• Arcade Mode Challenges

    By completing certain tasks in the Arcade Mode, you'll unlock certain titles and extra VP points.

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Akuma MasterBeat Arcade Mode with Akuma.
    Alex MasterBeat Arcade Mode with Alex.
    Arcade LegendBeat Arcade Mode without losing a round.
    Arcade MasterBeat Arcade Mode with every character.
    Ball SwatterParry 100 balls in the bonus round.
    Cage MatchUse Alex to defeat Hugo, then use Hugo to defeat Alex.
    Chun-Li MasterBeat Arcade Mode with Chun-Li.
    Dudley MasterBeat Arcade Mode with Dudley.
    Elena MasterBeat Arcade Mode with Elena.
    God SlayerBeat Gill without him using Resurrection.
    Hugo MasterBeat Arcade Mode with Hugo.
    Human Auto WreckerCompletely crush 5 cars.
    Ibuki MasterBeat Arcade Mode with Ibuki.
    Ken MasterBeat Arcade Mode with Ken.
    Makoto MasterBeat Arcade Mode with Makoto.
    Mystery ManDefeat Q.
    Necro MasterBeat Arcade Mode with Necro.
    Oro MasterBeat Arcade Mode with Oro.
    Q MasterBeat Arcade Mode with Q.
    Remy MasterBeat Arcade Mode with Remy.
    Ryu MasterBeat Arcade Mode with Ryu.
    Sean MasterBeat Arcade Mode with Sean.
    Sibling RivalryUse Yun to defeat Yang, then use Yang to defeat Yun.
    Super SoldiersUse Necro to defeat Twelve, then use Twelve to defeat Necro.
    Training PartnersUse Ryu to defeat Ken, then use Ken to defeat Ryu.
    Twelve MasterBeat Arcade Mode with Twelve.
    Urien MasterBeat Arcade Mode with Urien.
    Yang MasterBeat Arcade Mode with Yang.
    Yun MasterBeat Arcade Mode with Yun.

    Contributed By: discoinferno84.

  • Basic Challenges

    By completing certain tasks, you'll unlock new titles and earn extra VP points.

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Another NotchWin a match.
    Around The WorldWin a match with every character.
    Big FinishWin 50 rounds with a super move.
    Button MasherMash out of a stun.
    EX-ceptionalPerform 25 EX moves.
    Fully ChargedPeform 100 charged moves.
    Going StreakingWin 10 matches in a row.
    GrinderComplete 500 rounds.
    Hip TosserPerform 10 throws.
    IncineratorLight your opponent on fire.
    Projectile SpammerThrow 1,000 projectiles.
    Such A TeasePerform 10 taunts.
    Super ArtistPerform 300 super moves.
    The ShockerElectrocute your opponent.
    To The BellWin a round with a time over.

    Contributed By: discoinferno84.

  • Expert Challenges

    By performing certain advanced techniques, you'll unlock new titles and earn extra VP points.

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Chain ReactionPerform 250 combos of at least 3 hits.
    Desperate ParryParry an attack with no health left.
    Fast FingersPerform 250 cancels to another move.
    Flying FortressParry an attack while in the air.
    Huge ComboPull off a 15 hit combo.
    InvincibleCompletely parry a super move.
    Mr. PerfectWin a round without getting hit.
    Red BaronRed parry 5 attacks.
    Steel ShinsParry 25 low attacks.
    Sticks & StonesWin a round with a taunt.
    Wax On, Wax OffParry 75 attacks.

    Contributed By: discoinferno84.

  • Trial Challenges

    By completing certain tasks in Trials Mode, you'll unlock certain titles and earn extra VP points.

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Akuma Combo MasterComplete 1 of Akuma's combo trials.
    Alex Combo MasterComplete 1 of Alex's combo trials.
    Chun-Li Combo MasterComplete 1 of Chun-Li's combo trials.
    Dudley Combo MasterComplete 1 of Dudley's combo trials.
    Elena Combo MasterComplete 1 of Elena's combo trials.
    Handicap Trial MasterComplete 3 handicap trials.
    Hugo Combo MasterComplete 1 of Hugo's combo trials.
    Ibuki Combo MasterComplete 1 of Ibuki's combo trials.
    Ken Combo MasterComplete 1 of Ken's combo trials.
    Makoto Combo MasterComplete 1 of Makoto's combo trials.
    Necro Combo MasterComplete 1 of Necro's combo trials.
    Oro Combo MasterComplete 1 of Oro's combo trials.
    Parry Trial MasterComplete 3 parry trials.
    Practice Makes PerfectComplete 55 trials.
    Q Combo MasterComplete 1 of Q's combo trials.
    Remy Combo MasterComplete 1 of Remy's combo trials.
    Ryu Combo MasterComplete 1 of Ryu's combo trials.
    Sean Combo MasterComplete 1 of Sean's combo trials.
    Twelve Combo MasterComplete 1 of Twelve's combo trials.
    Urien Combo MasterComplete 1 of Urien's combo trials.
    Yang Combo MasterComplete 1 of Yang's combo trials.
    Yun Combo MasterComplete 1 of Yun's combo trials.

    Contributed By: discoinferno84.

  • Unlock Extra ''Second Impact'' Colors

    Beat the game with any character on Arcade mode in any difficulty to unlock 6 extra "Second Impact" colors for that particular character. The colors are then selectable from the Downloadable Content menu under "My Content".

    Contributed By: ChalaFala.

Easter Eggs

  • Hugo's Poison Taunt

    Unlike the other characters, Hugo has a hidden taunt that requires a specific input. Press HP + HK, then the Up button at the same time. While Hugo does his regular taunt, Poison will walk onscreen to taunt and distract the opponent as well.

    Contributed By: discoinferno84.

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