim around the corridor around to the left, left again and
    then right at the fork. The second valve is behind glass so aim and charge a
    shot before shooting it out and turning that valve. With the water receded
    you’re not going anywhere just yet, instead dive down again and enter the room
    in the middle of area, bring up Mavi and scan a [Malthus Logo] just by the grate
    you opened in the cutscene.
    With that done surface close to the second valve and head up the red pipes.
    Follow them around and up and you should reach a piper where you can swing and
    jump onto the next platform. Exit the room and enter the stairwell but don’t go
    through the next door, instead go down a level and submerge. Bring up Mavi and
    scan the wall for a [Malthus Logo]. Now go back up a level and open the door.
    After the short cutscene telling you to clear the elevator hit Ctrl to crouch
    down and enter sneaking mode, back out the door you just came in and then bring
    up Mavi. Look to your left and hack into the camera system. Right now a cutscene
    will play out and Gollum will waffle something about nanobots destroying the
    world, you can see him via the camera if you cycle through once. If you cycle
    through the feeds three times you should see the lowest area in the room with a
    door just below the corridor the corridor Kate is almost in. Use the camera to
    open the door and that’ll flood the area gaining you the medal [Maelstrom].
    Now you can either start killing the guys in the area or you can sneak down to
    the right and hack the terminal just after the corridor (you shouldn’t find any
    enemies going this way). Behind the newly hacked door you’ll find a dead body
    with a frequency key, some rapid-fire rounds behind the desk and a 
    [Malthus Logo] just to the right of the door you came in. There is also a
    completely pointless camera in this room...
    With all the mysteries of the room solved it’s time to move out. If you didn’t
    decide to kill the Malthusians beforehand there should be one patrolling the
    corridors now so you’re more than likely to get into a fight. There are plenty
    of explosive barrels, electrical boxes and gas mains to destroy so shouldn’t be
    too hard to defeat these guys by now. I count four on the higher level and two
    on the lower, if you flooded the area to get the medal these will be swimming
    around and so you might miss them. With the enemies dealt with for the time
    being go back to the entrance of this area and look for the cipher just but the
    first door on the right.
    With the cipher gained another Malthusian should spawn behind the mesh fence in
    the large open room. Either kill him now or just ignore him as he only has a
    clear shot at you if you stay up the top…which you’re not going to be doing.
    Head down to the lowest level of the area and head left to find the bottom of
    the elevator shaft, shoot the glowing red wall behind the stacked yellow boxes
    to flood the room some more and to allow the lift to fall to the bottom of its
    shaft. Now swim up to top level and swim through where the red-lift was blocking
    the way to get to the highlighted door. Do note that another Malthusian will
    spawn in the area and combat while swimming can be a bit disorientating at
    ----------------------Kate to the Rescue [WTKR] --------------------------------
    Once through the door you’ll come to large room with a gap between you and a
    security guard desperately banging on the window…with his gun? Listen I’m by no
    means the smartest guy in the world but if I was going to burn to death/ was 
    suffocating to death I would shoot out the window and jump. Well seeing as Kate
    is the only person on the ship that isn’t a complete idiot it’s time for you to
    save the day once again. Head over to the gap in the railing, bring up Mavi and
    look down to see a door behind the flames, open it and water will flood the
    lower area.
    With the lower area filled with water jump down, dive underwater and look for 
    the yellow barrels. Swim up to one and press E, this will make Kate grab onto
    it, drift down to the bottom by pressing Shift and place the yellow barrel into
    the blue storage container blocking the marked door. Yes you guessed right
    you’ll going to make a metal storage container float, perfectly balanced by the
    way, by placing 4/5 barrels in it. Barrels that provide so little buoyancy that
    Kate can grab them and submerge them with no visible effort. Carbon-fibre
    containers obviously, or maybe they’re made of the same stuff the Ark was made
    of in ‘Brink’?
    Anyway with your levitation trick complete swim under the container and enter
    the door. Swim forward and then left, Scoot will start talking but ignore him
    (as normal) and pay attention to the Malthusian swimming in the corridor, 
    shoot him quickly. Take note of an air pocket at the end of the corridor if
    you’re running out of breath. Before you go through the marked door look to
    your right and notice the window, shoot it and then bring up your Mavi to find
    a  [Malthus Logo].
    Once through the door you’ll enter another corridor with another Malthusian in
    it, there is another air hole in the roof just to the right of the entrance. 
    With the Malthusian dead and Kate’s lungs filled with oxygen quickly swim down
    the corridor that has hot streams of water spurting out of the side, try to 
    avoid the streams but don’t worry too much about them as they barely hurt you.
    Turn right and enter the stairway and surface. Go up the stairs and hear Kate
    plead in the blandest way possible for Scoot to get away from the Malthusians
    that are closing in on his position...you know what? I don’t think Kate likes
    him either and is just using him. Ignore the marked door and go up more for
    level to find a dead body with some ammo and a [Malthus Logo]. Now go back down
    and through the door.It’s time for another fire-fight. You’ll be in a room split
    in two with a large gap in the middle of it, there will be one Malthusian on
    your side and two more on the opposite. The area is covered with explosives and
    other deadly hazards so you should be able to make short work of them. Once
    they’re dead look up and shoot short the live cables that hang from the middle
    of the room; once safe hop on the moving platform and make your way to the other
    side of the room and search the bodies for the frequency key. Enter the room on
    the far left, pick up the Energy rounds on the floor (I really recommend you
    stock up on this ammo, final boss can only be beaten with this particular ammo
    type). Now scan the wall for to find the cipher. Once done enjoy the best
    cutscene in the game. Well it seems that we’re leaving that guy burn to death
    and we’re going to make a run for it. Go out the door and more Malthusians will
    have spawned, one on your side of the room and another two on the opposite.
    Once dealt with jump on the now stationary platform and oops!
    End of Act 2 people, home stretch in sight!
    -------------------------------Act 3 [WTA3]-------------------------------------
    ----------------------------Pills here! [WTPH]----------------------------------
    Well now enter into the part of the game where things are more obviously
    different from the original XBLA version, in that one there was no nanobot
    subplot and the Malthusian plan was completely vague…sure it was probably
    planned to be revealed in the second episode but that didn’t work out so well,
    did it?
    Anyhoo Kate will die soon if you don’t get some pills so slowly stagger over to
    the glowing green body to pick up your first dose of meds. Screaming “Grabin’
    pills” optional, but encouraged. This won’t save Kate however; it’ll only
    postpone her death until she gets the real “cure”, so you’ll be picking up more
    pills as you progress through the game now. Funny thing is that the description
    for this medication says that all personal involved with the nanobots should
    carry a full dose of these pills, which means the other dead guy in the hazmat
    suit should have a full dose too…but that would ruin the pacing and indicate
    that these people aren’t complete idiots.
    You don’t have time to think about it though as water will start to flood the
    area and two Malthusians will rush in, jump up on the collapsed walk way and
    shoot out the enemies now before the water rises, mainly because it’s a tad more
    difficult to shoot guys from the surface of the water while they have cover.
    Don’t rest on your laurels yet because another enemy will spawn on the other 
    side of the gap and another enemy will somehow appear in the water in the centre
    of the room. Once everything is safe you should swim over the railings and enter
    the marked door that has just opened.
    Once in the corridor Scoot will say he has to go and Kate actually reacts with
    emotion this time, yeah she’s definitely doesn’t like him and was just using him
    the entire time. Well you’re on your own now (apart from this guide that you’re
    reading) so carry on down the corridor and pick up the rapid fire rounds. Go
    through the first door but don’t rush ahead, there is actually a fork in this
    corridor and two Malthusians will emerge from it, so take cover and be ready to
    fire. The corridor will start to flood but it won’t completely fill the room so
    don’t worry about time. Once the coast is clear keep heading forwards.
    Once in the room you’ll notice electric cables hanging down blocking the exit,
    you know what to do, shoot them short and proceed. You’ll be in yet another
    copy-pasted corridor, a Malthusian will enter from the left so be ready for him,
    another two will shortly follow him so don’t relax just yet. The corridor is
    lined with windows with water behind them and a few have some goodies behind
    them; going down the right fork in the corridor the first left room will be some
    ammo and in the right room will be a [Malthus Logo]. With that collected go back
    the way you came and take the left route. Smashing the marked window, pick up
    the ammo on the floor to the left and going through a door. To your left you’ll
    see another window and behind that you’ll find some more ammo. Quickly keep
    going (because there are no air pockets in here) through the next door. Before
    doing anything else immediately turn to your right and shoot the Malthusian who
    is waiting for you to come through the other door.
    -------------------------Triangles of Death [WTTD]------------------------------
    Now this is rather a tough fight, there area will have several Malthusians in
    the water with you; so dive and take them out best you can, but it’ll also have
    enemies on dry land shooting at you from above. Take cover behind the triangle
    pillar-things best you can move over to the right side of the area, look for the
    stairs leading up and shoot out the electrical wires blocking your way. You may
    want to take out a few guards from the water before proceeding but it can be
    tricky to get to them and judge their distance from the hazards, it’s at this
    point in the game that I recommend you switch to more deadly ammo because the
    game will now be swarming with enemies and armoured Malthusians will start
    appearing more often. Once you’re ready quickly swim to the stairs, go up them
    and take cover. You should then be able to take out the remaining guards with
    Once done head over to the marked terminal and begin a hack, it’ll stop the
    power surge just below. Immediately after you’ve hacked the terminal two guards
    will spawn near you, run to the wall directly opposite to the hacked terminal
    and shoot the explosive barrel next to the newly spawned enemies to make short
    work of them. If you’ve already used the explosive barrel in the area crouch
    down (Ctrl) to avoid being heard to give yourself time to aim at their heads to
    quickly take them down. Of course this isn’t the end of them; two more enemies
    have spawned in the water and are waiting for you to enter unawares. Kill them
    and enter the marked door.
    Once in the flooded corridor head to your left to find an air pocket and a
    checkpoint. Go through the next door and down the next corridor (ammo to your
    left), behind the next door there should be another few Malthusians swimming
    around (don’t these guys breathe? At any rate there are some air pockets in the
    rooms to the side. Through the next door is almost a mirror image of the one
    with three triangle pillars. There should be three guys swimming in the water
    at first and a group shoot at you from one of the sides of the room. The key
    difference this time is that the triangles are sloping upwards towards the
    attackers so you can climb on them and look over their cover to kill them
    Don’t rest too long on the triangles because another goon will appear on the
    opposite side of the gap, so quickly swim over there and take them out. Once
    you walk towards the marked exit the door will overload and kill a mook, only
    another two enemies will spawn behind you so watch out. It’s possible to crouch
    and to get a drop on them however.
    Once the coast is clear run up the triangular pillar closest to the stairs and
    jump off the top, you’ll grab hold of a bar that will allow you to swing down 
    to a broken part of the catwalk, now shoot out the glass doors and hack the
    terminal in the room. There is also Energy Gel ammo in this room and I strongly
    recommend you save it for later.
    ----------------------------Revisiting [WTRV]-----------------------------------
    Once hacked the usual happens, the enemies respawn, two in the water and two on
    the land. Annoyingly there is a tough enemy guarding the top of the stairs so I
    would recommend being quick or using deadly ammo on him at least. Kill the
    enemies or just ignore them (the ones in the water pose no threat once you’re
    out) and go through the door to see yet another corridor. The first stretch of
    the corridor is free of enemies but just around the corner there are two
    Malthusians. Go through the next door and Kate will start begging for more
    pills, kill the Malthusian and hurry forwards and you now have a time-limit...
    a generous time-limit but let’s not tempt fate here.
    Through the next door you’ll find yet another flooded room and the pills are
    right in front of you, so swim over and pop ‘em down. Look around though and you
    might actually recognise this room from back in early Act 2, swim down and find
    a route through the debris but under the fire on the surface of the water. Once
    through you can surface but two Malthusians will be there to fill you with lead,
    and while you can kill them there is nothing up top that you need, so head left
    aim at the barrels blocking the door; shoot, and then go through.
    You may want to quickly surface and catch you breathe, while doing this bring up
    your Mavi and look for a [Malthus Logo] just above the surface of the water on
    the wall…you may have already got this earlier in the game. Now it’s time to
    grab hold of some yellow barrels and to place them in the object that is
    blocking the way, if the barrels don’t seem to be doing anything shoot them to
    loosen them up and to get the buoyancy working correctly. Swim through the door,
    along the familiar corridor and enter the elevator shaft.
    You should know where we’re going by now’ submerge quickly, enter the marked
    door, swim along the corridor and surface in the stairwell. Those observant
    enough (and those making a walkthrough) will notice that the water level has
    actually dropped in this area, as opposed to everywhere else on the ship, and
    that vending machines are apparently highly flammable. With this noted go
    through the door and if you missed it the first time collect the [Malthus logo]
    to the right, now finally open the encrypted door to the Shuttle Plaza. 
    --------------------------Shuttle Plaza [WTSP]----------------------------------
    After the cutscene open the door and prepare for the biggest fight in the game,
    if you’re like me you have plenty of lethal ammo left; this is the time to use
    it. Kate will start to need more pills at this point so kill the first three
    enemies that are just around this corner. There is a dead body with some pills
    just jump the stairs to the left. After picking up the pills two Malthusians
    will spawn close to you and others will appear beyond the electric wires. Kill
    the two near you, shoot the wires and carefully make your way to the right away
    from the central plaza. Remember to make good use of cover; those shotguns are
    very accurate, even at long distances.
    Once you’ve reached the area away from the plaza go around the billboards and
    bring up Mavi to find a [Malthus Logo]. Head back to the main area and work your
    way along the right side of the plaza, shoot the live wires and keep going to
    trigger a checkpoint. It is very important to shoot the wires before you hit
    the checkpoint, if you don’t you may end up restarting and getting electrified
    to death a second later.
    At any rate more enemies will spawn so take cover again and take them out,
    slowly working your way forwards. There is nothing off the next area to the
    right so don’t bother heading down there. Keep going until the reach the final
    pathway off the main plaza and get into cover; as a group of heavily armed men
    will spawn there. With all the enemies dead shoot out the live electric wire
    and head up to the marked ladder. For those that played the original you may
    remember that there was an object hidden on top of one of the shacks, well it’s
    not any more. Instead look behind the eat Boy shack just after the checkpoint
    (with the dodgy wiring) and it should be a purple
    [Official Anniversary Big Boy Hat] just by the fire. You can also gain a medal
    here for knocking enemies over the side, I didn’t do it so I have no advice
    other than it’s harder than the original game because your sonic rounds actually
    hurt the enemy in this version…try explosives?
    Once at the top of the ladder jump at the girder that has fallen on the roof and
    climb up it, SLOWLY. After a few rungs an explosion will happen shaking Kate
    from the girder knocking her down to grab one just before she goes splat. It’s
    meant to be a nice set piece with no real danger involved but if you’re too
    eager and are pressing up at the time Kate will slip a bit too far ahead and
    won’t be able to catch the railing on the way down. Well with the explosion done
    keep heading up the girder until you reach the top. Line up to the hole in the
    vent and perform a backwards jump. Pull yourself up and go left and follow the
    vent around until you drop down into a large room.
    Cutscene should trigger, showing Mila getting into an elevator and Kate has
    begun to glow again, we need the cure damnit so get after her! Blocking your way
    are two normal thugs and inside the actual elevator are two stronger ones, you
    should know what to do by now. Of course the elevator is encrypted; but before
    picking up the frequency key look to the left of the elevator to find a
    [Malthus Logo], now pick up the key.
    After picking up a key a door will open in the middle of the room and a
    Malthusian will come out of it. Enter the building and kill the two guards left
    inside and work your way up to the top floor. Look to the right with the Mavi
    and gain the final cipher. Yes the end of the game is close at hand, and of
    course this is where the original game ended. Well exit the building and
    discover that Kate can now control water, yay?
    ----------------------------The End [WTTE]--------------------------------------
    Now the controls get a bit annoying; you can create a pillar of water by holding
    down the Right Mouse Button and move it by dragging the mouse, if you have an
    object in the pillar you can throw it by pressing V. Simple enough however it
    now means you can’t aim and you can’t bring up Mavi (however there is no longer
    any reason to bring up Mavi as I haven’t found any hidden logos in the next
    area). To switch back to normal controls press 4 (I don’t know why either, but
    it’s the button they picked).
    Well this room is starting to flood and there is a small barricade now blocking
    the door; create a pillar of water, pick up the objects and throw using by
    pressing V. Now enter the elevator to start the final stretch. Out of the
    elevator you should find two Malthusians; use your new found power and sweep
    them off their feet, pick up an explosive barrel and throw it at the dazed
    opponents. Through the next door is another enemy, kill him and keep going
    Well turns out that Mila knows Kate and now considers her a threat, she has a
    pretty good line to explain this too; “When it’s your policy to kill everybody,
    you quickly discover who your enemies are. They’re the ones who survive”.  Well
    I like it. Go across the corridor and down the stairs, and through another
    corridor until you end up in a room with electrified water and no visible way
    of opening the door or getting across. Look down and see the three boxes, create
    a pillar of water and move them around creating stepping stones for Kate. Your
    aim is to get Kate near the opposite catwalk so she can grab it and pull herself
    up. Once you’ve done that go through the door, kill two Malthusians, and 
    continue forwards to face the final boss.
    Okay it’s time for random boss battle, what purpose did that thing have? I mean
    she couldn’t have brought it with her so that means that an armed orb attached
    to a tiny ceiling track was already installed in the bowels of the ship. Well
    ignore any questions you have and duck behind one of the pillars on either side
    of the arena. Bring up the ammo wheel and select Energy Rounds (hope you’ve been
    saving them like I suggested). When she loses track of you get her to fire again
    (running in a straight line should always be fast enough to avoid her attacks)
    and that should make the vents on either side of the orb, er well, vent! Shoot a
    vent with the Energy round to open her up to damage. You may want to switch to
    normal mode (press 4) in order to aim again. Once you’ve hit the vent create a
    pillar of water and grab one of the explosive barrels in the centre of the room
    and throw it at her using V. This can be a bit fiddly but try to get the barrel
    just in front of her and high in the pillar before throwing.
    After the first hit enemies will start to appear from the two sides of the room,
    remember to switch ammo types if you’re going to shoot them or simply use the
    water attacks to make short work of them. Remember to keep cover between
    yourself and Mila’s orb of death. No matter how many enemies you kill more will
    respawn, this is actually helpful if you don’t have enough ammo because they’ll
    drop the needed energy rounds. Clear the room of enemies when you can and repeat
    the pattern of; getting her to attack you, shooting the vents, and then throwing
    a barrel at the centre of the orb. Do this three times (of course it’s three
    times!) and you’ve defeated her and won the game. 
    YAY, now you uninstall this and to never play it again.
    Or maybe you could play the Challenge map that has now unlocked.
    ------------------------Malthusian Orders [MTOD]--------------------------------
    Unit A28 – Upper Security Complex
    We head out need for fear. We are not crippled my misdirected compassion.
    We see with clarity the coming storm and we are ready to embrace it with our
    The reprobates will respond with their fear, predictably by now Garland has led
    his forces into our trap and BIllingham’s attention is consumed buy out brother
    You will free wWlkson from Billingham’s cell and together you will neutralise
    him. Kill all that stand in your way and return to the Shuttle Plaza.
    Unit A1 - Shuttle Plaza
    Ensure The Shuttle Plaza is secure and all reprobates have been wiped out.
    Unit A2 will remain and the plaza will be on full lock down until your return
    from Loading Bay A303 with your cipher. See that all units report in and ensure
    the Cycloconverters, VFDs and Loading Bays are secure.
    Unit A26 – Cycloconverters Access
    One does not blame the virus for breeding and spreading and consuming all in 
    its path. A virus has no sentience it has not been granted the gift of
    nobility. We need not shed a tear for its extermination. Lesser respect still
    should be reserved for the reprobate masses of men who disgrace our gift of
    nobility by emulating its behaviour.
    Protect the Cycloconverters. Watch for intruders and wipe them out.
    Unit A25 – Cycloconverters
    Our brothers are guarding the access routes to the cycloconverters. Should any
    reprobates slip through their fingers, you will be required to finish the job.
    The cycloconverters must be protected.
    Unit A24 – Cycloconverters/VFD Access
    Those that fear death are not worthy of life. Protect the Cycloconverters and
    the VFD facility. Watch for survivors and wipe them out.
    Unit A22 – VFD Facility/Loading Bay Access
    The Queen of the World was the reprobate’s final refuge; now it be turned to
    serve Malthus. Protect the VFD Facility and the Loading Bay Access. Watch for
    survivors and wipe them out.
    Unit A21 – Loading Bay Access
    The instruments of the reprobates are destined to fuel the gluttony of man,
    but in the of Malthus we will turn them to serve his prophecy. The Loading Bay
    must be secured and protected at all costs.
    Unit A20 – Loading Bay A301
    Secure the Loading Bay and await for our arrival – your glory in the name of
    Malthus is assured.
    Unit 18 – Loading Bay A303
    All units are now in place. Ensure the loading bays are prepared for arrival of
    the weapon., there must be no interference. This cipher will enable access to
    the Shuttle Plaza, return there and await further orders. All reprobates must
    be wiped out.
    Unit A0 – ElectroCorp Access
    The ElectroCorp must be protected. By the time the reprobates have discovered
    the truth Commander Mila will have already gained access and phase 2 of the
    prophecy will be underway. Ensure nobody interferes, our prize must be
    -------------------------A Word from the Maker [WFTM]---------------------------
    So I have now played through Hydrophobia four times, twice on the original and
    twice on this version, and am I sad that another game will never be made? 
    Well not really, thing is it was never that interesting; the game had potential
    but most things do and it was clear that Dark Energy Digital just didn’t have
    the talent to create a great game. They had the talent to create fantastic
    looking water but as time has shown, you shouldn’t rest your hopes of other
    studios wanting to buy your water technology to keep afloat.
    Well hope you’ve found the guide useful, if you wish to put this guide up on
    your website (for some bizarre reason) you can; provided it’s unedited and you
    credit me. Any additional issues contact me at Jallen9000(at)Hotmail.com with
    a clear e-mail title.

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