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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Krystal109

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    Den Defense

    Whenever the Templar Awareness meter is in the Aware status, doing certain things to increase the meter may provoke a Templar attack on an Assassin Den. This will shift the Den status to contested. This will cause enemies to spawn around the area of the den and you must infiltrate it and interact with the front door to trigger a Den Defense.


    Why defend a den?

    If you succeed in defending a den you get monetary rewards, crafting ingredients, XP for Ezio's assassins, and unlocks more units for future defenses. If you fail, you will need to recapture the den all over again.

    What if you want to participate in more Den Defenses?

    The quickest way to get another conflict is to fill up the awareness in any way you want and then enter a Templar Den and kill a few Templars in open combat. If all dens are in your control, pick on any Ottoman soldiers.

    I hate Den Defense, how do I prevent one?

    Assign an assassin to the den and complete both parts of his/her Master Assassin Missions training to lock the den.


    Before the battle, study the variety and number of enemies you will have to face. This will enable you to choose what units to defend. You can change your defense by using the Edit function.


    Opening Tactics

    When the battle begins, a risky opening strategy may help pay off for the rest of the fight. Depending on how many Morale points you start with, place two leaders on the rooftops asap. Quickly position a handful of crossbowmen on rooftops close to the first wave. Your aim is to have all available rooftops occupied by leaders to maximize Morale generation.

    This strategy will leave you with few units defending at the start, so make sure to use Ezio's gun a lot and support the crossbowmen. If an early way have a large number of units, use a Cannon burst to destroy them all.

    At the first chance, you should put up your best barricade to create a choke point close to your troops. Also make sure you don't upgrade the barricade until it is almost destroyed to maximize its health usage.


    Midpoint Tactics

    Whenever you are not positioning units, use Ezio's pistol or loot enemies.

    Make sure to use the indicator to see upcoming units and watch out for stalkers or bombmen.

    Make sure you place the stronger units where the Templar forces arrive and the cheaper ones on the rooftops nearby.

    If you will be facing a siege engine, be careful with your cannon usage in the second part of the battle. Let it recharge and use it in short bursts.



    If you have a good build you should have plenty of Morale to upgrade some of your weaker units.

    When the siege engine appears, blast it with Cannon fire. While it recharges put up barricades to slow it's progress.

    Assassin Units
    NameCostHealthMelee DmgRanged DmgNotes
    Leader1015050-Generates Morale every 10 secs
    Crossbowmen101505034Place near enemy arrival as they be attacked first and are cheap.
    Riflemen151505090Great against armored units. They are powerful, but slow.
    Splinter Bomber251505050Good against large groups and great against siege engines.
    Caltrop Bomber151505025Best when used at a barricade choke point and with Splinters.
    Bruiser10150150-Best behind barricades since they have 25% resistance to damage. Sell before siege engines.
    Air Assassin1015050KillOnly good against human enemies, but kill 2 instantly.
    Assassin Barricades
    NameCostHP 1HP 2HP 3DamageNotes
    Barricade10/157501,5002,250-Useless once ones with weapons, but are good to slow down siege engines if funds are low.
    Greek Fire20/205001,0001,50030 perPoor range and damage, but cheap. Good against groups of weak enemies.
    Multi-Barrel Gun Barricade30/205001,0001,500100 perBetter range and damage than above, but less effective against groups.
    Cannon Barricade40/257501,5002,250200 perPlace it where it gets the most enemies and it will be like a free cannon shot.
    Templar Units
    NameHealthDmg on AssassinsDmg on BarricadesNotes
    Militia34357Weak to Crossbowmen.
    Almogavar100757Weak to Riflemen.
    Scout8075-Can climb barricades and attack units behind them.
    Infiltrator6850-Can climb barricades and will go straight for the den.
    Rifleman6850 Range10Weak to Air Assasins.
    25 Melee
    Bombman10025250Make sure to take these out before they destroy your barricades.
    Stalker8075-These are a top priority since they destroy your assassins.
    Templar Siege Engines
    Battering Ram5,000500 per attackCan easily destroy any barricade.
    Greek Fire4,000250 per secInflicts heavy damage to everything.
    Machine Gun4,50025 per shotProvides covering fire for troops.
    Cannon4,500800 per attackAttacks from a distance at the den. You can distract them with armed barricades. I suggest you place two barricades back to back and upgrade them both once so when they are attacked you can upgrade it to heal it. When the front one is destroyed the engine shouldn't move as it attacks the back one. Replace the front one and upgrade it once and fix the back one. Keep doing this until it dies.

    Mediterranean Defense

    Unlocked in Sequence 03, the Mediterranean Defense is a huge source of income and needed in order to access the Master Assassin Missions.

    Once you acquire your first assassin, you can liberate more areas and get more assassins. To access the Mediterranean Defense interface, either visit a pigeon coop throughout Constantinople of talk to one of the maps in the Assassin's Dens/HQ or Piri Reis's shop in Grand Bazaar.

    When you open the interface you will have two options: Assassins and Mediterranean Defense. The Assassins menu enables you to look at your current list of assassins and spend Skill Points on armor and weapon upgrades. Assassins receive Skill Points every time they rank up by getting XP from Den Defenses or contracts. The contracts are what the Mediterranean Defense menu leads to. These contracts are missions you can send your assassins on.

    NOTE: You can only get 7 assassins to Master Assassin by assigning them to a den and doing the quests. All other assassins max at level 10. You can always assign an assassin to a city in the Mediterranean Defense to recruit more later.


    Every potential mission has six primary characteristics:


    Some require a cash investment.


    The difficulty is expressed through Odds of Success rating once you assign an assassin. There are two varieties of missions: Generic (marked with diamonds) are always replaced, and Unique (marked with stars) which you can only undertake once. The assassins rank will determine their success, but you can always assign more than one assassin on a mission.


    The money you receive upon success.


    The XP earned. This will be split between multiple assassins, if you assign more than one.

    Synch Duration

    The number of minutes of active play before the contract is completed.

    Templar Control

    Indicates the effect on Templar control in the city.

    If you fail a mission the assassin will be killed, unless they are a Den leader, and must be replaced with a new recruit.

    Each assassin comes with a specific weapon (randomly chosen when recruited) that is displayed below their picture. Some missions can only be undertaken if the assassin has a certain weapon.

    Assassin Ranks
    3Apprentice3011Assassin, 2nd Rank3,800
    4Novice8012Assassin, 3rd Rank5,600
    5Footpad18013Assassin, 4th Rank8,000
    6Disciple35014Assassin, 5th Rank11,000
    7Mercenary60015Master Assassin15,500
    Assassin Upgrades
    ArmorDefaultHealth = 60
    1Health +15
    2Health +30
    3Health +45
    4Health +60
    5Health +75
    Combat1Damage x1.5
    Unlocks the Combo and Kick moves
    2Damage x2
    Unlocks Special Attack and Combo Kill moves
    Kill moves
    3Damage x2.5
    Unlock Counter Dodge move
    4Damage x3
    Unlocks Counter Kills
    5Damage x4
    Improves Counter Kills

    Recruiting Assassins

    When you liberate Templar Dens and have free space in your roster, you will see assassin recruit markers in Assassin control areas.

    There are two types of recruit assassin scenarios: six short Secondary Memories and tell the short stories of individual recruits. These count toward the 100% synch rating. There is also generic recruit opportunities, much like the ones in Brotherhood, that appear on the map. Save them from the Templars and they will pledge themselves to you.

    In order to get the generic recruitments you will need to complete a nearby Assassin Memory. Unlike the Assassin Memories, which only increase the Templar awareness depending on your actions in combat, the generic recruitments will raise Templar awareness.

    Memory NameAvailability
    The BrawlerCapture Constantine North Den
    The PupilCapture Constantine South Den
    The AvengerFrom Sequence 03, Memory 3
    The AcrobatCapture Bayezid South Den
    The BeggarsCapture Imperial South Den
    The PickpocketCapture Bayezid North Den

    Master Assassin Missions

    The Deacon, Part 1
    Assign a Leader to the Bayezid North Den
    Unlocks Yusuf's Turkish Kijil at the Assassin HQ
    Head to the waypoint and then run up the steps. Scan the individual standing opposite a tree on the upper level to complete the 100%. Speak to him to advance the story. Head to the next waypoint. Use Eagle Sense to identify the target to the right of the Tunnel Entrance and then escort your Den Leader to the docks.
    The Deacon, Part 2
    Train the Bayezid North Den Leader to Lvl 14, with a full XP gauge
    Head up the steps to the left of a Romani group, a short walk south from the memory start position. Scan the corpse with Eagle Sense, then follow the Deacon's trail until you reach a waypoint. When your Den Leader lures the target away, chase him. Leave some room and when you reach the ambush area, equip the Hidden Blade. Assassinate the man before the fight can begin for 100%.
    The Trickster, Part 1
    Walk with the Den Leader and then follow the marked Romani. Kill any incoming enemies until you get the cutscene. When you start the fight, you will need to disarm the guards by having the fist activated and then counter them. Hit down again to drop the weapon.
    The Trickster, Part 2
    Train the Constantine North Den Leader to Lvl 14, with a full XP
    Make sure you have Poison Darts ready before heading out on this mission. Use Eagle Sense to follow the girls trail, ignoring the guards trails. When you catch up to her, use a Poison Dart to kill her and you will satisfy the 100% and complete the memory.
    The Champion, Part 1
    Assign a Leader to the Bayezid South Den
    Unlocks the Almogavar Axe at the Assassin HQ
    Walk with your Den Leader and then ascend to the rooftop. Follow from above, making sure you don't touch the ground. Use ranged attacks to kill guards. When you get the scene, chase after the Printer and defend him from the Templar attacks.
    The Champion, Part 2
    Train the Bayezid South Den Leader to Lvl 14, with a full XP
    Make sure you have bombs with Impact Shells and Stink Bombs. Walk with your Den Leader, to watch a scene with the Herald. When the Templars come attack, throw a Stink Bomb next to the Herald and kill the attackers. Keep tossing bombs, making more in the weapon menu if needed, until the Champion appears. Move into the marked position to distract him and then tap the Assassin Signal to make your apprentice take the kill.
    The Guardian, Part 1
    Assign a Leader to the Constantine South Den
    Kill any Templars that attack you while you escort the Den Leader to the market. Approach the waypoint marker and then scan the chests in the area. Speak to the highlighted merchant and then follow your Den Leader to the next area. When you reach the rich man's house, be careful not to be detected. Stay on the roofs and use your Assassin Signals, Throwing Knives, and Crossbow to take out enemies. When you clear the way, drop down and talk to the man.
    The Guardian, Part 2
    Train the Constantine South Den Leader to Lvl 14, with a full XP
    Once the cutscene ends, follow the rich man from a safe distance. After the meeting, tail the man and the Byzantine soldier and when they approach a guard post climb the building. Once the game indicates for you to chase the soldier, do so and kill him. Sprint to the waypoint and assassinate the Templar as he runs away.
    The Vizier, Part 1
    Assign a Leader to the Imperial North Den
    Walk with the Den Leader until you head out in a race. After the scene, don't rush after the courier and follow from a safe distance. Join the Den Leader to observe the events and then chase the courier. Killing him yourself will get you a full Templar Awareness meter, but you can sweep his legs and your Den Leader will inflict the death kill. Head to the waypoint and speak to the man.
    The Vizier, Part 2
    Train the Imperial North Den Leader to Lvl 14, with a full XP
    This starts with a race to find your Den Leader. For the 100% you will need to find him in a minute with no conflict. Use Eagle Sense to follow the gold trail and hire the Thieves near the Grand Bazaar to distract the guards. Run down the first corridor heading south then take the first right. Blend with the civilians to pass the next set of guards and take the next left, then right. You are headed for the open courtyard east of the Blacksmith.
    The Thespian, Part 1
    Assign a Leader to the Imperial South Den
    While your Den Leader suggests that you cover from the roofs, getting the 100% is easier at street level. Stay out of sight when the woman turns around, but ahead of your assassin. Kill any guard along the path before they attack. When your assassin leaves the streets, you are out of danger. Follow you Den Leader into the Hippodrome for a scene. When the girl disappears, drop down, head through the arch and down the left wall.
    The Thespian, Part 2
    Train the Imperial South Den Leader to Lvl 14, with a full XP
    Follow your Den Leader. After the cutscene you will need to hurry to reach the target first. You can use the zipline when your Leader uses a Parachute. Jump down and you can rush in and get the kill openly in front of the other Templars. Fight off your enemies or use Arrow Shower. Run to the docks afterwards.

    Faction HQ Missions

    Unfortunate SonFrom the start of Sequence 03
    Loose LipsFrom the start of Sequence 03

    When you defeat the Unfortunate Son Faction HQ Mission, you can visit the dock south of the Mercenary HQ to participate in the Fight Clubs. There are five tiers of combat engagements to unlock, each with its own Award Multiplier that governs the return on your wager.


    Book Quests

    Six Book Quests become available from Sequence 04, Memory 4, with the seventh unlocked when the Arsenal district becomes available in Sequence 05. All Book Quests work in the same way: Ezio must locate a glowing Polo Symbol, with Eagle Sense. When you reach the waypoint, hold the Empty Hand button to receive a book. You can study notes on the books you have acquired by going to the Assassin HQ.

    By completing all these quests and buying all the books from vendors, you can unlock the Sage Achievement/Trophy. This includes the four books available in Cappadocia which cost a combined price of 352,303.

    The Polo Symbols: HippodromeThe Travels of Marco Polo400
    The Polo Symbols: GalataOne Thousand and One Nights400
    The Polo Symbols: ArsenalThe Book of Kings400
    The Polo Symbols: Forum of OXNibelungenlied400
    The Polo Symbols: AqueductIliad400
    The Polo Symbols: Church IThe Canterbury Tales400
    The Polo Symbols: Church IIThe Flute Girl400

    Piri Reis Missions

    All Piri Reis Missions are available from the end of the Bomb Crafting Memory in Sequence 03. Each is a tutorial in the use of different bombs. Interact with the boards to the right of his desk in the shop to begin these short missions.

    Piri Reis: Smoke ScreenAfter Sequence 03, Memory 4Phosphorous available at Piri Reis' Shop
    Piri Reis: Smoke DecoyAfter Sequence 03, Memory 4Salt of Petra available at Piri Reis' Shop
    Piri Reis: Sticky SituationsAfter Sequence 03, Memory 4Sticky Pouch available at Piri Reis' Shop
    Piri Reis: DaturaAfter Sequence 03, Memory 4Datura available at Piri Reis' Shop
    Piri Reis: CherryComplete Smoke DecoySulfur available at Piri Reis' Shop
    Piri Reis: ThunderComplete DaturaCoal Dust available at Piri Reis' Shop
    Piri Reis: CaltropsComplete Smoke ScreenCaltrops available at Piri Reis' Shop
    Piri Reis: TripewireComplete Sticky SituationsTrip Wires available at Piri Reis' Shop


    These side quests not only contribute to your overall synch rating, but can offer up some great rewards. They can be completed at any time, once you have access to that guild.

    Assassins Guild

    Level 1#Reward
    Call Assassins during a fightx25Increases success for the first assassin assigned to a medium defense contract by 10%.
    Call Assassins on a targetx20
    Level 2#Reward
    Use Arrow Stormx15Increase the rate in which the Assassin Signal Meter recharges.
    Call your Assassins within a story missionx5
    Level 3#Reward
    Train recruits to the rank of Master Assassinx7Unlocks Altair's Sword at the Assassin HQ.
    Successfully perform a Den Defensex3


    • Set 1 reward will increase the profitability of the Mediterranean Defense if you get it early enough.
    • Once you have at least 6 assassins at your disposal, use Arrow Storm on a random guard patrol prior to every visit to the Mediterranean Defense.
    • According to the official guide, you MUST complete 3 den defenses of you can fail to get 100% sync. DO NOT BELIEVE WHAT YOU READ ON FORUMS.

    Romanies Guild

    Level 1#Reward
    Use Romanies on guards.x10Cost of hiring Romanies decreases.
    Evade using stealth (crowds/hiding spots)x10
    Kill guards using the crossbow without being detectedx20
    Level 2#Reward
    Use Tactical Bombs to escape guardsx10Unlocks the Romani Faction Ability (Romani's will poison the guards). Also unlocks the Romanies Guild Crest at Assassin HQ.
    Kill a Stalker without getting stabbedx5
    Kill guards with poisonx15
    Level 3#Reward
    Kill guards using bombs without being spottedx20Unlocks the Romani Stiletto.
    Assassinate a guard from behindx10
    Assassinate a guard from a blend spotx5
    Kill three enemies dazed by a single smoke bomb before it dissipatesx1

    Thieves Guild

    Level 1#Reward
    Use thieves on guardsx10Cost of hiring Thieves decreases.
    Sprint uninterrupted for 300 metersx1
    Perform a Hook and Runx15
    Level 2#Reward
    Perform a Leap of Faithx40Unlocks the Thief Faction Ability (they will pickpocket any civilian) Also unlocks the Thieves Guild Crest at the Assassin HQ.
    Climb a total distance of 1kmx1
    Steal money with a Counter Steal250
    Level 3#Reward
    Perform a dive of at least 30 metersx1Unlocks the Ottoman Mace.
    Kill a guard using throwing knivesx25
    Perform an air assassination on guards from a beamx5
    Perform a zipline assassinationx10


    • The easiest way to get the sprint uninterrupted challenge is to run around the gardens around Bayezid Mosque (Bayezid South District) and the ruins to the south of the Constantine district.
    • To perform the dive, travel to the final tower on the north wall of Topkapi Palace, then jump towards the Golden Horn waterway.

    Mercenaries Guild

    Level 1#Reward
    Use Mercenaries on guardsx10Cost of hiring Mercenaries decreases.
    Destroy a scaffold by throwing someone onto itx5
    Kill an enemy using a thrown weaponx5
    Level 2#Reward
    Disarm and kill a guard with his own weaponx5Unlocks the Mercenary Faction Ability (bodyguard Ezio). Also un-locks the Mercenaries Guild Crest at the Assassin HQ.
    Kill a Byzantine Almogavarx25
    Perform a Hook and Throwx10
    Level 3#Reward
    Perform a double assassinationx10Unlocks the Broadsword at the Assassin HQ.
    Kill five guards in under 10 seconds with meleex1
    Perform a Kill Streak of at least five killsx10
    Kill an Ottoman Janissaryx25


    • Thrown weapon means either Heavy or Long weapon types hurled forcefully into opponents bodies with a special attack move (NOT throwing knives). Polearms require you to NOT be locked to throw it.
    • Almogavar are really rare. However the Piri Reis: Datura mission is short and features several of these targets.
    • Topkapi Palace is the best place to hunt Janissaries from Sequence 04. Travel to the main courtyard to encounter a bunch of them.
    • The kill streak requires you to get get a full streak of five kills without being interrupted by a counter kill. This makes it really hard to get at later dates when you fight mostly Janissaries. You best option is to replay Sequence 04 Memory and run around the city.


    Level 1#Reward
    Stick a bomb on a guardx10Extra bomb ingredients found within Dens.
    Kill a mission target with a bombx1
    Distract a guard using bombsx20
    Kill five guards with a single bombx1
    Kill guards with Tripwire bombsx20
    Level 2#Reward
    Craft a bomb with every shell typex1Bomb Capacity Upgrade. Also unlocks the Bomb Faction Crest at the Assassin HQ.
    Use a bombx50
    Kill a guard incapacitated by a bombx25
    Craft one bomb of each effect typex1
    Use every bomb effect at least typex1

    Hagia Sophia's Secret

    Requirement: Collect all 10 Memoir Pages

    100% Synch RequirementComplete the level within 6 minutes

    After you collect all 10 pages, you can reach this location via a door to the right of the main Hagia Sofia entrance, found on the northeast side of the building.

    From the starting point, climb over the obstacle in front of you and then up the west wall. Shimmy around the corner and back jump to the next ledge. Shimmy around it and back jump to another ledge. Shimmy left until the camera changes and back jump to the chandelier. From there go across the wooden beam into another room.

    After the scene, use the boxes to climb the wall and back jump to the chandelier. Head from chandelier to chandelier until you reach a ledge. Follow the path to a zipline.

    Scale the scaffold and head to the left to reach an opening in the railing and climb up. If you have time there is a Bomb Stash to open in the northwest corner. Run through the archway to the east and perform a long jump on the hanging fixture to reach the opposite balcony. There is another Bomb Stash close to the east wall here. Climb up the boxes to a ledge at the south and follow the route to back jump to a chandelier and take a zipline to reach the west balcony.

    Use the wooden beams to cross the hole in the floor to the south and perform a long jump to swing over another. Head through the archway and climb over the obstruction to the left. Jump over to the beam to the north via the barrels and head up the left wall. Back jump, making sure to use the hookblade, onto a platform behind you. Follow the cameras line of view to go up the wooden planks to the ceiling. Shimmy left and back jump to another chandelier and take the zipline.

    After you land, head to the very top of the scaffold and make your way to the right until you reach the high ledge. Climb to the top and perform a back jump to another chandelier and across to the waypoint. Perform a Leap of Faith into the pool after a cutscene and open the treasure chests before interacting with the sarcophagus to claim Ishak Pasha's Armor.


    The Impaler's Tomb

    Requirement: Only available as a preorder bonus in some editions.

    100% Synch RequirementComplete the level within 6 minutes

    Once you have unlocked this location, interact with the book in Sofia's Bookshop. Once you do this, head to the cemetery in the south of the Constantine district and enter the door at the Hidden Tomb marker.

    Once inside, free run on the short course directly ahead and to the left. When you reach the upper level, take a right and then left. Swing down to the lower level and continue west until you reach an opening on the south wall (by climbing on a box). Follow the route and bypass the locked gate and perform a side jump from the ledge to reach the platform to the right and ride the zipline down. In the next area, follow the path to reach an opening in a wall (by using the boxes to get higher and making your way around and back jumping to a platform) and swing via the pole to reach the lower level.

    Use the boxes to get on the upper area and follow the path and execute a long jump (hit O after jumping) when you get to the hanging fixture to reach a balcony. Perform a Leap of Faith from the perch and swim to a ledge to follow the tunnel (watching out for pits) until you come to a room and past it, a staircase.

    Climb over the gate and then head west to reach a large room. Climb the north wall and use the ledges and platforms to get to the large arch to the south. Side jump to the ledge nearby and then to the platform. Follow the path and jump onto the suspended cage and move to the left, around a corner, and climb to the top via the door.

    Next, climb the shaft via the drain and jump over the sewer opening to the south and climb on the wooden beam above. Now, jump over the north and ascend until the camera angle changes to show you where to go. Use the wooden framework to the south to begin the last part of the climb to reach an opening to the north. Back jump from the chain to get to the balcony and run down the steps. Loot the stone container to get Vlad Tepe's Sword.


    Desmond's Journey

    This set of optional adventures will reveal elements of Desmond's life via a first-person perspective, with a focus on action-oriented puzzles. They are unlocked by collecting Animus Data Fragments as Ezio and can be accessed by the giant portals on Animus Island. You can enter Animus Island by using the Pause menu and select "Return to Animus Island".


    Part 1: Doubts

    Head straight ahead and when you reach the bottom turn left into a room with a hand pointing up. Interact with this to open a nearby shining door and head inside.

    Listen to Desmond talk about his childhood and then take a right up a ramp to the upper level. Interact with the hand to open another door.

    Continue on, down a column to some moving platforms. Ride these up to another level and continue. Drop down in the next room and follow the highlighted platforms to ride one up and activate another hand.

    Drop down and follow the newly formed path. When you reach a platform moving up and down, jump across to activate the shiny hand.

    Ride the platform up and take the ramp to the portal. Now use the spawn blocks to make your way across the gap. Drop down as far as you can and then use the flat block to make your way to the other side, you will probably need to aim the camera low to place blocks far below you and drop down. Pick up the MULTIPLAYER EMBLEM 1 and the use the ramp blocks to head up.

    This will lead you back to chamber 1. Now head back to the room just past the one with the farm. At the top of the column, next to the door you should find the MULTIPLAYER EMBLEM 2. Now head back to chamber 1 and through the portal.


    Part 2: Training

    Walk along the corridor and then use ramps to get to the beam in the middle of this room. You will now need to head for the exit in the middle top of this room, but you will be moving against a particle stream, so go fast. Use the next particle stream to ascend to the next area. Use the ramps to ascend the next room to the opening at the top and continue on.

    In the next area you will need to avoid the data cubes and make it to the other side. I suggest you go low first and then across. When you reach the data section that is running down, wait for the largest section to pass and then make your way across to an opening at the bottom of the room.

    The next area has containment field, which basically act as gravity for blocks. Head to the end of the room and drop down the hole. As you get close to the ledge below, place a block to halt your fall and continue on.

    The particle field here will push down, but no biggy. Simply use them to get to the platform already in place and walk to the next particle field. Here you can place ramps going up and just go back and forth until you reach the top. If you look above the particle field you will notice the MULTIPLAYER EMBLEM 3.

    The next major room will mix particle fields and containment fields. Instead of going across, you need to go up and over the containment field and drop down into another particle field to get across. Then you will need to get up the wall on your left as you ascend and are forced away from the exit. Head into the room and immediately start making ramps behind you to get up there.

    In the next area the trick again is to go up and over. Do what you did before when you went across and dropped back into a particle field. The next particle field will veer left and right as it ascends. If you get luckily, you can place a block in the right spot and ride it all the way up. Try not to over correct, as the stream may shift and put you into some data cubes.

    In the next chamber, grab the MULTIPLAYER EMBLEM 4 behind the pictures of Desmond's childhood before heading down the particle field. This part can be rough, but just remember that only parts of your blocks that hit the data cubes are erased.


    Part 3: Escape

    Use a platform or two to get across the gap to a containment field. Drop through it and as soon as you pass it place a block. You should hear/see the MULTIPLAYER EMBLEM 5 on top of the beams nearby. Now make your way to the shiny hand on the other side of the room. Head up to the beams so you can pass the containment field and get to the new doorway.

    Use some platforms to get to the opening on the left wall and into a new room. This room has a moving containment grid. Wait for it to move away to get across to the solid ground. The next room has even more moving containment grids. It isn't nearly as complicated as it looks by the way. Since the containment grids are only a cell wide and move past you, you can power your way through by making blocks for the ones that are destroyed.

    The next area is pretty straight forward, just follow the field as you avoid walls and the data cube stream below. When you reach the end, start making platforms to your right until you are out of the data stream and head for the exit. Before you leave, head over to the crisscrossed beams for MULTIPLAYER EMBLEM 6.

    The next area isn't hard at all, just place the ramps as the containment grid heads down and you can make it across easy. The next few passages are not so bad either, just drop when you down on the other side of a containment field and head back up. In one of the areas you can use the grey data cubes as safe ground.


    Part 4: Metropolis

    Head straight and when the containment array opens, head on through quickly. Head up and at the next set of rays, wait until all all aiming at the walls instead of the set that runs down the middle. On the third set just make sure you are as close to the beams as possible before rushing though at an opening.

    As soon as you enter the room with the static arrays, look left to see the MULTIPLAYER EMBLEM 7. Make your way through the maze, going up and over when needed, until you reach the end. Rush past the on and off array and then look down. You need to time your drops so you can drop through the arrays field when it's off and make a platform. Do this a few times to get to the bottom.

    In the next area, walk across the light bridge until you get blocked. Now you must make your way around the chamber in a counter- clockwise way using the particle fields and avoiding the containment ones. Interact with the shiny hand to remake the light bridge.

    The trick to the next area is to stick to the right wall and go forward as to array moves away to the left. Make sure you start low so you can grab the MULTIPLAYER EMBLEM 8 and then use ramps to get to the exit.


    Part 5: Regret

    Head straight into the elevator and hit the shiny hand button. Ride the particle field up and then make your way through the maze using platforms and ramps. When you are walking across the data cube walkway, look to your left for MULTIPLAYE EMBLEM 9 and continue.

    In the new area with the moving containment fields, use platforms while moving left and right to avoid the fields and activate the shiny button on the other side. In the downward particle field, use platforms and a few ramps to get to the other side while avoiding the data blocks. The final area here is a large section of containment fields that move back and forth. What you have to do is wait until it gets close and then follow it. When it starts to head back, duck into an alcove on the right. Wait for it to go past again and then run away from it to the end. Head left and hop in the elevator and hit the button.

    Ride the particle field up and head right out of the elevator and then left. To get past the next area, just create you path along one wall. The next set of fields mimics slamming gate and you will need to time your moved to rush past during its opening and then head left out of the field. Now you must make your way forward against the particle stream, but this should be easy by now.

    In the last room, hug the left wall and look up to see the MULTIPLAYER EMBLEM 10. Get it and then jump into the final portal out.



    Every melee weapon is rated by three things: Damage, Speed and Deflect. These define the effectiveness of the weapon in combat. The higher the rating in each category, the better the weapon is overall.


    Determines the strength of each successful hit


    Let's Ezio attack faster and more often


    Determines the weapons ability to block enemies attacks when they attack

    Special attacks and the number of blows required to kill an opponent with a combo assault are also important factors to take into account when choosing a weapons.

    Finishing Blows: Combo Requirements
    Hidden Blade/Hookblade4
    Small Weapons3
    Medium Weapons3
    Heavy Weapons2
    Long Weapons2

    Special Attacks

    These "charge-up" techniques are unique to certain weapon classes. Heavy and Long weapons share the Throw move, with Long weapons also offering the Sweep attack. Fists offer you to Throw Sand.

    Combo Efficiency

    Weapon classes differ in the number of hits required for a finishing blow. While size of a weapon will also have a bearing on its efficiency in both combos and streaks.

    Weapon Attributes

    Hidden Blade----N/A
    Poison Blade----N/A
    Hookblade----Sequence 02, Memory 3
    Macedonian DaggerXXXXXX518Sequence 02
    Kurdish JambiyaXXXXX345Sequence 02
    Standard StilettoXXXXXX805Sequence 03
    Arabian DaggerXXXXXXX2,185Sequence 04
    Butcher's KnifeXXXXXXXXXXX5,750Sequence 05
    Bayezid's KnifeXXXXXXXXXXXX13,248Sequence 06
    Afghani Khyber BladeXXXXXXXXXX11,040Sequence 07
    Romani StilettoXXXXXXXXXXXX-Complete all Romani Challenges
    Mehmet's DaggerXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX-Complete The Trickster, Pt. 1
    Assassin Yataghan SwordXXXX-N/A
    Prussian War HammerXXXXXXX2,990Sequence 02
    Persian ShamshirXXXXXXXX3,163Sequence 02, Memory 5
    Florentine FalchionXXXXXXXXX6,555Sequence 03
    Merovingian AxeXXXXXXXXXXX7,326Sequence 03, Memory 4
    Mercenario War HammerXXXXX7,360Sequence 04
    Condottiero MaceXXXXXX10,120Sequence 04, Memory 4
    Syrian SabreXXXXXXXXX11,960Sequence 05
    SledgehammerXXXXXXXX13,340Sequence 05, Memory 3
    Sicilian RapierXXXXXXXXXXXXX23,736Sequence 06
    Janissary's KijilXXXXXXXX28,290Sequence 06, Memory 4
    Byzantine Arming SwordXXXX1,610Sequence 07
    Byzantine MaceXXXXXXXXXXX18,055Sequence 07
    Ottoman MaceXXXXXXXXXX-Complete all Thief Challenges
    Altair's SwordXXXXXXXXXXXX-Complete all Assassin Challenges
    Yusuf's Turkish KijilXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX-Complete The Deacon, Pt. 1
    Vlad Tepe's SwordXXXXXXXXXXXX-Complete the Impaler's Prison
    Captain's SwordXXXXXXXX-Unlock through UPlay
    Milanese SwordXXXXXXXX-Unlock through UPlay
    SchiavonaXXXXXXXX-Unlock through UPlay
    Bearded AxeXXXXXXXXX8,050Sequence 02
    French Bastard SwordXXXXXXXXXX14,260Sequence 04
    Condittiero AxeXXXXXXXXXX23,460Sequence 06
    Prussian Long SwordXXXXXXXXXXXX30,015Sequence 07
    BroadswordXXXXXXXXXXXXX-Complete all Mercenary Guild Challenges
    Almogavar AxeXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX-Complete The Champion, Pt.1
    HalberdXXXXXXXXXXX-Obtained from Varangians only

    Special Attacks

    Throw Sand
    While unarmed, hold the primary attack button to grab the dirt and let go to throw it. Has no effect on Janissries and Almogavar. It also leaves Ezio vulnerable to attack.
    Heavy Weapons
    With a Heavy Weapon hold and release the primary attack button to throw it. If the item is owned by Ezio, rather than picked up, make sure to grab it again or go back to the HQ or Blacksmith to replace it.
    Long Weapons
    Sweep & Throw
    With a polearm, hold and release the primary attack button to kill all surrounding enemies with a sweep attack. When not in combat mode, Sweep is replaced with Throw.


    Bombs can be created by interacting with crafting tables at the Assassin HQ, any Den, or other locations throughout Constantinople.

    There are three types of bombs:


    Designed to kill


    Designed to give an advantage in a fight or escaping


    Designed to distract or misdirect guards
    Bomb Effects
    CaltropCaltrop Bomb(Tactical)Stops enemy movement
    Lamb's BloodBlood Bomb(Tactical)Stuns enemies
    ShrapnelSplinter Bomb(Lethal)Kills or injures nearby enemies
    Salt of PetraSmoke Decoy(Diversion)Lures enemies away with a smoke signal
    PhosphorousSmoke Screen(Tactical)Blinds enemies and breaks line of sight
    DaturaDatura Bomb(Lethal)Creates a poisonous cloud
    Coal DustThunder Bomb(Lethal)Injures enemies with an explosive force
    Skunk OilStink Bomb(Diversion)Causes an enemy to flee the area
    SulfurCherry Bomb(Diversion)Makes a loud noise to lures enemies away
    Pyrite CoinsGold Bomb(Diversion)Disperses coins so citizens swarm around
    Bomb Casting
    Fuse ShellRebounds off surfaces and explodes after 3 seconds.
    Impact ShellExplodes on impact.
    Trip WireDetonates when enemies walk near it.
    Sticky PouchSticks to enemies and surfaces and explodes after five seconds.
    Bomb Gunpowder
    GunpowderBlast Radius
    Indian Gunpowder2 meters
    Arabic Gunpowder3 meters
    British Gunpowder4 meters
    Bomb Pouches
    Small Bomb Pouch3Sequence 02, Memory 6
    Medium Bomb Pouch+1Complete all Bomb Challenges
    Large Bomb Pouch+1Only available in some preorder editions

    Ranged Weapons & Consumables

    When the odds are against you in close quarters combat, ranged weapons provide the means to strike from a distance. In some cases you may find that ranged weapons are the easiest way to 100% synch some missions.

    Consumables can be purchased at many vendors, but a lot of times you can find the items off of corpses (with the exception of Parachutes).

    Crossbows & Upgrades
    Crossbow1522,080Sequence 02
    Crossbow Bolt-242Once you bought the Crossbow
    Medium Quiver+57,705Once you bought the Crossbow
    Large Quiver+514,950Sequence 05
    Extra-Large Quiver+5-Only available in some preorder editions
    Pistols & Upgrades
    Bullets-242Blacksmith shops at the start of Sequence 02
    Capacity Upgrade+2-Only available in some preorder editions
    Throwing Knives & Upgrades
    Initial Knife Belt5-N/A
    Throwing Knife-86Sequence 02
    Knife Belt Upgrade+52,185Sequence 02
    Knife Belt Upgrade+53,565Sequence 04
    Knife Belt Upgrade+57,015Sequence 06
    Knife Belt Upgrade+511,845Sequence 08
    Poison Darts & Upgrades
    Small Poison Vial5-N/A
    Poison Dose-201Sequence 02
    Fast Poison-8,625Sequence 02
    Medium Poison Vial+53,220Sequence 05
    Large Poison Vial+59,315Sequence 08
    Medicine & Upgrades
    Medicine-86Sequence 01, Memory 5
    Small Medicine Pouch5-N/A
    Medium Medicine Pouch+52,875Sequence 03
    Large Medicine Pouch+57,130Sequence 07
    Parachutes & Upgrades
    Small Parachute Bag5-Sequence 01, Memory 4
    Parachute Refill-230Sequence 02
    Medium Parachute Bag+55,990Sequence 04
    Large Parachute Bag+59,718Sequence 06

    Outfits & Armor

    From the menu you can find outfits under Inventory > Outfits. There you can select skins unlocked through gameplay or pre-order bonuses. These have no effect on Ezio's capability and are purely visual.


    Desmond OutfitUnlocked by completing Desmond's Journey #5
    Armor of BrutusOnly available in certain pre-order editions
    Turkish Assassin ArmorOnly available in certain pre-order editions


    Arms Armor
    Azap Leather BracersXXX2001,150Sequence 03
    Mamluk Metal BracersXXXX3004,002Sequence 05
    Sepahi Riding BracersXXXXXX40012,696Sequence 06, Memory 5
    Legs Armor
    Azap Leather GreavesXXX2501,265Sequence 04
    Mamluk Metal GreavesXXXXX3004,416Sequence 05
    Sepahi Riding GreavesXXXXXX40013,662Sequence 06, Memory 5
    Shoulder Armor
    Azap Leather SpauldersXXXX3001,675Sequence 02
    Mamluk Metal SpauldersXXXXXX4507,038Sequence 06
    Sepahi Riding SpauldersXXXXXXXX55015,456Sequence 07
    Chest Armor
    Azap Leather GuardXXXXXX4002,875Sequence 04, Memory 4
    Mamluk Chest PlateXXXXXXXX5007,866Sequence 06
    Sepahi Riding GuardXXXXXXXXXX60016,560Sequence 07

    Master Assassin's Armor Set

    • Train seven Assassin recruits to level 11.
    Master Assassin's BracersXXX
    Master Assassin's GreavesXXX
    Master Assassin's SpauldersXXXX
    Master Assassin's Chest GuardXXXXX

    Special: Makes Ezio so silent that enemies don't turn around when performing High Profile moves on rooftops.


    Ishak Pasha's Armor Set

    • Complete the Hagia Sophia Secret Location.
    Ishak Pasha's BracersXXX
    Ishak Pasha's GreavesXXX
    Ishak Pasha's SpauldersXXXX
    Ishak Pasha's Chest GuardXXXXX

    Special: Has a chance to deflect bullets and reduce the damage from enemy bombs.



    Small WeaponsKurdish Jambiya345Sequence 02
    Macedonian Dagger518Sequence 03
    Standard Stiletto805Sequence 04
    Arabian Dagger2,185Sequence 05
    Butcher's Knife5,750Sequence 06
    Afghani Khyber Blade11,040Sequence 07
    Bayezid's Knife13,248Sequence 06
    Medium WeaponsAssassin Yataghan Sword-Sequence 01 Memory 2
    Byzantine Arming Sword1,610Sequence 07
    Prussian War Hammer2,990Sequence 02
    Persian Shamshir3,163Sequence 02 Memory 5
    Florentine Falchion6,555Sequence 03
    Merovingian Axe7,326Sequence 03 Memory 4
    Mercenario War Hammer7,360Sequence 04
    Condottiero Mace10,120Sequence 04 Memory 4
    Syrian Sabre11,960Sequence 05
    Sledgehammer13,340Sequence 05 Memory 3
    Byzantine Mace18,055Sequence 07
    Sicilian Rapier23,736Sequence 06
    Janissary's Kijil28,290Sequence 06 Memory 4
    Heavy WeaponsBearded Axe8,050Sequence 02
    French Bastard Sword14,260Sequence 04
    Condottiero Axe23,460Sequence 06
    Prussian Long Sword30,015Sequence 07
    Ranged WeaponsCrossbow22,080Sequence 02
    ArmorAzap Leather Bracers1,150Sequence 03
    Azap Leather Greaves1,265Sequence 04
    Azap Leather Spaulders403Sequence 02
    Azap Chest Guard2,875Sequence 04 Memory 4
    Mamluk Metal Bracers4,002Sequence 05
    Mamluk Metal Greaves4,416Sequence 05
    Mamluk Metal Spaulders7,038Sequence 06
    Mamluk Chest Plate7,866Sequence 06
    Sepahi Riding Bracers12,696Sequence 06 Memory 5
    Sepahi Riding Greaves13,662Sequence 06 Memory 5
    Sepahi Riding Spaulders15,456Sequence 07
    Sepahi Chest Guard16,560Sequence 07
    Bomb IngredientsFuse Shell115Sequence 03
    Indian Gunpowder288Sequence 03
    Pyrite Coins144Sequence 03
    AmmunitionPistol Bullet242Sequence 02
    Throwing Knife86Sequence 02
    Crossbow Bolt242Have Crossbow
    RepairsAzap Leather Armor30-
    Mamluk Metal Armor60-
    Sepahi Riding Armor100-


    Dye ClothesOriginal Grey-Sequence 02
    Byzantine Red184Sequence 02
    Algerian Silver196Sequence 02
    Jannisary Green196Sequence 02
    Egyptian Blue322Sequence 02
    Mediterranean Cobalt460Sequence 02
    Aegean Marble575Sequence 02
    Topkapi Gold817Sequence 02
    Syrian Ash943Sequence 02
    Caspian Teal1,116Sequence 02
    Cappadocian Amber1,173Sequence 02
    Yemen Copper1,725Sequence 02
    Royal Violet2,496Sequence 02
    Masyal White2,703Sequence 02
    Bosnian Indigo3,301Sequence 02
    Capacity UpgradesMedium Parachute Bag5,980Sequence 04
    Large Parachute Bag9,718Sequence 06
    Medium Medicine Pouch2,875Sequence 03
    Large Medicine Pouch7,130Sequence 07
    Medium Poison Vial3,220Sequence 05
    Large Poison Vial9,315Sequence 08
    Medium Quiver7,705Have Crossbow
    Large Quiver14,950Sequence 05
    Knife Belt Upgrade 12,185Sequence 02
    Knife Belt Upgrade 23,565Sequence 04
    Knife Belt Upgrade 37,015Sequence 06
    Knife Belt Upgrade 411,845Sequence 08
    MiscHeavy Stealth9,488Sequence 02
    Parachute Refill230Sequence 02