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Reviewed: 01/13/12

searching for the truth

This is my first time writing a review for any game but I as far as the beloved AC series is concerned, my words have more than one leg to stand on. From uncovering the secrects of of the holy land in the original to executing Ezio's revenge across renaissance Italy, we have been taken on a ride that very few video game franchizes could ever hope to match. The newest installment,Revelations, is right there with the rest as far as gameplay and story are concerned. Yes it is true that graphically Brotherhood and Revelations are carbon copies of my personal favorite game of the series AC2 but really, is that a bad thing? Brotherhood introduced the crossbow and kill streaks and Revelations brought us the hookblade and bomb crafting adding more versatillaty to the baddest man to ever hunt a templar.Also while in combat Ezio has two new counter moves that need a little quicker reflexes than the counter kill to pull off. You can counter steal with triangle and counter hook and throw with your hookblade with circle. Other than that its AC2. However, dont read that as a negative statement because the controls in and out of combat are better than 90% of games out there. So how do you keep it fresh and new? STORY.

Revelations is supposed to wrap up Ezio's tale (look for AC Embers for the true ending) but in my opinnion it just adds to the legend that is Ezio Auditore da Firenze. Admittedly, I found the Altair memories locked away in the Masyaf keys a little out there but not too much to turn me away from the series. I mean being a little "out there" is the basis of every game ie the animus but it is a good way to bring Altair back with very well thought out memories to play this time around. If only Ubisoft gave Altair the same personality in the original as we find in this installment maybe AC1 coud have reached its full potential but I digress.

Back to Constantinople, where our aging hero is searching for the true purpose of his order and his place in it. As always, Ubisoft brings us great characters with some of the best voice acting in gaming. Yusef is an intelligent ally and brings a lot to the game. Sophia is that flirty female that Ezio always seems to find as was Catarina in the previous installments.

The Borgia tower concept is back. Known as dens this time around you need to kill the captain a remove the Templar influence from that part of the city. And like last time thats how you are able to recruit assassins to your cause. Revelations throws us a twist in the form of the den defense. When the player's notoriety fills up Templars invade and try to take back the den. I rather enjoy the new fights. As ezio you oversee that battle from rooftop directing your assassins. its all up to you. Place crossbowman, rifleman, air assassins, flame units where you wish. Build barricades to slow Templar advance and drop cannon balls on an entire group of baddies with one push of the L2 button. Although not a major point in the game it is fun and enjoyable.

The currency is the same as Brotherhood, you must open shops around the city in order to make money but the notoriety system is built in to it. With every shop you open Templars become more aware and if you dont take time to bring it back down your dens will come under constant attack lendind a strategy element to the rebuilding process. As far as guards are concerned there are two types. The Byzantine Templars in red who will attack on sight regardless of notoriety level and the Constantine guards dressed in green who dont attack unless provoked regardless of your notoriety level. And also if the Tmplar guards attack you around the Constantine guards then the latter will aid you in the fight.
In closing, Revelations is a hell of a ride and brings us closer to the truth but does not reveal it. There is more to come, especially from Desmonds side of things and I for one cannot wait. But we have seen the last of the master Ezio. The ride from Firenze in AC2 as a young man witnessing the murder of his family to the streets of Rome and the dismantling of the Borgia to finally uncovering his purpose in Constantinople and all the blood spilt in between was better than any movie I've ever seen. Thank you Ubisoft for the pleasure. Toanyone reading this who hasnt played the AC1 AC2 or Brotherhood, you owe it to yourself to experience them.
Final Score- 8/10
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Rating:   4.0 - Great

Product Release: Assassin's Creed: Revelations (First Print Limited Edition) (US, 11/15/11)

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