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Reviewed: 04/24/12

Kill the Zombies for the Chance to Survive.

Dead Block is a strategy game developed by Candygun Games and publisher Digital Reality in 2011. The object is to block all entries within an area and kill as many zombies as you possibly can.

You play as one (to three) characters (Jack Foster, Mike Bacon and Foxy Jones) trying to survive a zombie apocalypse in the 1950's. To keep the zombies at bay, them must board up the house or kill the zombies for the chance to survive. Each character has their own personality. Jack Foster is a construction worker whose weapon of choice is a sledgehammer. Mike Bacon, an overweight boy scout who main weapon is a frying pan (he also carries explosives.) Foxy Jones a traffic warden who always carries a gun.

Dead Block is a puzzle strategy game where you must build traps and board up doors and windows to keep the zombies out.Characters also have to be on the lookout for items and that can assist in keeping the zombies out (like keys and jukeboxes). The game has many cool power ups which make the game fun. One such power up puts boxes of the zombies heads which disorient the already dumb living dead. to beat a level you must follow notes on your controller (a la Rock Band). On the bad side their is local multiplayer only, So you can't play with your PSN friends (unless you invite them over haha).

The graphics are what you expect from a download only game. They are not groundbreaking, but get the job done. They fit in with the all around campy B-movie theme of the game. Best put they are cartoony and not realistic like (but as I stated its not meant to be, it aims for a comical approach.)

Dead Block takes place in the beginning of the Rock 'n' Roll age, So the soundtrack fits into this time period with bands like Vampyre State Building.

The zombies sound like they do in any horror movie (involving zombies, of course). It all fits the mood of the game quite well.

Dead Block is at least worth the time to download the demo (which I highly recommend before buying) the game is short but for $9.99 (and a $2.99 DLC pack) you can't really expect a 60+ hour game. The game will get boring and monotonous after a while, but it has Co-op and is fun while it last.

Rating:   3.5 - Good

Product Release: Dead Block (US, 07/20/11)

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