Can You Change The Stages and Stage Music For Arcade?

  1. I love playing this game, but seriously... The Same 6 stages and same 6 songs every single friggin' time is really irritating. I wouldn't mind if the music didn't suck ass. I bought the old music from all the old games, I went to the stage music options and I THOUGHT I had chosen which songs I wanted for every stage. It said it saved so I went to play through Arcade again and the same friggiin music with the same friggin stages. WTF?

    User Info: Sevrion

    Sevrion - 5 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. Stage music selection only applies to Versus and online modes. In the latter case, it only applies when it's your turn to select the stage(or rather hit the random button like a real player).

    That's just how it is, unfortunately.

    User Info: Wandrian

    Wandrian (Expert) - 5 years ago 0 0

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