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"An unnecessary title that adds nothing new to the series"

First off, I love the AC series. I think the story is very unique and intriguing, and was looking forward to seeing some of it be concluded in Revelations. I think AC2 was the best in the series in terms of gameplay and story, while AC:Brotherhood was a lot of fun to play but didn't add much to the story except at the very end, and seemed more like a large expansion pack of AC2. I thought after seeing more of the same in Brotherhood that this game would shake things up again, but unfortunately I was very wrong. I am also irritated that despite the hype, the title of this game is extremely misleading: There are NO 'revelations' to be found here that we didn't already know, which makes it a waste of a chapter in the story.

STORY 3/10
It's hard to describe the story without spoiling the earlier AC games since the series is so plot-heavy, but basically series protagonist Desmond Miles is reliving the last of the memories of his Assassin ancestors Altair from the Third Crusade, main player character in AC, and Ezio Auditore from Renaissance Italy, player character in AC2 and AC:B and the main playable character in Revelations, using a machine called the Animus. These memories hold the clues and keys to preventing an impending disaster in Desmond's time, 2012. After the end of Brotherhood Desmond is trapped in a coma in the Animus, and now must relive the final memories he hasn't seen yet to 'synchronize' completely and wake up (confusing, I know). These last memories are of Ezio's journey to Constantipole to find Altair's Library at the old Assassin's Fortress at Masyaf. It is fabled to contain a weapon that could end the war between Assassins and Templars. To enter the library Ezio must find 5 keys hidden in the city, and these keys act like an Animus and let Ezio relive Altair's memories. So we have memories within memories. This setup has promise but unfortunately the majority of the story is about the politics of Constantipole and fighting between different factions you probably won't know or care about due to bland characters and a dull plot. There is no really identifiable villain in this one, you're just told that they're Templars and that is supposed to be good enough. And the final revelations, if you can call them that, are a huge letdown because they aren't anything players of previous games shouldn't know already. The big reveal is basically just the ending of AC2...again. I think the story should have advanced a lot more 2 whole games later. Also, some of the major plot threads hanging from Brotherhood are barely touched upon, or just mentioned in passing, no resolution or explanation to them.

Same as AC:Brotherhood, but for some reason I enjoy that one much more. Constantipole in this game just isn't as scenic and vibrant as Rome. Everything looks the same, there are no real landmarks like the Coliseum, Vatican, Castelo, etc. The new additions go from useless and unnecessary (bomb-making) to dull and irritating (den defense). The only addition I liked was doing the Master Assassin missions with recruits instead of just raising their experience points. They removed the Subject 16 glyphs/rifts and puzzles from AC2 and Brotherhood, which is a shame because they gave so much insight on the Assassins and Templars throughout history and in the present, and replaced them with awful first-person segments with Desmond that play like a poor rip-off of Portal. Keeping things that work is fine, you don't have to change things up all the time, but it seems like in this game the poorly designed environments and such hinder the game.

Good, nothing special. Same as in previous games

The conclusions this game offered were quite unsatisfying. Defenders have said that Ubisoft is waiting to really end the current story arc, set in 2012, in the real 2012 which makes sense. But if that's their plan I don't like that they are releasing whole games of 'filler' while they keep stalling the story longer and longer. The 2012 arc barely moved in the past games as it was, and now they're slowing it down even more. Players are going to get bored with it if they keep this up.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 11/29/11

Game Release: Assassin's Creed: Revelations (First Print Limited Edition) (US, 11/15/11)

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