Is there going to be a create a character mode?

  1. I have not picked up the game yet and i was wondering if the mode will be in there?

    User Info: laharlguy44

    laharlguy44 - 5 years ago

Top Voted Answer

  1. Yes, there is a character creation feature in this game.

    User Info: sumostickfigure

    sumostickfigure (Expert) - 5 years ago 4 0


  1. Yup and it has some cool features this time around.They took out all the ups and downs on gear.I'ts just cosmetic.The gear unlocks as your player level goes up,and that can be done by just playing,you DO get more points in ranked but one way or another it will all unlock eventually.

    User Info: blackart1111

    blackart1111 - 5 years ago 1 0

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