Alternate method of Unlocking Secret Characters?

  1. So according to the cheat list, the Devil Jin fighting style is only unlocked via combat against the character that utilizes it, and that Alpha Patroklos and Pyrrha Omega are only unlocked in Storyline.

    However, what I wish to confirm if it was possible to unlock them via leveling, as I had obtained the Devil Jin fighting style and Alpha Patroklos just by leveling up to 15 in Offline Quick Battles (and not ever encountering users of the style until I already obtained it). It was either 5 or 10 for D-Jin fighting style, and Alpha Patroklos at level 15.

    I just want to know if others have managed to unlock them this way as well, and if it's possible to unlock Pyrrha Omega, Elysium, and Edge Master this way as well at higher levels.

    I wouldn't know about just leveling up to eventually unlock Algol or Kilik; I earned them via fighting their fighting style in Offline Quick Battle.

    User Info: VOMarz

    VOMarz - 5 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. Pretty much all the characters (except Dampierre) can be unlocked by leveling up in addition to their usual methods. You get Soul of Devil Jin at level 5, Kilik at level 9, Alpha Patroklos at level 15, Edgemaster at level 19, Pyrrha Omega; at level 23, Elysium at level 27, and Algol at level 31.

    User Info: Durithill

    Durithill - 5 years ago 1 0

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