What is the best strategy for defending one of your dens?

  1. I can easily deal with the templars, but after a while there comes some sort of wooden thing can can blow fire and I can't get this thing eradicated before it has destroyed my den.
    Not even with the cannons, because it takes to long before they are reloaded.

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    afcarulezz - 5 years ago
  2. Clarification Request::
    I agree with the OP--and any advice involving cannons is gonna fall on deaf ears here, because the cannon *won't hit the siege engine.* It can hit anything else, but never that. Misses it by 20 feet every single damn time. That makes no sense to me. And once I'm dealing with the cannon siege engine, I'm screwed. I can't put enough firepower or barricades on the street and roofs to slow it down, let alone stop it--and the cannon is useless for stopping it, since the *biggest target in the game* is the only thing it *can't hit.*

    I went back in time to get the challenges and trophy involving the metagame. What *I* wanna know is this: I'm far enough along to have unlocked everything but the last level of defense--the Cannon Barricade is one of them, I know. But there's a blank slot left in my defense TO&E menu. If I go on and elevate my people to master assassins, will those things unlock? Contrary to what Talaeladar says, I have also seen that if you elevate your assassins before you finish things like defending three times, you *can't* do those things later. Since I didn't do it that way, I don't know. Talaeladar might be right. But just in case, I want to know if those things will unlock once I have that 7th master.

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    Wakener - 5 years ago

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  1. The best strategy is to put a few special barricades (e.g. Greek fire ones, or barrel gun ones etc.) and place a lot of riflemen and crossbowers on roofs. Caltrop bombers help slow down the enemy, so put them near where the Templars are coming from. When you get to the 5th or 6th defense, there are stalkers. These annoying people can actually climb up buildings and attack your rifles :S... And the war machine. You can just place a lot of rifle men and keep shooting the thing with your pistol. When the cannons are ready, fire at it. It should go down pretty easily.

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  1. The best strategy is to avoid them being attacked by not reaching 100% notoriety.

    The second best and permanent option is to train each of the 7 Masters of the Dens so they would never get attacked again avoiding this lame minigame for once.

    Third, if you still want to play it the best thig you can do is aside from the roof units is to place some melee ones on the barricades, this way once the barricade is destroyed they can slow down the war machine, still it is probable that you'll lose the Den once the machines are powerful enough to destroy your barricades in 2 seconds, so better just do the two first options.

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  2. I've beaten a few den defense missions already, seems like having a lot of riflemen helped, and I shot the tank with my gun to make sure everyone shot it, and also used cannons...apparently it's possible even without cannons though. Make sure to fortify your barriers if you can, that might help, and loot the dead Templar for a chance at more morale.

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  3. Sounds like you have a problem with the Greek Fire brigade...no problem though. Greek Fire is effective with power, but severely lacks in range. Try to put up barricades and save up your cannon shots for when you really need to use them. Also, make sure to shoot the thing with your gun, so your assassins know to make that their main priority. Mix up your defense between crossbow and riflemen assassins, so you have a little balance between attacking speed and strength, as well as placing them behind barricades when needed. Fortify the barricades and repair when needed, and you should be fine!

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  4. When you assign an assassin to all of your dens and make them all masters so the dens won't be attacked, you get the message that you have successfully defended your den 3 times for the Assassin's Guild challenge.

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  5. 1. always try to have as many barriers as possible (I would suggest the ones with greek fire, because they destroy the wooden machines well if they're in their range.

    2. put a lot of brutalizers (if you unlocked them) near the assassin den to make sure no one comes in

    3. (this is more of an opinion) Don't use the men with the crossbows, only use the guys with the rifles since they're one shot kills


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  6. I struggled at this too. Now what I do is partly what above has said.
    Put assassins on each side with 1 crossbow men on each side.
    Place a barricade either fire or cannon one. Upgrade as far as possible and place rifle and brute behind it.

    More moral.....
    Place the slowing down enemy guys at where the enemy enters and put as many rifle men as you can afford.

    Make sure u are constantly helping your men and use square to help shoot. Watch the top right of the screen and it will tell you what men are coming, be aware of cannon and bomb men and large groups, use your cannon on the bomb men and rifle men. Bomb men need to be delt with quick because they will take out your barricade quick. Constantly use up cannon to kill the large mobs.

    Concentrait on the number valua in the top right corner. arund 24/28 the "destroyer" comes, save one cannon for this time., As above has said the cannon doesn't actually do any damage do their "destroyer" so use up cannons to defeat the men around it and continuously shoot it with your gun so the other rifle men on the roof attack it.

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